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Dear Trouvaille,



C L A S S O F 1 5 1 9

Lili ungu

Andai tidak dihirau tiada peduli

Dipijak henyak ramai hanyalah permainan dunia

Keji dilihat pada embunnya

Manis terasa pada debunganya

- Lili Ungu (Hidayah Rostam)

Dear Trouvaille,

Letters from Trouvaille's leaders,

to their precious anak-anak truvel.


It's been years since the last day of our high school. I still

remember how excited we were to graduate. The year was 2019, a
time when it was chilly, a time when we didn't have much but
each others' warmth. We were very excited to end high school,
mhm not even thinking of the things we will lose.

I admit all those days in school felt like
'repeating' and 'dull'. But another word for
'repeating' and 'dull' can be 'familiar' and

'comfort'. The comfort we created through the
passage of time. I think that's why there is a
saying that goes "You'll never know what you have
until it's gone" as I finally realised what I

lost once high school ended; the familiar faces, the noises back
in the surau (which I know Asma' hates), the silly fights and

happy tears :). Nevertheless, I am eternally grateful for
getting the chance of having you guys, 141 TROUVAILLE SISTERS.

A large group filled with differences, which made
us unite as a team. I am still wondering how can
this large group of people make me feel so much

like home and give me this sense of belonging. Even
if I make new friends, Trouvaille's friendship can
never be compared. You guys are still the most
genuine friendship I would ever have.

I've said a lot to you guys, pretty sure
you guys know how much you mean to me.
But thank you so much for everything. For
being so strong when everyone was putting
us down. For not giving up when the

future seemed blurry. For having faith in
each one of Trouvaille. For keeping our
friendship standing strong till this day.
Thanks to all the trouble we made in the past, we grew closer
and stronger together. Thanks to all the insults we got, our

trust became stronger. hanks to all the misunderstandings, we
were able to learn a lot about each other. ,Hano
Thanks to Trouvaille, we all had such
youthful times. InshaAllah, 141 at heart till
Jannah, Aamin.


Trouvaille, a name that will stay close to my heart for

eternity. How are you, sisters? It's been so long since we last
met, hasn't it? Some of us have even flown far away from us
(Hati" dekat sana!!) If you read my last message to you, it all
became reality. Each second, each hour, each day, we're getting

further away from each other. It almost sounds impossible to
reunite again with complete 141 girls altogether. Yet it feels
like you guys have always been so near. Because in the end, no
matter what happened, I'd still look for you. For your advice,

for your support and for your endless motivation. As each one of
you, are my dearest and loveliest safe space.

So much has happened these past years. I'm sorry that some of

you had to go through so many hardships out there, I'm sorry I
couldn't give you as much reassurance as you need. But, do know
that I am forever here for you. We are here, always and forever
will. Open up to me, to Hana, to just anyone else. Whenever,

wherever. And I'm sorry that some of you felt distant, from us,
from me. But that's just how a relationship works, doesn't it?
Actual siblings fight for almost every day, so please don't
think that this bond has ended. We may not have each other's

company everyday like before. But deep in our hearts, we are so
strongly connected that nothing can tear us apart.

Oh! I noticed that many of you have made lost of new buddies.

Good for you! It's so refreshing to see your pretty smiles that
were hidden back in college. Enjoy yourself more, will you,
folks? >< Hehehe. Surround yourself with people that feel like
home. And if one day (I'm not praying for it tho) they leave

your side, or disappoint you, you know that you can always come
back to your first home, here, with us.

We've been friends throughout our peak teenage life, the

maturing years. Although we have lived together for the majority
of that time, there are still days when I miss you guys so much,
and the bittersweet nostalgia is so strong. There are days when
the longing that I feel for you and our friendship is a heavy

and unshakable ache, like an overworked leg after a long-
unending walk (that I love to go to torture myself with).

And there are days when a wave of tv-sickness take me by

surprise that I can't stop crying as I turn over those pages
with your looks and the beautiful memories we created.

Yet through the years, we have grown to accept the current

reality of our friendship, a reality that will likely remain for
the foreseeable future :') Tests, emails, messages and
occasional (very rare, very) phone calls are our primary modes
of communication these days, and for the most part, I've

accepted that very insincerely. I might even go so far as to say
that most days, I'm so used to it.

