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ITWorx Corporate Profile_DU

ITWorx Corporate Profile_DU

Corporate Profile

August 2016

Who We Are | Who We Serve| What We Offer | Customers List | Methodology | Project Management

ITWORX Profile Corporate

Table of Contents

Who We Are............................................................................................................................................................................... 3
Who We Serve............................................................................................................................................................................ 5
What We Offer – Solutions......................................................................................................................................................... 9
Customers List .......................................................................................................................................................................... 14
ITWORX Methodology.............................................................................................................................................................. 15
Testimonials ............................................................................................................................................................................. 19


ITWORX Profile Corporate

Fast Facts Who We Are
 One of the largest Software Services
ITWORX is a privately-held, global software professional services organization,
Firms in Egypt established in 1994, with financial backing from the EuroMena Fund, Venture
 Founded in 1994 Capital Bank, and Proparco. ITWORX serves Global 2000 companies and
 800+ employees and growing Government authorities through a myriad of products and services, including
 present in Europe, USA, Canada, Performance & Strategy Management, Portals, Business Intelligence, Employee
Collaboration Portal, Citizen Engagement Portal, Government Bus Connect,
Nigeria & UK, Switzerland, Egypt, Correspondence Tracking System, Customer Relation Management, Application
KSA, UAE and Qatar Support, Advanced Infrastructure Services, Quality Assurance, and Security; in
 Microsoft Gold Certified Partner addition to ITWORX education solutions Mobile Apps.
 ISO 9001: 2008 & CMMI Level 3
Certified From our offices in
 Standing customers rank among
Forbes Top 100 Egypt, Kingdom of
 80% Retained Customers
Saudi Arabia, United
Core Values
 Passion Arab Emirates, Qatar,
 Integrity
 Innovation & Productivity USA, Europe; and
 Accountability
 Quality representative offices

Vision in Switzerland, Canada,
Work, Live and Learn Better
and Kuwait, we
Improving people’s lives through leverage our
competencies, vertical
Social Responsibility
 ITWORX AcademiaBridge Panel industry know‐how,
 ITWORX CuttingEdge Program
and ISO 9001:2008 and
ITWORX Code of Ethics
 Positive Environment & Mutual CMMI Level 3

Respect certifications to serve
 Workplace Diversity
 Equal Employment Opportunity Governments,
 Personal Appearance
 Attendance and Punctuality Educational Institutions, Telecommunication Operators and Media
 Safe Workplace
 Alcohol and Substance Abuse Organizations, Financial Services, and Life Science Firms in North America,
 Pornography & Adult Material
 Conflict of Interest Europe, and Middle East & Africa.
 Confidentiality
 Intellectual Property
 Company Property
 Network & Internet Bandwidth
 External Communication & Research


ITWORX Profile Corporate

Partners Partners
 Microsoft
 Oracle ITWORX constantly strives to foster and develop strategic alliances with the
 IBM most influential pioneers and established technology providers in the world.
 Intel Highlighting our role as integrators and complex application developers, these
 ReportEdge partnerships enhance our ability to deliver the comprehensive, cutting-edge
 ERP-Link solutions we promise. These partnerships keep our developers highly trained on
 Thomson Reuter next generation tools and technologies. Given the diverse specializations of our
 ESRI NeA partners, we are better able to select from a pool of technologies when
 K2 designing and implementing our superior-standard solutions.
 Kofax
 Dundus

Microsoft Competencies
 Gold Collaboration & Content
 Gold Data Analytics
 Silver Devices & Deployment
 Silver Identity & Access
 Silver Communications

 Annual Nielsen Norman Intranet

Design Award for Ooredoo Group
Intranet 2014
 Microsoft Public Sector, Education
Partner of the Year Award 2014
 Microsoft Qatar Innovation Award
 ITWORX – United Development
Company Competitive Win CRM 2013
 Microsoft Egypt Services Partner
2011, 2007, 2005
 Microsoft Recognized Partner 2010
 Individual Excellence Award for
Project Management 2010, 2005
 Best eCommerce Strategic Online
Portal (du eShop) 2008
 Best Website in EMEA at Vignette
Excellence Awards 2008
 Microsoft Early Adopters Award
Office 2008
 Microsoft Worldwide Custom
Development Solutions Partner, Web
Development 2007-2008
 Microsoft Custom Development
Solutions Partner of the Year 2007
 Microsoft Early Adopters Award
Office 2007, 2006
 Adobe's "Site of the Day" Award for
Vodafone Egypt 3G Website 2007
 Individual Excellence Award for Code
Development 2005
 Microsoft Worldwide Customer
Experience Award 2004
 Microsoft Egypt .Net Product 2004
 Individual Excellence Award for the
Enterprise 2004


We Work With ITWORX Profile Corporate
 Government
 Education Who We Serve
 Telco
 Life Sciences ITWORX possesses domain-specific competencies and thorough technological
 Financial & Banking expertise across various industries. With our global market reach and rich track
 Media record, we build long-term relationships with customers from different sectors.
 Oil & Gas We commit to our customers’ business strategies to help them score highest
 Health & Insurance Institutions levels of customer satisfaction, subscriber acquisition, employee collaboration,
 Legal Entities broker-client relationship, student-teacher-parent connectivity, or citizen
 Aerospace and Construction accessibility. In addition, we align with our customers’ business objectives to
enable them achieve organizational productivity, cost reduction, risk
management, competitive advantage, profit generation, or service innovation.

Across numerous market sectors, ITWORX has developed particular
competencies in various industries through an impressive track record of
delivering exceptionally competitive and reliable solutions.

