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Monthly Bulletin of Rotary Club of Secunderabad West - RI District 3150

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Published by RI Dist 3150, 2017-10-01 05:15:59

Beacon Sep 2017 (RCSW)

Monthly Bulletin of Rotary Club of Secunderabad West - RI District 3150

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September 2017

Ian HS Riseley Abraham J
Rotary International President District Governor , RI District 3150

Suren Poruri Chaitanya Vattem Padmini Prasad
President Secretary Editor - Beacon & Director
Rotary Secunderab ad West
Rotary Secunderab ad West Rotary Secunderab ad West

Rotary Secunderabad West

has been chartered on 4th February, 2004 (Club No. 64454)
It is one of the active clubs of RI District 3150. Please explore our website for more

information about Rotary, our club and our activities and projects..

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Dear Rotarians, Anns and Annets,

Warm Rotary Wishes.

This is the third edition of “Beacon” for the Rotary year 2017-18.

We thank you all for your wonderful support last year. We hope you all extend the same support
this year too. With this E-Bulletin we will reach out to you and your family with our updates of
various activities, special news of the club/ District, humour, and topics of interest etc etc. While
sincere efforts will be put in by the editorial team, your suggestions, comments, compliments and
suggestions for improvement are most welcome which will help us to maintain and improve the
subsequent issues.

We would like everyone to eagerly look forward to at the beginning of every month. Thank you very
much for your continued support.

Rtn Padmini
Beacon Editor & Director - New Generation.
Associate Editor - GML

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01 September-Campaign on Rally for Rivers

If we have any love Vote for this cause -
for our children, we Give a Missed call - 80009 80009
have to leave our soil
and water in a better
condition than they

are now.

- Sadhguru

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Our Rivers are Depleting and we have 75% less water than what we had in 1947. . If we do not act
now, the legacy we hand over to the next generation will be one of the conflict and deprivation.
These rivers nurtured and nourished us for thousands of years. Now it is our turn to nurture and
nourish them back healthy.

The simplest thing we can do is- please give a missed call on the number... 80009 80009.

This is a Vote for supporting the cause so that Government has the support of everyone to
implement this long term policy.

Our PP Rtn Anil is actively involved in creating awareness about the Rally for Rivers. Our
Rotaractor Ravikanth also joined him for the Nadhi Abyan campaign on 01 Sep to spread

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awareness about this campaign.

The simplest solution to rejuvenate India's rivers
is to maintain a minimum of one kilometer tree
cover on riversides. Forest trees can be planted
on government land and tree - based agriculture
brought in on farm land. This will ensure our
rivers are fed through out the year by the moist
soil. This will also reduce floods, drought and soil
loss and increase farmer's income.



02 September - Joint speaker meeting with RC of Khammam

Our President Rtn Suren and Past President Rtn
Anil were called as speakers to RC of
Khammam. It was a joint meeting of our Club,
Rotary of Khammam and Inner wheel Club of

Rtn Suren addressed the gathering on the topic
"Fundamentals and power of Global grants". It
was well received by the members as they do

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was well received by the members as they do
not have much knowledge on the fundamentals
like DDF and how we can get DDF from RI and
how to sign up with the International Partner.He
explained then how to do a project worth 80
lakhs just by contributing 10 lakhs.

Rtn Anil addressed them on the topic" Benefits
of Millets and why we should change our diet
habits". His talk was well received by the
audience as he showed the nutritional values of
Millets and other grains like rice etc. The
nutritional values of Millets are multiple times
higher than that of Rice etc. The event was
organized at the Rotary Artificial Limb Centre
Hall at Khammam.

"Online Tools Training" was a hands-on
workshop by Rtn Anil to various Rotary clubs in
and around Khammam, conducted during the
Afternoon. . It was a live session on Rotary
Central and how to register as a member at He also showed various reports and
how to set goals. We Thank Rtn Koka Srinivas-
President of RC Khammam for hosting this event
at his residence and excellent hospitality

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03 September - Speaker meeting

We had our speaker meeting on 3rd September.
Speaker was Mr. RSN Murthy. He is the
Managing Director of Loyal Telesystem Pvt Ltd.
He has an experience of 23 yrs in the telecom
industry, having been associated with companies
like GTL, .Sify Technologies,
Reliance communication etc.

