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Published by Kaitlyn Biedenbender, 2019-05-05 09:23:07

Stella - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

Stella - Dinosaur Inquiry Book Project

All About

By: Stella Odum

Table Of Contents

What Time Did They Live?... 1.
How They Hunted And What They Ate…. 2.
Was It Smart?... 3.


What Time Did They Live?

A Velociraptor lived in the late
Cretaceous period. That was about 73
million years ago. It probably lived in the

Velociraptor in its habitat.


How They Hunted And What They Ate.

Velociraptors hunted in packs. They
killed their prey with a claw on their
rear feet. They ate meat so that means
they were carnivores or carnivores. It
was a very fast runner.

Velociraptor hunting for food.


Was It Smart?

Yes it was very smart! A Velociraptor was very
intelligent. And its name ment swift seizer. It
also was good at sneaking up on its prey. It was
a very fast learner. And if it made a mistake it
would learn from it and try not to make it agen.

A Velociraptor fighting another Velociraptor.


My Resources

1. Pebblego,dinosaurs… Velociraptors
2. Epic
3. Brainpop
4. Brainpop jr.
5. National geographic kids… dinosaurs and prehistoric.



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