ITWORX adopts innovative approaches and technologies to provide pioneering and
ready-made public sector software products that streamline business processes.
Our products create and enhance citizens’ experience, by managing their
appointments, e-permits, e-license issuing and e-services; in addition, they
facilitate their case management and correspondence tracking.

Ready-made Public Sector Software Products
Due to our solid experience in the government sector, ITWORX developed
solutions that address the struggles directly by deploying simple technologies
that turn a complex process into an effortless one. Our solutions help
governments to save OPEX and create new revenue streams by running shorter
service delivery times, in addition to creating an organized service environment
that increases employees’ productivity.

Strengthen Collaboration and Communication
We create tools that allow easy alignment across all levels. It is important for
everyone to be informed clearly with the progress of the strategy and
objectives. ITWORX allows such collaboration in an easy way that would save
time and enhance communication on all levels. Having an organized
environment strengthens collaboration and success in delivering a more
convenient service with better quality, in addition to reducing turnaround

Monitor and Improve Employees’ Performance
Getting accurate and detailed information contributes in improving the
employees’ level of professionalism and increasing community development
opportunities. It helps top management in monitoring strategic objectives and
KPIs status. Additionally, executives are enabled to link between the targeted
objectives and the actual results generated from the implemented initiatives.


ITWORX Profile Corporate

The digital revolution experienced its heyday in the current decades, where for
example mobile technology, planning processes, restructuring procedures and
telecommunications became fully digitalized. In fact, the digital transformation
of the telecommunication sector encompasses three major benefits, such as
the creation of a new revenue stream, improved awareness to forecast and
compete, and finally amplified customer satisfaction records.

Worth mentioning that digital transformation in this context will not be
contribution to improving websites or introduce a multi-channel marketing
medium. At ITWORX we will enable, empower and lead Telco operators to a
successful digital transformation. According to our definition, digital
transformation is a redesign based on lean management principles to take a
typically-soiled operation with its legacy systems. Processes and organization,
to turn it into a seamlessly integrated business system built around an online
core. Our experienced engineering staff explores the transformation
possibilities that will eventually all the customer to apply an innovative

The digital transformation is no longer a luxury. Any operator striving to
achieve tangible ROI (i.e. Return on Investment) figures, can now pursue that
goal through adapting e-strategy transformation to the entire operations. In
the following depiction, five value creation layers are illustrated to highlight on
the driven value out of digital transformation

ITWORX brings together a wealth of global experience that addresses the
critical concerns of different enterprises. We deliver custom and enterprise
solutions based on inter-operable platforms. Our solutions are designed from a
customer experience perspective. We believe that providing the most
satisfying customer experience is the ultimate sustainable competitive edge in
any market. We address customers’ pain areas directly with easy-to-use tools
and customer-centric features that allow staff to deliver the targeted

Analytical Models to Enrich Decision-Making
Leveraging big data and other technologies, ITWORX solutions provide real-
time analytical data on performances, customer experience, customer behavior
and network traffic or other tailored dashboards. Acquiring an overview with
accurate matrices enables management to spot pain areas for immediate
action, capitalize on the strengths and track performance. It empowers
executives with all the information they may need to make sound decisions, in
addition to foreseeing future changes.


ITWORX Profile Corporate

Deploy Personalized Mobile Solutions
Smartphones became our gateway to the world. We rely on them to get
answers, information, entertainment and socialization, in addition to
conducting business. By providing employees with the right tools you will be
able to keep them aligned and informed around the clock. You will also
increase their efficiency by giving them access to the needed business
knowledge and processes on-the-go.

Leverage Research and Development
To cultivate breakthroughs that make new, innovative and time saving
solutions, companies need to leverage R&D. They need to operate on versatile
and powerful platforms technologies that facilitate cross-functional
collaboration, enable high adaptability, and foster innovation. Today
organizations are increasingly relying upon strategic outsourcing of technology
that not only encompasses the development and maintenance of IT
applications, but also capitalizes upon business opportunities to improve

Financial Services
ITWORX brings a wealth of global experience in the financial industry, thorough
understanding of the challenges facing regional financial institutions as well as
national and commercial banks, leveraging an in-depth knowledge of cutting-
edge technologies; and developing, co-creating, and customizing solutions that
address the critical concerns of the banking, securities, and capital market
industries. Our portfolio includes e-services solutions and ATM performance

Achieve Sustained Growth in a Competitive, Evolving Industry
We create an ultimate customer-centric experience through understanding the
necessary trends byhow banks interact and engage with their customers.
ITWORX solutions reduce operational costs by automating processes such as
loan applications, customer on-boarding and account changes. Create role-
based dashboards that help everyone do their job better, from executive to
financial advisors, loan officers and branch staff. Our solutions give staff,
advisors and agents a 360 degree customer view so they can act as a true
“trusted advisor”.

Economically Address Demands for Greater Mobility
Customers rightfully expect to do whatever they want through their devices
anytime and anywhere. Our intuitive mobile solutions allow bankers to offer
low-value services and high-value services to their customers. Through a
responsive design and easy-to-use tools, customers save time and costs by
doing interactions remotely in a timely manner. Aside from the generic
services, we aim to provide a compelling mobile experience by applying
innovation and personalization services.


ITWORX Profile Corporate

Customized Innovative Solutions
Based on its versatile experience, ITWORX tailors cutting edge solutions that
address the customers’ pain areas directly. We provide the needed tools that
allow executives to create and monitor strategic objectives and KPIs. In
addition to endless dashboards with accurate information that enable decision
makers in taking the needed informed actions. For a seamless solution
implementation and to guarantee employees’ efficiency and productivity, we
provide trainings to facilitate the solution’s adoption phase.
Other Industries
ITWORX extends its services to diverse customers with different businesses
relying on latest top technologies. ITWORX serves Oil & Gas companies, Retail,
Health & Insurance Institutions, Legal Entities, Aerospace and Construction
Companies, as well as other enterprises. In that capacity, ITWORX keeps
penetrating new industries and align with customers’ business objectives.