He spoke on the many facets of how technology
has evolved right from the phone dial up,
connections to the satellite internet now. There
was a wonderful discussion about how
technology has transformed ourlives and how the
personal people connect diminished over a
period of time. He concluded saying that while
technology has brought in a lot of positive
change in many of our lives, we as humans need
to use our discretion in how much to adopt it to
our advantage, while filtering out the bad.

07 September - Teachers Day Celebration

An auspicious event needs an even more auspicious place to host it, and Kowtha hall was the
perfect setting for presenting the 'Nation Builders award' to 15 teachers, each from 15 different

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government schools who were choosen on the basis of feed back from the HM and few students of
the school, as per the prescribed procedures of Rotary India.

A team of 6 Rotarians and at least 5 Rotaractors worked tirelessly from 12 days prior to the event
visiting various govt schools both around Hyderabad and near Tandoor and speaking to the HMs of
the schools explaining them the criteria and ensuring that they would make the selection process
as fair and desecrate as possible.

While Dr Sasikala Principal of Howard Public school graced the occasion as Chief Guest., Rtn K L
Manohar as the Guest of honor. Tiny tots from DS Toddlers school, a non profit school run for the
under privileged kids by our first lady Rtn Phani Malini, performed a wonderfully coordinated skit on
Gajendra Moksham which was a treat to watch. Their recital of slokas from the Bhagavadgita,
enthralled the 40, odd audience in attendance.

In their massage to the teachers, both the chief guest and guest of honor reiterated the role played
by teachers in the society. They stressed on the importance of having a good teacher in the early
stages of their life, and how they help in developing a strong character. Dr Sasikala also
highlighted the role of parents, as without their support and efforts at home, the efforts of teachers
at school would be diminished.

The event concluded with the grand felicitation of all the teachers, who greatly appreciated the
transparency and the involvement of the students in the selection process. All of them opined that
the award gave them immense happiness and would motivate them to perform better.

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09 September - Rotarians Vs Rotaractors Cricket match

The first of the series of proposed friendly
matches between Rotarians and Rotaractors
was held in the cricket ground of Govt college of
Physical Education, Domalguda and was
facilitated by PDG Rtn TVR Murthy. It was a
special occasion as it coincided with the
birthday of our DG Rtn Abraham,who graced the
occasion by flipping the coin for toss.
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Having won the toss and batted first, team
Rotarians scored 71/1 off the first 10 overs., after
which the Rotaractors bowled with a lot of
discipline to restrict Rotarians to a lowly score of
127/8 off the allotted 20 overs. the target was
achieved by team Rotaractors in 13 overs. The
only representative from our club was our
Secretary Rtn Chaitanya, whose contribution of
21* with the bat as an opener gave momentum to
the team early on. He also picked up a wicket,
having opened the bowling as well.

A rolling trophy was presented to the winning
Captain, with all the participants given a
memento. Further such games are scheduled to
be held during the course of this Rotary year.

09 September - DG Rtn Abraham Birthday

On the occasion of DG Rtn Abraham's Birthday
on 9th September, twin cities Rotary club
Presidents arranged a lunch party at Spice
house Restaurant. After the celebration, he
addressed all the Presidents. Every club gave
$100 donation to Rotary Foundation on the

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occasion of his birthday. A total of $3000 were
given to Foundation.

Festival of the Month - BAKRID

The Muslim community in India is an integral part of the intricate cultural, social and
economic fabric of the country. Thus, all the Muslim festivals are celebrated with great
respect and enthusiasm throughout the country. Among the number of Muslim festivals
celebrated across the nation and world Eid ul-Adha or Bakrid holds a special place in the
hearts of the entire community. This holy day in Arabic is known as Id-ul-Adha and means
"Feast of the Sacrifice". This festival was named thus, as its origin lay in the Islamic history
as per which, it was on this day that God decided to test the faith of Abraham. It so
happed, that Abraham, who was one of the Prophets of God saw a dream in which, the
almighty commanded him to sacrifice his son.

