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Jeff has a bad day. A Lot of things happen. Read to see what happens.

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Published by Audrey DenHartigh, 2019-05-08 11:11:35

Everything is not so bad

Jeff has a bad day. A Lot of things happen. Read to see what happens.

Everything is not so bad

T​ his is the one day Jeff had a not so bad day. It all started 
on September, 12th, 20018. Jeff started off the day by getting up 
2 hours late. He thought no big deal but then he thought ¨ I 


Then he jumped out of bed and put random clothes on, 
but the kids were ready to go, and he brought them to school. 
So he did, and they got mad but not that mad. But the principal 
got mad  


Then after dropping the kids off at school, Jeff was on his 
way home but he lives in the Cities so there is a lot of traffic. 
AND his car broke down. To make things a lot worse he has a 
meeting today. If he misses it, he will get fired, and if he gets 
there he can get a promotion.  

So he wasn't that far so he ran and walked you are probably 
thinking to get Jeff should get a taxi but he left his phone at 
home. But all the taxi driver would hear on the phone is Beep 


Jeff got to work, but the boss was being weird because he 
told Jeff to go home and get dressed. Plus he told me to use his 
phone because he need a taxi. So he went home and he see why 
he meant to get dressed. She put my wife's, Sadie, jammies, 
and they have roses on them with rabbits¨.  


Jeff got home and changed. When he got out of his closet. 
¨ Sadie why are you here¨ Jeff said. ¨ I came home early, 
and here put this blindfold on¨. So Jeff did. After she brought 
him out in the living room. The second later he heard the thing 
he forgot all day.  


¨HAPPY BIRTHDAY¨. His whole family was there. His kids, 
Mother, Father, Cousins, and Grandchildren.  

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