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GML Nov 2017 - rotary international district 3150

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Published by RI Dist 3150, 2018-01-08 22:10:24

GML Nov 2017 -RID 3150

GML Nov 2017 - rotary international district 3150

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NOV 2017 ISSUE - 5

Abu Times

Ian HS Riseley J Abraham
RI President District Governor

Rotary International President’s Message

In many ways, The Rotary Foundation is an It is an incredibly effective model that we have
invisible presence in our clubs. Most of here in Rotary, one that no other organization
what we do in our clubs and our districts, can match. We are completely local and
on a weekly basis, we do without the active completely global: We have local skills,
involvement of the Foundation. But our connections, and knowledge in over 35,000
Foundation is invisible in our clubs in the same clubs, in nearly every country of the world. We
way the foundation of a building is invisible have a deserved reputation for transparency,
when you're in it: Just because you don't see it effectiveness, and good business practices,
doesn't mean it's not holding you up. and because we are highly skilled
professionals as well as volunteers, we achieve
The Foundation that enabled Rotary to take on a level of efficiency that very few other
polio is, in many ways, the foundation upon organizations can approach.
which our Rotary service is built. For 100
years, since it came into existence with a first To put it simply, a dollar given to The Rotary
donation of $26.50, the Foundation has Foundation has a great deal more muscle
supported and strengthened our service, than a dollar given to most charities. If you
enabled our ambitions, and allowed us to be want to spend a dollar on Doing Good in the
the organization that we are. Because of the World, you can't do better than to spend it with
Foundation, Rotarians know that if we have the Foundation. That is not just me speaking
the ambition and put in the work, very little is out of pride; it is verifiably true and is reflected
truly beyond us. in our rankings by independent organizations.

In the Foundation's centennial year, Rotarians
surpassed our goal of raising $300 million. If
you were part of that achievement, you have
been part of something tremendous.
Somewhere in the world, someplace you have
probably never been, people you may never
meet will lead better lives because of you.
Ultimately, it is our Foundation that lets us
make good on our core beliefs: that we can
make a difference, that we have an obligation
to do so, and that working together, as well
and as efficiently as we can, is the only way to
effect real and lasting change.

Ian H.S. Riseley
Rotary International President

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Governor’s Message

If Rotary was to be a bipod, then one of identify those emotional bonds to connect
its supporting legs is Rotary Foundation to the less privileged people of the
(the other leg being Membership). societies we live in. Rotarians have varying
financial capacities and Rotary has got
These two are fundamental to the very different packaged plans and recognitions
basic existence and growth of Rotary. No to suit all individual Rotarians.
wonder Rotary has designated November
month as Rotary Foundation Month to Each of us is different and has different
focus on spreading the awareness ways and means of connecting to the
regarding Rotary Foundation and needy around us. It could be the school we
encouraging members to be part of Doing have studied or the hospital we are born
Good in the World by donating for the or the talented kids with no or scanty
suitably categorized noble causes. resources to grow.

The key is to ignite the spark in members - Once the motivated Rotarian connects
the spark of discovering the joy of giving. and identifies the need, Rotary provides a
The roadmap for this discovery is to travel highly structured international platform
inwards towards self-realization and and framework to plan and execute the
project with substantial financial assistance
in a very transparent way. After all without
the built in checks and balances, Rotary
wouldn’t have become preferred
organization for donors world over!

So come and contribute your might and
discover the path of self-realization
everyone longs for. The path is very joyful
and fulfilling. After all, the very purpose of
life is to realize what we are!

J Abraham

District Governor

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Wins - A multi district seminar at Bidar

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First Lady’s Message

Athmeeyam - Our District Conference - the biggest event of
our District is scheduled on 10 and 11 Feb at Agriculture
University Auditorium, Hyderabad. Host club - Hyderabad
Pearls and Co-host Springfields Secunderabad are making all
arrangements to make it a great event.