Abraham and his son both showed willingness to perform this ultimate sacrifice and just as
after slitting his son's throat Abraham looked at the alter, where he expected to find his
son's lifeless body, he saw a dead ram instead and his son was standing hail and hearty.

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God delivered his son from death, as the duo had passed his test of faith. Thus, to
commemorate the devotion, spirit of sacrifice and unquestioning faith in the almighty,
Muslims perform animal sacrifice and offer prayers, to mark this occasion.

Eid al Adha or Eid ul Zuha or Bakrid is one of the most important festivals in the Muslim
lunar calendar, known as the Hijri calendar. This holy day is celebrated by the Muslim
community throughout the world on the 10th day of the month of Dhul Hijjah.

12 September - Daan Utsav Press meet

The annual Joy of Giving week Daan Utsav was
celebrated from 2nd to 8th October. The press
meet was held at Marriot Hotel and was
organised by Rtn Vardhaman on behalf of
Shooting Starz - the event managing company.
Sportsperson Jwala Gutta and Rice
Bucket Challenge winner Manju Latha Kalanidhi
were ther to lend their support to the cause.
Marriot Hotels sponsered the meet.

The press meet began with Rtn Dr Gayathri
welcoming the members of the Print and audio
visual media. Rtn Naina Desai spoke about the
good work being done by Rotary and Inner wheel
Organisations. Other NGOs also participated.
DaanUtsav has become an annual event which
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is looked forward to by the NGOs and general
public as well.

11 Sep- Kisan Mela by Grameen Mall Foundation

Farmers from Godhamguda, Motakondur villages
participated in all India Oil Seed Kisan mela at
Indian Institute of Oil Research Hyderabad and
also visited center of excellence at Indian
Institute of Millet Research Hyderabad.

To enhance their skill set and to expose them to
market opportunities,Grameen Mall Foundation
brought these farmers to Kisan Mela. 21 farmers
participated in this mela and interacted with
different organizations like Marico etc. They also
seen demo plots on different breeds and
interacted with breeders on crop packages of

Then they were taken to Indian Institute of Millet
Research- center of excellence for Millet value
addition. This particular activity helped them
very well on building process centers at village
level, farmers confidence on machine setup most
importantly they understood the value of food

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processing and how this can improve their

14 September - Rally for Rivers with Sadhguru

As a part of the Rally for Rivers drive from
Kannaykumari to Himalayas, Sadhguru was in
Hyderabad on 14 Sep for an event at Gachibowli
Stadium. Driving across the country covering
more than 7000 Kms, Sadhguru is meeting the
State Leadership in each state to get support for
the river policy which he would be presenting to
Prime Minister on 2nd Oct.

More than 6000+ enthusiastic particpants
attended the event at Gachibowli indoor stadium.
Along with Rotary, Inner Wheel and Rotaractors
also participated in the event, holding placards
stating Rotary, Rotaract & Inner Wheel supports
Rally for Rivers. For us this was a good PR
Exercise and also an opportunity to support an
important cause.

Sri E.S.L. Narasimhan, Honourable Governor of
Telangana was the Chief guest. Sri Harish Rao,
Honourable Minister was the special guest along
with Music Director Keeravani.
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with Music Director Keeravani.

From our club, Rtns Suren, Phani Malini, Anil,
Diwakar Reddy, Kamal Jain with his Cargo men
Staff attended the event along with several other
Rotarians from City.

16 September - Speaker Meeting

The 2nd Speaker meeting was held on 16th
September. The speaker was Dr Madhulika. A
new member Rtn Gopichand was inducted on
that day.

Rtn Varsha quoted the quote of the day, Rtn
Mohit gave Rotary information, Rtn Kamal Jain
introduced the new member, Rtn Padmini
introduced the speaker.

Dr Madhulika is an educationalist. Connecting
with daily life activities, she could achieve the
best results in Teaching to Govt school kids
where they dont know any langauge.

She tried for the transformation of their life style
they live.She used Tribal art, Varli in teaching
Mathematics which makes the kid east to learn

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theorems etc. The meeting was ended with the
Vote of thanks by PP Rtn Naina Desai.

