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Published by Congregation Israel of Springfield NJ, 2017-10-24 20:06:56

CIS Programming Guide 2017

CIS Programming Guide 2017

Keywords: Programming,guide,2017

Inaugural Journal of Torah Thoughts
Published by Congregation Israel of Springfield

We learn in Pirkei Avos (Ethics of our Fathers) that the world stands on three things: the
Torah (learning Torah), Avodah (observing the Mitzvos) and Gemilas Chasadim (acts of
kindness). While the Congregation Israel of Springfield (“CIS”) community has long been
synonymous with warmth, Chesed and Middos Tovos, over the past 15 years the CIS
community has focused on making serious efforts to further develop our individual
and communal Torah learning. We have endeavored to build a community where each
one of us, regardless of our current religious observance, is working on developing a
deeper and more personal relationship with HaShem. There is simply no greater way
to develop this relationship than through the study of Torah. It is with this in mind that
we are proud to launch our new Setting Sights programming guide.

The goal of the Setting Sights initiative is to provide a diverse array of events for the CIS
community to engage in throughout the year, with each event having its own nuanced
attraction. With HaShem’s help, these programs will deliver the opportunities needed
for everyone to find the means to facilitate their own religious growth. It is our fervent
hope and belief that the CIS community can become something far greater than
any of us could have imagined. However, that potential can only be realized with an
active commitment to continually and passionately engage in working on our Avodas
HaShem. One of the best ways to connect with Torah is to be part of its dissemination.
CIS is therefore excited to be publishing its inaugural Journal of Torah thoughts, entitled
Rei’ach HaSadeh, in conjunction with the introduction of Setting Sights. The journal’s first
volume focuses on Tefillah and is pictured to the left.

May HaShem bless us all that our efforts in these important endeavors are successful and
may we merit, both individually and communally, to elevate our lives to be inspired and
guided by a deep and meaningful commitment to Torah, Avodah and Gemilas Chasadim.

,,ushshcu vcvtc

Chaim Marcus Ben Hoffer

Rabbi President | 339 Mountain Ave | Springfield, NJ | 973.467.9666



Shabbos of Inspiration with Eitan Katz

Eitan Katz’s heartfelt music may have propelled him
to the upper echelons of the Jewish music business,
but for Eitan Katz, music isn’t about fame, popularity
or business. Eitan sees music as a powerful motivator
that fills us with simcha, and connects people of all
types in an emotional experience like none other.


Rabbi Benjamin Blech

Sponsored by Joe & Lori Feldman in memory of Mark & Nina Feldman z”l
Rabbi Blech is an internationally recognized educator,
religious leader, author, and lecturer. He is the author
of twenty highly-acclaimed and best-selling books, who
has made a major impact on many of the thousands
of people he has addressed. Rabbi Blech’s lectures will
include: The Holy Jewish Treasures in the Vatican: A
Miracle on a Mission to Rome; and The Sistine Chapel:
The Hidden Jewish Messages of Michelangelo.


Rabbi Jeremy Weider Michael Hecht z”l

Sponsored by Jeff and Alisa Kigner in memory of Alisa’s father, Rabbi Michael Hecht z”l
Rabbi Jeremy Wieder is the Joseph and Gwendolyn
Straus Professor of Talmud at the Rabbi Isaac
Elchanan Theological Seminary of Yeshiva University
and an adjunct Professor of Bible at Yeshiva College.
He is the Scholar-in-Residence at Congregation
Kehillath Jeshurun in Manhattan. A graduate of
Yeshiva College, he was ordained by RIETS and holds
a Ph.D. in Jewish Studies from New York University.


Menachem Butler

Menachem Butler is a contributing editor at Tablet
Magazine, the Special Advisor for Jewish Law
Projects at the Julis-Rabinowitz Program on Jewish
and Israeli Law at the Harvard Law School, and a co-
editor of the Seforim blog.

MARCH 9-10

Rabbi Paysach Krohn

Rabbi Krohn is a noted author who may most be
well known for his ‘Maggid Speaks’ series of books.
He is also a prolific lecturer, compiling over 175
lectures with diverse topics ranging from Chessed
to Preparing Children for Marriage. Rabbi Krohn is
a fifth-generation Mohel, with hospital affiliations
including Long Island Jewish and North Shore
University Hospitals.