We are extremely happy to mention that RI Director Peter
Iblher from Germany is the RI President Representative for the
conference. Friends having a RI Director as RI President
representative is a great honor for us. I request all the
Rotarians to Register with family and enjoy Rotary.

I request all the Women Rotarians to take part of the event
Athmeeyam in big numbers and make the event successful and

Rtn. J. Shailaja

From the Editor’s Desk

The very fact that we have joined Rotary movement means we
are willing to share our time, talent and treasure with the less
privileged people of the society.This indicates that we are few
fortunate of those whose basic needs are met and wish to move
up to satisfy our higher hierarchical needs.Way forward is to
emotionally connect with a specific need. And Rotary provides
an excellent path. Just follow the path and discover the joy en
route to self-realization and discover the purpose for which the
GodAlmighty has created us!

Happy Reading!!!

- Raavi

In fond memory of ...

PDG Rtn. Maddi Jawahar was a jewel from Rotary Club of Guntur. He was the
District Governor for the RY 1980-81. He was born on 2nd November 1937.
Jawahar Garu hails from the oldest Rotary family.His father PDG Sudarshanam was
the District Governor for the RY 1962- 63. His wifeAnn Satyavathi was the PDC of
Innerwheel club of Guntur. His son Rtn Sudarshan is the Past President of RC
Hyderabad Deccan.The death of PDG Rtn Jawahar is a big loss to RID 3150. We pay
Tributes to PDG Maddi Jawahar.

Nainam chindanthi sastraani
Nainam dahathi paavakaha
Na chainam kledayantyapo
Na soshayathi maarutaha

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Designated Month

HOW ROTARY MAKES HELP HAPPEN hundreds of health projects underway around the
world at any given time.
Our health is everything.Yet 400 million people in The Rotary Foundation is changing the world by
the world can’t afford or don’t have access to basic providing grants for projects and activities around
health care.We believe good health care is the globe and in your own backyard.
everyone’s right.
Providing clean water: Rotary has worked with
Disease results in misery, pain, and poverty for partners to provide more than 80 percent of
millions of people worldwide.That’s why treating Ghana’s people with clean water to fight Guinea
and preventing disease is so important to us.We worm disease.
lead efforts both large and small.We set up
temporary clinics, blood donation centers, and Reducing HIV infection: In Liberia, Rotary members
training facilities in underserved communities are helping women get tested for HIV early in their
struggling with outbreaks and health care access.We pregnancies.They used prenatal care to reduce new
design and build infrastructure that allows doctors, HIV infections in children by 95 percent over two
patients, and governments to work together. years.
Our members combat diseases like malaria,
HIV/AIDS,Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, Ending polio: Rotary members have played a key
and polio. Prevention is important, which is why we role in bringing the world to the brink of polio
also focus on health education and bringing people eradication.Their efforts have not only ended polio
routine hearing, vision, and dental care. in 122 countries but also created a system for
tackling myriad other health priorities, such as
Disease does not prevent itself.We educate and Ebola.
equip communities to stop the spread of life-
threatening diseases. Rotary members have

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Governor’s Official Visit

DG official Visit to RC Narsapur DG Visit - Pedanandipadu - 02 Oct

DG Visit - Hyderabad Pearls DG Visit - Kshirapuri Chirala

DG Official Visit - Guntur Aadarsh - 23 Oct DG Official Visit - Kshirapuri Chirala - 22 Oct

DG Official Visit - Ongole Central - 10 Oct DG Official Visit - Pandaripuram -14 Oct

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Governor’s Official Visit

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Governor’s Other programs

Peace pole inauguration on World Peace Day
at Greenwood Kindergarten with Jubilee Hills Club

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Governor’s Official Visit

Page 10

Distribution of School Benches at Kothagudem

Page 11

Clubs in Action

Repalle Rural - Dental Camp (1) Saampradaya Hyd - musical night

Secbad Spectrum - Dental Camp Secunderabad- speaker meeting

Singarakonda Addanki- unveiling of Saraswati statue Smart Hyderabad - Service Project

