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Published by Kaitlyn Biedenbender, 2019-05-06 10:23:00

Kelin - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

Kelin - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

Fact About Dinosaurs

By: Kelin Wilson

Table of contents page 1
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Dinosaur babies page 3
What is a fossil page 4
How long are dinosaurs page 5


Dinosaur babies

Dinosaurs can have fifteen to eighteen babies. When they are born they
weight about five pounds. There can be different kinds of dinosaurs in each egg.
When a baby dinosaur is born it is as big as your hand. Young dinosaurs can also
be called juveniles.

This photo is baby dinosaurs.
There are a lot of baby


What are fossils ?

Fossils are the hard remains of a dead animal, you can find fossils
underground and in rocks. Fossils are like bones from a dead animal.You can find
fossils in Canada's badlands.

Fossils are from
evre animal.


How long are dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs can get up to one hundred and fifty feet long. The smallest dinosaur
can get up to forty feet long. Most dinosaurs get really long. Their tail can make them
even longer but their bodys are really long too.The biggest dinosaur was the
Brachiosaurus. It was as long as two large school buses. The smallest dinosaur was
the Compsognathus, it was a little bigger than a chicken.

Dinosaurs can be big or


Resources how big are dinosaurs?
Pebblego dinosaur fossils. how tall can dinosaurs get?
International geographic kids dinosaur babies. what is the tallest dinosaur?



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