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Published by ALEXANDER NEVAREZ, 2019-05-24 15:32:41

Faith Project- Alex

Faith Project- Alex


Faith to me really stood out and I chose faith because I feel like its a life changing thing when
your feeling down or even if your happy and positive.
Faith to me means when you have c​ omplete trust or confidence in someone or something. 
So far I learned that giving faith always gives you positive results, as some examples show in 
the lyrics, poems and drawings I found/did. 
I just want you to understand faith more and hope you have faith in things or people. Thanks for 
your time! 


Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice
I say the darker the flesh then the deeper the roots
I give a holler to my sisters on welfare
Tupac cares, if don't nobody else care
And uh, I know they like to beat ya down a lot
When you come around the block brothas clown a lot
But please don't cry, dry your eyes, never let up
Forgive but don't forget, girl keep your head up
And when he tells you you ain't nuttin' don't believe him
And if he can't learn to love you, you should leave him
'Cause sista you don't need him
And I ain't tryin' to gas ya up, I just call 'em how I see 'em
You know it makes me unhappy (What's that)
When brothas make babies, and leave a young mother to be a pappy
And since we all came from a woman
Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman
I wonder why we take from our women
Why we rape our women, do we hate our women?
I think it's time to kill for our women
Time to heal our women, be real to our women
And if we don't we'll have a race of babies
That will hate the ladies, that make the babies
And since a man can't make one
He has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one
So will the real men get up
I know you're fed up ladies, but keep your head up
Keep ya head up, ooh, child, things are gonna get easier
Keep ya head up, ooh, child, things'll get brighter

The song is Connected to Faith in my opinion because, Tupac talks about ladies that aren’t
getting treated right and how they are getting left pregnant on they own with no father to help
while being young. So he basically is telling them to keep faith and never to look down period.
For example in the song when it says “ I know you're fed up ladies, but keep your head up
Keep ya head up, ooh, child, things are gonna get easier
Keep ya head up, ooh, child, things'll get brighter ” it clearly shows to never give up and keep ya
head up.

I chose it because I felt like this song just had a good connection with faith, especially the things
Tupac talks about.


when I was alone and had nothing

I asked 4 a friend 2 help me bear the

pain no one came​ except…GOD

when I needed a breathe 2 rise

from my sleep no one could

help me except…GOD

when all I saw was sadness

and I needed answers no one

heard me except…GOD

so when​ I am asked who I

give my unconditional love 2

look for no other name



This Poem is connected to Faith because he talks about how he kept his faith and god was the one that gave him
answers for his life. So i think tupac made this poem to show people who was their and how we should believe and

have faith for god. For example when he said “ when I needed a breathe 2 rise from my sleep no one could help me
except…GOD” I chose this because i felt like it easily connected to faith and with the words just explaining how faith


I take a sip of Hennessy and then get pissy drunk 
I ain't a drinker, I'm a thinker, call it what you want 
But if you turn your back, know that you just missed your chance 
To witness the realest shit that's ever been told to man 
I found myself losing focus at a Sunday service 
Embarrassed so I start questioning God, "What is my purpose?" 
He said to live the way he did, that's all he want from me 
Spread the word and witness, he rose on the first Sunday 
I said alright, enthused that my Lord gave a listen 
I opened my Bible in search to be a better Christian 
And this from a person that never​ believed in religion 
But shit, my life is so fucked up, man; I can't help but give in 
I'm giving testimonies to strangers I never met 
Hopped on the pulpit and told them how I was truly blessed 
Felt like I'm free from all my sins when the service was over 
Walked out the church, then got a call that my homie was murdered 