APRIL 27-28

Rabbi Chaim Miller

Rabbi Miller studied Medical Science at Leeds
University. At the age of twenty-one he first began to
explore his Jewish roots in full-time Torah study. Less
than a decade later, he published the best-selling Kol
Menachem Chumash, Gutnick Edition, which made
over a thousand complex discourses of the late
Lubavitcher Rebbe easily accessible to the layman. In
2013, he was chosen by the Jewish Press as one of
sixty “Movers and Shakers” in the Jewish world.


Rabbi Yakov Horowitz

Rabbi Horowitz is the founder and
dean of Yeshiva Darchei Noam of
Monsey, and founder and Director
of Project Y.E.S. (Youth Enrichment
Services). He is recognized throughout
the Jewish community as an authority
on raising children in these challenging
times. He is the author of two books,
Growing with the Parsha and Living and
Parenting, and has produced a whole
host of best-selling parenting audio-
visual materials.


Come enjoy serious Torah learning along with a
scrumptious breakfast on Legal Holidays.


Rabbi Dovid Sukenik

Rabbi Dovid Sukenik is the Mashgiach Ruchani at the Joseph Kushner
Hebrew Academy. He earned Semicha from RIETS and Rabbi Zalman
Nechemia Goldberg. He has a BS from the Sy Syms School of Business,
a Masters in Jewish Education from the Azrieli Graduate School of
Education and Administration and a Masters in General and Special
Education from Touro College Graduate School for Education.


Rabbi Yaacov Feit

Rabbi Yaacov Feit is the Director of Judaic Studies at the Joseph Kushner
Hebrew Academy and the Rabbinic Administrator of the Beit Din of the
Rabbinical Council of Bergen County. Rabbi Feit received Yoreh Yoreh and
Yadin Yadin Semicha from RIETS and has a Masters in Education from the
Azrieli Graduate School of Education and Administration.


Rabbi Rafael Karlin

Sponsored in memory of Nechama bas Mordechai Shlomo Halevi

Rabbi Raphael Karlin joined the Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy Judaic staff
in the Fall of 2015. He teaches in the Middle School and High School and
runs multiple extra-curricular activities. Rabbi Karlin holds a Bachelors
of Art in Accounting and received Semicha from RIETS. He is pursuing a
Masters in Education from the Touro Graduate School of Jewish Studies.
Rabbi Karlin is an accountant at the Jewish Family Services of Central
New Jersey and also serves as the Youth Director of Congregation Adath
Israel of Hillside, New Jersey since the Fall of 2014.


Sunday Morning | Gemara Sanhedrin | 9:15 am

Come join Rabbi Marcus as he engages your mind and explores
the depths and complexity of Gemara Sanhedrin.

Monday Night | Women’s Parsha Shiur | Time Varies

Insightful discussion on the weekly Parsha and its impact on our daily lives.

Tuesday Night | Halacha B’Iyun | Time Varies

Gain a better understanding of Halachik practices and its
modern day application.

Thursday Night | Mussar for Men | Time Varies

Character development and spiritual growth shiur incorporating
themes of the weekly Parsha and Yomim Tovim.

Shabbos Morning | Understanding Tefillah | 8:40 am

Learn the deeper meanings behind the words of Tefilah
and enhance your Tefilah experience.

Shabbos Afternoon | Navi Shiur | 30 minutes before Mincha

Explore the books of Tanach and become captivated by the heroes of Nevi’im.



Sponsored by the Pirak family in memory of Mrs. Betty Drang z’l-Basha bas Pinchos


Rebbetzin Peshi Neuberger
Prof. Smadar Rosensweig
Prof. Shoshana Schecter
Rebbetzin Chana Reichman

Sponsored by Adam and Ariana Reich in memory of Dr. Robin Goldman z’l-Riza bas Zvi Yaakov




The CIS Youth Department has created an expansive and awesome slate of
programming for the kids of CIS to participate in and enjoy throughout the year.
Programs include Sporting Events, Theatre Trips, Rock Climbing, BBQs, Purim
Carnival, Chanukah Chagigah, Ice Skating, White Water Rafting, and much more.
On a weekly basis, youth groups are held for children from nursery through
fourth grade during davening every Shabbos morning. These groups are led by
our teen youth leaders (9th grade-12th grade) and our Youth Leaders in Training
(YLITs 5th grade-8th grade) with the goal being to provide a safe, fun, and warm
shul environment for the children of CIS. Tailored on an age appropriate level, all
youth groups enjoy davening, playing games, learning, and having fun together
on Shabbos mornings in shul. Additionally, parent-child learning on Shabbos
afternoons (or on Motzei Shabbos in the winter) is a wonderful opportunity for
parents to join with the youth and make Time for Torah together.

