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What’s happening
in Harare

Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare 1


6 7

Harare Makes a Day Out With the
Wonderful City Kids at Tamba
Break and Escape Tamba Café

9 11

Recipe : Bacon Food Choices
Mushroom and Your Pocket
75th Anniversary
Avondale Flea National Wheelchair
Market – Zim Donations
Spirit, Great Vibes
Knits and Krafts
RhoNaFlo Foundation: by Sue
Promoting and

Enhancing Safe Births
in Zimbabwe

22 Why Garden?

Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare 2

Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare FROM THE EDITOR

From the

T here is so much excitement and anticipation
looming in the air. Spring is about to kickoff
and the Sunshine City will be looking as
beautiful as ever. Our most loved gigantic
Jacarandas are about to paint the city
purple-blue, mid-way through September. Get your
Royalty on and explore what our lovely country has
to offer. Try gardening, learn how to become an
economical eater, take the children outdoors to play
and join the ‘Together in Motion’ and ‘RhoNaFlo’
programmes and contribute positively to the growth
of our community this year!

Mike Garden
[email protected]

Nomsa Nyoni
[email protected]
0773 962 727

Michell Svesve
[email protected]
0779 397115

Layout & Design
Tamuka Nyoni

[email protected]
0775 363 706

Whilst every effort is made to check the
content of articles, the directors will not be
held responsible for any errors or omissions
therein. We accept that all articles and

photographs submitted are the sole
responsibility of the authors and we do not
accept liability for any misrepresentation.
Events, dates and prices listed are printed

using information supplied to us that we
are satisfied are correct at the time of

printing. This publication is the exclusive
property of Ndeipi (Pvt) Ltd.

Ndeipi Magazine

Cover Photo
Thembeka Homes


CONTACT US Jackie – Steven –
0712 651 390 0785 471 827
Harare 0242 782 720 | Bulawayo 0292 277470 [email protected] [email protected]
Laki – Vicky(Byo)
Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare 0773 068 278 0712 630 513 / 0777 956 257
[email protected] [email protected]
5 0712 631 069 / 0772 975 198
[email protected]


Harare Makes a Wonderful
City Break and Escape

H arare makes a wonderful entrance with palm trees, plenty of OVERALL REVIEW
city break and escape. From parking and a sense of security. The Pro’s
the absolutely divine local interior decor is absolutely pristine, - Location is easy to get to and within
cuisine, bars with vibrant a great balance of modern chic with distance of Sam Levy Shopping Village, bars
music and artsy historical museums. African feels. and restaurants.
Even better, if you are on the hunt - Super clean, from the bathroom and
for a luxury pad in the city, then My favourite part of the house, bedding.
Thembeka Homes is the right place. apart from the clean spacious rooms, - Secure environment.
has to be the pool area. The sunken - Great pool area, or I should call it ‘insta
Located in Borrowdale, an affluent sitting area creates the perfect worthy’’
quiet area in Harare - it sits perfectly setting to catch a breeze whilst - Opportunity to host private events
in reach of all the city’s popular bars having drinks, without getting into - Wonderful hosts, they make you feel at
and restaurants. Making it an ideal the pool. home
choice to escape from the hustle and - Wi-Fi
bustle. Since it is self-catering you have - Spa option
the option to cook in the spacious Con’s
Arriving into Thembeka Homes, kitchen in-house, and the outdoor - The hosts live in the home (family of 4), this
you are welcomed with a beautiful grill which is great for barbecues. can be uncomfortable for some travellers.
- Shared living area with other travellers, so
be prepared to bump into other travellers by
the pool and living room.
- Opportunity to make noise via music may
be limited as other guests may be present.
Overall I had a great escape to Thembeka
Homes, it is a beautiful home and the hosts
are so welcoming.



Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare 6


Day Out With

the Kids

T amba Tamba is the ultimate, padding throughout, soft play areas
indoor, all weather children’s make for safe fun that nevertheless feels
Soft Play Centre. Come rain thrilling and gets kids’ heart rates up as
or shine, they offer the perfect they navigate a rope bridge or climbing
playground for the children to net!
explore their imaginations as well as have
clean, healthy fun. Your children are free Tamba Tamba provides some
to play, learn to share with their friends fantastic equipment and features that
and have a memorable experience. are crafted towards healthy and fun play.
Activities based around climbing and
Tamba Tamba offers a range of swinging develop core strength, but
different activities from two large slides, even segments of the play area that do
a mini football and basketball pitch, ball not seem to need physical exertion still
pits, air cannons with soft balls and lots develop the mind and body in really
of obstacles to cross and climb over. important ways.
They have a separate 3yrs and under
section with soft toys, a merry-go-round, For example, activities where careful
its own slide, ball pit and a floor piano. stepping or balancing are required,
are great for developing a child’s
That is why all their activities are coordination.
specially oriented not just around good
clean fun, but around getting great And explorative play - where children
exercise, and developing in all kinds of are allowed to work through obstacles
other ways!
without help - is great for
We thought we would share with you developing confidence and
some of the reasons soft play areas are letting them find their limits
some of the best types of play areas your and potential.
child can experience, and the ways in
which we provide recreation that’s both As well as running
fun and healthy! and jumping, many
of their activities
Studies show that active play aids encourage
a child’s physical, mental, social and communication
emotional well-being as they mature. between
Soft play centres are among the most children, which
comprehensive and safe ways for kids to fosters vital
develop. emotional and
social skills.
One of the advantages of soft indoor Youngsters’
play areas over outdoor areas is that they physical and
are designed to be safer with a lower risk emotional
of injury. health set
the path for
A child with a developed sense their future
of danger will be more comfortable development,
climbing an indoor frame with a so now is the
cushioned landing, for example, than an time to set
outdoor your child up
for the healthiest
structure. Since climbing, when done and happiest life
safely, is a form of exercise that develops available by letting
coordination and limb strength, it is an them play often!
important activity for a child to practice.