But while I may have accepted it, that doesn't mean I don't wish

things were different sometimes. That we lived closer, that we
saw each other more often, that we weren't so occupied with
rules. I still miss you guys, and will always miss you guys. I
miss the way things were back in the day (except the too harsh

situations ofc). I miss how spending time together used to be as
easy as walking to dinner together or shouting from the lounge
to top-floor just to inform 'CLASS PETANG NI CANCEL!!'. I miss
those conversations that stretched lazily for hours because we

has nowhere to go and nothing to do except binge-watching some
movies depan tv lounge, during weekends. While in fact, tons of
homeworks are stacking up one by one.

Ah, words can't really describe how much I miss you, your silly
jokes and your warm hugs. Trouvaille, only Allah knows how proud
I am to see where you are now. And when I say that, I intend
that to each one of you. All of you were so amazing. From

getting yourself a pert-time work and drivers license, to
involving yourself in the student's council and getting
excellent grades in your tests. Yall are insane for this. It's
so gratifying to see how you finally got the chance to express

yourself, to show off your competency, and to just be your
actual self— the one without limitations.

Even though we change and we're all finding our place in the
world, we all know that when the tears fall or when the smile

spreads across our face, we'll come to each other because no
matter where this mad world leads us, nothing will ever change
so much to the point where we're no longer friends. This is not
a farewell message, okay? Instead, take this as a goodluck note
for your upcoming years. I know that you'll do so much more in
the future. Believe in yourself, because I believe in you.

Love you endlessly. Take care, and stay safe, my loved ones.
'Till we meet again, InsyaAllah. Jaga diri, jaga hati <3.




something lovely discovered by chance

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About Us 10

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Trouvaille 17

Hall of Fame 23

Highlights 27

Trouvaille 45



from thee
depths off


into lightt


Dear; About Us

Hi there!!

Without further ado, here goes my bio:

Trouvaille 1519

13 January 2015

Bandar Enstek, N9

Chaotic bunch

An all-rounder

Loooooves food

1.15 ;)

That's all for now!

Hope to see you around with a big smile :D


Najwa Latif

Kau ada di kalaku suka Sahabat... tetap bersama mu jika
Di kalaku duka Kau perlu... kan 'ku... dan 'ku tak kaku
Setiap tangisan dan juga ketawa Tak kekok kalau sampai buntu

Kau ada di kalaku perlu Kita belok yo... yo!
Setia menemaniku Berjangkit sesama seperti mengusik
Pegang erat tanganku bila aku jatuh Si melatar

Kaulah yang selalu Kau, kau jangan kau melampau dan
Selalu menemaniku Kalau siapa mengusik Najwa tolong

Mendengar kisah pahit manis Bagi tau aku tapau
Hidupku Kutahu 'ku kan selalu ada
Kaulah yang di situ Ada dirimu
Setia menunggu 'ku Dan kuharap kau juga rasa begitu

Kaulah yang satu
Menjadi sahabatku Kau lah yang selalu

Selalu menemaniku
Kau ada di kalaku jatuh Mendengar kisah pahit manis
Di setiap bangunku Hidupku

Terus menemaniku tanpa rasa jemu Kau lah yang di situ
Kau ada di setiap tawa Setia menunggu 'ku
Di kala bahagia Kau lah yang satu, menjadi

Kau menjadi sahabatku selamanya
Kaulah yang selalu
Kaulah yang selalu Selalu menemaniku

Selalu menemaniku Mendengar kisah pahit manis
Mendengar kisah pahit manis Hidupku
Hidupku Kaulah yang di situ

Kaulah yang di situ Setia menunggu 'ku
Setia menunggu 'ku Kaulah yang satu
Kaulah yang satu Menjadi sahabatku

Menjadi sahabatku Oh-h oh-h
Menjadi sahabatku


One Direction

You gotta help me, I'm losin' my mind Minibars, expensive cars
Keep gettin' the feeling you wanna Hotel rooms and new tattoos

leave this all behind The good champagne, and private
Thought we were goin' strong, I planes
thought we were holdin' on But they don't mean anything
Aren't we? 'Cause the truth is out, I realize

No, they don't teach you this in school That without you here, life is just a lie
Now my heart's breakin' and I don't This is not the end, this is not the end
know what to do We can make it, you know it, you know