Then lost my faith again 
What am I gonna do 
Gotta have faith 
Life is too much 
Where is your faith? 
Faith, all you need is the size of a mustard seed 
Single black parent from Compton raising children of 4 
That's 4 innocent bastards cause Papa, they don't know 
Her day consists of working back and forth with babysitters 
Can't find no one to watch her kids, so she pay her sister 
Her baby daddy ain't 'bout shit, that nigga ain't 'bout shit 
Spilt his daughter milk just to cop a new outfit 
She pray to God every night hoping that he'll mature 
And maybe one day his kids, something that he'll live for 
Baby wanna go back to school but she need some help 
Because it's hard trying to pay the bills when you're by yourself 
She thought about credit card scams, 'til she heard a voice 
That said, "The Devil is a lie, make a better choice." 
And so it's back to McDonald's and every month dealing 

With those crazy ass people at the county building 
Looked to the heavens and asked Him to make a better way 
Then got a letter in the mail, lost her Section 8 
Then lost her faith again 
What am I gonna do 
Gotta have faith 
Life is too much 
Where is your faith? 
Faith, all you need is the size of a mustard seed 
I had dreams of holding a 9 milla to Ray's killa 
Ask him why as my eyes fill up 
Each day it gets more realer, orangutan's bang like gorillas 
It's jungle when the niggas in zoo 
The rats lurking, the vulture's circling the serpents 
Cats lying through they teeth, my nigga didn't deserve it 
I flirted with the ideal of caressing the steel 
To make karma come faster than she normally will 
It's ill, to see my faith try and leave me 
It's so hard to get it, to get rid of it is easy 

I'm tryna reach Cloud 9, that's what my niggas 'bout 
But it never rain in California unless the pistols out 
Until then, my feet planted on the ground, shadowboxing my conscience 
Til my faith start responding, and if I get no answer, just know I tried 
I should have never looked into his son's eyes 
Rayshawn Boyce 
What am I gonna do 
Gotta have faith 
Life is too much 
Where is your faith? 
Faith, all you need is the size of a mustard seed 
This for my people that stressing whenever times is hard 
Your mind's slipping, wondering, "Is there really a God?" 
Knowing you shouldn't think that way and trying to freeze your brain 
But whenever there's pain, that feeling forever remains 
We can't believe what we can't see and reality seems stronger than prayer 
Cause you tried to change your life, and now you live in a wheelchair 
And your son was born with cancer and he live in urgent care 

At the tender age of 12, and you feel that no one cares 
Searching for answers, that's human nature, you ain't in the wrong 
Just know when you feeling that way spirit's in the room 
I watched people I know pray and catch the Holy Ghost 
And wonder why I ain't ever caught that feeling before 
Maybe they know him better, or I don't know no better 
But what I do know, is that he's real and he lives forever 
So the next time you feel like your world's about to end 
I hope you studied because he's testing your faith again 
I'd rather not live like there isn't a God 
Than die and find out there really is. 
It Connects to Faith in my opinion by the lyrics showing that you have to keep your faith through 
hard times, for example when Kendrick states W​ hat am I gonna do, Gotta have faith Life is too 
much, Understood, Where is your faith? 
I chose this song because i feel like it easily connects to the word faith and has good examples 
of what faith is and what's the out come of it.  

1st Genre I Created

My first Genre connects to faith by showing how the words show that prayers opened up a new
life as long as you keep the faith. I chose these words because it connects really good with god
and faith.

#2 Genre I Created

Drawing By Me

I did this drawing because i felt like it well represented how faith works and what it kinda looks
like. The water bottle represents like a bubble that keeps the person and jesus safe in side to
eliminate all the bad negativity things tryna reach them.


1. He gave an impression of kindness from time to time, a safe would linger in his grey blue
eyes. (pg.47)

2. You'll see, in two weeks, you'll be walking around like everyone else. (pg.80)
3. Bite your lips, little brother… Don't worry. Keep your anger and hate for another time.

4. To utter a word, I knew he wasn't for me. (pg.44)
5. Rumors of false hope have been spreadly to motivate them to preserve. (pg.80)


Aye what up my name is Alex Nevarez im in 10th grade and i like to eat and sleep .My
hobbies that i do is i do music and i'm also from the Bay Area. The reason i liked the
knight book and i choose it because i can relate to the word faith by going through some
thangs. Tap In!!




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