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Progress Report - APFSOS III 2019

Progress Report - APFSOS III 2019


Secretariat c/o Forest Research lnstitute Malaysia (FRIM)
Kepong, 52109 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel:603-6272 2516

E-mail: [email protected] Website:


Mr Yurdi Yasmi
Forestry Officer
FAO Regional Office for Asia Pacific
39 Phra Atit Road, Bangkok 10200

Dear Mr Yurdi Yasmi,

Letter of Agreement LOA/RAP/2 0 1 8/5 4
Please find enclosed the Progress Report of the above mentioned LoA.

We would appreciate if appropriate action could be taken to arrange the second


Thank you.

'"#%APAFRI is a chapter of International Union of Forest Research Organizations


66Asia-Pacific Forest Sector Outlook Study (APFSOS) III"

Progress Report

2l March2}l9

The Food and Agriculture Organizatron of the United Nations (hereinafter referred to as

"FAO") and the Asia-Pacific Association of Forestry Research Institutions (APAFRI),

Selangor, Malaysia (hereinafter referred to as the "Service Provider") (together hereinafter

referred to as the "Parties") have agreed that the Service Provider will provide certain

services defined in detailed in the attached Annex (the "Services") which forms an integral
part of this Letter of Agreement (hereinafter the "Agreement") in support of implementing
forestry activities in response to the recommendations of the 27th Session of Asia-Pacific
Forestry Commission. To enable the Service Provider to provide the Services, FAO will pay
the Service Provider a total amount not exceeding MYR 590,123.00 (Five hundred ninety
thousand one hundred twenty three Malaysian Ringgit), which represents FAO's maximum
financial liability, into the Service Provider's account.

Progress to date

APAFRI has signed the LoA with FAO on 12 Dec 2018, and thereafter, a sum of RM177 037
(One Hundred and Seventy Seven Thousand and Thirty Seven Ringgit Malaysia) was
received by APAFRI as the first disbursement.

APAFRI then, after communicating with Dr Yurdi Yasmi, had completed the following


1. Organized a meeting, 7-8 March 2019, in Kuala Lumpur which was attended by seven
experts from the region together with the drafting team, to review the draft of

APFSOS III report (Annex 1)

2. Contracted RECOFTC to organize the Youth Meeting in Bangkok scheduled to be

20-21March 2019

3. Arranged travel for 11 participants to the Youth Meeting in Bangkok
4. Arranged travel for upto five supported participants to the Third Advisory Committee

Meeting in Bangkok, scheduled to be 1l-12 Apil2019
5. Engaged Dr CTS Nair as the Consultant to frnalize the APFSOS III report re'ady for

launching at the 4th APFW in Incheon, TT-21June 2019
6. Engaged Mr Edwin Yulianto as copy designer for the report

7. Engaged Mr Michael Glowaski to produce short video clips for APFSOS m

Expenditures to-date and commitments to be settled within the next couple to three months
are as in the table appended as Annex 2 to this report.

Annex 1

Expert review meeting

Third Asia-Pacific Forest Sector Outlook Study (APFSOS m)

Kuala Lumpurr T-8 March 2019


The demand of society on forests has continuously changed. Initially, forests were mainly
seen as resources for timber. Overtime, the role of forests has expanded as our society

expects various economic, social and environmental products and services from the forests.

Forests now are seen as a component of broader landscapes. The interconnectedness of

forests to other sectors has become much more understood. Also, there is a better

appreciation of the environmental and cultural role of forests. Looking into the future, it is
very important for govemments, organizations, private sector and other stakeholders to
understand the roles of forests and forestry in the next decades. This will help them in

designing their interventions, investments and strategic planning.

In the past, in collaboration with governments and partners, FAO has undertaken regional and
global outlook studies to assess how the future is likely to unfold and to identify challenges
and opportunities that are likely to emerge. FAO completed the first Asia-Pacific Forestry

Sector Outlook Study (APFSOS I) in 1998 and APFSOS II in 2010. Governments

appreciated the results of the studies as they used them for strategic planning at national and
sub-national levels. Policy dialogues involving key stakeholders such as private sector,
international organizations, donors, youth, etc. on issues such as investment, partnership and

priorities in the forestry sector were also informed by the results of these studies.