With a ball pool, foam and soft

Please note Tamba Tamba has Covid protocols in place. They clean the jungle
gym and public area regularly every day, and a deep clean 3 times a year.
Entry is $8 from 1-13yrs or equivalent rtgs. Adults and under 1’s free. Their fees are
charged per child. Tamba Tamba is open every day.
Tamba Tamba has a small coffee shop where they serve cappuccinos, teas, cold drinks and
crisps. They can also offer kids hot food and a small range for the adults.


Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare 7






· 140 g White button mushrooms (Farm Fresh) · Wash the farm fresh mushrooms clean and chop them into quarters.
· 60 g Chestnut mushrooms (farm Fresh) · In a wide pan heat the butter and sunflower oil on high heat. Make sure
· 2 tbsp Chopped fresh basil (Farm Fresh) the pan is almost smoking hot and add in the mushrooms.
· Clove of garlic crushed (farm Fresh) · Cook for about 3 minutes before adding in the crushed garlic,
· 2 Slices of toasted bagels simultaneously reducing the cooking temperature to low heat -continue
· Small bunch of Farm Fresh Watercress cooking for a further 2 minutes.
· 2 tbsp Crème Fraiche1 · Stir in the fresh cream, basil and season to taste with salt and pepper.
· Knob of butter · While the mushrooms are cooking, toast the croutons in a separate pan
· Splash of sunflower oil1 pinch until crisp.
· Salt and pepper to taste · In a shallow bowl serve the croutons and the mushrooms. Give the two
· 70 g Bacon bits elements a light mix and top off with some bacon bits.

In the case you do not have any bacon bits, you can make your own
from bacon strips as follows:

· For easier slicing partially freeze the bacon so that it holds together
easier while slicing
· Using a sharp knife, cut the slightly frozen bacon into small bits
· Sprinkle with pepper.
· Fry over a medium to high heat until crisp.
· Remove with a slotted spoon and allow to drain on paper towels.

You can add farm fresh cherry tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and/
or spinach to the bacon mushroom treat. I always say "Never limit
yourself in the kitchen".

chefonduty91 9

Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare


Restaurant Guide

Alechi Coimbra MON Pariah State The Jam Tree
Chicken Grill, 21 Quorn Ave, × Portuguese × Wine/cocktail lounge, Shop 7 × Pub Food and Restaurant,
Mount Pleasant , 61 Selous Ave, CBD Riverside Walk, Avondale 40 Bargate Rd, Mount Pleasant
Call - 077 936 4640 Call (024) 2700237 Call 0772 279051 & Wine Bar, Call 0734 018 003
× Grill & Coffee Shop,
Alo Alo Garfunkels Grill 1 Pomona Shopping Centre, Pomona, The Rose Cafe
Sam Levy’s Village, Borrowdale, Call 08677 103 644, 0772 279 051 × Cafe,
10 Forest Row, Arundel Call (024) 2853137/8, 0776 508 702 72 Golden Stairs Rd, Mount
Village, Mount Pleasant Paula`s Place Pleasant, Harare,
Call - 077 326 5932/3 ,(024) × Portuguese, Call 0784 339 814 / WhatsApp
2369198 314 Samora Machel Ave, 0784 339 814
Call (024) 2497950, 0779 421 014
Aroma Caffe` SUN × Traditional Cuisine, The Vanilla Moon
Belgravia Sports Club, 2nd
× Italian Street Ext, Belgravia, Pizzazz Pizza TUE 8 Seagrave Road, Mount
Call 077 238 1863 Shop 4, Greystone Park Pleasant, Harare
167, Enterprise Road, Chisipite Shopping Centre, Harare Call (024) 2333394/ WhatsApp
Call - 077 223 5693, (024) 2480904 Call 0777 781 583 0772 224 341

Hometown MON, TUES

× Coffeehouse & BBQ, American,

Casa Mia MON 21 Edinburgh Road, Borrowdale, MON

× Pizzeria, Call 077 622 6975 Pogos SUN The Village Greek

Cnr King George & Aberdeen × Pizza & Chicken, × Greek
Shop 3, New Block, Sam Levy’s
Rd, Avondale, 1 & 2 Kamfinsa Shopping Village, Borrowdale,
Centre , Greendale,
Call - (024) 2332044/ WhatsApp MON Call 077 897 7828 /WhatsApp Call (024) 2850666
Kirytan Grill
+263 78 610 0950
× Chicken Grill, 078 0004 796

Corner Woodholme & Golden
Stairs Rd,
Call 078 654 8235 / WhatsApp MON
TUE Tin Roof

