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Published by SA Prep Connect, 2019-12-05 16:03:00

We Invite You to Apply






San Antonio Prep provides high-quality CEO/Superintendent Stephanie Hall Powell
education that places students on the path to has a background in early childhood
college. We believe that college is an education, military education/training,
opportunity that exposes our students to a middle school, and high school teaching
world of possibilities.  and administration. She is a United States
Air Force veteran and divorced mother of
We understand that the path starts with us. three. She holds a BA in Psychology from
San Antonio Preparatory Charter School the University of Maryland University
believes that education is about opening doors College and MEd in Instructional Leadership
for all students and all types of learners. K-12 from Concordia University Texas.
education must ensure that access after high
school remains open, as we know that college
is the gateway to opportunities that expose our
students to a world of possibilities.

We know that as a proposed seamless middle
and high school that the path to college and
life success starts with us. We believe
relationships matter to growth, learning, and a
great educational experience. We believe in
learning through authentic problems and
interactions. We believe in learning through
intentional collaboration and communication.
We believe adults create culture.

(210) 473-2698 | [email protected] SAN ANTONIO | CONVERSE, TX


San Antonio Prep, a new public charter middle and high school
located in Judson will open Fall 2020 with 5th, 6th, and 7th grade.
We will add one grade level each year until we are fully enrolled
5th - 12th grades. Our middle school model is unique. Teachers in
middle school will teach two subjects in 5th, 6th, and 7th grade but
only teach one classroom of 28-30 students. This aligns with our
belief that relationships matter, especially in middle school.
Founding a school can be challenging, and as a founding teacher
you get to be instrumental in creating the foundation of who we
are. We are looking for culturally conscious, high-capacity
individuals to join our Founding Team.



SA Prep provides SA Prep gives input SA Prep provides an
extensive professional and opportunities to its environment with you
educators that create a
culture development for collaborative culture for and our students in
educators from all walks educators. As we grow, mind. We are conscious
of the profession, whether this gives room for
you are new or a veteran, leadership and mobility of the relationships,
there is always room to that creates a stable and culture, identity and
invested workplace for creativity that needs to
grow. SA provides the our faculty and staff be fostered to give
opportunity and resources students the equitable
excellence they deserve.
to do so.

(210) 473-2698 | [email protected] SAN ANTONIO | CONVERSE, TX


Trauma-informed instruction and restorative practices are embedded
into our curriculum to help students better learn and cope with every day
life. Our goal is to teach and nurture with the entire student in mind.
These practices hold great priority, not only in developing our students,
but also in the training and development of our teachers.


Every middle school class will have two teachers of record. Teacher one
teaches ELA and History. Teacher two teaches Math and Science. Our
teacher ratio is 1:28 compared to 1:100. This creates a culture where the
teacher never feels alone and without support in the classroom and gives
students additional opportunity to achieve.


We have organized our middle school schedule to include 150 daily
minutes of literacy instruction and 125 daily minutes of math instruction
broken into multiple class periods. This creates a classroom that is cross-
curricular and differentiated in the needs of the students and the


High quality teachers deserve high quality coaching and development.
Teachers will receive weekly professional development and extended
summer training. The demands of a teacher, new or seasoned, are
always high but we believe we can get through them together. We strive
to create a culture where teachers feel supported, encouraged, and



As a middle school ELA/SS or
Math/Science teacher at San Antonio
Prep, you lead by example. You are the
leader of your classroom and facilitator of
learning. You should prioritize building
strong relationships with students in order
to push them to be their best selves both
academically and personally.

A middle school teacher at San Antonio
Prep seeks feedback, thinks deeply about
instruction, and collaborates with
colleagues, students, and parents in order
to meet the needs of every student.
Teachers will participate in regular data
meetings, administrative observations,
peer observations, and 100’s of hours of
professional development over the course
of the year.

Hours for this role are 7:15 am - 4:45 pm ...SEEKS
daily. You will hold primary responsibility FEEDBACK,
for the development of curriculum, the
instruction of content, and the growth and THINKS
success of one classroom of students (in DEEPLY
5th, 6th, 7th) or multiple classes (in 8th). ABOUT
Supervised by: Principal or Dean of
Curriculum and Instruction .

Education: Bachelor’s Degree Required

(210) 473-2698 | [email protected] SAN ANTONIO | CONVERSE, TX


Implement state learning standards, curricula Establish and maintain a cooperative
and assessments to meet ambitious academic working relationship with students and
expectations.   families based on trust, understanding and
respect for the communities in which they
Learn, master, and deliver content and grade identify.  
level curriculum, core content objectives, and
texts. Host necessary tutoring sessions to meet
all students’ needs (if applicable).
Submit weekly lesson plans in advance for
feedback.    Participate in weekly manager check-ins,
grade-level meetings, before and after-
Implement formal and informal assessments to school duties, and school wide meetings
track each individual student’s progress and and functions (if applicable).
learning needs, adjust lesson plans accordingly
and update gradebook weekly.   Engage in summer and year-long district,
school and personal learning and
Communicate students’ progress with student development.  
and family on a weekly basis.
Minimum of 40+ hours spent at school per
 Effective facilitation and personal use of week Additional responsibilities/duties as
technology as a communication and assigned by the Principal.
educational tool to improve student
achievement and manage work related tasks.   Help shape and develop a school wide
culture that fosters a productive and
Implement a clear and consistent positive enthusiastic learning environment for each
behavior management system (tied to our student
restorative practices model)  that aligns to
campus- wide initiatives while developing
students’ character and sense of community in
the classroom.


Who would be my supervisor?

The Principal or Dean of Curriculum and Instruction

How long is the school day?

The hours of the school day are 7:15 am to 4:45 pm.

Do I need to have a license to teach?

Not immediately. However we work with the expectation that it will be a goal to attain in
the near future.

What do I need to have?

You must have at least a bachelor's degree in the subject area you plan to teach and a love
for educating children

Do I need to have experience teaching?

While it is preferred, it is not a requirement.

Are you covering relocation fees?

While it is preferred, it is not a requirement.

Are you offering incentives for higher ed degrees?

Yes, we offer a $3,000 bonus for Master Degrees.



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