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FPF Technical Support Unit Brochure

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FPF Technical Support Unit Brochure


Forgotten Parks Foundation
E: [email protected] | | T: +1 813 365 0274

About Us

The Forgotten Parks Foundation (FPF) is an international nonprofit organization with
a mission to enhance the management of ‘forgotten’ National Parks and
Protected Areas in partnership with governments and local communities, and to
empower people to protect wildlife and wilderness around the world. In early
2017, FPF signed a Public Private Partnership agreement with the Congolese Institute
for Nature Conservation (ICCN) for the management and rehabilitation of Upemba and
Kundelungu National Parks.

Conservation & Technology

The implementation of various technologies is essential to the foundation’s approach
to achieving mission success and delivering real conservation impact. In order to
implement and support these technologies, FPF established its own communications
and technical surveillance section known as the FPF-Technical Support Unit (FPF-TSU
or TSU).

Protecting Wildlife & Wilderness

Technical Support Unit

The TSU is comprised of a broad spectrum of ex military and industry experts within the
technical surveillance and telecommunications industries. FPF maintains resale/
partner agreements with manufacturers and distributors of communications and
technical surveillance equipment that are generally sought after by conservation NGOs
throughout Africa.

The TSU was established internally to support the foundation, its conservation
partners, and other qualifying conservation organizations with their technical
requirements. In order to meet these requirements, the TSU provides the following

• Telecommunication solutions (Radio & Satellite)
• Technical SME consultancy
• Secure communication applications
• Alternative power solutions
• Thermal Camera and Night Optics
• Technical surveillance and tracking solutions
• Technology Research & Development (R&D) and Special Projects
• Technical Project Management and support (full life-cycle)
• Training & Capability Development

Collaboration Not Competition

FPF understands the importance of supporting local business and commerce. When
appropriate, FPF works with local telecommunications businesses and service
providers by offering intimate management consultancy to conservation organisations
who prefer to use local providers for equipment provision and post installation support,
yet require independent and client focused project management, quality assurance,
and technical support.

FPF ensures that local providers operate with integrity, provide genuine equipment at
a reasonable price, and have the technical ability to support the equipment that they
provide. FPF achieves this by leveraging its own resale agreements, technical
expertise, quality assurance mechanisms, and insider industry knowledge. FPF is able
to ensure that the delivered solution is fit for purpose, programmed & installed correctly,
and optimized specifically for wildlife protection operations and protected area

Impact Over Profit

FPF focuses on delivering impact rather than profit, enabling the TSU to deliver
independent and mission focused full life cycle support at a non-profit price point, to both
FPF, its conservation partners, and other qualifying conservation organisations that
share the foundation’s vision.

Collaborations and Partnerships

FPF has ongoing TSU projects and collaborations with conservation organisations
such as the Virunga Foundation, Frankfurt Zoological Society, Wildlife Conservation
Society and Panthera, and has provided technical advice and consultancy to the Wild
Foundation, African Parks Network, WWF, Save the Elephants and the Smithsonian
Conservation Biology Institute.

FPF welcomes other conservation organisations to make use of its TSU for assistance
in technical projects.


Telecommunications Solutions

FPF has reseller and partnership relationships with several equipment manufacturers
and distributors including Motorola, iCom, and Codan. The expertise and business
relationships maintained by the TSU enable the Forgotten Parks Foundation to provide
independent consultancy, supply best of breed equipment and solutions, and offer full
life cycle project management and support at a non-profit price point.

Technical Subject Matter Experts

FPF have deployable TSU staff who can be called upon to provide independent
technical consultancy. They can provide technical and communications needs
assessments, project management, fault finding, site surveys, remote support,
systems review, forward repair teams, etc. All of our engineers have a unique
understanding of communications & surveillance, and its implementation and use
within protected area management and wildlife protection operations.

Secure Communications Applications

Information and data is the only asset that can be in multiple locations at one time.
Sensitive information needs to be secured to mitigate the risk of compromise. FPF can
provide advice and assistance regarding the implementation of secure information
technology systems, and information security and management.

Alternative Power Solutions (Solar & Wind)

Using a vast array of knowledge and experience implementing alternative power
solutions to extremely remote areas, FPF-TSU staff are on hand to develop alternative
power solutions for a wide range of equipment, ranging from personal items, such as
mobile phones, laptops, handheld radios and thermal cameras, to critical infrastructure
such as radio repeater sites, command & control (C2) operations rooms, medical
centers, and research site offices. Collaborating with local partners and suppliers, FPF
ensures that the correct solutions are implemented, using quality controlled and TSU
approved equipment, materials, and installation procedures to ensure longevity and

Technical Surveillance

The FPF is highly experienced in providing bespoke surveillance solutions for
deployment specifically within wildlife protection operations, with an array of systems
that provide full spectrum technical surveillance capabilities, including:

• Covert tagging, tracking and locating (TTL)*
• Telemetry and sensor systems (Seismic, magnetic, audio, PIR, Tilt)*
• Video & audio capture (real-time reachback)*
• Digital forensics (Cellphones & mobile devices)*
• GSM Intercept and detection*

The FPF has the capability to implement deep fit hide and mimicry techniques, which
enables us to conceal equipment in assorted items and bespoke fabrications to help the
systems blend into the environment and offer protection.

