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Published by Kaitlyn Biedenbender, 2019-05-03 11:28:07

Luke - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

Luke - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

The Spinosaurus

By: Luke Evans

Table Of Contents

Page 3… when did they live
Page 4… how big were they
Page 5...where did they get their name
Page facts


When Did They Live

Scientists believe the Spinosaurus lived in
the Cretaceous period. The first spinosaurus
fossil was found in Egypt, 1910. It was found
by a German paleontologist named Ernst
Stromer von Reichenbach.

The dinosaur timeline


How Big Were They

Scientists think the spinosaurus was one of the biggest (meat eating) dinosaurs ever. A
spinosaurus could grow up to 65 meters long and weigh 7 to 20 tons.


Where Did They A spinosaurus’s spine can grow over 5 feet. It got
get their name its name from having a 7 foot spine. The word
spinosaurus means spine lizard.


Fun facts sail

Scientists think the spinosaurus used it’s sail
as a warning signal that intruders are near
Did you know the spinosaurus usually
walked on two legs but it may have walked
on four legs when it was crouching. A
spinosaurus’s tooth can grow up to 6 inches

A spinosaurus picture 6


Spinosaurus facts for kids by science kids
Spinosaurus facts by
Dinosaurs and prehistoric by National
Geographic for Kids



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