ITWORX Profile Corporate

What We Offer – Solutions

ON-Track is a strategic performance management solution that aims at enhancing organizations’ productivity by
providing a backbone for managing, sharing and monitoring the achievement of strategic plans. ON-Track is built
around the remarkable Balance Scorecard concept, and allows KPIs identification, goals setting and strategy
cascading, for detailed and accurate strategy execution.

Map Your Strategy
Define your Strategic Perspectives, set your business Objectives, create your KPIs &
Initiatives and link them to your objectives notified with the progress.

Track Execution Progress
Monitor Performance of your strategic Objectives, the status of KPIs and the progress of
your initiatives through rich set of interactive dashboards to enable executives make timely
and informed decisions.

Communicate your Strategy effectively through collaboration features that allows users to
communicate around the performance data. ON-Track allows executives to share,
communicate and cascade the strategy Organization wide.


ITWORX Profile Corporate

ITWorx Hub

The Office365 Intranet as a Service. A one-stop shop for all corporate applications fostering employee engagement
and productivity.

Everything You Need in One Place Brings together all Corporate Services and tools employees need in their
daily job in one, simple, and easy-to-use experience.
From getting to know company news to submitting a vacation request, reviewing subordinates’ work, collaborating
across-functions on a corporate project, issuing an invoice to a customer, or simply booking a meeting room – it’s
all there, in one place.
Collaboration That Inspires Collaboration and communication has never been easier, smarter or more effective.
Workspaces & Groups enable chat-like exchanges, as well as keeping team resources such as documents, project
plans, and performance dashboards in one place. Through Yammer integration, social collaboration is put to best
corporate use.
Inspiring People Stories feature enables employees to share a personal work perspective that rewards performers
and drives best practice.
Stay Productive & Organized Guarantees an identical experience – in the office and on the move. The power of
cloud and Office365 means no more worries about storage, accessibility, or security. Similarly, Skype for business
integration helps employees stay in touch, no matter where they are. Having the employee directory easily
searchable and always accessible boosts efficiency even further.
Employees organize their work by keeping track of their Tasks, getting customized reminders of their
Appointments, taking personal Notes and pinning important news pieces or full Articles to their Board to view
them later.


ITWORX Profile Corporate

ITWorx Intranet

Deployed on an on-Premise environment away from the cloud, ITWorx intranet will help boosting the collaboration
and communication between employees, allowing them to easily reach information and services easily.

Collaborate over Enable employees across Automation of daily tasks to
the organization to meet, Unlock the knowledge of improve productivity and
department workspaces organize, search and find Employees, making it faster support a paperless
relevant documents and and easier to find experts working environment
and project workspaces information and bring together diverse
teams around a common
than span the organization point of interest.


ITWORX Profile Corporate

Media Sensor

Media Sensor allows you to get a feedback about the media influence you aim for by providing all the needed
insights. Get on the buzz, carefully listen to your audience, understand their preferences and know your
competition. Explore possible social media channels and news portals or websites, by obtaining accurate measures
of your reach and brand awareness.
Know your customers Media Sensor allows you to obtain customers’ sentiment with local content and dialects.
You will get categorized insights on who, where, when and what the customers are saying about your brand,
services and products. Moreover, you will be able to detect customers’ behavior and gain valuable information on
their interests. You can tailor engaging content that addresses your target audience with topics that match their
interests and guarantee their interaction.
Understand the market Media Sensor enables you to explore social media channels and news portals for key
topics about your brand, products, services, buzzwords and competition. By analyzing the generated insights,
understanding the competition and customer’s preferences, you get to have an up-close view of your target
market, which empowers you enough to be a “game changer”. Identifying the current influencers gives you the
chance for early engagement, allows you to set new trends and introduce new innovative approaches.
Detect and resolve problems Media Sensor allows you to spot negative feedback and threatening trends early
on. If there is a problem with your newly released product or service, you will be the first to get notified and thus
be able to react immediately, so to avoid critical situations or image damage. Having firsthand interaction with
your customers gives you a better viewpoint, and the chance to address their complaints. This in turn humanizes
the customer experience and increases customer loyalty!


ITWORX Profile Corporate

Email As a Service

Providing a multi-tenant (DU hosted) Exchange 2016 Environment to multiple customers where the Exchange
organization is configured to host multiple and discrete organizations or business units that ordinarily don’t share
email, data, users, global address lists (GALs). This sharing of hardware, software and resources (all while
maintaining a logical separation between tenants), allows organizations to leverage the simplicity of a standard
Exchange deployment while providing multi-tenant functionality and services to meet their customers’ needs.

 Active Directory Instead of having separate ExchangeOrganization Active Directory containers for each
business unit in a multi-tenant Exchange organization, Exchange 2016 multi-tenancy is supported by using a
single ExchangeOrganization Active Directory container. This allows for a simpler Active Directory structure
and reduces the likelihood of Active Directory-related permission problems.

 Address book policies (ABPs): Introduced in Exchange 2010 SP2, ABPs are used in Exchange 2016 to control
user access to an address list, the global address list (GAL), and an offline address books (OABs) in the
Exchange organization. ABPs group these different Active Directory objects into a single, virtual object that
can be assigned to individual users and to create a logical grouping of these resources along a multi-tenant
organizational structure. ABP functionality in Exchange 2016 is similar to what it was in Exchange 2010 SP2.