Additionally, various organizations have used the studies for research and capacity building.

While the broad trends outlined in APFSOS II are still valid, there is a need to discuss and
provide an overview of the probable paths of forestry development to the year 2030 and
beyond. APFSOS III will consider the implications of new intemational frameworks and

agreements, new technologies, the role of youth in the future, the changing pace of
globalization, the importance of environmental services and conservation, etc. All of these

factors could possibly take forestry along a trajectory different from what was visualized


An Advisory Committee for APSOS III consisting of 40 leading experts and representatives

of key institutions has been established to provide strategic advice and support for

undertaking the APFSOS m. They have met twice in April and November 2018.

Now the drafting of APFSOS ilI is at the final stage. Before the Third Advisory Committee

Meeting scheduled to be in April 2019, a small expert review meeting had been conducted to
review the latest draft of APFSOS ilI.

Objective of the expert review meeting
While the drafting team have accommodated most of the comments and suggestion from the
Advisory Committee, it is important to get more comments from experts who have not been
involved in the study. The idea is not to totally change the content of the draft but rather to
ensure the report is relevant and interesting for wider audience. The main objectives of the
expert review meeting are:

1. To review the draft of APFSOS lll and gather comments and suggestion on how the
draft can be strengthen and improve its readability

2. To help shape the key messages and recommendations

Welcome and getting to know each other PERSON
7 March 2019
lntroduction to APFSOS III APAFR]
ffi Thomas Hofer, FAO
Key findings of APFSOS il Thomas Hofer
0830 - 0845 Yurdi Yasmi, FAO
0845 - 0900 Discussion
0900 - 0930 Coffee break

-0930 1000
-1000 1030

1030- 1100 Building a sustainable future and key CTS Nair
Yurdi Yasmi
-100 I 130 recommendations of APFSOS [I
-130 1200
-200 1230 Discussion
-1230 1330
Presentation by Prof. Penporn Janekarnkij
Presentation bv Ms. Yuli Ismartono


-1330 1400 Presentation by Dr. Yanhui Wang Yurdi Yasmi
-1400 1430 Presentation by Dr. Zulfan Tadjoeddin
-1430 1500 Presentation by Mr. Chris PerleY
-r500 1530
Coffee break

-1530 1600 Presentation by Prof. K P Kannan CTS Nair
-1600 1630 Presentation by Dr. Ate Poortinga

8 March 2019 Breakout groups (2 groups) to suggest Thomas Hofer
CTS Nair
ffi recommendations of APFSOS III:

0845 - 0930 - Group 1: review keY messages
- Group 2 review key recommendations
-0930 1000
Presentation of the results
-1000 1030
Coffee break

-1030 I 130 General discussion Yurdi Yasmi
Thomas Hofer
1130- 1145 - Potential waYs to fill in the gaPs
- Concrete contribution from experts
1 145
Next steps


Two short meetings were also held. The first one was on the aftemoon of 6 March and

attended by Thomas, Yurdi, CTS and Alastair, together with Gan and Sim, to discuss details

of the ." and also going over the agenda for the following days. The second short

meeting was held on 9 March, attended by Thomas, Yurdi, CTS, Alastair, Gan, Sim, together

with the Edwin, the Copy Designer, to discuss the designs of the layout, tables and figures, as

well as other printing details. It was also decided that the final report will be printed in
Bangkok, to have better control on the output quality. The report will be officially launched
during the Fourth asia Pacific Forestry Week, scheduled tobe ll-21 June 2019, in Incheon,



Prof. Penporn Janekamkij (Ms)
Kasetsart University, Thailand
http : I I agi,.eco.ku. ac.thlcv_detail/Janekarnkij_Penporn.html

Yuli Ismartono (Ms)

APCO, former deputy Chief of TEMPO

Dr. Yanhui Wang (Mr)
Hydrologists, Chinese Academy of Forestry

Dr. Zulfan Tadjoeddin (Mr)
Western Sydney University, Australia

Christopher John Keith Perley (Mr)
Consultant and Principal of Thoughtscapes, New Zealand
https ://chrisperleyblog. com/about/

Former Fellow (Professor) and Director and currently an Honorary Fellow of the Centre for

Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Dr. Ate Poortinga (Mr)
Spatial lnformatics Group in SERVIR-Mekong

https ://servir. eam/ dr -ate-poortinga

Dr. Thomas Hofer
FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Dr. Yurdi Yasmi
FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Dr. CTS Nair
FAO Consultant

Alastair Sarre
FAO Consultant

Edwin Yulianto Nugroho
Copy Designer

Financial report

Review first draft of APFSOS lll 2,090.00 2,090.00
20,904.00 28,490.00
Technical oversight
Technical review"from 7 experts 17,559.00 25,495.40
17,559.00 24,542.94
Travel of the 7 experts, 2 consultants and copy
designer 4,181.00 6,933.97
DSA for 10 pax. 1,000.00
Meeting package and venue
Dinner and other miscellaneous

Annex 2

Agreement No: LoA/RAP I 2Ot8I 54
Asia-Pacific Forest Sector Outlook Study (APFSOS) Ill (Phase l)

Budget Actual Committed Total
expens€s MYR MYR
Review first draft of APFSOS lll MYR 88,552.31
Technical oversight
Technical review from 7 experts 2,090.00 2,090.00 L9,5L5.22
Travel ofthe 7 experts,2 20,904.0O 28,490.00
consultants and copy designer 49,315.55
DSA for 10 pax. 17,559.00 25,495.40
Meeting package and venue 17,559.00 24,542.94
Dinner and other miscellaneous
4,181.00 6,933.97

Sub total 62,293.00 88,552.31 0.00
3rd Advisory Committee
Meeting, Bangkok 4,181.00 4,181.00 24,749.74
Technical oversight 23,412.00 1,5,334.22
Travelfor 10 pax. 7 Advisory 29,432.00
Committee members, a copy
designer and 2 APAFRI staff
DSA for 10 pax
DSA for additional days for CTS
and Alastair

Sub total 57,O25.O0 39,465.8L
Youth Meeting, Bangkok
2,090.00 2,090.00
Technical Oversight
Travel for 'J.1- pax. Of students 30,10L.00 27,2AO.OO
and youth activists 7,525.O0
DSA flat rate 6,020.00 2,926.49
Hotel 11 pax. Near FAO office 2,090.00
Travel 1 pax. For APAFRI staff 1,840.00 0.00
DSA 1 pax. FoTAPAFRI staff 0.00
Transportation in Bangkok 3,093.72
Meals '1,,672.28
RECOFTC Coordination

Sub total 49,665.00 0.00

Production and Printing 83,614.00
Printing of APFSOS lll RePort 33,446.00
Production/printing of policy briefs
Prod uction/Printing of Posters 4,181.00

Sub total t21.,241.OO 0.00 0.00
Launching event at Forestry Week,
Technical oversight 43,897.00
Travel to lncheon 6 Pax. lncluding
for lead scientist, Panel members, 4,181.00
invited speakers and L APAFRI staff

DSA 6 pax. For 7 nights

Materials, Printing, equiPment, etc

Sub total 77,343.OO 0.00 0.00
Design Work 20,904.00
Design of the main rePort 8,779.47 3,762.63
4,181.00 3,762.63
Design of posters 6,27L.00 8,779.47
Design of policY briefs
Fee for copy designer (Edwin I 31,356.00 1.t,705.96
Yulianto Nugroho) 1,L,705.96
Sub total 9,36L.00

Production of short cliPs
Production of 5 minutes cliPs
involving key orga nizations
Travel to Bangkok (flight, DSA)

Sub total 33,445.00 0.00
Specialized technical inPuts 2,090.00
Technical oversight 83,614.00
Technical integration and 33,446.00
structure (CTS Nair)
Communication sPecialist to
improve the readabilitY

Sub total 119,150.00 83,614.00 0.00

Overhead (7%) 38,605.00

Total expenses 590,124.00 138,548.40 166,162.56
Payment received
1st payment received(30%) on 177,O37.OO
Total Payment received L77,O37.OO

Request for Second Disbursement

With this Progress report, APAFRI would like to request FAO to rernit the second payment
of RM295 061 (Two Hundred Ninety Five Thousand and Sixty One Ringgit Malaysia) to
enable APAFRI to continue implementing the remaining activities as in the LOA.

Prepared by,

Executive D

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