Thought we were goin' strong, thought
we were holdin' on You and me got a whole lot of history
Aren't we? We could be the greatest team that the
world has ever seen

You and me got a whole lot of history You and me got a whole lot of history
We could be the greatest team that the So don't let it go, we can make some
world has ever seen more

You and me got a whole lot of history We can live forever
So don't let it go, we can make some You and me got a whole lot of history
more We could be the greatest team that the
We can live forever world has ever seen

You and me got a whole lot of history
All of the rumors, all of the fights
But we always find a way to make it out So don't let it go, we can make some

alive more
Thought we were goin' strong, thought We can live forever
we were holdin' on So don't let me go, so don't let me go
Aren't we? We can live forever

You and me got a whole lot of history Baby, don't you know, baby, don't you
We could be the greatest team that the know
world has ever seen We can live forever

You and me got a whole lot of history
So don't let it go, we can make some
We can live forever

Hambamu Allah

Mawi ft Akhil Hayy

Ke arah satu perjalanan, Sekiranya takdir menguji

Dalam sebuah kehidupan Cekalkanlah hasrat di hati
Demi untuk mengecapi Semoga kesusahan bisa
Hasrat murni di dalam hati Mengajar erti terus azam

Usaha dengan doa Usaha dengan doa
Masanya akan tiba Masanya akan tiba
Dengan restu Ilahi Dengan restu Ilahi

Kelak pasti akan ditemui Kelak pasti akan ditemui

Suluhkan cahaya di hati terang Suluhkan cahaya di hati terang
Tunjukkan jalan seandainya hilang Tunjukkan jalan seandainya hilang

Tegakkan perjalanan yang bakal Tegakkan perjalanan yang bakal
ditempuh ditempuh
Tegakkan semangat bila runtuh Tegakkan semangat bila runtuh

Setibanya di sisimu ku berserah Setibanya di sisimu ku berserah
Terimalah ku Terimalah ku
Hambamu Allah Hambamu Allah

Presenting to you,

Trouvaille is arguably the most chaotic bunch that
you'll ever find.

Throughout the 5 years in college, many ended up
with names that they most probably didn't agree
with, but went with it anyways. And trust me. their
personalities are perhaps even weirder than their

the people who

make Trouvaille,


Afi Aina q dalil syamer

jajek yajen oya meerafar

ona biha qilah meni

auni ma' ojo mere

echa zule' icha bat

yangku dayang dayana nisa

una hana hajar erisy

hanan humei dina semmah

naily modi wani khaled

widad mas milot mel

mijay nadiah nasreen mama

nasyatol nik jenab que ijan

gande maisof afiqah atiqah

bebek aincapp aleesya ainasya

bobby alleya opi amon

didi emy azmina dania

hano haifa farhana fatin

dani sal kireq dayah

nazirah maimin nadz wanizie

waniyanti sofea oda qurr

adel jemah erah lise

kwina mkak maru nuris

bacob iewa gee alisya

jerp jaja nudy zabus

putot pib anisa put

sarah sazay rifqah camy

lyn farhana ika sarah

balqis syarom bambam nasuha

soya syerah teah kaydee

syanab pika ann bren

cen arae nh ameng

yuyu dinakamal kakpah

piya zahira

Research & Development

Our Story

It was back in 2016 when “Bring back gold!”.
R&D Club was finally seen That was always the

by many, and we’re more school’s last will before

than proud to say that we we left for every single
are one of the earliest competition. The hope

descendants in TKC’s we had to carry was a
R&D Club. Started small burden. But all the

from only Jerp and Wani hardships were what

to Alisya, Isma, Ma, and made us closer. The late
Qilah. The number keeps stay-ups at night and

on growing. Who early morning call to
would’ve thought that we build the prototypes, to

were actually creating a turn our ideas into

new, small, yet so reality, finishing up
understanding and writing our reports,

supportive family? We editing the bunting, the

thought we were only posters, and the slides to
creating prototypes and present were a burden at

things. some points. But those

times are what we now
greatly miss.



runaway to suria klcc
shower kat TASA

lari waktu practice sebab nampak
pak guard
30 suicides per day

coach gaduh ngan teachers nak
suruh kita stay tengok game
borong McD sebab PIBG belanja
kasut Dayana kena gigit anjing
kat Cameron

lagu coll dalam elevator
skip class satu hari sebab nak ‘rest’
masa HK zone


aka The History Makers

We wanted to make

My favourite memories history by ending
Daadaaadadadaaa, da of TKWO has got to be TKWO's silver streak