 Hosting management solutions Some administrators using Exchange 2016 to provide a hosted Exchange
solution will benefit from using a customized hosting management approach. Due to some limitations of the
Exchange Administration Center (EAC), Microsoft works with third-party vendors to assist them in the
development of control panel and automation solutions that are in compliance with the guidelines and
approved framework for hosted Exchange 2016 organizations. We recommend that organizations
configuring a hosted Exchange solution leverage these tools to manage their hosted organizations where
circumstances require it.


United Arab of Emirates ITWORX Profile Corporate
 Department of Economic
Customers List
 Ministry of Education ITWORX unique engagement model is based on creating long‐term strategic
 Ministry of Health partnerships with our customers. Since 1994 we have amassed a list of industry‐
 Dubai Media Office leading Fortune 500 repeat customers. Following is sampling of ITWORX
 Government of Dubai growing customer base.
 du

 Vodafone
 Ministry of Investment
 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
 Egyptian Liquefied Natural Gas
 League of Arab States
 Ministry of Petroleum
 Export Development Bank
 Ministry of Communications and

Information Technology
 Egypt Post

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
 Ministry of Labor
 Ministry of Health
 Aramco
 Arab National Bank
 Jeddah Municipality
 Knowledge Net
 mbc
 Rotana
 Mbian Amwali

 ictQatar
 Qatar University
 Qatar Supreme Council of Health
 Ooreedo

Bahrain & Tunis
 Venture Capital Bank
 African Development Bank, Tunis

United States of America
 United Technologies Corporation
 Standish Mellon
 Ideal Ratings

Switzerland, UK & Canada
 Syngenta, Switzerland
 Essex Country Council, UK
 Durham County Council, UK
 Kent County Council, UK
 Execution Ltd., UK
 Reliance, Canada
 Canadian Government, Canada


ITWORX Methodology ITWORX Profile Corporate
 Software Development Life Cycle
 Project Management ITWORX Methodology

ITWORX Waterfall ITWORX Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
Methodology ITWORX maintains a documented software process to ensure compliance with
 Requirements Gathering and Analysis latest software standards, CMMI. ITWORX is CMMI level 3 certified and is
 System Design currently preparing for CMMI level 5. ITWORX follows a standard Software
 System Implementation Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Project Management Methodology
 System Testing throughout all projects’ development.
 System Deployment
 System Maintenance Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a set of logical and formal steps
executed to develop a software product. ITWORX does not adopt a specific
SDLC model for all its projects but rather mixes and shifts between best
practices of SDLC models—Waterfall, Agile, Incremental, Spiral, V-model and
others—depending on project nature, complexity, duration, and technology

Waterfall Model
ITWORX SDLC model integrates six (6) phases: requirements gathering and
analysis, system design, implementation, testing, deployment, and concludes
with post-delivery efforts through system maintenance.

Requirements Gathering and Analysis
ITWORX dedicates an organized effort to understand Customer needs and
requirements and define project scope; however, not all requirements are
finalized before design phase. Throughout this phase, ITWORX system analysis
team and Project Leader conduct several meetings with Customer,
stakeholders, and users to gather business and technical requirements and
ensure a full common understanding of Customer’s needs. Project Leader
transforms Customer requirements into technical specification, associated
project plan, and activities.


ITWORX Profile Corporate

System Design
ITWORX software architecture team designs system architecture and analyzes
system requirements to produce a complete and detailed design document.
System design deliverables include hardware and software architecture, use
cases, software design, and UML diagrams. This output is later translated into
code as explained in the System Implementation phase.

System Implementation
ITWORX technical team—development team, quality engineering team, and
quality assurance team—collaborates closely to produce and verify system
code. ITWORX development team generates code from design phase outputs.
Concurrent with the development team, ITWORX quality engineering team
implements testing procedures and executes test cases to ensure system
usability, functionality, and stability, in addition to verifying compliance with
approved requirements. ITWORX Project Leader monitors system
implementation progress against project schedule. System Implementation
phase may overlap with both System Design and Testing phases.

System Testing
ITWORX quality engineering team conducts a proactive testing methodology to
plan, prepare, and develop test cases during application design and coding.
Implemented code is initially tested against Customer requirements. Unit and
full system testing are then conducted to ensure system components function
correctly individually and collectively. Load testing simulation is applied on the
developed application before deployment to detect architecture and design
performance issues.

System Deployment
After testing completion, ITWORX technical team prepares deployment and
installation guides, installs the developed system at Customer site before the
system goes live. After system is deployed successfully, ITWORX technical team
provides system administration and maintenance training for selected
employees of Customer.

System Maintenance
System maintenance ensures fixing and tracking system problems and arising
issues. ITWORX warranty service handles discovered problems according to a
predefined Service Level Agreement.


Project Management ITWORX Profile Corporate
 Project Initiation
 Project Planning Project Management
 Project Execution
 Project Monitoring and Control ITWORX project cycle consists of five (5) phases: Initiation, Planning, Execution,
 Project Closure Monitoring and Control, and Closure.

17 Project Initiation
Project initiation outlines project scope, deliverables, assumptions, key persons
involved, expected business benefits, cost, and duration. Upon proposal
acceptance, ITWORX assigns Project Leader and allocates skilled resources who
best fit the project. ITWORX allocated team initiates a kickoff meeting with
Customer and stakeholders to ensure clear understanding of project and
Customer requirements.