17 September - Hanumakonda RO Training

AS a part of our global grant project no 1642060 for instsllation of RO system along with our
international partners, RC Emory Drud Hills of RID 6900, Atlanta, our club Rotarians Siva Kumar,
Dr GSS Prakash and Chaitanya conducted a training program for the vendors as well as recipients
on the technical aspects as well as proper maintenance of the systems and following good
hygiene practices.

Considering that bulk of recipients were from in and around Warangal, the event was held at the
training hall of SVS Institute of Technology in Hanumakonda. It was also attended by PDGs
Gopinath Reddy and Dr C Sarath Babu both of whom explained about the importance and scale of
the global grant project and repercussions of improper documentation and maintenance of the
installed and donated systems.

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The first of the 75+ listed RO systems is planned to be installed in the month of October with the
final one to be installed within the next couple of months. Under this global grant, the technical
committee of the RO system is planning to implement newer technologies into the system, which
will enable donors and suppliers to remotely track the performance and be in a better position to
ascertain the health of the system, as well as making their maintenance hassle free to a large
extent..We would like to thank all our local partner Rotary clubs,and our international partner clubs
in helping us with getting a step closer to providing safe drinking water to all the communities.

22 September - DANDIYA DHOOM

There was a festive air in Narayanamma college of Engineering on 22nd September 2017. The third
edition of "Dandia Dhoom" the flagship fund raising project of our Rotaract club of New age
Engineers was being held from 5 pm to 9 pm. Last year, this event was awarded the best
fundraising event of the district. This year, the proceeds have been earmarked solely to fund and
facilitate girl child education. Rotaract club of GNITS were co-host of the event.

Being one of the most economical Dandia events of the twin cities, offering dinner and a 4-hour
duration, the response major boost to the event was attendance of our DG, Rtn Abraham,who also
inaugurated the event.

During the hour before sunset, Batukamma had been arranged. Ladies took part enthusiastically.
As the sun went down, the stage was set for Dandia Dhoom and what a blast it was. The sea of
youngsters had organised themselves into groups and were dancing away to glory. Theseniors and
the not very seniors-the Rotarians and their families also joined in. Most of them were dressed in
ethnic attire which added colour to the festive atmosphere. Our DG Rtn Abraham and The First

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Lady Sailajagaru sportingly joined in the groups and danced with every one. From 7 years olds to
70 years olds, everyone joined this grand celebrations. The tasty dinner was an icing on the cake.
The hard work that went behind the event and professionalism during the event were quite evident
for all to see and were appreciated by everyone who attended the event. We as parent club of
RCNE, congratulate all the Rotaractors involved in making this grand event a success and adding
another feather to their cap.

"It was like a fresh dawn in the evening of our life. Dandia Dhoom gave a fresh exuberance to our
life. To our surprise and to the surprise of the onlookers, we both were able to join enthusiastically
for the Dandia"- Rtn Naina and Rtn D J Desai, RC Secunderabad west.

" Requesting all Hyd city Rotarians to join Dandia next year. This yearas a new member i enjoyed
dancing with RCSW members.. TNX for a memorable Navratri" - Rtn Savitha Sundaresh, RCSW.

" I attended Dandia Dhoom Event, it was nicely crafted coducted. The venue of the event
Narayanamma college of Engineering for women was good with vast area for playing and enough
parking. The ground area for playing Dandia was carpeted nicely. The young Rotaractors and all
enjoyed playing Dandia." - Rtn J M Reddy, RCCS.

