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Emily King - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

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Emily King - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

Emily King - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

All About Allosaurus
By Emily King

Table of contents

What allosaurus eat - page 3
When they lived - 4
What they look like -5
Where they lived -6


What Allosaurus Eat Allosaurus eating a dead animal

Allosaurus are really big meat 3
eaters.some eat dead dinosaurs.
They mostly ate the rhino sized
stegosaurus.they also would attack
the baby plant eaters.they were
ferly big predators.some allosaurus
hunted in packs to get their prey.
When they would catch it they would
rip it apart to eat the meat
inside. Did you know that they had
70 teeth.Allosaurus were
carnivorous they had 16 teeth in
each Jaw that helped them bite
into their prey.

When they lived

Allosaurus lived in the Jurassic period with a lot of other
dinosaurus.they were found which is now known as the usa.
Also they lived around for about 155-140 million years the mid 9th century a allosaurus fossil was found in
colorado.they usually lived until they were 25 or 30 years
old.they grow shedded and lost their teeth a lot.these
dinosaurs were on top of the food chain.there name actually
meant greek allo meant different saurs meant lizard.


What do they look like

Usually a Allosaurus was about 8.5m
and 28ft long.the most famous
allosaurus is the Al”. some
Allosaurus weight about two
tonnes.thay have these long sharp
claws which are 15m and 6in
long.they stood on two legs and had
knife like teeth.they had a large
skull.they also had a large tail
that held up there massiv body.they
had short but powerful hands.

This is what a Allosaurus would
have looked like.


Were they lived

A allosaurus lived in the was very easy to keep
high grated. because they would stay near the water. It was
also easy to catch their prey because it was mostly flat
land. Some allosaurus lived on the rocky was
kinda harder up there because it was hard to get around. It
was also very hard to catch their prey.



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