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GML AUG 2017 - RI District 3150

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Published by RI Dist 3150, 2017-09-05 08:28:10

GML AUG 2017 (RID 3150)

GML AUG 2017 - RI District 3150

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AUG 2017 ISSUE - 2

Abu Times

Ian HS Riseley J Abraham

RI President District Governor

Rotary International President’s Message

Dear Fellow Rotarians,

When someone asks you, "What is Rotary?" what do you say? I think we've all had the experience of being
asked that deceptively simple question and finding ourselves suddenly at a loss for words. Even the most
articulate among us have a hard time capturing the essence of our organization in just a few sentences.
As an organization, Rotary has always had a difficult time conveying the scope of our work: not just what
we do, but how we do it, and the value of what we contribute to the world.
As an accountant, I like numbers. They work in every language, and often they communicate complex
information much more effectively than words. That is why, in this Rotary year, I am asking each club to
provide Rotary headquarters with two numbers: the amount of money, both in cash and in kind, spent on
humanitarian service; and the number of hours of work performed in Rotary's name.
If we want these numbers to be useful, they have to be accurate. That means beginning now to accurately
track the hours and the money that our clubs spend on their service.
The simplest way for clubs to provide this information at the end of the year will be by entering it every
month on Rotary Club Central – a tool that has been completely rebuilt and relaunched to be significantly
more useful, and user-friendly, than it has been in the past. If for some reason (for example, limited internet
access) your club is not able to connect to Rotary Club Central, please be in touch with your district
governor, who will ensure that your information can be submitted through other means.
I cannot emphasize strongly enough that the goal of this effort is not getting the largest and most
impressive numbers. There is not going to be any competition, recognition, or public use whatsoever of the
numbers reported by any individual club. The goal is accurate and reliable numbers that we can present
confidently in our public image work, in our membership materials, and to our partners – numbers backed
by specific data, on the club level, that answer not only the question, "What is Rotary?" but the question,
"What does Rotary do?"
I strongly believe that with these numbers, we will be better able to demonstrate the value of Rotary:
Making a Difference – which in time will enable us to make more of a difference, for more people, in more
ways, than ever.

Ian HS Riseley
RI President

Page 2 | August 2017

District Governor’s Message

Dear Trendsetters, Like any international organization, Rotary too
has its own share of challenges. Membership is
For any organization to survive and grow for standing still at around 1.2 million for the past so
more than hundred years is a phenomenal many decades. Less than 22 % of its members
achievement. It is just not possible unless it is are women and it will definitely take considerable
blessed with visionary founders and generations amount of time to bring in gender parity. It took
of leaders who shared that vision to serve. ten years to bring it up from 13% to present
Rotary is one such lucky organization. Attracting around 22%. Also only 5 per cent of members are
and retaining committed and motivated under 40, and a majority of members are over 60.
members is such vision. That analysis helps us to focus our efforts to
overcome the challenge: get more women and
It is not possible unless this vision in ingrained in younger people as members into Rotary fold.
the basic philosophy of the organization and is
made compulsory part of the operating structural Focus of all membership development seminars
framework. This is the reason why August month will be to come out required strategies to retain
of every Rotary year is designated as existing members and scout for new talent. After
“Membership Development Month”. It is all, every generation will throw up service
mandatory for every Rotary District of the world oriented leaders who will be more than happy to
to conduct related seminars during the month. spend their time, talent and treasure in the
This activity generates lot of awareness service of less privileged sections of the society.
regarding the necessity of having more
committed hands to do good in the world and to J Abraham
make a difference to the local communities.
District Governor

From the Editor’s Desk

We live in an era which is dominated by too many and too frequent disrupting
revolutions in Information & Communications Technologies. Organizations
which can foresee on coming changes and adapt will survive and rest will
simply perish in the onslaught. Present challenge for us is how to leverage
the converging software and hardware technologies of smartphones in the
various day to day working aspects of Rotary to attract new generations. For
example, make at least one meeting in a month optional to meet via video
conferencing. Food for thought for next CoL!!!