Project Planning
Project planning manages and tracks project progress. Upon finalizing
requirements, project planning starts with determining project scope of work,
duration, effort estimate, and project schedule. Project plan and time estimate
are communicated among project stakeholders and ITWORX Engagement
Manager for approval.

ITWORX Project Leader documents project plan, which includes risk plan,
communication plan, configuration management plan, and quality plan, to be
reviewed and signed-off by ITWORX Service Delivery Manager, Software Quality
Manager, and Engagement Manager. New requirements are communicated,
after management approval, to Project Leader to be reflected on project

Project Execution
Project execution phase is where product development activity is carried out
and deliverables are built and presented to Customer for acceptance. At the end
of project planning phase, ITWORX Project Leader orchestrates a team to
execute the designed project plan. Throughout project execution phase, several
processes are initiated to organize project management process: Training,
Regular Customer Communication & Reporting, Software Testing, Quality
Assurance, Change Management, Risk Management, and Configuration
Management and Deployment.

Project Monitoring and Control
ITWORX Project Monitoring and Control phase ensures that project’s
performance follows approved project plan. ITWORX Project Leader monitors
project activities, performance, and progress, and takes corrective actions when
project performance deviates from plan. Project progress is monitored through
periodical and event-driven progress reports to identify potential or existing
schedule problems.

Project Closure
Upon Customer's acceptance on all produced deliverables, ITWORX project
closure starts by releasing final deliverables, handing Customer project
documentation, and releasing project resources. Risk factors are closed as

ITWORX Profile Corporate

appropriate and any improvement proposals are submitted on the
Organizational Process Assets system. At the end of this phase, project is closed
on ITWORX project and Customer tracking tools and the latest version of the
project's work products is archived.


ITWORX Profile Corporate


Ottawa Public Health (OPH)
OPH Visit Management

“We undertook a bold initiative to launch an automated appointment management system to administer influenza
vaccines city-wide. Through the agreement with Innovus Corp., ITWORX offered us their full support in achieving our
target; with the team being highly responsive and taking the time to diligently address all the details within a very
short time-frame. ITWORX training was key in helping our nurses adopt the system faster.”

Sylvie Leury
Supervisor, Community Immunization Clinics

Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)
MFA Portal

“The goal of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to handle relationships with countries around the world while
providing valuable services to our citizens, regardless of whether they reside within the country or internationally. We
needed a portal solution that not only provides our constituents with access to government services online, but to
enable each of our consulates to access templates and build a consistent image for the Egyptian government

Mahmoud Mostafa
Ambassador and Director of IT Department

Egyptian Ministry of Investment (MOI)
MOI Portal

“The Egyptian Government is currently undertaking one of the most successful economic reforms in history, and
attracting more direct investors – both foreign and domestic – is key to the success of our continued growth. The
Egyptian Investment Portal that ITWORX developed is one of the most robust investment portals in the world.
ITWORX has provided the Ministry of Investment with a tool that truly puts all aspects of investing at the individual’s
fingertips via the Web, making the whole process more simple, secure, and trustworthy.”

Mazen M. Fayad
IT Director at the Ministry of Investment

Egyptian Ministry of State for Administrative Development (MSAD)
BSCI (Bawaba Service Channel Interface)

“I would like to thank ITWORX team which assisted MSAD towards enhancing the quality of the Egyptian
governmental e-services for citizens through Bawaba by developing a new additional Bawaba Services Channel
Interface “BSCI”. The successful cooperation model between the government and Microsoft has been fruitful. As a
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, the ITWORX devoted team fully understood our requirements & delivered a quality
solution that complies with our security and access control measures.”

Ashraf M.Fawzy


ITWORX Profile Corporate

E-Gov Infrastructure Program Manager

Egyptian Liquified Natural Gas (ELNG)
ELNG Corporate Portal

"We are keen to build a strategic relationship with a partner that would understand our technology needs and address
them thoroughly. ITWORX captured our vision with such speed and efficiency and we are certainly looking forward to
doing more business with them in the future. ITWORX reputation and successful track record made it our best choice
and we were right. In a three months span, ITWORX delivered a new ELNG Website and corporate portal that met
exactly our needs and requests. It is a job very well done!"

Sherif Shaaban
Information Management Manager

Standish Mellon
Standish Mellon Asset Management

“As an Institutional Asset Manager, we are continually enhancing and expanding our systems to meet the changing
complexities of the market place. From a technology perspective we needed to leverage our existing technology
infrastructure yet radically reengineer our fixed income asset management system. We trusted ITWORX to re-
modularize our code to achieve such objectives as flexibility, scalability, and reusability. This complex job was made
easy by ITWORX off-shore development model, capacity to deliver on-schedule quality deliverables, and
responsiveness to our challenging requirements. Our choice of ITWORX proved to be successful. We view ITWORX as a
trusted long-term partner.”

Colin Sledge
Chief Technology Officer

Execution Ltd
Execution_X-Stream System

“Execution decided to invest in a bespoke CRM solution to provide the stockbroking business with a competitive
advantage. We selected ITWORX based on the caliber of their individuals and its excellent track record in the
development of customized financial solutions. Together, we have created a unique platform that enables us to
provide our customers with high-quality tailored services. We are pleased to have found ITWORX to be a partner who
shares our commitment to customer satisfaction.”

Mark Adams
Development Manager

Vodafone Egypt
Vodafone live!

“Vodafone launched the largest mobile service initiative - Vodafone live! in most Vodafone operators around the
world. We realized the importance and the need for an advanced IT development partner that will support and ensure
rapid development, integration and implementation of Vodafone Egypt specifications, solutions and architecture.
ITWORX had done stellar work for us in the past. As a very dynamic and supportive organization, ITWORX was the best
fit for our current and future objectives Vodafone live! is up and running and its effect on customer satisfaction is
outstanding. Customers now have a complete, innovative and integrated package of services and content available
only at Vodafone live!”


