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Internet Marketing

What you don’t realize is happening behind the browser

Internet marketing is a relatively new area in business world. It consists of applying marketing
techniques and methods to sell products and services on the web. You might think that all you have
to do is convert your printed marketing to a web page and you’re done.

➢ Not so fast! There’s a lot more to it.

Driving the traffic to your site determines the maximum amount they are
willing to pay for a click on the ad. When
Before you can sell your product or service someone clicks, the website owner takes the
online, you need to get people to your site. One money from the “bank.”
way to do that is pay for popup ads on websites.
Have you ever wondered how a search engine Analyzing the Ad
site, like Google, knows that you have a cat when
it displays ads for cat food? It’s not magic. The By analyzing how much traffic is driven to your
advertisers provide Google a list of key words site, you can measure the success of that ad
they want to be associated with. When you campaign. A simple formula of Total Budget
searched the internet for cat toys, you probably (bank) divided by the Number of Clicks equals
triggered one of the key words for that cat food the CPC. But you also have to consider how
manufacturer. many times the ad was displayed (number of
impressions) to measure its effectiveness.
Pay to play
Long tails and nervous cats
Unlike print media, you don’t pay for every ad.
Advertisers pay the website owner only when Advertisers can’t just depend on popular key
someone clicks on their ad. This is called Cost Per words to bring traffic to their sites. There are
Click. If the ad is displayed 5,000 times but no many less popular keywords that could work too.
one clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays nothing. Actually if you look at the numbers, there are
In the business, they talk about “buying clicks” more traffic in all of the less popular keywords
when they talk about CPC. put together than some of the popular
keywords. These types of keywords are called
Up front, the advertiser pays a fee to the website long tail key words. They represent the key
owner to use as a “bank” to pay for the clicks. words that have a lower search use. This leads to
Advertisers provide the text for the an area of marketing that concerns the long tail.
advertisement and a list of key words they want Long tail describes the marketing aimed at
associated with their ad. The advertiser also selling large numbers of less popular items.

Further information : Smart Insight.


Advertising Execution

Techniques in


Slogan √√ √ √ √

Repetition √√ √

Bandwagon √√

Testimonial √√ √ √

Emotional Appeal √√

Expert Opinion √√ √ √

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