Warangal Central - sponsor of sports t shirts Macherla essay competition

Page 12

Clubs in Action

Armoor -GG training program Banjara Hills - Club Fellowship

Bhadrachalam - regular yoga program Bhuvanagiri - benches distribution project

Cantonment Secbad - Ear to Hear Project Chandanagar - new member induction

Charminar Hyd - Science Fair at Iqbalia International Schoo Chilkalauripet - polio day celebrations

Page 13

Clubs in Action

Chimakurthy - Club Service Project Chirala - New generation celebration

Coal Field Manuguru - Eye Camp Kamareddy - Note book distribution

Greater Hyderabad - Felicitating Gurpal Singh Greenwoods Yellandu - Service Project
who donated Blood for 125 times

Hyd Centennial- distribution of steel plate to children DG Rtn. J.Abraham addressed
at ZP Head Masters meeting at ongle.
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Clubs in Action

In Bhadra Sarapaka - Medical camp Inkollu Central- World Polio Day

Gachibowli Hyd - School Bags & Shoes Donation GG project training (WASH) covering ten schools(9 clybd)

Manjeera Sangareddy- felicitation of senior citizens Markapur East- dental camp

Narasampet - benches project piduguralla lime city - wash project
inauguration by PDG Ashok panjwani

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New Generation

WORLD INTERACT WEEK recognition for
World Interact Week.
World Interact Week is celebrated every year Now, Interact clubs
during the week of 5 November to commemorate and their sponsor
the founding of the first Interact club in 1962. Rotary clubs have the
To mark this occasion with Interactors and opportunity to explore
Rotarians around the world, Interact clubs, in a variety of ways to
partnership with their sponsor Rotary clubs, are participate in World
encouraged to participate in joint projects during Interact Week.
World Interact Week.
Rotarians and Interactors will be able to decide the
World Interact Week is an excellent opportunity for best way to celebrate World Interact Week.This
clubs to publicize, promote, and inform the may include completing one, two or an entire
community about the great work accomplished by week’s worth of activities.After the club has
its members. Clubs should encourage community completed their activities, the Rotary club or
members to get involved with Interact projects. district Interact chair can download and fill out the
Certificate of Recognition for presentation.
In the past, RI required Interact clubs to successfully
complete four specific activities in order to receive

ROTARACT MODEL UNITED NATIONS Rotaractors together across the globe to address
current and emerging issues that affect this
Rotaract Global Model United Nations is a generation.
grassroot initiative initiated in 2013 by Rotaractors
from all around the world. Every year a new edition Rotaract Global Model United Nations
is organised in a different country that is hosted by brings a new vision to the MUN world …
a local Rotaract Club selected after an open
competition.The conference seeks the participation Rotaract Global ModelUN 2018 will be hosted by
of anyone over 18 years old and it is aimed at young Rotaract Club of Kaunas Fortress in the three
professionals. capital cities of Lithuania:Vilnius, Kaunas and
TrakaiAfter the special edition in 2016 – New York
Rotary’s relationship with the United Nations dates Change the World – Rotaract Club of DTU will
back to 1945 when some 49 Rotary members acted organize a special edition of RotaractMUN 2018 in
as delegates, advisors and consultants at the United New Delhi,
Nations Charter Conference.Today, Rotary holds
the highest consultative status possible with the ROTARACT MUN MISSION
United Nations as a non-governmental organization. Rotaractors mission is to promote and encourage
Rotary and the United Nations have a long history awareness, understanding, tolerance and acceptance
of different people, cultures, beliefs and attitudes by
of working together organizing, sponsoring and promoting Model United
and sharing similar Nations conferences and other international events.
visions for a more They believe that people’s involvement at all levels
peaceful world. of decision making (local, national and global) is
essential in order to achieve the goals of the United
The initiative Nations.
follows on
these Together Rotaractors are building an international
footsteps and Youth Decision Making Body where the voice of
has been youth is heard worldwide.
successful in

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Women in Rotary

Basic women’s safety and the Psychology behind it.