ITWORX Profile Corporate

Housam El-Dokany
Internet Development & Data Services Manager

Vodafone Egypt
Vodafone live! Graphics

“Vodafone Egypt wanted to go live with a compelling bouquet of 3G services and products in record time. We
commissioned ITWORX artwork team with building up the website’s creative scenarios. ITWORX team was responsive,
professional, and creative. The delivered website is inviting, usable and innovative. The traffic we have witnessed
since the new 3G website launch is heavy and promising for more future customers to subscribe.”

Mostafa Shoukry
Online Manager

Vodafone Egypt
Vodafone mTopup

“With the increased use of prepaid mobile services, the need for an electronic topup solution that could automate the
delivery of electronic vouchers was paramount. We needed to pilot a solution that will provide another alternative to
the traditional prepaid voucher system - prepaid mobile cards - which poses an overhead of shipping and handling.
ITWORX, after successfully delivering our mobile services platform, succeeded again in developing mTopup. The
mTopup pilot implementation has so far saved considerable operational time and cost while improving the customer's
experience by giving them simple, secure options for re-upping their accounts.”

Moatasem Osam
Group Product Manager

Durham County Council
Durham Learning Gateway

"ITWORX professional education team was able to counsel us on the best course of action to implement a robust,
user-friendly education solution. ITWORX team demonstrated their technology expertise and infrastructure
resourcefulness deploying the solution throughout the 25 schools. Their prompt responses and on-time delivery
highlighted ITWORX quality of project management and focus on customer satisfaction. ITWORX knowledge, skills,
and expertise have further helped Durham County Council to successfully deploy Microsoft Learning Gateway to over
100 schools."

Phillip Smith
Head of Information and Technical Support Services

Durham County Council
Durham Learning Gateway, using Catalyst

“Durham County Council places high priority on efficiency and effectiveness in meeting planned milestones of
introducing MLG (Microsoft Learning Gateway) e-learning solutions within our schools, according to the BSF (Building
Schools for the Future) programme. Throughout 295 schools, ITWORX Education Catalyst suite has helped us in
automating the laborious user provisioning and school deployment processes. The resulting cut down in deployment
time was up to 80% in comparison to manual deployment. For example, 25 schools were deployed in 1.25 hours and
1500 users were provisioned in under an hour. At this pace, we are able to complete deployments ahead of schedules,


ITWORX Profile Corporate

focusing on creating an engaging learning experience for students and boosting the daily and periodical provisioning
tasks for our schools administrators."

Phillip Smith
Head of Information and Technical Support Services

United Arab of Emirates University of Sharjah
University of Sharjah Portal

“The response from ITWORX was beyond our expectations. The portal reflects the university’s increased stature as a
centre of educational excellence and supports our vision to become a leading academic institution in the Middle East,
recognized around the world. ITWORX demonstrated its knowledge, expertise and experience, understanding the
needs of a premier higher education institution, coupled with flair and innovation.”

Sofiane Benna
Head of Operations, Network & Telecom

GEMS Education
GEMS Schools Learning Gateway

"e-Learning is key in our initiatives to prepare GEMS students with the skill-sets to be the prominent workforce of
tomorrow. Our students are now proficient in using 'GEMS Learning Gateway' on their computers in their daily
academic activities. Equally, our teachers acquired the skills and knowledge to use the portal more efficiently with the
addition of ITWORX bespoke authoring tool"

Manoj M. Varghese
IT Director

du NBA

“We congratulate ITWORX on winning this award. du's Number Booking Campaign is the first of its kind in the region
and has been an overwhelming success, with over 750,000 respondents. ITWORX developed an application that
perfectly suited our requirements, thus contributing greatly to its success. We wish them the very best in the future as

Osman Sultan
CEO, du

du NBA

“ITWORX has joined forces with du in multiple strategic projects and established its name as an innovative trusted
partner. We have entrusted ITWORX with the core of our pre-launch campaign; the online Number Booking
Application (NBA). In a market with more than 100% penetration, the rates of early booked numbers exceeded our
expectations; testifying to what professional planning and execution is all about. ITWORX demonstrated flexibility in
responding to our dynamic and changing requirements, as well as commitment to project delivery dates. More and
most important is that ITWORX continues to share our vision and pursuit of ultimate client satisfaction.”

Osman Sultan


ITWORX Profile Corporate

CEO, du

du NBA

“ITWORX winning solution provides an online number registration and booking system to coincide with its "055 My
Number" pre-launch marketing campaign which enables UAE potential consumers and business customers to book
and purchase their 055-prefixed mobile phone number online. With over 100,000 booking requests received within
just the first two days of the campaign, this solution, based on key products within the Microsoft application platform
stack; Visual Studio, MS SQL, MS Reporting Services, and the .NET framework, makes it an excellent choice for

Ali Faramawy
Area Vice President, Microsoft MEA

du NBA

“We have a diverse and talented partner ecosystem that each year raises the bar in the design and deployment of
customer solutions built on Microsoft technologies. We are pleased to recognize ITWORX as one of our partners
leading the field in this category.”

Allison L. Watson
Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft EMEA
ESSC (Education Solutions Support Center)

“The Education Solutions Support Center is just what we had in mind for a support center that provides top-quality
end-to-end education services that encompass software development, deployment, technical support, and project
management services. The expertise, agility, and immediate response exhibited by ITWORX resources were key to the
success of the support model that Microsoft wanted to provide its subsidiaries and education technology partners.”

