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Published by csectutorslu, 2019-05-13 07:29:23

Expectations vs Reality

Expectations vs Reality


by Haila Forde

My name is Haila Forde. I am a 16-year-old who currently attends The St. Maarten
Academy’s CAPE Division and I’m in my first year. Being a CAPE student comes with loads of
responsibility and let’s not forget pressure; pressure to set an example for the high school
students; pressure to do what’s right even when no one is watching. As a CAPE student, my
schedule has become busy and I now have to learn to balance extra-curricular activities with
courses and assignments. Nonetheless, this doesn’t stop me from achieving my ultimate goal.

Before I entered CAPE, I didn’t have high or as much expectations that a student who is
entering a university for the first time should have. I thought of CAPE the same way I thought
high school was going to be, challenging with strict teachers. And it was, except they were also
compassionate and understanding instead. A week before school started, an orientation meeting
was held for all the first year students and two points stuck with me. One point being that CAPE
is challenging. Being a science student who is obtaining an Associate’s Degree in Natural
Science is not an easy task. As a science student, it is required of us to complete a certain amount
of labs, for each science subject, at a certain time. I chose to do all three of my science subjects,
so you do the Math.

However, trying to complete labs while having a load of assignments and having to study
is a lot for someone to manage. This is where your skills as being someone who can manage
their time wisely and prioritize gets tested. A constant reminder of what I want to achieve at the
end of my studies here at CAPE is what gives me the motivation to keep me going. Also, my
family, friends and teachers play a huge role as they are the ones who continue to support,
motivate and guide me.

The second point that stuck with me was that as a CAPE student, the amount of subjects
taught are less compared to the amount that is taught in high school. This allows us to have more
free periods. The free periods were beneficial because they allowed the teachers to use that time
to get more work done. Additionally, these periods can be used to complete labs and seek further
assistance that we need concerning tests and assignments.

Being a part of CAPE prepares you for the real world. It prepares you for college and the
work force. It teaches you discipline, structure and time management skills. CAPE is manageable
but only if you stay up to task with your work and do not procrastinate. My advice to you is:
Don’t give up! I’m enjoying this phase of my educational journey. If I can do it, you can do it
too. As young people we have the opportunity to break barriers and surpass the norm which is
that society expects us to fail. But I believe that we can prove them wrong. After all, we are the

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