The word ‘Safety’ juxtaposed with ‘Women’ brings to the right role models.A father not respecting the mother
mind automatically the opposite.Very few countries in correctly, using abusive language, or being violent is
the world can boast of actual women’s safety at the core training the son that it is alright to abuse women. Girls
level like feeling safe to take local transport alone in the become timid and may lose trust in good personal
middle of the night.What goes on in the minds of these relationships as the Fathers restrict them in the name of
people who make lewd gestures, comments and some protection. The number of crimes ‘reported’ against
with actual intention of invading physical space by wrong women may double if all the victims of harassment
touch of rubbing, grabbing, stalking? We can add actually reported them. But it is the lack of validation
cyberspace too to the list.It is the objectification of from immediate family,the worry of social repercussions,
women. It is the belief and conviction that it is OK to do and sense of general humiliation that prevent girls and
all this. This behavior has gone up exponentially in the women from reporting abuse, sexual harassment,
recent years in our country due to easy access to molestation and even rape, not just outside but even at
pornography and X rated literature. Movie Industry has their own homes.It is also essential that a mother shares
tilted in such a way that we stopped needing the her experiences of general eve teasing and bad behavior
proverbial ‘vamp’, as heroines are being pushed to be by men outside with her sons. The sense of
dressed in that way. Unfortunately, the behavior that we protectiveness of a boy or a man has to extend to all
are talking about is not restricted to one section of the women in general.
society, it cuts across all sections. If one has to work
towards increased safety and prevention of bigger The easy and safe access to ‘SHE TEAMS’, where
crimes, it is through intervention at the first level.That is confidentiality is ensured, has resolved thousands of
how the “SHE TEAMS” by Hyderabad city police was cases and the overall crime rate in Hyderabad has
born on 24th of October 2014, the first in the country. reduced by 40% as shared by the Commissioner of
Today, there are 100 anti-eve teasing squads moving in Police. But we need 0% crime against Women. Just dial
mufti to nab the eve teasers red handed. Harassment 100.It is equally the women’s behavior of knowing that
over phones through messages,WhatsApp and intent for safety is her right and reporting even the smallest of
blackmail are also being dealt with. violation of this without feeling guilty for being the victim
will bring the required change in the attitude of the
Many offenders were caught over the years including abusers and offenders.
quite elderly men and minors.What is important for us
here is that when minors are caught,the parents who are The author is an
counseled, are convinced, despite evidence, that their Anthroposophic
son is innocent and deny they can be doing any of Psychotherapist,
this.Friends and others are to be blamed according to (Switzerland) Decades of
them. experience in dealing
with victims of abuse,
However, prevention of crimes against women can domestic violence and
happen only when family members take responsibility trauma.
for each other, and through having no gender bias.
Fathers taking equal responsibility in raising male Dr. Vasuprada Kartic
children correctly and ensuring that they themselves are President RC Hyderabad North

Counselor for SHE TEAMS

Quotable quote

Women are leaders everywhere you look,
from a CEO to a housewife that holds together a home.

Our country was built by women who stand alone.

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Public Image

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Memories - way back 100 years

Page 19


District 3150 MAKING A

The Rotary District Conference

Dates : 10th - 11th, February 2018
Venue : Prof. Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University

Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad

MAA Aathmeeyam Pla num Patrons MAA Aathmeeyam Registra on Tariff (in INR)

Single Rotarian 2,500-00

Couple 4,000-00

Silver Patron 10,000-00

Gold Patron 15,000-00

Diamond Patron 20,000-00

Pla num Patron 25,000-00

MAA ENT Hospitals CMD Rtn. Sunita Giri Kumar
handing over sponsorship cheque to Conference Promo on Chair

Published by : Abraham J, District Governor,
RI District 3150. Editorial Board : Raavi Srinivasa
Rao, Padmini Prasad, Ranjith Singh, T Rajasekhar

Reddy, Anil & Vijaya Durga.;

Reach us @ : [email protected]

For Private Circulation Only

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