Happy Reading ..

Raavi Srinivas

Editor, GML, RID 3150.

Page 3 | August 2017

Designated Month Page

August - Designated Month -
Membership Development & Extension


Hello Folks! We are into the Second month of Rotary Year 2017 and we
have put up an ambitious task of having a net growth of 1000 Members in
our district before the end of 30th June 2018. Exhaustive Discussions,
Seminars and Club Meetings have taken place during the last few months
and it is time for us to ‘WALK THE TALK’. Basically the challenges in front of us
are to attract New Members, Retain the Existing Members and extension of New Clubs in areas where Rotary is
not represented in our District. The Statistics of Membership Growth for the last several years has not been very
encouraging and if there was a sudden spurt in one year it was basically because of new clubs being chartered
during that year.
It was agreed at the DG council meeting that weak clubs (less than 20 members) need to be strengthened
by adding more members before 31st Dec’17 or they will be advised to merge with another Club.
We shall all work together to see that our District achieves a 20% net growth with an addition of at least a
few new clubs towards the end of this Rotary Year.
ARC & District Membership Chair

September - Designated Month
Basic Education & Literacy

Suggested Programs during September
Ÿ1st to 15th Sep - Mera Swach Vidyalaya /

Swatchata Pakhwada (various projects in
Ÿ5th Sep (Teachers day) - Present Nation
builder award to recognize outstanding
ŸTake up Literacy Projects of your choice

Page 4 | August 2017

District Governor Installation

2nd July 2017 @ Kothagudem

District Governor Installation Ceremony

As the Rotary year started, Our District Governor Abraham Jamullamudi was installed on
02nd July 2017 at Kothagudem Club, Kothagudem. PDG Ravi Vadlamani was the
installation officer along with IPDG Ratna Prabhakar who handed over the collar to
incoming DG.
PDG Vijender Rao was the induction officer.
During the same event, incoming team of Rotary Club of Kothagudem was also installed -
Rama Koteswar Rao as President & Chalapathi Rao as Secretary (along with other office
bearers. The event was attended by PDG Malladi Vasudev along with Rotary Leaders
from various clubs across the district. DG donated 1000$ to TRF during the program. The
program ended with a sumptuous dinner.

Page 5 | August 2017

District Governor Installation

2nd July 2017 @ Kothagudem

Page 6 | August 2017

Clubs in Action

AMEERPET - Installation on 09 July ARMOOR - Installation
Chief Guest - DG J Abraham Chief Guest - PDG Goutham

ARMOOR ADARSH - Installation BHAGYANAGAR - Installation on 09 Jul
Chief Guest - PDG D.K. Anand Chief Guest-Sri Lakshminarayana, IPS &
Installation Officer - PDG Sam

CANTONMENT SECBAD - Installation on 15 Jul - CHANDANAGAR RC PURAM - Installation on 15 Jul -
Chief Guest - Rtn PR Ramesh (Head, Deloitte) Installation Officer - DG J Abraham

CHARMINAR HYDERABAD - Installation on 14 Jul - CHIMAKURTHY - Installation Officer DGN Sivannarayana
Chief Guest - Mohmood Ali, Deputy CM, Telangana State

Installation Officer - DG J Abraham

Page 7 | August 2017

Clubs in Action

COAL FIELD MANUGURU - Installation GREATER HYDERABAD - Installation & Release of Clay
Chief Guest - PDG Malladi Vasudev Ganesha Posters on 08 Jul - Chief Guest - DG J Abraham

GREEN WOOD YELLENDU - Installation GUNTUR AADARSH - Installation on 12 Jul
Chief Guest - PDG D K Anand Chief Guest - PDG Dr.SVS Rao (RID 3020)

GUNTUR VIKAS - Installation on 09 Jul HANAMKONDA - Note Books Distribution project
Chief Guest - DGN Sivannarayana on 11 Jul 2017

HUZURNAGAR EAST - Installation HYDERABAD - Installation Officer PDG Ravindra Reddy,
Chief Guest - DG J Abraham Guest of Honour DG J Abraham