The FPF can provide conservation organisations with the technology, advice, tactics,
techniques, and procedures to gather intelligence that can be used both in wildlife
surveys and for the detection of human presence and illegal activities, providing
evidence that can later be used to prosecute persons committing wildlife crimes.

*Please contact us for further information on Technical Surveillance capabilities.

Tracking Solutions

FPF provides GPS tracking systems for personnel, equipment, and vehicles
anywhere in the world, using an industry leading integrated GSM and satellite
tracking solution. The solution is web-based, and can integrate with other tracking
systems via Google Earth. The system is compatible with almost any available
hardware, enabling us to work with best of breed, form, function, and a variety of

Thermal Camera and Night Optics

FPF can provide thermal camera and night time optics to enable the development of
night time patrols, observation posts, and operation capability. Systems range from
handheld patrol scout devices to ultra long-range high definition thermal systems with
detection ranges from a few hundred meters to beyond 22km. Airborne systems are
also available.

Research & Development/Special Projects

FPF TSU staff have a strong history of conducting technical R&D for conservation
organisations. FPF can be tasked with a number of technical challenges relating to
conservation or wildlife crime. Using a combination of highly experienced technical staff
and industry knowledge, we are able to meet the challenge of conservation problems
by conducting research and evaluation of current, emerging, and military technologies
to evaluate their suitability and where current 'off the shelf' solutions fail. The TSU have
the ability to innovate and design unique solutions that are practical, scalable, cost
effective, and the correct fit for the operational needs of high risk protected areas.

Special projects that FPF TSU staff are working on include:

Rhino Insight - A long range RFID system, linked over a radio mesh system for real-
time tracking of Rhino, The solution includes both ground and airborne detection

Smart Parks - Human presence detection system that detects human presence via
seismic, imagery, sound (gunshot) and magnetic sensors to enable advanced warning
of Human presence on known entry points and rat runs within protected areas.

ATAK - Android Team Awareness Kit is a mapping engine which allows for precision
targeting, intelligence on surrounding land formations, navigation, and generalized
situational awareness. It enables users to navigate using GPS and map data overlayed
with real-time situational awareness of ongoing events. FPF are developing
conservation specific plugins for ATAK and working with partners to enable integration
with existing and emerging conservation technologies.

Technical Project Management & Support

FPF offers its TSU staff to conservation organisations to manage technical projects and
provide consultancy services. Offering full life cycle project management, FPF can work
independently or as consultants for the contracting organisation. FPF can manage
subcontractors, draft and distribute RFQs and RFPs, assess responses, and make
recommendations to the client. Where appropriate, the TSU can offer the use of its own
resale agreements for use by the contracting organization, providing significant cost
savings for a relatively small service/management fee.

FPF management fees are simple, upfront, and transparent following either a 'cost plus'
model or a consultancy day rate.

FPF is apt at providing support, either in person, in the field, or remotely. By utilizing
Internet connections for remote desktop applications, our personnel can remotely
manage radio systems, including the use of 'over the air' remote programing. We can
securely update or program radios and repeaters anywhere within park coverage from
anywhere in the world.

Training & Capability Development

FPF prides itself on its ability to pass on technical and operational knowledge and skill
sets to technical and non-technical staff within conservation organisations.

In remote areas, it is essential that clients take ownership of the systems that they
utilise. In order to achieve this, the FPF can develop organic technical capability within
an organisation to enable them to manage and support technical surveillance and
communications systems at a first line level. FPF can provide turnkey technical
workshop capabilities, train personnel and implement protocols and procedures for
fault finding, repairs, maintenance, equipment calibration, and optimisation.

In addition to technical training, FPF can provide operator level training on all systems
mentioned in this brochure. Available training modules also include optimisation of the
equipment for use within protected area management, and law enforcement
operations, and include:

• Command & Control (C2) & Operations room management
• TRBOnet training (Operator and Engineer levels)
• Radio, voice procedures and best practices
• Technical Surveillance and Digital Forensics
• Alternative power (solar and wind)
• Basic radio programming
• Thermal camera and night optics
• Tracking and sensor systems

Our Partners

Sincere thanks to our partners for their generous financial contributions

Forgotten Parks Foundation
E: [email protected] | | T: +1 813 365 0274

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