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Published by Rudramuni Math, 2019-11-26 03:19:12

KG 1-Newsletter - November

KG 1-Newsletter - November

News letter - KG I

Month - November


• Kannada Rajyotsava or Karnataka Rajyotsava is a Karnataka Formation Day celebrated every
year on 01 November.

• All the Kannada-speaking areas were combined to form the Karnataka state on 01 November

• In Karnataka, Kannada Rajyotsava is a government holiday and this festival is celebrated by
Kannada-speaking people or Kannadigas throughout the world.

• In Daffodils English School thoughtful selection of costumes added more substance to the
Kannada Rajyotsava celebration 2019.

• Students presented a cultural programme to mark the 62nd year of the Karnataka state
formation day.

• KG1 children sang hacche vu kannada deepa....

Kannada Rajyotsava 2019

Wednesday, 13th November
World Kindness Day 2019

•The purpose of World Kindness Day is to
highlight good deeds in the community,
focusing on the positive power and the
common thread of kindness that binds us

Wednesday, 13th November
World Kindness Day 2019

BAL DIVAS - 14th November

• Children’s day (also known as Bal Divas) in India is celebrated
every year on 14th of November to increase the awareness of
people towards the rights, care and education of children.

• Children are the key to success and development of the

• They are adorable and shine like precious pearls. Children
are God given gifts to their parents. They are innocent,
admirable, pure and loved by everyone.


• Thursday 14th,November 2019 was a super fun day for the children of Kindergarten.
• It was the day when they were taken for their annual Class picnic, this time to MG ACTIVE

FARM, a popular farm in Bangalore.
• To make the most of the day, the children were asked to report early to school.
• Children arrived full of eagerness and anticipation, ready to make the most of what promised

to be a day filled with excitement and non-stop activity. Their eyes spoke eloquently about
their expectations of a day to remember.
• The celebratory mood began during the bus ride to the venue itself, with the students singing
and listening to popular songs.
• As soon as they reached MG ACTIVE FARM , they were welcomed by the team of organizers
at the farm.

Class picnic on Bal divas

• ushered in for a sumptuous breakfast, which came as a welcome energizer for the
• Fully replenished, they plunged headlong into the activities which were planned for them.
• oThf ethfeuntraipc.t.i.vaittireasctinocrlruiddeed. potting, animal petting and feeding, nature walk and the highlight
• Exhausted after the flurry of activities, they were taken for a well-deserved lunch, which was

followed by another fun filled session of dancing.
• The day ended with a round of juice and snacks, after which it was time to board the bus for

the return ride.
• Tohf ofuunghanwdeeanryjo, yomneencot udludrisnegnstheethoauttitnhge. children were reluctant to leave, such was the level
• dBeaeucathraololnngeeosoo.df tthheinmgsehaagveer ttoo schoamree tthoeairnfeunndf,ilalenddethxpeecrhieilndcreesnwwiethrethderoirpppaerdenbtascaknadt sncehaoroaln, d

Thursday, 21st November
World Television Day 2019

Television represents a symbol
for communication and
globalisation in the
contemporary world.

22nd November – Cotton pasting on Rabbit

• Cotton pasting activity (create rabbit out of cotton pasting) .
• Children love doing a variety of art and craft work . Art/craft

acts as an outlet to be creative and have some fun!
• Little do children know that it is so good for their development

as well!
• This is a great lesson for students to demonstrate self control

and patience.

22nd November – Make your move skit
• Imagination and creativity: MAKE YOUR MOVE was
focused on understanding human behaviour in terms of
how people feel and behave in certain situations.
• Dramatization is the most significant model and basic
activity for learning. It helps children to think about
their individual or social problems.

Morning assembly
subject: Geography
Topic: different land forms

• Daffodils Nursery Wing has taken many new initiatives under the guidelines
of our counsellor Mrs.Usha Ravi. One of the newest introduction to our
academic session 2019-20 was ‘Geography.’

• Each month, the morning assembly concludes by a particular topic
introduced to the children by different teachers

• For instance, the solar system, directions, states of India and their capitals,
neighbouring countries of India, what is earth made up of ? and more………

• This month the topic was Different Landforms

Nursery wing sports day

• Sports brings in the spirit of competition, the spirit to win and
ultimately the spirit to participate.

• Involvement in sports develops a child’s skill in the physical,
cognitive, emotional and social domains. It prepares a child to
become a liberal individual who understands the value of
teamwork and sportsman spirit in all subjects of life.

• Daffodils Nursery Wing is going to organise their Annual sports
Meet on 30/11/2019.

• Heats were completed on 21/11/2019.

Nursery Wing Annual Sports Meet
30th NOVEMBER, 2019.

• When students are physically fit, they will
achieve more academically.

• Sport develops a sense of friendliness among
children and builds their team spirit.

• It helps children to develop mental and physical

• Qualities like tolerance, patience and tips to
handle pressure is well taught by sports


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