Page 8 | August 2017

Clubs in Action

HYDERABAD CENTENNIAL - Installation on 08 July HYDERABAD CENTRAL - Installation on 26 June
Chief Guest - PDG TVR Murti Guest - DG J Abraham

HYDERABAD DECCAN - Installation on 15 July HYDERABAD EAST- Installation on 8 July
Chief Guest - Mr. A K Khan Chief Guest-Mr. Ranganath, IPS & Installation officer PDG Sam

HYD HIMAYATH NAGAR - Installation on 14 July HYDERABAD GACHIBOWLI - Installation on 16 July
Chief Guest - DG Abraham, PDG TVR Murti lighting up lamp Chief Guest - PDG TVR Murti

HYDERABAD PEARLS - Installation on 16 July HYDERABAD NORTH - Installation on 02 July
Chief Guest - PDG Ravi Vadlamani, Chief Guest - PDG Sam
Installation officer - DG J. Abraham

Page 9 | August 2017

Clubs in Action

HYD WATERLINE - Installation on 29 July IN BHADRA SARAPAKA- Haritha Haram Project
Chief Guest - DGE Ramesh Vangala on 07 July 2017

JUBILEE HILLS- Installation on 04 July Kamareddy - Installation
Chief Guest - Prof VS Prasad Chief Guest - PDG Goutham

Installation officer DG J Abraham

MAHABUBABAD - Installation MARKAPUR EAST - Installation on 08 July
Chief Guest - PDG Dr. Vijendrarao Chief Guest - DG J Abraham

MEDCHAL - Installation on 16 July MIYAPUR - Installation on 15 July
Chief Guest - DG J Abraham Chief Guest - PDG Ravi Vadlamani

Page 10 | August 2017

Clubs in Action

Rotary & Rotaract Clubs of Narsaraopet - Installation NIZAMABAD - Installation on 08 July
Chief Guest - DGE Ramesh Vangala Chief Guest - PDG Dr. MC Das (RID 3020),

Induction Officer - PDG K P Ranga Rao Installation Officer - PDG Goutham

ONGOLE CENTRAL - Installation on 06 July Pandaripuram - Installation on 09-07-2017
Chief Guest - DG J Abraham Chief Guest - PDG Dr. Vijendra Rao

PARCHUR CENTRAL - Installation on 09 July PEDANANDIPADU - Installation on 30 July
Chief Guest - IPDG Ratna Prabhakar Chief Guest - PDG Dr. Vijendrarao

PIDUGURALLA LIME CITY- Installation on 03 July PONNUR - Installation on 13 July
Chief Guest - DGN Sivan Chief Guest -DGN Sivan

Page 11 | August 2017

Clubs in Action

SAINIKPURI- Speaker Meeting SECUNDERABAD - Installation on 27 June
Chief Guests - DG J Abraham

SECUNDERABAD SUNRISE - Installation on 2 July SECUNDERABAD WEST - Installation on 9 July
Chief Guests - Ms.Vanitha Datla, MD (Elico) Chief Guest - Chandrasekhar (CEO, Cantt),
Installation Officer - DG J Abraham

Chief Guest - DG J Abhraham Chief Guest - DG Abhraham

SINGARAYAKONDA - Installation Chaudhvin Ka Chand - a Tribute to Music Legends
Chief Guest - DG J Abhraham Event organized by Rotary Club of Saamparadaya,

jointly with18 Rotary Clubs

Page 12 | August 2017

Happenings in July

Rotary International Director C Basker addressed the Assistant Governors, Presidents and Membership
Area Chairs of Twin Cities at Sailing Club on 28th July 2017. He inspired and motivated everyone, calling
everyone to focus on quality members in addition to quantity. He requested everyone to contribute to Polio
Fund to support the final war against polio. RI Director released the First GML for the Rotary year.
PDG TVR Murti had made excellent arrangements to host this meeting.

