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Inners_Part 2

Inners_Part 2


Born 15/04/1452 • Born in the west part of ______________, Italy.
Died 02/05/1519 • He was born out of wedlock, making him an __________________________.
Nationality Italian
Movement Renaissance His father had married another girl, and Leonardo was raised by his stepmother
since young.
• He was an introvert, but talented in Art. His father sent him to learn art from the
renowned Florentine painter, _____________.
• Verrochio often trained his pupils to draw an egg. Leonardo’s serious concentration in
class caught the attention of his master and the other pupils were jealous of
Leonardo. There were rumors going around that both of them were having a
__________________ affair due to other pupil’s jealousy.
• He had duly achieved master level at the age of 20, and he was invited to draw for the
_____________ when he was 31.
• Due to his perfectionist personality, he produced only less than 10 pieces of artworks.
He was known as a _______________ because apart from his talent in art, he was
also good at singing, sculpturing, weapon design, mathematics and etc.
• At the age of 65, he was being invited by the France Emperor to draw in the palace.
He died there on 2 May 1519.

Famous Artworks

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Famous Artwork - Mona Lisa

Completed in year 1506 Mysterious eyes were
(after spending 4 years on it) actually painted by
The background was
initially not symmetrical. There were __________ in the
__________(which was original painting but after
lower) had been further Leonardo’s death, the same were
retouched by other painter. being cropped.

Some suggested that “Mona
Lisa” was a self-portrait of
_____________. He drew
himself into a woman because
of his narcissistic personality.
However, others contended
that Mona Lisa was actually a

Famous Artwork - The Last Supper

Although the masterpiece is called “The Last Supper”, the This artwork uses ____________
painting shows daylight outside the windows. “The Last ____________to highlight Jesus.
Supper” actually refers _____________________.

____________, the traitor who betrayed _________was having his last meal with his
Jesus is seen holding the reward in his hand. twelve disciples before being arrested by the
Ancient Rome Soldiers.

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• Born in ___________________, Italy.
• He came from a poor family because his father was an____________________.
• Started learning art when he was only 14, and he achieved ________________ at

the age of 23.
• He completed a renaissance sculpture, “__________” in year 1504.
• He is known as the ___________________.
• He was initially commissioned to plan and design _________________. He later

went on to design libraries and other big architecture buildings.
• At the age of 61 he undertook the job to paint _____________in____________.
• He passed away at the age of ______________.

Born 06/03/1457
Died 18/02/1564
Nationality Italian
Movement Renaissance

Other Artworks

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Famous Artwork - The Creation Of Adam

God's right arm is outstretched to impart the _____________, accompanied by the
spark of life from his own finger into that of angels, gives life to Adam and it portrays
_____________. the authority and confidence of the Creator.



Famous Artwork - David

David’s shoulders (and the upper
part) had been enlarged to give
the _________________.

David is a young hero mentioned
in the Holy Bible. He killed the
giant ________________who
tried to attack the Jewish people.

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Born 06/04/1483 • Raphael, Leonardo and Michelanglo are known as the three outstanding heroes
Died 06/04/1520 of the Renaissance.
Nationality Italian
Movement Renaissance • Born in ______________, capital of Italy.
• His father was a ______________ in Doge’s Palace.
• He acquired art knowledge at the age of 7 and he was raised to be a gentleman, just

like his father.
• His parents died when he was 11 years old, causing him to be an __________ and

supported by a duchess.
• He achieved _________ level in art when he was 17.
• In 1508, he was being invited by _______________to make murals in Vatican City.
• In 1517, Pope Leo X appointed him to be ___________________ in Rome.
• He died at the early age of 37 (on 6 April 1520) from overwork because he was being

entrusted with too many tasks including architectural works relating to
St. Peter's Basilica.

Famous Artworks

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Famous Artwork - The Sistine Madonna

Baby __________. The image of the _______
__________coming to
Many little angels singing Earth.
upon the arrival of
“Our Lady”. __________looking down
on earth with hope.
_____________ kneeling
down to greet Virgin Mary. Two ______ are waiting for
the arrival of Mary.
In order to prevent the Pope
from getting upset, Raphael
drew _____________ to
portray his power.

Famous Artwork - The School Of Athens

Raphael used linear perspective to make the “God of Wisdom and War”,
architecture really pop out and look three dimensional. _________.