David Langridge
Solutions and Partner Development Manager

Microsoft EMEA

“ITWORX brings great value through its agility, responsiveness and ability to capture business requirements and
produce quality customer-centric software solutions. The Microsoft Learning Gateway 2005 is yet another success
story that highlights ITWORX great contribution to EMEA Education through its education development and support

Naser Ziadeh
Microsoft Industry Strategist

Thomson Reuters


ITWORX Profile Corporate

"This deal puts us squarely in the midst of a vibrant market where our potential customers are looking for innovative,
money-making solutions. Working together with ITWORX, we will be able to provide financial professionals with the
actionable intelligence they need to succeed in a growing economy."

Basil Moftah
Managing Director, Middle East and Africa

Department of Economics Development (DED)
DED Shared and eServices

“ITWORX team has shown excellent quality standards in terms of deliverables, time frame commitment, technical
support and adoption. The team was able to work in complete synergy with our technical teams and collaborate to
bring this project to light in a record time.”

Abdulla Hassan
Executive Director- Information Technology

Department of Economics Development (DED)
DED Shared and eServices

“We in the Department of Economic Development (DED) continuously seek providing better services for our
customers. We select our partners who share the same vision of not just developing a software solution that can fit
any sector, region, or customer, but a solution that is natively-built around the end user's needs. ITWORX team has
quickly grasped our requirements in developing an effective and efficient customer relationship management, and e-
services management solution.”

Mohammed Shael Al Saadi
Chief Executive Officer - Registration & Licensing Division

OTIS Portal

“In 1998, Otis decided to establish a unified global presence through one website to all its customers. We selected
ITWORX as the company of choice for the implementation of this project. ITWORX staff and management worked
closely with Otis IT resources as well as Vignette Professional Services to understand and deliver our requirements.
This resulted in the first international Vignette site, serving 56 countries in 27 languages. ITWORX process and
development methodologies used to create our Vignette-based solution thoroughly addressed our business needs and
resulted in on-schedule and on-budget delivery. ITWORX proved to be the perfect implementation partner for this
complex project.”

Omar Fathi
Director of eBusiness
UTC Corporate Portal

"As a global organization, UTC has a large number of subsidiary intranet sites, and a number of distinct Plumtree
installations that had been deployed in different business units throughout the organization. There was a clear need
to connect the existing portals as well as develop a framework that would facilitate the development of new,
integrated collaborative communities that would enable user groups to automate workflow, exchange documents,
and collaborate on interdepartmental projects. ITWORX deep knowledge of Plumtree and other technologies made


ITWORX Profile Corporate

them a perfect fit to handle our complex requirements. Together, we deployed myUTC nearly five years ago, and we
consider ITWORX a key strategic partner as they continue to expand the functionality and the value of the UTC
corporate portal."

Russell Albert
Director of eBusiness Applications

UTC Fire & Security
UTCFS Portal

“ITWORX began working on the UTC Fire & Security internet site in 2005 when we made the decision to consolidate
more than 100 individual sites into a unified family of sites on a single platform. ITWORX provided a team of IT
professionals who demonstrated strategic capability and willingness to get to grips with some of the structural and
commercial issues we faced in the development of the unified site. Once the strategic framework was agreed, the
team worked hard to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently. The team proved to be very responsive and easy to work

Sandi Lee
VP, Communications

Maarif Education & Training Holding Co
Manarat ElRiyadh Schools Learning Portal (CLG)

"Having used CLG and its add-on, AuthorExpert, an application to create multimedia rich e-lessons and assessments, in
our schools, we’ve had such a successful first-hand experience that it becomes mandatory we see to the wide-spread
of CLG and its tools across the Kingdom.”

Reda Abd El-Haleem
Chief Financial Officer, Maarif Education & Training Holding Co

Maarif Education & Training Holding Co
Manarat ElRiyadh Schools Learning Portal (CLG)

“ITWORX has been a great partner helping us host a customised, bilingual e-learning solution in our data center, in a
very short period of time, to serve 15 schools with more than 22,000 users in KSA. We are particularly impressed with
ITWORX excellent onsite adoption program and dedicated team who vigorously enabled our pilot teachers and
administrators to master the platform functions."

Ashraf ElGuindi
Chairman of the Executive Board, Maarif Education & Training Holding Co

United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education (MOE)
UAE Ministry of Education eLearning Gateway

“The eLG (eLearning Gateway) is e-learning platform on the Ministry of Education in the United Arab of Emirates and
is considered a landmark solution in comparison to other solutions worldwide. The eLG is based on ITWORX CLG
(Connected Learning Gateway) that we hand-picked among multiple competing e-learning platforms. We are
confident that the eLG will fulfill our nation-wide adoption plans to serve all UAE schools. The eLG is a bilingual
(English/Arabic) solution hosted in the ministry’s data center. The project's first phase served ten schools. It included
training about 150 teachers on the solution; and conducting workshops for pilot principles and head masters. By April


ITWORX Profile Corporate

2012; 100 schools will be deployed, and during the year of 2013; the eLG will be expected to serve the whole 420
schools in the Emirates; that is about 350,000 users. Thanks to the cooperation with strategic partners, such as
ITWORX, the Emirates will excel in creating an education community that partakes a pivotal role in the spread of ICT in
learning worldwide and will set the bar even higher in global e-learning standards.”