Our District Governor at the Inner Wheel District Assembly and Releasing
installation of District Chair Janaki, on 18 July at Hyderabad IW District Directory

RI President Elect Spoorthy - DRCC
Rtn. Sam F. Owori and DRR
passed away : RI
President Elect Sam Orientation
unexpectedly died on Meeting for
13 July due to Zone 4,5,6A, at
complications during Hyderabad
a Surgery. Sam was a on 29th and
member of Rotary 30th July.
club of Kampala, Convenor PDG
Uganda for 38 years.
This is a great loss to Sam and
Rotary, his community co-convenor
and the World. RI PDG TVR Murti
District 3150 conveys
our Condolences to
his family and may the
departed soul rest in

Page 13 | August 2017

New Generation We have a community young adults
dedicated to a positive change

Installation of New Team - Interact Message from PDG Rajyalakshmi Vadlamani,
Club of Howard Public School
District Chair, Public Image
Distribution of Books at Govt School
- Project by Interactors of Howard Hi everybody,
Public School
The young of today don't look at any constraints, they have the courage and spunk
Installation of New Team - Interact to do anything their way. If given the opportunity they can break through the cloud-
Club of Tejasvi Vidyaranya that is the power of youth.

I am a past interactor in 1970’s... ha ha! A long story short. I learnt how to be myself.
I earned lot of self respect with the small deeds we did at the school.

I gained lifelong friends . One for example PDG Ravi Vadlamani as my life partner. I
left my foot prints - till today they have an interact club in my school. I grew up with
ethical values and looking up at senior leaders.

Dear children,

I gained everything what a human being will ask for through Rotary. My short story
ends with a last word - To be groomed ,shaped well and ready to come in to the
community as a good citizen - Please start an Interact club in your schools.

Thank you,

PDG Raji Vadlamani.

(Interact club of Railway mixed High School)

Dear Rotarians... successfully completed Phase 1 training in two
government schools, one at Khajaguda and the
Rotaract District 3150 had wonderful and fruitful other at Sri Saraswathi Sishu Mandir at KPHB. A
two months with District projects and club successful month in the district with the support of
Installations. Sphoorthy: a Rotary international all roatarctors and rotarians.
training seminar for DRRs and DRCCs was Hope to see many more. Lets all Make a
conducted in Hyderabad with all the delegates Difference and Celebrate Rotaract.
from Zone 4, 5, 6A under the guidance RI Director Long Live Rotaract.
Baskar, PDG Sam, PDG TVR Murti and DG Rtr. Sneha Naraparaju, DRR.
Abraham has graced the occasion for the
inaugural. Inter District Youth Exchange: A Rtr Rama Krishna
team of four Rotaractors from RAC Gnits, RAC
Hyderabad Himayatnagar and RAC New Age Rtr Nikhila
Engineers have gone to a IDYE to District 3142
and successfully came back with lot of memories. Rtr Sangamesh
Rotaract SKILLIO: Rotaract District 3150 had
inaugurated the flagship project for the year Rtr Neeharika
2017-2018, a life skills training program for the
government school students of 6th to 9th IDYE Team to RI District 3142
standard children, which is a year long program.
District trainers have undergone a whole day
certified program to become trainers and have

Page 14 | August 2017

Quotable Quotes
Being positive in negative situation is not
neive. Its leadership

Dear Friends, I request our Women in Rotary
& Anns to actively contribute to this page. Let
us make Rotary more vibrant and lively..

Recipe of the Month - Millet Idli [email protected] Sailaja

Ingredients - ½ cup urad dal & ¾ cup millet*

Idlis are the most popular breakfast of Southern India. It is steamed, healthy, balanced breakfast to start
the day. Best food for the growing kids too - Rich in CALCIUM, IRON, FIBRE, PROTEIN, VITAMINS

Wash and soak urad dal in 1¼ water and soak millets along with methi seeds in 1 cup water overnight or
minimum 3 to 4 hours.Grind urad dal along with soaked water to fine paste. Add little more water if
needed.Drain the water from the soaked millet, add only millet to the grinder, grind it for a minute.Transfer
the batter to a big bowl. Add salt, mix it with hand or ladle, cover it and keep aside to ferment.(may take 8
hours to 18 hours). Grease the idli plates, pour batter in the greased idli plates.Steam cook this idlis on
medium high heat for 12 to 14 minutes. After a minute, remove the idli from the plates using the wet
spoon.Eat these hot idlis with chutney, sambar.