Chang Tai 0786 548 235 RocoMamas × Bucket Bar & Bistro,
× Burger Restaurant,
× Thai, Village Walk, Borrowdale, 1 Lewisam Shopping Centre,
Call (024) 2884966
83 Churchill Avenue, Gunhill Highlands
Call - 0779 763 666,
Call/ WhatsApp 0778 218 990
0773 222 276, (0242) 783054
Little Eataly Restaurant
× Italian Sabai Thai MON Tinkabell Restaurant
1 Hurworth Road, Highlands,
Call 077 674 5727, 08677 177349 × Portuguese,

Chez Zandi Cnr Rold Ave/ Stokesay Cl, SAT, SUN

× Bistro/ Wine Bar, Ballantyne Park, 4 Upton Rd, Ardbennie,
Call 0774 532 184 / WhatsApp
328 Herbert Chitepo Ave, CBD Call (024) 2852695, 0776 74775 or
Call 0778 952 992 or 0785 663 154
0714 814 450 Mojo`s SUN 0788 265 533

× South American,
10 East Rd, Belgravia,
Call (024) 2705993, 0782 635 830
MON You Real TUE
Shangri La
Chicken Basket × Japanese,
Cantonese Restaurant, 155 Shop 13 & 14, New Block, Sam
110 Norfolk Rd, Mount Pleasant Enterprise Rd, Chisipite Levy’s Village, Borrowdale,
Call 0772 781 555/ 0772 426 768 Mulberry Restaurant and Cafe Call 0773 709 686, Call 0719 425 555/ WhatsApp
(024) 2 443263-4
× Deli, MON, TUES
0719 425 555
Borrowdale Brooke Club house,
Call 078 893 0720
China Garden Spice Lounge
× Indian Restaurant, KHAYA NYAMA WOMBLES SUN
× Chinese 63 Churchill Avenue,
17 Rowland Sq, Milton Park, Call (024) 2701672 × Steakhouse Restaurant & Bar,
Call 077 892 5033/ WhatsApp 158 Enterprise Road, Highlands,
0778 925 033 Ocean Basket St Elmos Harare
× Pizza, Call 0772 336 224/
× Seafood Restaurant, 86 East Road, Avondale
Call (024) 2334980-3 KEY
Stand 3, Sam Levy’s Village, Harare, Sam Levy’s Village, Borrowdale, Take Away
Call 08677 323 323, (024) 2852189, Call (024) 2886959 Delivery
0731 200 674 Open Everyday
Closed on
Chop Chop Organikks specified day

× Brazilian Steakhouse, × Food delivery service 1 Dacome
256 Herbert Chitepo/ Fifth Drive, Chisipite,
St, CBD Call 0782784999, 0782785000
Call 077 918 9214 / WhatsApp
0779 189 214

Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare 10


Food Choices
and Your Pocket

A s a financial educator, I spend most of my to treat and in our part of the world, a specialist
time talking to people about how to make doctor and medication for management of these can
the most of their personal finances. I love to be debilitating to finances.
bring money conversations to the kitchen
table. Money management is a huge part of Therefore, we need to relook our diet, food habits
decision-making. The amount of money you have can and make some crucial changes. The first change
determine where you live, what you eat, where kids go relates to philosophy. There are various myths we
to school and more. Despite all this, it is possible to need to burst.
have a decent life that is also affordable.
MYTH 1: Healthy food options (road-runner chicken
One area that affects our personal finances is food. or small grain mealie-meal such as sorghum) are for
The food choices you make can affect your monthly those who live in the village with no access to fancy
budget and also affect your health outcomes, which shops or better food options like french fries and so
in turn have significant financial consequences. Many on. I find it interesting how eating junk food shows
times we hear, your health is your wealth. What does that you have money. Notably, purchasing food from
this actually mean practically? certain outlets is sometimes attributed to high social
status. This sort of thinking makes urbanites shun
Let us look at some statistics which relate to our the real superfoods which include forest fruits like
context, Zimbabwe. mazhanje or baobab.

According to Gonde & Chimbari (2019) there has MYTH 2: Healthy food options are expensive. I think
been a shift from our local diets towards ‘westernised that this notion holds water in other countries and
diets’ which are high in salt, fatty, and processed not our own. We live in a country where growing
foods. These are the main drivers of the increase in vegetables, rearing organic chickens, and having fruits
diseases such as hypertension and type 2 diabetes. is possible if you have a backyard garden or a rural
With the increased rate of urbanization in our country, home. Most of us have these at our disposal but we
the percentage of non-communicable diseases has may just need to be organized to put them to good
gone up. The upward trend is worrying because of the use if we are to do better financially and health wise.
impact this has on personal finances in the long term.
Generally, non-communicable diseases are expensive

Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare 11


PRACTICAL TIPS lemons. For those with limited amounts mostly of white starch. Try to replace
of water, recycling water can be a useful white starch with healthier options such
PLAN YOUR MEALS – now I know that this tip. Did you know you can water plants as brown starches; those in whole-grain
is difficult if you are living on a limited with water that you use to wash rice or breads, brown rice and sorghum. These
and irregular income. However, it is a potatoes? Instead of throwing it down options are not a favourite for many but
necessary step if you want to watch what the drain, you can use that to water your with time, your pallet will get used to the
you eat and stretch your income. If you vegetables. If you have more space, you taste.
plan what you will eat, this will help you can also start rearing your own poultry With these three tips, I do hope you can
come up with a shopping list, making like rabbits and chickens. These can start examining how your food habits are
it easier for you to shop around before also lower meat bills and can serve as a affecting your personal finances. At the
you spend. Impulse buying is a recipe for source of income. end of the day, what you eat will affect
overspending and purchasing unhealthy your monthly budget and your health
food options. This is incredibly important WATCH WHAT YOU EAT – gone are the outcomes.
for those who work in office jobs. If you days where eating more shows that
do not plan what you will eat during you are doing well financially. It used shalom_thefinancewiz
lunchtimes, it can be costly to purchase to be fashionable to eat fried foods,
the healthier options since cheaper bread with lots of jam, tea with 4-5
convenient food options are usually junk teaspoons of sugar. However, salt,
food. sugar and cooking oil are what I term
‘problem foods’ in our diet. Every
PRODUCE YOUR OWN FOOD – this has household purchases these foods
become a global trend with many people every month. It is crucial to limit
growing their own vegetables in pots or moderate your intake and
and verandas. However, we are blessed usage of these foods because
with space, sunshine and good soils. they can be costly on your
Growing one’s food should be made monthly budget. Beyond that,
fashionable once again. You can grow increased intake of these foods
various vegetables (specific to your will affect your health as they can
taste) and add herbs, or even tubers like lead to high blood pressure or diet-
butternut or pumpkin. You can also grow induced diabetes.
fruit trees such as mangoes, oranges and
Furthermore, our diet consists

Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare 12

With Dignity, Care and Respect

Barry: 0773 773 743 or 0733 778 267
Taffy: 0772 998 157 or 0714 127 120
Rodney: 0772 226 692 or 0715 303 522

190 Sam Nujoma (2nd St. Ext),
Belgravia, Harare, Zimbabwe

[email protected]

Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare 13


Flea Market

Zim Spirit, Great Vibes.

Iconic. Unique. Avondale Flea Market has certainly stood the test of time – having
been around since many of us can remember! The market has one of the largest
selections of ethnic arts and crafts in the country and offers a wide range of
products from vintage clothing to cell phones and everything in between.

AVONDALE FLEA MARKET – have adapted. Improving what is on the

ONE-STOP-SHOPPING ground as well as boosting their social

media campaign efforts, bringing value

Picture this. You need to get new clothes to shoppers and vendors alike.

for the upcoming season. You need your
favourite football team’s new jersey. Your THE BEST WAY TO SHOP

cellphone is in need of some accessories. The best bit about Avondale Flea

School’s out so you need books, toys,
and games to keep the kids entertained. Market? Open-air shopping. With our
beautiful Zimbabwean weather, is there
You need a unique gift for a friend’s
any better way to shop? Additionally, in
birthday; and oh, you need your hair
these covid times, open-air shopping can
be safer with the fresh air and space to
You could drive around Harare
help maintain physical distancing. There
looking for all these things… or… you
are sanitizing and temperature check
could (and should) visit Avondale Flea
stations at every
Market and get
everything in “Whoever said that money can- entrance and, of
course, no mask no
one place (yes, not buy happiness, simply didn’t entry!
we’ve even got know where to go shopping.”
a hairdresser!) – – Bo Derek With the
negotiating prices variety at Avondale

along the way! Flea Market, there

Who does not love is excitement in

a good deal? not knowing what you are going to find.

Whether you are swiping through the

PASSIONATE ABOUT PROMOTING BUSINESS rails looking for unique, preloved clothing

or searching for on-trend fashion, you are

Without a doubt though, one of the sure to find something to suit your style.

highlights of the market is the vibrant Shopping at the market is also a great

community of vendors, some of whom family experience – there is something

have been around for over fifteen years. for everyone; and if you need some
inspiration or tips on what to look out for,
Avondale Flea Market has incubated
many businesses over the decades, many follow their social media pages to stay on
top of what is available at the flea market.
of which have remained at the market

with second generations taking over. AVONDALE FLEA MARKET – UNDENIABLE ZIM

The stories here are incredible, giving SPIRIT

even more depth to the spirit of the

market. Avondale Flea Market is proud to
continue to serve and leave an impact on With all that the market has to offer, one
thing stands out – Zimbabwean spirit.
the community at large.
Avondale Flea Market is where you

A COMMITTED TEAM will find warm welcomes, friendliness,

respect, a sense of comradery, and a FOR MORE INFORMATION FOLLOW:
The longevity that Avondale Flea Market willingness to help. Shopping is always Avondale Flea Market
fun, but the people always make that
has enjoyed is also attributable to the Or contact them on 0782 743 917
much more of a difference. Open daily from 8am to 3:30pm
team working tirelessly behind the
scenes. As times have changed, they

Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare 14


Swift Officially Begins 75th Anniversary
National Wheelchair Donations

S wift, the country’s leading as it really makes a huge difference DONATIONS
logistics company, has officially when you have a disability.” Anyone who wishes to join the TIM
launched the “Together initiative can get in touch with Lee
In Motion” campaign - a Rob Kuipers, Chief Executive Gibson, Marketing Manager for
Corporate Social Responsibility Officer of Swift’s parent company, Unifreight Africa Limited.
programme centred on its 75th Unifreight Africa Ltd, said:
anniversary. To mark the milestone, FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE
Swift will be giving away 75 “As a logistics company, enabling CONTACT:
wheelchairs across Zimbabwe. movement from point A to B is our
highest priority. We looked at how Swift
The campaign started on 12 we can be an agent of motion to Marketing Manager
August 2021 at Swift’s Harare depot some of our most disadvantaged Lee Gibson
and saw the Jairos Jiri Association community members and started Tel: +263 779088193
receiving 10 wheelchairs. with wheelchairs. We are rallying
individuals and corporates to join this
Over the next four months, initiative across the nation.”
the Together In Motion (TIM)
campaign will hand over a total of 75 “Swift Transport has been
wheelchairs across the country’s 10 assisting with the distribution of
provinces. Swift has partnered with wheelchairs throughout Zimbabwe
the Jairos Jiri Association, a leading for many decades, coming to the aid
institution working with people living of numerous charities. Having seen
with disabilities, which is assisting in the need first-hand as a company we
identifying the recipients. wanted to contribute and give back
to the communities that have always
Speaking at the Harare hand-over supported us” says Kerne Mackie, PR
ceremony on Thursday, Jairos Jiri’s and Marketing Director for Unifreight
Resource Mobilisation Executive, Africa Limited.
Grace Kamanga, said:
The initiative will also raise
“The need to assist children with awareness for the plight of those
disabilities has been heightened individuals who require wheelchairs.
in this difficult Covid-19 pandemic
era. We had a specific challenge ABOUT SWIFT
that some of our Grade 1 and Form
4 students had no wheelchairs and Swift Transport is Zimbabwe’s largest
the timing of this donation could not logistics company, established 75
have been more precise.” years ago. It is a dynamic force in the
world of road freight and distribution
Stella Jongwe, a Jairos Jiri solutions. Swift has a well-established
student representative said: range of service offerings making it
the go-to company for all transport
“It is heart-warming that Swift solutions through its main brands -
continues to support us through Swift Courier Express, Swift Freight,
many activities. I am particularly Swift Full loads and Swift Mutakuri.
elated with the wheelchair gesture

Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare 15

Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare 16


RhoNaFlo Foundation: Promoting and
Enhancing Safe Births in Zimbabwe

R hoNaFlo is an organization Date of Death and my brother’s Date What are your achievements thus far?
whose main agenda is to of Birth, I knew I had to change the
promote and enhance safe narrative of this day. What better way RhoNaFlo has distributed more
births in Zimbabwe. We than to dedicate it to their memory than 600 APONA birthing hampers.
provide support pre, during and through starting an organization Within the Ndau tribe, when a
post-delivery to mothers in need, to that would help expecting mothers. woman returns home after delivery,
improve and enhance their maternal I committed my life to making sure I we say “APONA”, direct translation
health outcomes. play my part in lowering pregnancy “SHE SURVIVED”. It is a moment of
related deaths in Zimbabwe due celebration but the chilling irony of
What inspired you to start RhoNaFlo? to complications during and that statement lingers; it very well
after delivery. Thus, RhoNaFlo may have been a negative outcome.
RhoNaFlo Foundation was FOUNDATION was born.
established on June 29, 2018. I Home births have contributed to
started the organisation in honour What does RhoNaFlo mean? the saddening statistics of maternal
of my late mother who died while mortality in Zimbabwe. Hence, as
giving birth. I was 13 years old when RHO- RHODA was my maternal a way of preventing unsafe home
she died, leaving behind 4 children, grandmother who was the main births, RhoNaFlo has crafted APONA
including the newborn baby boy caregiver after my mother’s death, hampers as an incentive designed to
Tanya. Sadly, my brother Tanya NA-, is my 6-year-old daughter drive pregnant women into Clinics
passed away in 2016 and the loss was Nandi who keeps me on my toes and for safer childbirth. If they go for
too much to bear. inspires me to be a better person and their antenatal visits and deliver at
FLO after my late mother FLORIDA. a Clinic, we give them the Hamper.
June 29 was both my mother’s The hamper may contain some or all

Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare 17


of the following (baby bath, cloth We also launched the
nappies, hat, baby socks, a vest, #263birthstories Project. Maternal
fleece set, cotton wool, methylated mental health is something not
spirit, cotton or maternity pads for largely discussed in Zimbabwe hence
mom and a Bar of laundry soap). In why we started community-based
situations where the mother dies dialogues with expecting mothers
during delivery, we also provide baby as a way of creating safe spaces for
bottles and baby formula. Some of them to communicate and share
our youngest recipients have been as their experiences. We also use this
young as 12 years old and they are platform to bring health workers to
selected based on the outcome of educate pregnant mothers on some
a needs assessment done by village topics not commonly discussed for
health workers, nurses and social example, preeclampsia, postpartum
workers. depression etc. The data collected
via #263birthstories is then used for
advocacy purposes to make sure that
the mental health component is not
overlooked as part of the care given
to expecting mothers.

What projects are you currently
working on?


RhoNaFlo Foundation was recently
granted land by the Mazowe Rural
Council to construct a mother’s
waiting shelter. Expectant mothers in
need will be able to check in weeks
before their due date. The shelter
will assist in reducing the number of
maternal deaths and home deliveries
that are caused by a myriad of
reasons for example, lack of timely
transport on the onset of labour
and exceptionally long travelling
distances to the health facility.

RhoNaFlo is actively fundraising
towards this noble cause.

How can people contribute/partner
with you?

Donations in cash or kind
Actively seeking therapists who can
donate their services to counsel
pregnant moms.

Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare CONTACT DETAILS
Chipo Tsitsi Mlambo
Christine Manatsa Gumunyu
[email protected]
[email protected]




M y name is Sue Chigorimbo and I started page and the response was amazing. I started
knitting in 2018. My daily routine had getting calls and messages from all over,
become boring and I bought myself women inspired by my work, some wanting
some yarn and knitting needles. I to be taught how to knit. I felt great and
began by making headbands for my I did not want to stop. So, I started to
daughter. One day I posted them on Facebook teach knitting via Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom
and Instagram and people loved them. Next, I and Youtube. I started a Youtube channel
made placemats, accessorized them with buttons and it took off well. The knitting kept me
and orders started coming in. Then I thought, going, I was in a great mental state, was
why not knit a cushion cover. I did and it took me happier and had no anxiety at all. The joy
a week, I was so frustrated because it took so of creating something every day meant I
long, but then people loved it and I was looked forward to waking up.
getting orders. One lady saw my I then started writing my patterns
work on Facebook and she came and listed them on Etsy,
by and asked if I could use a Lovecrafts and Ravelry. The
knitting machine. I had never money started coming in
used one before, so she from the pattern sales and
offered to get someone to this pushed me to keep
teach me. I learnt how to going. In 2020, I started
make cushion covers on upcycling empty wine
a knitting machine in and whisky bottles.
3 hours. From then I I would spray paint
was making up to 20 a them and accessorize
day. I bought my own them with all sorts of
knitting machine and things such as buttons,
Knits n Krafts by Sue lace or even yarn. I
was born. The cushions took a chance one day
were a hit for a while. and posted my bottles
Then I stopped because on Twitter. The response
I was battling depression. was amazing, I was
The whole of 2019, I did overwhelmed with orders
not make anything. When and messages from strangers
the depression got bad, urging me on. I started
I figured I needed to experimenting with rope,
keep busy to ward off making coasters. From coasters,
the anxiety, so I started I made trays and baskets. A
knitting again in 2020. month later I made my first
bag. Instantly I knew that the
I started posting bags would change my journey,
again on my now that this was the beginning of
dormant Knits n Krafts
Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare


something great. I am yet to achieve and most of the time I have to work teach what they know. My dream is
my goals, but I have come so far. late into the night to meet orders. My to nurture young creatives from a
24 hours feels like 12 because there is young age, instill confidence in them
Initially, boredom was the always so much to do and very little to showcase their talent and change
motivation for me to start knitting time. the perception that crafts do not
but as I started battling depression, pay. I have been teaching knitting
knitting became therapy. It was my Imparting my craft skills is one
outlet. Each time I felt the virtually for a year now and I
anxiety coming on, I would of my goals. My skills are so diverse am working on turning it up
start knitting and would and it has been difficult for me to by doing face-to-face classes
produce amazing creations. focus on just one. I am literally all once Covid dies down.
I realized that when knitting, over the place, I make anything and
my mind was constantly everything. This made me think long Perception is my greatest
focused on what I was and hard about how to make the challenge and it trickles down
creating. I did not allow most of my diversity and the dream to my pricing strategy, as
myself to think of anything is to open a crafts school. This would people expect handmade
else other than my creation. offer opportunities for employment crafts to be cheap. There is a
Anyway, knitting is highly to other creatives like myself to general lack of understanding
mathematical, with so many and appreciation of the
sequences to follow, a lot of creative process, how taxing
counting and remembering and complex it is. Talent
involved, so you do not have a choice needs to be appreciated
but to block out everything else. It is and the prices of our products need
a highly cognitive and mathematical to reflect the worth of the creative
craft. process. If perception changes and
crafters receive support, our journeys
Juggling motherhood and would be a lot easier.
entrepreneurship is challenging. There needs to be a lot of
Especially now, with the lockdown education from a young age, on how
and homeschooling. I have to important crafting is alongside other
monitor my children’s work daily. I career paths.
now start a lot later than I used to,

Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare 20

Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare 21


Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare Why Garden?
F lower gardening can
brighten up and liven arm bracelets that had basil
any landscape. It can seeds implanted in them
turn outdoor space and pens whose cases were
into a colourful showcase or made with recycled paper
create borders that pop. This and they had a see-through
article aims to bring out some plastic bulb on the end filled
appealing reasons for creating with herb seeds. When back
a flower garden. home, I planted the seeds and
these plants have become a
Landscape beauty is delightful growing reminder
important, adding a flower in my garden of a truly
garden to your backyard or spectacular week.
farm adds a visual stimulation
through flower colours Flower gardens are well
mixed with shrubs as well known to be beneficial for
as herbaceous plants. It health and wellness. They
does not have to be a big improve emotional health,
garden, even a patio with well the beautiful colours, sweet
planted pots can add peace scents of a flower garden and
and serenity at the end of a the insects and bird sounds
strenuous day. Apart from can help improve your mood
creating a curb appeal, by and help you to relax. My
having a flower garden, you cotoneaster by the pool can be
create a haven for insects and seen from the dining room and
birds. Trees and shrubs do not the louries (now reclassified as
only add colour and shade turaco), bulbuls and other birds
to your garden, they provide add hours of entertainment.
shelter for all those beautiful Think of your garden as
birds that can calm us. another room to be enjoyed.
Gardening activities are both
By creating a flower garden cardio and aerobic exercise. An
on your farm or backyard hour of moderate gardening
you are also opening a door can burn up to 300 calories in
to connecting and sharing women and 400 calories for
material men. For the elderly
and ideas people gardening
with fellow can serve as
community gentle exercise for
garden example, mowing
enthusiasts. the lawn instead of
For example, taking a vigorous
a small bunch walk, the bending
of flowers are and stretching
gifts to be while weeding and
shared and digging acts as
will be much an aerobics class
appreciated. and the moving of
In one of my plants and soil is
visits to Jaipur, like weight lifting.
India at the Not only do you get
13th World fit in the process,
Flower Show but you end up with
I experienced a lovely garden to
this act of seed enjoy.
sharing. We
were issued Gardening can
be fun for kids; it
encourages them to


