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Published by Kaitlyn Biedenbender, 2019-05-05 09:25:33

Nathan - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

Nathan - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

T.Rex Time

By:Nathan Bates

Table Of Contents

How tall how long? Page:3
Ewww that smells Page:4
Attack of the meat eating dinosaur Page:5


How tall how long?

A T.Rex can be really tall they can get up to 40-50
feet tall. To me that is really tall. There also long
they can be up to 48 feet long! That is longer than
most dinosaurs back then.But that is for a comen
one some can be bigger and longer than that.


Ewww that smells T.rex
T.rex poop is big and it smells bad to. Did
you know that scintist dicoverd a big 4
poop droping that was from a T.rex. In
1990 they ļ¬gered out it was 2.4 liters of
poop. It was also half a foot long ewww.

Discoverd: fowd something new.

Attack Of The Meat Eating Dinosaur!!!

The T.rex is the strongest and the most fercest meat
eating dinosaur of its time.It was vary big that gave
it a really good chance of being able to eat another
dinosaur. It also had teeth the size of bananas so it
could chow down an other anamals really fast.

Fecest: Vary srong and wild. This is what it might have looked like if a T.rex was
going to eat another dinosaur



T.Rex facts by Scince kids
Dino sized poop by Scince News for students
Fossils and dinosaurs from Epic
Dinosaurs and Prehistoric by Nationl Geographic


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