“God of Art and Literature”,

___________ points up _____________ holds his hand down __________ drew himself at
to the sky because in his because in his philosophy, the only reality the back of the pillar.
philosophy the changing is the one that we can see and experience
world that we see around us by sight and touch.
is just a shadow of a higher,
truer reality that is eternal
and unchanging.

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Born 30/08/1748 • Born in ___________________.
Died 09/12/1825 • At the age of 18 he was determined to be an artist, and he learned art lessons at the
Nationality French
Movement Neoclassicism ______________________________.
• In 1775 he obtained a scholarship to further his studies in Roman Art in _________.

He returned to Paris and joined the _____________ in year 1780.
• In 1793, the leader of Jacobins, ___________was assassinated. The following year

i.e. 1794, David was being ____________________. His wife helped him to
• After he escaped from jail, he hid in his atelier to do art.
• In year 1799, ___________ appointed David as the Chief Painter.
• David passed away in 1825, in __________.

Famous Artwork - The Death Of Marat

Leader of Jacobins, Marat suffered
______________. from_________and was
working in the bathtub in
order to alleviate the pain.

Marat gave shelter to a There were ink, quill pen,
lady who was actually an paper money and a note that
____________ out of Marat had just finished
sympathy but was later which said that "Please give
killed by her during work. these 5 francs to a mother of
five children, her husband
sacrificed his life for our

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Born 14/11/1840 • Born in _________________.
Died 05/12/1926 • His aunt, ____________________was an amateur painter. At 12, he was
Nationality French
Movement Impressionism influenced by her loving painting.
• When he was 15, he made a lot of money by drawing ironic ________ that were

published in journal.
• Famous artist from Paris, __________________, had strongly influenced his art

creativity and he even became his Mentor. He taught him to use oil paints and
(outdoor) �techniques for painting.
• In 1871, before the Franco-Prussian War, he moved his family to a small town. During
that time, he painted various works of modern life at the _____________behind
his house.
• In 1874, he founded an Artist Company in Paris.
• He became an artist mainly because of his love for _________________.
• He died on December 5, 1926.

Famous Artwork - Impression. Sunrise

_____________ and early morning fog.

Le Havre ___________

_________ drawn by using Impression technique.

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Born 23/01/1832 • Born in ___________, Italy.
Died 30/04/1883 • His father was a ________________, and he was well educated since young.
Nationality French • In 1850, Manet successfully convinced his parents to allow him to pursue his interest
Movement Impressionism
in art instead of studying law. He eventually studied under the academic painter
• His father passed away in 1862 and leaving him a large amount of inheritance.
• Manet once said that “_______________________________________”.
This caused his Luncheon on the Grass to be ________________________
by the public.
• His painting, Olympia received many public criticisms, but at the same time he also
gained a lot of support from the younger artists.
• In 1883, Manet who was known as the ____________________________,
died of rheumatism.

Representative Artwork : Luncheon on the Grass

________________ Another bathing model.

______________ ,
Victorine Meurent

The removal of clothing and scattered fruits out _______________ ,
of the basket have created a more realistic scene. Ferdinand Leenhoff

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Born 25/02/1841 • His poor parents were both ___________, and they had many children.
Died 03/12/1919 • When he was only 13, his father sent him to learn porcelain painting and he worked
Nationality French
Movement Impressionism in a _______________.
• The porcelain factory closed down when he was 17, but he needed to continue

working to pay for his school fee. He managed to enter the ________________
at the age of 21.
• He joined the ___________________ right after he got to know Monet.
• ___________________________ made him famous.
• In 1903, due to __________________ he could no longer stand to paint, but he
insisted to continue painting on wheelchair.
• Renoir died at the age of 78.

Famous Artworks

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Famous Artwork - Dance At Le Moulin De La Galette

______________________ in Paris.
It captures the life of the nobles as they joined an outdoor dance party.

Using ____________
to show the effect of
sunlight shining through
the tree leaves to the

Famous Artwork - Luncheon Of The Boating Party

Two playboys hooking up with a young actress

Renoir’s The __________
___________, of the pleasure boat
Aline Charigot restaurant.

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Born 02/12/1859 • Seurat was a French post-Impressionist painter.
Died 29/03/1891 At the age of 19, he was admitted to the _____________________________.
Nationality French However, he left the academy a year later after he attended the Post-Impressionism
Movement Neo-Impressionism Exhibition.

• His masterpiece, “_________________” (1884) was heavily criticized by the art

• In 1886, he became famous because of his masterpiece “___________________.
_______________”. He took 2 years to complete this masterpiece. Seurat used his
unique art style namely “________________” to complete the said art work.