Da~ dada.. tadadadadaa all the trips we went to but we all know that

for competitions. From circumstances during
Tunku Kurshiah Wind DFP, to Penang, to our batch's reign weren't
Orchestra, TKWO, was Genting, to Singapore, the best, yet we pulled

a choice for around 25 (and for some of us, through despite it all. I'll

of us when we wanted Bulgaria). Though the always be proud of the
to find ourselves a club. trips were full of rules bond we created with

It's unusual for a batch and restrictions, we TKWO, making it feel

to have that many somehow made it work. so much like home
members, usually one The days leading to a while we were leading.

batch has less than 20 competition, the band So girls, wherever you

members. However, camps we had, is are, always remember to
because of the sheer something that I realised Stand Tall, Keep Pride &

number of batchmates in I could never experience Have Faith.
band, I never felt lonely again.

during the long hours

spent practicing.




Throughout the 5 years in

college, we've created a lot of

memorable moments


I couldn't include them all,

but here's some that stand out.

Tuanku Arishah Sports Arena
Opening Ceremony

During our Form 2 years, we were tasked to
perform a large-scale dance for the opening

ceremony of TKC's very own stadium,

Tuanku Arishah Sports Arena.

I remember how every evening,
everyone would pack up after

evening prep and rush to the

dorms to change. A few Kakak
OGAs helped out with the

choreography. At first, it felt

impossible, especially knowing

that some of us were literal sticks

when it comes to dancing. Of
course, for people like Nasyatol,

Erah, Kireq, Nadiah (& others), it

was their time to shine!

However, in the end, we made it! In our very extravagant makeup and

cute mini-skirts, we danced to Waka Waka by Shakira in front of royals!

We spelled out the
acronym of the

stadium, TASA.

Fully Residential Schools

On 2018, TKC got the chance to be the host for the ever-anticipated annual
FRSIS, a program that brought together participants from different SBPs all

around Malaysia. Naturally, the program was entrusted to us, the Form 4s, to

ensure that FRSIS was successful.

The hectic days started since Day 1, when the participants were starting to

arrive. Since the TKWO kids were off to Singapore, the batch was short of
manpower. We had to run around, doing multiple tasks at once. Some had to

prepare the goodie bags while some had to go greet their assigned paricipants

(aka their anak-anak).

There was also the Cultural Night. We were

the ones who hyped up the event, for sure.

Wearing striking yellow house jerseys, we did
not mind at all the attention we attracted from

the crowd. We did what we do best, having


International Symposium

The highlight of the event is indeed the

competition itself. The day of the
presentation, our batchmates were everywhere.

Most of the batch was entrusted with being

the timekeeper in each session. The others

were standby, or watching their anak-anak's
presentation and taking on the role as their


The presentation by Camy and Alisya was
titled Digital Citizenship Empowers Nation

Building. Sounded complex at first but their

presentation was filled with insightful
information, attracting participants from

various schools to the extent that some had to

watch from outside of the classroom. It started
with Camy (almost) spilling nasi goreng to

the floor as part of a gimmick and ended with

a satisfactory conclusion. You go, girls!

English Drama

Alisa in Kampungland (2015)

For our first ever experience joining the English

Drama competition, we had the theme of
comedy. We also had to perform in the dining

hall as Dewan Budiman was under renovation.

While the drama was not our best (for sure), I'd

like to think of it as a good start nonetheless,
considering we received little to no help from

our advisor at that time. The paddies were for

sure the most memorable out of this year's ED.

I Don't Remember (2016)

The year 2016, we got the theme of Science and
Innovation. What our 14-year-old selves, led by

Marsya, came up with during that time was a sci-fi

genre drama which included a crazy professor,
zombies and a prosthetic heart (don't even ask). This

was the first year we gathered all batchmates who

participated (including the props team!) on stage at

the end of the drama, dancing together. Winning
Best Junior Play this year somehow foreshadowed

the victories we conquered in the following years.

