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Parker - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

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Published by Kaitlyn Biedenbender, 2019-05-03 11:23:27

Parker Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

Parker - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project


By Parker Jacobson

Table of Contents

Pg 3 Pterodactyl
Pg 4 Many fish
Pg 5 Ichthyosaurs
Pg 6 Resources





Pterodactyl was one of the flying
dino’s the Plesiosaurs eat. When the
Plesiosaurs went up for air sometimes
it eat the Pterodactyl if it was hungry
most of the time it would go to the top
so it could eat.

A Plesiosaurs eating a pterodactyl


Many Fish

The Plesiosaurs is one of the many meat eating dinosaurs that loves fish it eats
so so so many different kinds of fish i can’t even count cause there are so many
different kinds. Now one of the fish i do now the name to it is called the
Ichthyosaurs. Some of the fish the Plesiosaurs eat like the Ichthyosaurs.


Ichthyosaurs Ichthyosaurs was one of the many
fish Plesiosaurs eat if you went
back in time you would say that the
Ichthyosaurs looked like a dolphin
but it does not have two fins.The
Ichthyosaurs has sharp teeth so it
could protect itself and to eat. Was
also a meat eating dino because it
ate fish that’s way the Ichthyosaurs
has sharp teeth.



Plesiosaurus by Kiddle
Pterodactyl by Rupert Matthews
Plesiosaurus by Leigh Rockwood


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