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Published by Bethany Adamets, 2019-05-13 13:43:17

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A Look at the

Mississippian, Maya,

Aztec and Inca


Ancient Civilizations
of the WBy: estern

Bethany Adamets

The Inca

The Incas were an incredible South American group. To begin, the Incas had a
complex society. The Incas had 3 parts of their society. The Sapa Inca was the chief.
They also had a Noble class which was under the Sapa Inca. They also had
commoners who did all the jobs. They also had a big diverse agriculture. They grew
foods like potatoes, mazi, and corn. They also lived in an interesting location. The
absolute location is 13° S and 72° W. The relative location is that they are south of La
Paz and north of Chilli. The Incas are a very interesting society.

In addition to having a complex society, variety of agriculture and their location. The
Incas were tremendously impacted by their beliefs. To begin, they chose the chief
because of their beliefs. They treated the chief like a god. Also, their beliefs made
them worship gods. They worshiped Inti the sun god. They also worshiped Supay the
god of death. They also built special buildings for the gods. They made temples to
worship the gods. They also built sacred buildings to worship the gods. The Incas were
tremendously impacted by their beliefs.

Where in the World…
Were the Inca Located?

Map from What is the relative and approximate
absolute location of the center of the
Inca Empire?

I think that the absolute location of
the Inca’s is about 13° S and 72° W.
The Inca’s are south of La Paz. They
are also North of Chile.

What might the climate be like in this
location based on the latitude and
The high altitude made the
tempetures cool during the day and
cold during the night.
How would this affect the way people
live in this area?
IPeople would need to dress for the
cooler tempetures and grow food that
were adapted to the higher elevation.

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The Inca
Social Structure

Noble Classes: The Emperor or king was called Sapa Inca. He was
at the top of the Inca social class and was considered a god in many
ways. Villac Umu they were the highest priest just under the Sapa
Inca in social status. The Royal Family is relatives of the Sapa
Inca.Inca-by-privilege - As the empire grew, the emperor needed
more people he could trust in high positions in the government.
These people were considered nobles but not as high as the true

Public Administrators: The Curacas were the leaders from
the tribes that were conquered. They were often left as the
leaders of their tribes. Tax collectors each family or ayllu
often had a tax collector that kept watch over them. They
made sure that they paid for all of the taxes. Record
keepers had to track who had paid their taxes and where
the supplies were stored, there were many record keepers
in the government.

Commoners: Artisans were commoners. They were also ranked
a higher social class. They worked on crafts such as pottery
and gold jewelry for the nobles. Farmers were at the bottom of
the social class. They worked long hard days.

The Ayllu:The basic unit of society was called the Ayllu. An Ayllu
usually is made up of a number of families that work together.

Art and Religion
of the Inca

The Inca believed in gods.

Insert your picture here

They made fabric.

Inca Science and Technology

The roads were Inca A series of yarn
paved. Inca with knots and it
Quipus was used to send
Inca mesages.

Picture of quipu
goes here

My birth date

They used the They used this
briges to travle to keep on trak.

Inca Inca
Buildings Calendar

and and
Bridges Astronomy

Determine the Relationships

Explore the Incan links in the Symbaloo posted in your Schoology
course as well as in the books and other resources available in class to
complete this organizer.

What was the government like? Tere were powerful relationships.
Did powerful relationships exist They govement helped eachother.

between the people and their The jobs were purpousful. They had
leaders? noble classes, public administrator
and commeners. They had to farm
How was their society set up?
What were the types of jobs make jewlrey and ect.
people had? Were the jobs people
did purposeful for the civilization?

Describe their religion. Did the They belived that gods made the
relationship the people had with earth. Yes.
their gods and religious leaders

follow rules?

What did the people invent, create, They made quips to send mesages.
or trade that allowed them to
exchange ideas or values with
others they had relationships

What was the agriculture like? Corn ,beans and squash. They used
What food did they eat? How the mountains.

did they grow it? What
relationships did the people
have with their environment?

Ancient Inca
Concept Map

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