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Published by Bethany Adamets, 2019-05-01 11:50:41

Uncle Piggybanks

Uncle Piggybanks

Come check us   


  Our business helps people see in  Goggles 
Come find our company at Houston,  things that make it hard to see 
Texas. If you like to go outside a lot,  things. We don't want people to have  “See anywhere you 
then you might want to come check  trouble seeing in that kind of stuff,  want” 
us out because the weather in Texas  So we made weather goggles! The 
is always so unpredictable! You can  Perfect solution to bad weather   
Conditions! Professionals make 
use our goggles at night, in the   
snow, in fog, under water, and even  The goggles of you dreams!    
smoke! You can See things that are  It’s very useful for the Military, too!   
in front of you clearer. Our business  They can use it on secret missions 
wants to make it easier for you to 
see  and battles at night. The weather 
anywhere and in style!  goggles are waterproof so the 
electronics don’t short circuit in the 
water. As you can see, these 
goggles are very useful in all 
Kinds of weather conditions!  


Our company relies on natural     
resources. This includes sand, metal,     
hair, nylon, and steel. ( the hair,     
nylon, and steel are for making   
rope.)    How do we know 
  that our product 
will sell? 
  Look at our 
  Our human resources are 
We also use paint for colors and  ● Designer $10 per hour   
design, and we use plastic for  ● Shipper $12 per hour 
around the goggles.  ● Manager $10,000 per year   


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