On Earth, Only Sister is Good (2017)

Our Form 3 ED can arguably be Finding Chinese-themed costumes

the best drama we performed were hard (& expensive) so

throughout our 5 years in high Trouvaille, being the multi-
school. However, that's just my talented people that they are,

opinion. What is for sure is that brought in their sewing machines

it's an emotional and moving (I and bought their own cloth for the
heard a few people cried) costumes. In the play, Zule' also got

original piece. It started with a the chance to flaunt her archery

dispute on which idea to go for skills when the arrow hit its direct

as we had two suggestions for target, Afi. One of the stars of the
the ED. Thankfully, in the end, show has got to be Oya, playing a

we all celebrated together when mute character yet still managing

we were announced as Best to convey the feelings to the

Junior Play once again. audience just as well as characters
with dialogues. #OyaforBestActress

Much Ado About Nothing (2018)

2018's drama was the peak of our ED journey, indeed. We were at first

bummed out that we didn't get Shakespeare's more commonly known

works like A Midsummer Night's Dream or Hamlet. However, we soon
found out that this light-hearted and comedy-based novel might be the

main factor we successfully captured the audience's hearts. The laughs we

got during certain scenes (i.e. the adlib during Pika and Mas' sword
fighting scene but one of our swords broke on stage or when Amon

forgot her cue and we had to act in slowmo for several minutes) felt so

rewarding after all our hard work preparing for this year's competition.

Since it was our first year competing in
the senior category, we were just aiming

to have fun with our performance.

Surprisingly, we bagged 5 different
awards from this performance which are:

- Best Director
- Best Overall Actress
And, as you can see, we were - Best Overall Supporting Actress
REALLY happy with the awards
- Best Senior Play
- Best Overall Play

Northanger Abbey (2019)

The EDs for 2019 were all based on Jane Austen's works. Her

famous, well-known novels would include Pride and Prejudice,
Emma, and Sense and Sensibility. Yet again, our batch got chosen

for Northanger Abbey, a coming-of-age novel and a satire of

Gothic novels at that time. To fully understand this new piece, we

spent one night, using Dewan Budiman, just to watch the whole
2007 movie adaptation with the whole batch. It got boring after a

while, especially since the English was hard to understand (kalah

listening test lol).

However, preparations started late. We were busy with school

work, as it was the year for our SPM exams. Preparations only

started going full speed the week before ED itself as we went on
panic mode. I remember waking up at 3 am to the sound of several

sewing machines whirring away, of the sideshow group counting

the steps to their dance and of the actresses practicing their lines,

all done in red's lounge. Seeing
everyone working so hard for an inter-

batch competition was motivating, and

I remember feeling more motivated to

win this competition.

A turn of events happened this year

when the whole college was defeated

by the Form 2s, who won Best Overall
Play. The good news was that our

week's worth of hard work still

managed to get us placed as the 1st
runner up. After all, we still had lots of

fun & created memories while

preparing for the play (i.e. running

away from warden secara berjemaah) so
all is well!

Graduation Nightt
Graduation Nigh

The graduation night (or

gradnight, as we used to call it)
was one hell of an event to prepare

for. But the night itself, felt so

magical it almost felt like a dream.
It is hard to capture the beauty of

the event through just pictures and

words, a video would do it more


A Night of Thousand
A Night of Thousand

SPM Results Day
SPM Results Day

On 5th of March 2020, the

members of Trouvaille came back

to college feeling nervous and
anxious. It was results day, the day

to reap the results of our efforts the

past year. However, we did have a
good feeling about our results. The

day before, we received rumours

that the media would come, and
banners were set up in the meeting

room. And that could only mean

good news!

And when we arrived at the

college, the rumours were true!
Cameras were being set up and

you could see our teachers rushing

here and there, but generally

everyone was in a very good
mood. About 30 minutes before

the announcement ceremony

started, Widad was called out for

an interview. She had no context
whatsoever, but she had to give

tips for her outstanding

performance in SPM.

The nervous atmosphere didn't last long as we were soon buzzing
with the excitement that came from meeting up with friends that we

haven't seen for months. Though the results were out by 10 am via

text, most of us opted to wait for the ceremony at 11 am, where we

will also get the overviews of the whole batch's performance.

Without realising, the time finally came...

Our Statistics:

Overall GPA: 1.15 (4th in Malaysia!)

Total 9A+: 1

Total 9As (A+,A,A-): 56

We were immediately crying secara berjemaah once we saw how the

graph dropped so low, in fact. it's the lowest it's ever been since TKC

moved to Enstek! Our feelings were a beautiful mixture of happiness,
relief, disbelief, surprise, and of course, gratefulness.

