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Published by Kaitlyn Biedenbender, 2019-05-06 10:24:08

Michael - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

Michael - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

Types of Dinosaurs

By Michael Tsikhotskiy

Types Of Dinosaurs That Were Alive

There were about 9,000 Here’s one of the dinosaur
species of Dinosaurs that
were alive until the meteer species. 2
hit.You probably don’t no
them so i’m going to tell you
some Dinosaurs
trex,minmi,spinosaurus and

What The Trex Is Known For

The t-rex is one of my favorite
Dinosaurs.He is known for the
fearsist meat eating dinosaur.
Scientists believe there were
about 800.

Here’s a picture of the 3
t-rex's mouth.

The largest Dinosaurs

There were three largest
Dinosaurs until they became
extinct one of the largest
Dinosaurs is the Albesorest
and t-rex.


There are different types of
dinosaur there are way to
many dinosaur names that
not alot of people know

Shell prector


head feet



Dinosaur world by Robin Birch
Dinosaurs names by PebbleGo
Everything about Dinosaurs by kiddle


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