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Notebooks and School Bags Distribution

Note books distribution happened over a period of three days. We have distributed 800 notebooks
at Malkajgiri School. 1000 note books weredistributed at Mylardevpally School. We have
distributed 50 school bags at Mylardevpally school. 1500 note books were distributed atTandoor

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25 September- Navaratri Vijayawada Visit

It is our regular practice to attend
Sarannavaraatri pooja at Rtn Kowtha Manohar's
house at Vijayawada. The premises is very
pious. Poojas are performed religiously and with
a tmost devotion. This year Rtns Suren, Phani
Malini, Devendra Desai, Naina Desai and Savitha
Sundaresh attended. Rtn Phani Malini was
honoured by Rtn Kowtha Manohar. On their way
to Vijayawada, they have visited Rtn Suren's
forms. It was both a religious and entertaining

News from our Rotarians

Rtns Medha and Susheela

Rtns Medha and Susheela attended luncheon
meeting of Rotary Club No.2 San Francisco on
19th September. Exchanged our club flag. They
had good discussion with Director, International
Service Rtn Sacha Shashi about our club global
project 'Mobile Cancer Detection Unit'

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Rtn Baghavan

Past President Rtn Bhagavan was invited as a
speaker on the topic- " Basic education and
Literacy" at the Interact club og Govt High
school, Rashtrapati Road, Secunderabad,
sponsored by RC Spectrum on 18th August.

We all know that Rtn Bhagavan is an
International Athlet, having represented India in
Master's Athletic championships in quite lot of
International championships. He was also the
Manager for the Athlets team. Now apart from
athletics, he started playing Table Tennis too.
Recently he participated in the Telangana
Veteran Table TennisChampionship at
Hyderabad. YOU are our Inspiration Rtn

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Know Our New Member - Rtn Gopichand

Rtn Gopichand... New member of our RCSW
Fam ily.

His profession is Company Secretary and Legal
He is Managing Director of Metier Advisory
Services, a chartered accounting and advisory
Spouse : Ann Lasya Keerthi, Home maker
Daughter: Annet Anjali , studying in class 7th.
He can speak Telugu, Hindi and English.

He is a native of Nellore.

Rtn Gopichand and family, we welcome
you to the family of RCSW.

Rocking Rotaractors

Rotaract District RID 3150 hosted an IYE
program in September. Rotaractors from RC of
Calicut, RC of Vizag and RC of Narsi Munji

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Mumbai came to Hyderabad on IYE. (Inter
District Youth Exchange) They all have attended

our Dandia Dhoom. Our Rotaractors of RCNE
had a meeting with them on 24th September at
Mehdipatnam. They exchanged their flags.
Discussed about their projects.

Parent club (RCSW) Secretary Rtn Chaitanya
and Director New Generation Rtn Padmini
attended the meeting. Hope many more IYEs in

City Women Rotarians Meet

This Rotary meeting was so unique. It was for
the first time that the Lady Rotarians of the Twin
cities were meeting as a group. Turned out in
their Sunday best, they all seemed excited at
the prospect.
Rtn Nitu Surana, who had taken the initiative to
form this whatsapp group, was the chair person.
They had already been in touch on whatsapp and
were meeting face to face for the first time.
Nearly 40 out of 110 ladies attended. They all
introduced themselves. The various talents
possessed by them and the plethora of activities

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they were involved in, was astounding. It was felt
that such interactions would create better
bonding among the ladies and will improve their
participation as Rotarians in District 3150.

Yatra naaryastu pujyathe tatra ramanthe

Birthdays in August

Rtn Narasimha Rao Rtn Rajeswari Rtn Mohit Patnaik
13th October 24th October 30th October

Upcoming Events - October 2017

01 Oct - Speaker Meeting Mr Amarnath Rao- on Mind Matters - Inner circle, Somajiguda@9am
02 Oct - Joint event of Angeerasa Charitable trust & RCSW at Kowtha hall, Secunderabad
08 Oct - Daan Utsav Seva Mela - our club stall @ Global Edge School, Kokapet (9am to 6pm)

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08 Oct - Multi District WINS Seminar at Bidar
10 Oct- Twin cities Joint Meeting
15 Oct - Speaker meeting - at Inner circle.Somajiguda@9am
22 Oct - Speaker meeting - at Inner circle.Somajiguda@9am

Tickle Point

A man goes to the doctor and says,

"Doctor, wherever I touch, it hurts."

The doctor asks, "What do you mean?"

The man says, "When I touch my
shoulder, it really hurts. If I touch my knee
- OUCH! When I touch my forehead, it
really, really hurts."

The doctor says, "I know what's wrong
with you - you've broken your finger!"

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