We had many people to be grateful for, we didn't know who to thank

first after God. Personally, I believe that the one who deserves the

most gratitude are our own selves, for working hard, for believing in
ourselves despite the odds being against us, for allowing ourselves to

rest when we needed to. Surely, the teachers too for the knowledge

that they have been teaching since day one. Not to forget our parents,

Mommies Trouvaille, who always pampered us with delicious food!

The secret for our success was definitely largely due to the teamwork

we had heading towards the final months before SPM. We were never

as close to each other as we were during those days. The academic
team pushed for us to sit for AddMaths tests weekly, English essays

were passed around, each sibling helped each other in Physics etc.. We

did a lot, basically. However, we owe the motivation to work
together, to the author of Signature Jalanan, Teme Abdullah. So, on

his birthday, Ijan wrote him an email to express our gratitude for his


Happy Birthday!

Assalamualaikum Teme,

Salam Ramadhan Kareem and Happy

Eid. First of all, happy birthday
(or belated if I must say aha) I

just wanted you to know how you've

been such an inspiration to me and
my friends and I cannot express my

gratitude in any greater way

possible. I just owe you this one.

This is for Signature Jalanan.

I'd like to share you a story of a success which you

greatly influenced. My batch, Trouvaille 1519, were

never a star from the start. SBPians would know
firsthand how teacher compared batches but we were

always the worst. With only 22 straight As out of

141 people in our PT3 (it's considered very bad
compared to 60+ the year before ;-;), teachers were

so disappointed and just to add on the load, our

discipline was beyond control with 'bad leaders' and
not a hint of sisterhood. Senang cerita cikgu dah

putus harapan dengan Trouvaille ni. Too much
problems to handle. Naik F4 TOV teruk and up to

trials SPM, nama sekolah tak wujud pun dalam top 10

SBP. It was pretty bad :')

But then my mother sent me your

book, Signature Jalanan, as a
gift after trials bcs she know

how I loved your writing. And
this book changed us. The story

of lost hope (especially in

AddMaths), close bonds,
friendships, teamwork and victory

as a whole inspired us. Inspired

me (crying emoji) (lagi-lagi
dengan air oren panas and ikan

batu hahaha) it was so relatable

and moving that I just had to
give my friends a read. And we (I

literally mean all of us) passed
your book around during prep for

days and ended up in tears and a

spark of hope.

Fast forward a few months ahead, I remember quoting

your book in front of the whole batch the night

before SPM. We were scared, of course, but we
believed in each other. Truthfully, I've never felt

this strong of a bond in all our years together.

And I kid you not how satisfying and awesome it was
to (finally) see happy teachers and reporters at

school on the day of or results. We were so shocked

and everyone cried upon seeing graphs plunge down.
We created history with the lowest GPA in Enstek of

1.15, almost all subjects improved drastically,
best in Negeri Sembilan and ranked no. 4 among

SBPs. It really was a miracle. It came to a point

where we couldn't care less for our own results
because we knew the success of the batch was

already enough. A total of 57 people got all As but
what mattered most was that we managed to pull them

from below and no one failed. I myself saw a

miracle as my near fail AddMaths paper in trials
became an A solid that day.

So I'd like to thank you first handedly for
inspiring us with your writing, for the little push

we didn't know we needed, for the hope it instilled

in us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for
sharing your world with us. May Allah repay you in

the best way He knows. And Happy Birthday Teme, do
continue inspiring us :)

With gratitude,






Trouvaille going
Trouvaille going

Shortly after results day, Gee's

tweet went viral in local twt.

The tweet was bigger than

expected, and they even ended up

in an online news site, Oh My


This whole viral tweet ended

nicely with a radio interview

with Gee, Pika, Ika, Yajen and
Teah. They handled it so well,

super happy for our mini


Fast forward a few

months ahead, Hano

suddenly sent a video
edited by her. Syarom

then went on and

tweeted it. The clips +

music went so well
together & apparently it

didn't only felt nostalgic

for Trouvaille, it touched

other netizens' hearts as
well :')

We got around 400+ quote tweets and it felt overwhelming to
see how many people were envious of our friendship (as they

should, jkjk). Below are some screenshots of my fav quote tweets:

Link to tweet and video:

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