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Published by Kaitlyn Biedenbender, 2019-05-06 10:25:01

Zayden - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

Zayden - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

How Long Did Dinosaurs

By Zayden swilling

Table of Contents.

Page 3.Dino lived
page 4.Dinosaurs died
page 5.when dino’s came to earth
page 6 .Resources


Dino Lived

While dinosaurs came before us there is truth that they lived for 65 million years
ago. when mass and also can be ture dinosaurs eggs might of turned in to stone
while there were living on earth and the time dinosaurs die there fossils get a
museum for people can see their different fossils.

How long did dinosaurs live on earth


Dinosaurs Died

Plenty years ago sinenties think the event was made by climate also the theory is
that small mammals ate dinosaurs eggs which killed a lot of dinosaurs but i do
believe that other dinosaur eggs were turned into stone or some other eggs died
when they were hatching which there is a lot of things to think about how
dinosaurs died.

When did dinosaurs leave the world. 4

When Dino’s Came To Earth

65 Million years ago the end of cretaceous period living on on earth it compressed
into 365 days which means dinosaurs came january the 1st when dinosaur came
to earth i wonder how they get big well baby dinosaurs every time they eat they
grow one pound it is very cool how dinosaurs lived on earth and walked on earth.

When dino’s come to earth.



1. Fun facts for dinosaurs.
2.why did dinosaurs die out


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