* - Millets can be of any variety - Finger Millet (Ragi), Foxtail Millet (Korralu), Barnyard Millet (Udalu), Kodo
Millet (Arikelu), Proso Millet (Varigalu). Note: Millets are high on fibre - soak them for longer time

Millets are grown without much fertilizers and Pesticides. They have low glycemic index and good for
diabetes. They are our traditional but forgotten foods. Let us include millets as part of our regular diet.

Funny riddles
1. What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?
2. Two mothers and two daughters go to a pet store and buy three cats. Each female gets her own cat. How is this
3. There are 3 stoves; a glass stove, brick stove, and wood stove. You only have 1 match. Which would you light first?

Tips and Tricks
Suffering from frizzy hair? - Try this simple, quick and easy-to-make spray. Take slices of two lemon and
simmer in two cups of water until it reduces to half the amount. Pour the liquid into a spritz bottle and spray
on your hair. Not only will there be a wonderful natural sheen but static and fly away hair will be gone!

Ganesha Chaturthi is a Hindu festival celebrated annually to welcome the God Ganesha on his
birthday (birth anniversary). He is lovely son of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. People of Hindu
religion all across India believe that every year Ganesha come to the earth and bestow people
with lots of desirable blessings. Lord Ganesha is a most popular God of the Hindu religion who

blesses devotees with wisdom and prosperity.

He is the remover of obstacles and all the problems as well as creator of happiness in the life of
people. People in India worship Ganesha always before starting any new work. He is the favorite
God for all the children. People celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi every year in the month of August or

September, Bhadrapada masam for 10 days. Puja starts from Chaturthi and ends on Anant


Answers to Funny Riddles:
1. Short 2. Grand Mother, Mother

& Daughter 3. Match Stick

Page 15 | August 2017



(In US $) Rs.600 Per Member

RI Per Capita Dues - 30 DD/Cheque in favour of "RI District 3150"
India GST(18%) on Dues - 5.40 payable at Kothagudem.
COL Fees - 1.50
India GST(18%) on COL - 0.27 Deposit/NEFT/RTGS Transfer to below account
A/c name : RI District 3150
Total - 37.17 A/c No : 51750100005223
Refer to SAR Invoice from Rotary International
Bank Name : Bank of Baroda
South Asia Office Branch : Kothagudem, Telangana
for more details and mode of Payment IFSC : BARB0KOTHAG (5th letter is ZERO)
Note : Member count as on 01 July 2017

as in SAR Invoice

Rotary News Subscription - Rs.420 per member per annum
DD/Cheque in favour of “Rotary News Trust” Payable at Chennai

Send to-Rotary News Trust, 3rd Floor, Dugar Towers, 34, Marshalls Road, Egmore, Chennai-600008


The Rotary Foundation

12 Nov 2017
@ Hotel Daspalla
Host Club : Jubilee Hills

The District Conference

10th & 11th Feb 2018
@Agricultural University,

Host Clubs : Hyd Pearls &
Secunderabad Springfields

Barry Rassin, of the Rotary Mark Daniel Maloney, of the
Club of East Nassau, New Rotary Club of Decatur,
Providence, Bahamas, is the Alabama, USA, is the
selection of the Nominating selection of the Nominating
Committee for President of Committee for President of
Rotary International for the Rotary International for the
year 2018-19 year 2019-20.

Editorial Board : Raavi Srinivasa Rao, Padmini Prasad,
Ranjith Singh, T Rajasekhar Reddy, Anil & Vijaya Durga
Published by : Abraham J, District Governor, RI District 3150; Reach us @ : [email protected]

For Private Circulation Only

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