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Published by Kusum Healthcare, 2022-07-11 02:52:00

Kusum Synaptic Times JULY-AUG 2022


Your Health, Our Happiness!
The COVID-19 pandemic which caused global panic altered our way of living. In a span of 2 years, it modified our daily activities significantly –– from our home and work routines, to our life goals and priorities.
As we are now facing a more challenging time due to this changes, our health, which we took for granted before the pandemic, now becomes our number 1 priority.
In this edition of Synaptic times, we are providing you some interesting health topics, and company updates that may come in handy especially now that we are slowly transitioning back to normal.
Speaking of the “new normal”, people are now beginning to go back to their pre-pandemic lives. From traveling, going to the cinema . . . and to even attending face-to-face conventions and seminars. While the dangers of the pandemic are still present, we need to move forward to help in our economic recovery, but this time, we should be more careful in how to handle health issues and concerns.
With Kusum, you were never alone during the pandemic times, and we make certain that we are together during this adjustment phase. We understand the importance of having someone to talk to (over the phone or face to face), with precautionary measures– of course! That’s why our doors are open any time. Always remember that Kusum is always nearby to help.
Vincent Maquiran
CME Associate

• Editor’s Note • Kusum Blog
• Identifying Covid-19 Symptoms & Distinguishing it from Flu. • Breathe your way to better immunity.
• Humanitarian Aid for the people of Ukraine.
• Kusum Global Updates
• Mali – New Business Operation
• Bhiwadi – Office revamp

According to Harvard University, poor posture can lead to chronic back pain and neck-related issues, and it can also contribute to conditions ranging from fatigue to heartburn.
It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting at
a table, working at your computer,
or indulging in entertainment; good posture is a must for good health and happy life.
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Identifying Covid-19 Symptoms & Distinguishing it from the Flu
Determining whether you have COVID-19 is much more complicated because there are so many different symptoms, many of which are similar to those of the flu. The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are high fever, sometimes with chills, a dry cough and fatigue.
The one sign that distinguishes the two infections is that many COVID-19 victims suddenly lose their sense of smell — not because they have a stuffy nose but because they don’t register even strong odours like onions or coffee. Not all virus victims get anosmia, the formal name for loss of smell, but a vast majority of those affected by it do.
Less common symptoms include a sore throat, congestion, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach pain and feeling somewhat out of breath when exerting yourself. Some victims have red or itchy eyes, and some get redness or blisters on their fingers or toes — so- called COVID toes, which resemble chilblains.
More dangerous symptoms — which mean you should get immediate medical attention — include serious breathing difficulty; pain or pressure in the chest; blue lips or blue face; confusion or incoherent answers to simple questions; and collapsing or losing consciousness.
Adding to the disease’s fearsome nature is that it can cause blood clots that lead to heart damage, brain damage and lung damage. And even some cases that appear mild or asymptomatic create signs of what doctors believe may be long-lasting heart damage.
Another unusual aspect of COVID is that people sometimes develop pneumonia without realizing how sick they are. Doctors are unsure why; one theory is that the air sacs in the lungs are damaged in a way that affects the dissipation of carbon dioxide, which creates that “desperate for air” feeling.
Many doctors recommend buying a pulse oximeter, a fingertip device that measures oxygen levels in the blood. Multiple readings below 92% should trigger a call to a doctor. The earlier pneumonia is caught, the better the outcome.
Expect Potential Difficulties with Testing
COVID-19 symptoms can take as many as 14 days after the exposure to appear, but in most cases the symptoms start to appear within five to seven days after exposure. However, similar to diseases like measles, you can start spreading the virus several days before you begin to feel sick. So if you think you might have been exposed, it is very important to warn others and isolate yourself from them as soon as you can, especially if they are older or medically fragile.
It is a common practice of general medicine that when one disease is sweeping through an area and a patient has its symptoms, it is usually safe to assume that’s what the patient has and begin treating it, rather than waiting for test results. So unless both the flu and the coronavirus begin circulating heavily at the same time in your city or area, do not be surprised if your doctor does not recommend a test.
And getting tested for the coronavirus can be tricky, especially with so many test delays. The PCR type is more accurate than 15-minute “rapid antigen tests,” but it can take hours or even days to return results, depending on whether it has to be sent away to a central lab or not.
One positive test probably means you are infected, but one negative test should not be trusted; too many things can go wrong. Two negative PCR tests taken at least 24 hours apart are a better indication of whether you are infection-free. If your insurance company pays for only one test, you might consider paying for the second one yourself for the peace of mind.