Fatma Ali Al Khajah
Director of IT Department, UAE Ministry of Education

United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education (MOE)
UAE Ministry of Education eLearning Gateway

"E-learning provides us with the opportunity to not only ensure that all our students are well versed in IT, but to
actually improve the way they learn. By partnering with ITWORX we can free up our teachers’ time so they can
concentrate on teaching instead of administration. We can enable our children to learn smarter, and at their own
speed. And we can get parents more involved in their children’s education, putting the school back in the heart of the

Badria Yousif
Director of IT Department, Ministry of Education, United Arab Emirates

Saudi Ministry of Labor (MoL)
Saudi Ministry of Labor (MoL) e-Services and Portal Development

“Our long history with ITWORX encouraged us to use their expertise in developing citizen-centric software solutions
for the region. Our goal is to encourage our global partners’ innovation to make the best use of Microsoft technologies
in order to add real end-user value. This is what ITWORX has succeeded to do with MoL. They have studied MoL
internal processes and workflows carefully and tackled what needed to be optimized. The results were improved
employee efficiency and much better services for MoL stakeholders in private sector. We have received a superior
customer feedback as usual when commissioning ITWORX, and we look forward to future cooperation.”

Samir Noman
President of Microsoft Arabia

DOMAINS Technical Solutions (DTS)
Domains Technical Solutions (DTS) CLG

“There is no doubt that CLG 2.0 is a dynamic learning platform that takes all forms of collaboration and
communication to the next level. It not only meets all modern pedagogic needs but also it’s more practical and robust
in function. And technically it speaks clearly of the strength and flexibility of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and offers
customizations that meet school-specific needs.”

Naseer Alfaaiz
Chief Information Officer, DOMAINS Technical Solutions (DTS)

Doosan Infracore International
Bobcat Doosan Infracore International (DII) Employee Portal

"The proficiency and dedication demonstrated by the ITWORX team delivered us a customized SharePoint employee
portal hosted using MSO (Microsoft SharePoint Services). ITWORX helped us realize our goals using best-in-class
software, while reducing capital costs and ensuring maximum performance of our portal."


ITWORX Profile Corporate

Richard Marani
Vice President, Information Technology, Doosan Infracore International

Amanah of Jeddah
Municipality of Jeddah Amaneh Jeddah Correspondence Tracking System (CTS)

"ITWORX CTS (Correspondence Tracking System) is a landmark solution for Jeddah Municipality having helped us
multiply daily transactions executed as well as received requests; we streamlined internal operations, boosting our
productivity and transparency, and increasing citizen satisfaction and our credibility. Thanks to ITWORX excellent
offshore custom-development practices, and the responsiveness and agility of the ITWORX team, all our requirements
were met. We are extremely satisfied."

Bassam El Warith
Chief Information & Investments Officer, Jeddah Municipality

Kent County Council
Kent Learning Zone

"Since launching our e-learning platform, Kent Learning Zone, in more than 280 schools, we’ve noted increased
collaboration through networked communities. Through the KLZ, teachers and students are provided with new
opportunities to work together, conduct research and discussions, as well as to share problems, innovations, and
lesson plans."

Andy Sheppard
Technical Strategy Manager, Education Information Systems (EIS) Kent County Council

Qatar University
Qatar University Chemical Engineering Intranet Portal

"We are very pleased with our new fully-customised portal. Its scalable and secure enterprise platform provides us
with the ability to extend our online services and content in the future. Working with ITWORX professional services
team has been an excellent experience, allowing us to capitalise on their experience in higher education and meet our
goals and deadlines for launching."

Fadwa Eljack
Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering Department, Qatar University

VC Bank
VC Bank CRM Solution

“Installing the CRM was the single most important decision in VC Banks’ plans for future growth. ITWORX’ solution has
proved to be robust yet flexible enough to be customised to achieve an exact fit to our processes. The result is higher
service for our customers and more informed decision-making at every level of our business.”

Abdulla Kandi
Head of IT, VC Bank



ITWORX Profile Corporate

Building on the foundation laid by Phase I of Knowledge Net, we have rolled-out Phase II with new portal features to
improve user experience and enhance technology’s support of student achievement. Additional training has been
provided to teachers to assist them in integrating Knowledge Net into their teaching practices to maximize the portal’s
benefits and ensure students deepen their technology skills so they can realize their goals. KNET has proven to be
beneficial for students, parents, and teachers alike.
Dr. Ghadah Omar Al-Fakieh
ictQATAR e-Education Manager


ITWORX Profile Corporate

Egypt USA
Cairo Connecticut
Nasr City 11771, 20 Batterson Park Rd., Suite 360
Free Zone, Area 7B, Block J Farmington, CT 06032, USA
Cairo, Egypt Tel +1 860 676 7878
Tel +20 2 2673 6111 Fax +1 860 760 6385
Fax +20 2 2673 6188
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Lotus Business Centre, Semouha Tel +44 (0)203 4788 212
Alexandria, Egypt Fax +44 (0)20 7632 1638
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Saudi Arabia ITCAWORX Software Solutions Inc.
Riyadh 1 Rideau St., Suite 700
Al Safwa Center, West Building Ottawa, ON K1N 8S7, Canada
Office #1115, P.O.Box 26627 Tel: +1 613 670 5737
Riyadh 11496, Saudi Arabia Tel: +1 860 760 6385
Tel +9661 2886 558
Fax +9661 2886 558 Global Representatives
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Dubai Internet City Sonneggstr. 61
Block DIC, Building 17, Office 256 & 257 CH-8006, Zurich, Switzerland
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Tel +9714 4370 833
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Doha Waleed St.
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9th Floor, Office # 914 Tel +965 22282502
PO Box 31316, Doha, Qatar Fax +965 22282503
Tel: +974.4410.1518
Fax: +974.4410.1500


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