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MRI Safety Training Program - Leading Practice Submission 2018

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Published by lindsay.johns, 2019-03-06 15:01:11

MRI Safety Training Program - Leading Practice Submission 2018

MRI Safety Training Program - Leading Practice Submission 2018


The establishment of thorough and effective screening procedures for patients and other individuals is
one of the most critical components of an MRI program that guards the safety of all those preparing to
undergo magnetic resonance procedures or those needing to enter the MR environment. There have
been reports in the medical literature and print-media detailing Magnetic Resonance Imaging adverse
incidents involving patients, equipment and personnel and when we consider what becoming a high
reliability organization means, one accident, one life, is one too many.
The MRI Safety Training program at Coosa Valley Medical center reaches our 665 employee team
members and our City’s 70 member Police and Fire Team. There are seven departments of the hospital
that due to their nature have greater probability of entering the MRI area. Therefore, we have included
them in real-time training that has proven to be very impactful. After years of consistent program
application, we are changing our culture where high reliability and zero harm is shared by every


Our MRI Safety Training program can be used in other healthcare settings and can be tailored to meet
your organizations’ specific needs.

MRI Employees

New Hires working in the MRI department are required to complete the MRI Environment Screening
form and view the Safety Video Update on Magnetic Resonance Procedures as part of their New Hire
Training and Competency. Annually, all existing MRI employees are also required to complete the
training mentioned above. Completed and signed documents are kept in employee files until the
following year.

The MRI Screening Form is included under Exhibit A.

Computer Based Learning

Annual competencies are performed on all hospital employees. Computer based learning is a large
database of educational modules followed by short quizzes that require a passing score. The MRI
department has submitted an MRI Safety Training module that reinforces our safety message.

The MRI Safety Computer Based Learning Module is included under Exhibit B.

New Hire Orientation provided by Human Resources

New Hire’s are introduced to MRI safety during their orientation through the Human Resources
Department. They view an informative video on MRI safety and receive a “quick tips” safety hand out.
They are required to complete the MRI Environment Screening form and those are reviewed and
approved by the Chief MRI Technologist. If there are contraindications noted, the Chief MRI
Technologist will contact the hospital employee health department and their front line supervisor. The
employee health department maintains the completed form in the employee’s health record.

The Quick Tips safety hand out is included under Exhibit C.

Real Time Training for Priority Departments

1. Maintenance 5. Respiratory
2. Housekeeping 6. ICU
3. Security 7. House Supervisors
4. ED

Due to the nature of these departments, they have a greater probability of entering the MRI area and
are therefore involved in a more focused training. The MRI Director and Chief MRI Technologist conducts
the interactive training on an annual basis. The participants watch a video on MRI safety and are
required to complete the MRI Environment Screening form. The program layout and content changes
year-to-year in order to keep our safety message fresh and engaging. For our 2018 presentation we
adopted the earth logo. Stress balls in the shape of the earth were given to participants as a reminder
that the MRI magnet is 30,000 to 60,000 times stronger than the earth’s magnetic field!

2018 Power Point Presentation is included under Exhibit D.
MRI Safety for the Non-MRI Worker - Oruuum 12 Globe Squeeze Stress Balls Earth Ball

On The Go! - City Police and Fire

We believe in building meaningful relationships with our community! We are on the go when it comes
to accommodating our City Police and Fire teams! Every year we travel to their training center where
all 70 employees are engaged in 911 scenarios that could take place in the MRI department. Discussions
are focused around safety, ferrous objects, and our quench protocol. Included is the viewing of an MRI
safety video. Participants are required to complete the MRI Environment Screening form to make sure
there are no contraindications when entering the MRI area. These forms are kept on file until the next
yearly training session.

















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