take an interest in nature and through planted a Raffia palm far too close
experience help them understand to a Bismarckia palm; they will be
how the ecosystem works. My competing for light in the years to
childhood gardening memories are come. If you are likely to move start
a delight to remember. I used to potting up cuttings or moving your
love playing with mud. I remember treasures into pots so that you can
planting seeds and watching them take them with you and maintain
grow day by day. I would watch the joy in growing your own special
a bean plant grow and measure plants.
how many centimetres per day it
grew. I would try experiments with I encourage you to learn not
fertilisers and composts to see how only from other people’s gardening
they improve the growth or even add experiences but also your own.
coloured water and see if it changes
the colour of the plant. Working I was always told that my coconut
together on your garden with your palm would die when I moved it to
children is togetherness time. You Harare. I have learnt this is not true
build bonds with them and create as long as I cover it up in winter from
memories from your experiences in the frost. Shade cloth at the right
the garden. time is the answer. I did lose two
before I stumbled on this fact and I
In order to attain the above- am still on a learning curve. Try to
mentioned benefits of having a plan your garden so that it will always
flower garden, you have to take note be there. I have a baobab growing
of these important considerations; in my red clay and it is doing very
well thanks to the complete cover
Remember to plan your garden with stone elephant at its base. The
design according to what you want baobab is a case in point. In about
to do in it. For example, if you 100 years it is going to become a
cannot bend anymore go for raised problem as it is too close to the
beds which you can toddle around. house but for my lifetime, I will enjoy
If it is children you want to entertain it and always be pleased I planted it
think of an area for them where there.
they can run riot over the Mondo
grass without causing too much Happy gardening everyone.
damage. Or if you need a nature
space to relax, calm and inspiration
think about a Japanese
garden where you can
spend many happy hours
re-organising the stones
or raking the sand.The
design of the flower
garden should take into
consideration maintaining
a sequence of bloom
and consistent colour
combinations through
varying season’s because
flowers bloom at varying
times of the year, and
some plants are annual,
dying each winter.

Keep your eyes out
for unusual plants that
can make a feature
in your garden, also
take note of what size
they will be when they
mature. I made some
mistakes when I first
moved to Harare and was
creating my garden. I

Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare 23

Important Numbers MEDIC ALERT COVID-19 Vaccination
Centres in Harare
EMERGENCY SERVICES FROM A LANDLINE 1 Van Praagh Ave, Milton Park 1. Parirenyatwa
DIAL 993 OR TOLL-FREE FROM A CELLPHONE DIAL (024) 2 704488, 2916307 Central Hospital
112 Econet, 114 Netone, 911 Telecel [email protected], 2. Mbare Polyclinic
Harare Hotlines: (024) 2 771221, 0712-600002 3. Sunningdale
These numbers will give you access to Ambulance Services, Satellite
Fire Brigade and the Police across Zimbabwe. ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE 4. Hatfield Satellite
5. Highfields Polyclinic
AMBULANCES Road Angels (024) 2 334418, 0772 122122, 0732 122122, 6. Southerton Satellite
0713 122122, 0714 122122 7. Mufakose Polyclinic
A07C8E2A-9IR99a9n0d1/A2m/3b/4u,lEamnceerg(0e2n4c)y2(032042)12413,02141 Automobile Association (AA), (024) 2 776760, 2932089, 8. Kuwadzana Satellite
A07M1B8U8L8A98N8C9E CARE & EVACUATION (024) 2 332365/6, 0782 783691, 0712406033 9. Kuwadzana
C(0I2M4A)2S7R0e0s0c8u5e/A26m, bToulllaFnrecee SNeurmvibceers0(802048)02370000 070, 7D1r8iv0e84Z2im97R, +o2a6d3A7s3s6i5st2a3n4c2e4+263 780579261, +263 Polyclinic
CITY Ambulance (024) 2 783980-7, (024) 2 772375-6 10. Warren Park
EMRAS (024) 2 250011/2, (024) 2 797479, 0772 141610 POLICE EMERGENCY Polyclinic
M(0A24R)S2A7m90b3u9l1a,n0c7e1(2062040) 020727,10282614,4(1012445) 728706034, 11. Kambuzuma
N(0E2T4S) 2TA2R90A0m25b1u,la0n77c4e 8S2e8r8v8ic8e (024) 2 797588-90, Report accidents (024) 2 495504, (024) 2 703631, Polyclinic
2S5T0J3O51H,N0’7S7A4m45b2u2l3a3n,c0e7(7092548) 72673614354, (024) 2 253046, (024) 2 24 hrs (024) 2 748836 12. Mabelreign
Harare Complaints Desk, (during working hours) Satellite
HOSPITALS (024) 2 703631 13. Malborough
Central (024) 2 748836, (024) 2 777777 Satellite
A(0v2e4n)u2e2s5C24li8n0ic-56,608B6a7i7ne0s06A1v7e5,,((0E2m4)e2rg2e5n1c1y8)00/717/9291,35259 Avondale (024) 2 336361, (024) 2 336632 14. Avondale Satellite
H((00e22a44l))t22hp7700o50in16t4616H/o7s/8p,it(a02l 41)52L7a0n3a3r5k5R, (o0a2d4,)B2e7l9g5r4a8v3ia, , Borrowdale (024) 2 860061-7 15. Belvedere Satellite
M(0e2d4)ic2al7C05e4n4tr9e, 52 Baines Avenue 24-Hour, Highlands (024) 2 495504 16. Mt. Pleasant
M(0i2c4h)a2e2l5G1e0l6fa7n, (d02C4li)n2ic705838J4o4s/i5ah Chinamano Ave, Mabelreign (024) 2 336000, (024) 2 305651 Satellite
P(0a2r4ir)e2n7y0a2t2w2a4,H(0o2s4p)it2a7l0M1a5z5o4w-7e, (S0t2,4M) 2ilt7o0n59P4a1r-k3, Marlborough (024) 2 301802, (024) 2 301853 CID 17. Hatcliffe Polyclinic
M+2I6il3to8n67P7a1r8k8M52e2dical Centre Milton Park (024) 2 799298, (024) 2 708113 18. Borrowdale
Monavale (024) 2 336361, (024) 2 336608 Satellite
EMERGENCY AND TRAUMA - OPEN 24 HOURS Harare Suburban District 0242777639
Mabvuku 0242491069
(A0r2u4n)d2e3l0M1e49d5ic,l0in86ic7E70R02042,6992 Norfolk Rd, Mt Pleasant, Hre Rhodesville 0242481111
Ruwa 02732132726
1B5aiBnaeisneInstAevrec,a(r0e2M4)e2d7ic0a0l9C5e0ntre, Accident and Emergency Police Roadside Assistance 24hr, (024) 2 700171/9
SB.eMlvaecdheerleAMvee,d(0ic2a4l)C2e7n4t0r1e9A6c/2ci3d6e/n18t/5Emergency Centre, 189 P+2o6li3c2e4H2a7r7a7r7e7O7poerr+a2ti6o3n2s42748836
BEmelgerragveinac(0y2M4)e2di7c0a0l4C1e0n,t2r2e5C0o53rp8,o0r8a6te-42440969B8a1t4h Rd, P+2o6li3c2e42247/073H63o1tline Traffic & Crime
0E7R7224950350J8.9C,hPinhaamrmaancoyA(0ve2,4()022746) 22974602937/8/9, +P2o6li3ce24C2e7n7t7ra6l4T0raffic
FIRE Brigade 994, (024) 2 700950
(K0e2n4s)i2n7g0to0n21M8,e0d7ic8a2l0H0e5a9l0t3h Clinic 1 Kenny Rd, Kensington, FAULTS
(T0r2a4u)m2a88C6e9n2t1r/e4B, 0o7r7ro3w33d3a6le911 Borrowdale Lane,
ZESA 24-hour faults, (024) 2 704040
Classifieds Avondale, Mabelreign, Milton Park, Monavale (024) 2
SHARON’S JEWEL Belvedere, Warren Park (024) 2 704040
Borrowdale (024) 2 704233
For all your jewellery repairs e.g. broken chains, lost Central (024) 2 704235/236/237
stones. Ring resizing and engraving, Commission Highlands (024) 2 704233/5/7
Sales, Pearl and Bead restringing and Repairs. Mabvuku (024) 2 704235, 2906937
Valuations. Jewellery made to your design. Call Southerton (024) 2 704231/2
Sharon 0772 345 729. Waterfalls (024) 2 704231/2

CITY OF HARARE Water faults, burst pipes (024) 2
705654 Call Centre Director Engineer Mabhena Moyo
(024) 2 705824

20. Mabvuku Satellite
Sharon’s Preloved Fashion For Ladies of all sizes, Clinic
Just arrived latest summer stock. Cotton dresses,
stretchy dresses, maxi, short, shirt dresses and
formal and flared dresses, long and short skirts, 21. Greendale FHS

tops, t- shirts and jumpsuits, summer pants 22. Eastlea FHS
assorted colours and ¾ trousers. Opening hours
during the week 9am - 5 pm, Saturdays 9am - 3pm.
We are on 78 The Chase Mount Pleasant Harare 23. Wilkins Hospital
Contact No 0772635607 24. Sally Mugabe
Instagram page susanprelovedfashion Central Hospital

Give Guest and Tanner Real Estate a try: Hi there. Got property to sell? Looking to
buy? Why not give Guest and Tanner Real Estate a try? They’ll do their level best
to make sure that little – if anything – goes awry, Not to mention endeavoring to
ensure that the experience with them, is smooth and memorable, vis-à-vis dull and
dry. So then, please do get in touch, in particular with their affable salesperson/
guy. Thanks for your time and attention. Have a great day. Good-bye.

E-mail: [email protected]
Mobile: +263 714 729 043


Issue 6 Ndeipi - What’s Happening in Harare 24

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