Breathe Your Way to Better Immunity
COVID-19 is a virus that attacks the respiratory system and to breathe the right way is the easiest method to strengthen the body’s respiratory ability and boost your immunity as well.
It’s no wonder then that in ancient Indian wisdom, the breath is called the “prana” or the vital life force that can energise different organs. Even as pranayama and yoga practitioners have been teaching people to breathe correctly to prevent physical health and emotional disorders, with COVID-19 raging, alternative healers are now stressing on better breathing more than ever. The bare truth is that by increasing our respiratory capacity, we can increase our immunity.
Breathing is often that part of our involuntary nervous system that is overlooked. Stress, anxiety and the urgency of daily urban life makes us take shorter and shallower breaths. The best example of breathing correctly is exhibited by a resting dog, its belly swelling and falling with every deep breath. The pace of busy urban lives may have made us forget how to breathe properly, but it’s easy to get back the rhythm that benefits the body and its various systems.
Equal Breathing
Wim Hof
Wim Hof meditation is a breathing technique that allows you to control the autonomous systems of the body and improve immunity. This can be followed in a few simple steps: Sit in a comfortable position and inhale deeply; hold this for a moment; and then exhale completely. Repeat this 15 times. Take ‘power breaths’ where you inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth in short but powerful bursts. Once you are done, meditate for a few minutes.
A breathing pattern should ideally have an exhalation that is longer than the inhalation so that there are no remnants of air left in the lungs. But beginners should aim for an equal duration of breathing in and out. Monitor your breathing pattern and gradually move to longer intervals. Ideally, every breath should be at least few seconds long and the exhalation should be longer so that there is no stale air left in the system.

Alternative Nostril Breathing
As the name suggests, this process requires you to inhale from one nostril and exhale from the other, and then repeat by switching the order. “It opens up the nasal passage and allows a smoother movement of the breath or prana.
Bumble Bee
This technique requires you to copy the humming sound that a bee makes when it buzzes around. Cover your ears with your palms, close your eyes, take a deep breath. As you exhale, start humming with your lips tightly pursed together. Pull the navel in and release the air from your body. “With every breath, lengthen the span of the exhalation to increase capacity. The technique has multiple benefits in alternative healing: It increases lung capacity and the humming sound is believed to relieve anxiety.
4-7-8 Method
Inhale gently for four seconds, hold the breath for seven, and then release the breath slowly for eight seconds. It is a good exercise for the lungs to hold the breath and exhale for a longer period. With time, this can enhance lung capacity and is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from stress-related disorders.
Pursed Lips Breathing
Keep your lips pursed in this technique, inhale through the nose and gradually exhale through your pursed lips while ensuring that the duration of the exhalation is longer than that of the inhalation.
Abdominal Breathing
This method of breathing takes the breath right down to the stomach and the navel. Lie on a mat on your back, place one palm on the abdomen and the other on the chest. With eyes closed, take a deep, long breath and feel the stomach rise higher than the chest. Hold the breath for up to seven seconds and then exhale for around eight seconds. The hand on the abdomen should feel the muscles constrict as you push all the stale air out of your body.

Your health directly affects your ability to earn more and live better. If you
are healthy, you will be more active and efficient. It makes one a better person not just physically but mentally as well.
#YourHealthOurHappiness #KusumCares

The war between Russia and Ukraine has affected millions physically and emotionally. Homes have been destroyed, entire cities have been broughtdowntojustapileofrubble,and the death toll is just unprecedented.
To bring some relief to the people affected by this inhumane act, Kusum Charitable Trust (part of Kusum Group of Companies) is sending a second batch of humanitarian aid in the form of essential medicines & supplies to Ukraine.
This second batch of humanitarian aid being sent by Kusum includes over 4800 kgs of emergency medicine & supplies worth US$ 1,000,000 (approx.) & a firm belief to bring relief to those injured and affected by this conflict.

Kusum Group of Companies is proud to announce the launch of its business operations in Mali.
This launch is a testimony to Kusum’s rapid growth in the international markets.
Mali is the second country in the French West African region where the operations have started following Ivory Coast earlier this year.
This launch would not have been possible without the diligent efforts of the IBD and other teams. They have worked hard to ensure a seamless launch of operations and bring Kusum’s high-quality, affordable formulations to the people in Mali.

Change is the Only Constant - Heraclitus.We believe that changes are good, and that is why we have changed, starting with the look, feel, and attitude of our manufacturing unit at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan—presenting to you the version 2.0.



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