• Seurat passed away at the age of 31 due to _________________________.

Famous Artwork -
“A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Lagrande Jatte”

is used in this masterpiece.

Human emotions are not
shown in the drawing
because Seurat wanted
to show only the beauty
of ______________
through the surface.

A ______________
with her pet monkey.

The color contrast between dark green and light green depicts a
hot afternoon with ______________________.

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Born 19/01/1839 • Cezanne was born in __________ and his father was a banker.
Died 22/10/1906 • In 1895, Cezanne’s father forced him to study Law but he had great passion in
Nationality French
Movement Post-Impressionism painting. He received bad grades in his studies and his father later agreed to send him
to study art.
• In 1864, Cezanne performed poorly in his exhibition and his confidence was badly
• Cezanne met an art dealer, Mathieu in 1895. ____________ collected Cezanne’s art
works and helped him organize an art exhibition and his fame later spread throughout
• His painting requirements were very strict and Cezanne loved ________________
as they will not change with the passing of time.
• Cezanne fell sick after being caught in a storm while painting outdoor. A week later, he
passed away due to pneumonia at the age of 67.

Famous Artwork - The Card Players

Experienced__________ Nervous
poker player. ______________.

This artwork has five different series with each work having
different number of people and different kinds of props in it.

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Born 30/03/1853 • Born in _________. His ancestor, father and uncle were all __________.
Died 29/07/1890 • In year 1869, he was introduced by his uncle to be a salesman in a painting shop.
Nationality Dutch (Holland)
Movement Post-Impressionism He was transferred to ___________ branch in year 1873 and he used his spare
time doing sketching.
• In London, he fell in love with the landlord’s daughter but his love was rejected.
By then he was emotionally unstable and he was ____________ after arguing
with his customer.
• He was looking for a job but could not find any because of hispersonality problems
and bad image, and he was often being dismissed. With the help from his brother,
____________, he was able to have his own art studio.
• In year 1882, he fell in love with ________________________woman. In the
end, due to objections from both sides of the family, they finally broke up. He became
crazy and started drawing.
• In year 1886, he had a quarrel with __________ at a studio in France.
He experienced mental breakdown and cut off his left ear. He was later sent to a
___________ hospital in Saint Remy. On 29 July 1890, Van Gogh ___________
in the chest with a revolver. He died from his injury two days later.

Famous Artworks

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Famous Artwork - Vase with Twelve Sunflowers

Van Gogh loved sunflowers,
he used to say that:
belongs to me”

Van Gogh were also inspired Van Gough completed the
by ___________. He loved second series of
yellow colour. In Japan, yellow “Sunflowers”, (showing a
represents friendship. bouquet of sunflowers in a
vase) in Arles. The first
series (with the flowers
lying on the ground) was
completed in Paris.

Famous Artwork - The Starry Night

Blue represents the __________ state of mind. � Swirling patterns of ___________.
This art work was painted based on the view from
the window of Van Gogh’s asylum room.

The straight lines on the ________________
ground surface represent
_________________ ; A flame-like cypress tree in
Rough curves in the sky a peaceful village depicts
represent the the ___________feelings
__________. of the painter.
The contrast lines have
shown the artist’s 31
insecurities and that his
work was influenced by his Copyright © MY Art Studio & My Craft Studio.
imaginary world.


Born 07/06/1848 • Born in _________ and his father was a ___________.
Died 09/05/1903 • At his age of 17, he left France to become a _______________. After working for 6
Nationality French
Movement Post-Impressionism years, he returned to Paris to work in a bourse.
• He was doing well in his work, but in year 1882, the prices of the stocks plunged

causing the reduction in income. He was determined to be an artist and he sold his
paintings in order to support his family. Despite his determination, he still could not
afford to buy clothes and food. In the end, his wife took the children and left him.
• He was very disappointed and left the realistic society to move to __________.
He had really strong friendships with the native people there.
• While staying in the island, he managed to create a lot of artworks. He managed to
sell his artworks and he returned to the island to buy a house and stayed there.
• In year 1903, he died in the island due to _____________________.

Representative Artwork -
“Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?”

________________ “Who are we?”
One needs to find the answer from ______________.

“Where are we going?” “Where do we come from?”
Elderly woman was troubled for not knowing A question that we have always asked /
where people would go ________________. pondered upon at each growing stage.


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