Benny and Ark Bromberg

Benny and Ark Bromberg joined the CIS family in September
2016. Benny grew up in the small Jewish community of
Overbrook Park West-Philadelphia. Prior to becoming the youth
director, he held various youth leadership positions in several
camps; including Special Activities Coordinator, Mechanech
and Athletics Director, and was a member of the Chinuch
Staff. Benny also served as an NCSY Advisor and Behavioral
Assistant for children with special needs. He graduated from
Yeshiva University with a degree in history and teaches at
Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy. Benny loves to play music
and sports and is often seen with a guitar or football in hand when in action!

Ark hails from Staten Island, NY and spent her teenage years actively involved as a youth
leader. She spent her summers involved in youth programming in her different roles
as a camp counselor and lifeguard, and developed wonderful relationships with many
campers over the years. She can always be found lending an ear to a child or teen who
needs to talk or hanging out with the teens on Shabbos. While she has many hobbies,
Ark loves listening to music and singing karaoke with our teen and YLIT girls. While Ark
enjoys spending time with the all of the children in our shul, she loves her time with
their daughter Becky most of all!


The Sisterhood strives to offer the women of Congregation Israel
programs and events for spending time with others, meeting new
friends, and giving back to the community.

SEPTEMBER | Mind Over Matter

Women are invited to share a healthy meal together while learning how to be
mindful and decrease stress in their lives as they enter the New Year.

DECEMBER | Flower Power

Women will learn how to create their own unique and professional looking
floral bouquets.

FEBRUARY | Mold and Shape

Women are invited to nurture their inner artist and create crafts together.


Annual Boutique open to the entire Springfield
and surrounding communities.

Shabbos HaGadol Kiddush and Luncheon for the entire community.
Yom Ha’atzmaot Kiddush and Luncheon for the entire community.

MAY | Healthy Eating

Women are invited to sample delicious soups and salads and learn new recipes
just in time for Shavuos.

JUNE | Strength in Numbers

Women and their families are invited to join Shul-wide Chessed initiative.

JULY | Move It!

Women are invited to get moving and have fun while enjoying
an adventurous activity with friends.



Who will you eat with? It’s a surprise! Mystery Shabbos is a great opportunity to
enjoy a meal with new and old friends, but to only find out with whom you will
be eating moments before lunch. This bi-annual event creates opportunities for
both long standing and new members to enjoy a Shabbos afternoon meal before a
community-wide dessert.


Feeling like summer Shabbos afternoon is too long? Parsha on the Lawn is a
community-wide opportunity for socializing, dessert-ing and hearing some words
of inspiration in a community member’s backyard during the summer months.


Summer might be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean we can’t have one
last community party! The shul annually joins together for food, games and an
afternoon of fun.

[email protected] Night Out @ the Shul

Who doesn’t love a night out at the shul with friends, fun and food? Night Out @ the
Shul (“[email protected]”) is fun, casual programming that will allow our growing community
to remain tight-knit and connected through Saturday night programming during
the winter months.


Dedication of Adult Education Program.......................... $10,000
Dedication of Women’s Shiur Hachodesh Series............ $2,500
Scholar-In-Residence Programs.............................$1,800-$4,000
Women’s Monthly Shiur...............................................................$600
Lox & Learning.................................................................................$540
Tuesday Night Torah..................................................................... $225
Rabbi’s Shiur (Women’s, Halacha, Tefillah, Navi)................. $100

For Sponsorship and General donations, visit our website



Springfield is a cozy and pleasant place to live and raise a family. The center of the Orthodox
Jewish community is Congregation Israel of Springfield (CIS). Under the leadership of Rabbi
Chaim Marcus who is committed to creating an environment that helps each community
member grow in their Avodas Hashem to the best of their abilities, CIS has seen explosive
growth with the young family demographic increasing from a handful of families a decade
ago to almost 50 young families today! CIS is a warm and inviting shul and a place all
community members feel at home. CIS is the only Orthodox shul in Springfield that results
in an out-of-town style community only a little more than 30 minutes outside NYC.

To come experience Springfield for Shabbos, please email [email protected] | 339 Mountain Ave | Springfield, NJ | 973.467.9666

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