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Published by Rudramuni Math, 2019-12-04 22:02:17



Daffodils English School

Sanjaynagar, Bengaluru 560094

“We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to
defeat us.” - Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Newsletter – November 2019


v Letter O Activity- O as in Octopus
v Introduction to Animals
v Letter P Activity- P as in Pomegranate
v Craft work - Sheep
v World Kindness Day
v Class Picnic
v Letter Q Activity- Q as in Quilt
v Letter R Activity- R as in Rose
v Sports - Heats

Letter O Activity- O as in Octopus

v It was a fun activity for children to paste fryums on the arms of a pre
drawn picture of an octopus.

v Introduction to Animals

v Children were shown pictures of familiar animals that live around us and
were asked to name them.

v This was followed by circle time with toy animals . Children took turns to
identify and name the animals.

v Children also mimicked animal sounds.
v The song “Old Mac Donald” was sung with zest !

Letter P Activity- P as in Pomegranate

v Children were made to complete the Pomegranate picture using bubble
wrap and paint.

v They were given colours to fingerprint the same.
v All children enjoyed dabbing paint on the bubble wrap to complete the


Sheep craft-with cotton

v Children were given raw cotton wool to be rolled into small round balls, which
enhances their fine motor skills.
v These rolled cotton balls were pasted on the picture of the Sheep.
v Craft activities that Include pasting are especially good for the development
of fine motor skills and eye hand coordination.
v This activity develops imagination and improves concentration.
v Simple yet tons of fun for their little hands.

World Kindness Day: November 13th 2019

v The purpose of World Kindness Day is to highlight good deeds in the
community, focusing on the positive power and the common thread of
kindness that bind us together.

Class Picnic
v Children’s day (also known as Bal Divas) in India is celebrated every year on 14th of

November to increase the awareness of people towards the rights, care and
education of children.
v Children are the key to success and development of the country.
v They are adorable and shine like precious pearls. Children are God given gifts to
their parents. They are innocent, admirable, pure and loved by everyone.
vThursday 14th,November 2019 was a super fun day for the children of Kindergarten.

v It was the day when they were taken for their annual Class picnic, this time to
MG ACTIVE FARM, a popular farm in Bangalore.

v To make the most of the day, the children were asked to report early to school.
v Children arrived full of eagerness and anticipation, ready to make the most of

what promised to be a day filled with excitement and non-stop activity. Their
eyes spoke eloquently about their expectations of a day to remember.
v The celebratory mood began during the bus ride to the venue itself, with the
students singing and listening to popular songs.
v As soon as they reached MG ACTIVE FARM , they were welcomed by the team
of organizers at the farm.
v They were ushered in for a sumptuous breakfast, which came as a welcome
energizer for the students.
v Fully replenished, they plunged headlong into the activities which were
planned for them.
v The fun activities included potting, animal petting and feeding, nature walk and
the highlight of the trip...a tractor ride.

v Exhausted after the flurry of activities, they were taken for a well-deserved
lunch, which was followed by another fun filled session of dancing.

v The day ended with a round of juice and snacks, after which it was time to
board the bus for the return ride.

v Though weary, one could sense that the children were reluctant to leave, such
was the level of fun and enjoyment during the outing.

v But all good things have to come to an end, and the children were dropped back at school,
each one of them eager to share their fun filled experiences with their parents and near
and dear ones.

Letter Q Activity- Q as in Quilt

v Children stuck pieces of cloth on the pre drawn picture of a quilt. They learnt
colours, shapes and patterns by doing so.

Letter R Activity- R as in Rose

v On the pre drawn picture of a rose bouquet, children pasted red rose
petals to complete the picture.

v The first sound (R as in Red and R as in Rose) was stressed upon during the

Sports - Heats

v Sports day was a platform to showcase talent and efforts put forth by the
little ones.

v Sports at pre-primary level is all about participation, having fun being
physically active, building co-ordination &motor skills. So to give the little
angels an opportunity to display their self confidence, patience, zeal &

v Heats for the tiny tots was held on the 21.11.2019 at the DES main ground.
v Children participated with complete enthusiasm.

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