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Published by Anis Marha, 2019-12-15 10:40:27

habit tracker

habit tracker

Habit Tracker

It is an application where users are able to list down
their bad habits and form it into good habits. As

human beings, we are easily influenced by friends and
the environment. Therefore, this application is able to
help us avoid negative influences in order to become

a better version of ourselves.

Developer Name

• Habitify Habit Tracker

Purpose of the Application

• It creates a visual cue that can remind you to act
• Motivating to see the progress you are making
• Avoid from breaking the habit streak
• It feels satisfying to record your success in the


Capability of the Application

• 1. Habit Areas
Group your habits by time or by different areas of your life.
• 2. Insightful Charts
Completion rate, streaks, check-in time, daily performance, yearly review... All are ready to
provide you with a better understanding of yourself.
• 3. Multiple Platforms
Habitify is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. Your data is synced seamlessly
across all devices.
• 4. Precise Tracking
Habitify supports skip/fail/complete status for more precise tracking.
• 5. Time Goal
Track how much time you spent on your habits in a day or a week.

Benefits of the Application

• Reminds you to act as the mere act of logging down
your habits and behaviors can spark the urge to
change it
• Motivates you to continue your progress
• Acts as a subtle reminder to see how far you've come
• Provides immediate satisfaction

Benefits of the Application in Sports

• Enable athletes to log down nutrition habits
• Track down exercises
• Help athletes for recovery and rehabilitation

Habit Tracker Ideas weigh myself
take medication
Common daily habits: take vitamins/supplements
play [INSTRUMENT] for 1 minute
• journal 1 sentence contact 1 potential client
• read 1 page prioritize to-do list
• meditate 1 minute say “I love you” at least once
• do 1 push up put all dishes put away
• stretch for 1 minute take a walk outside
• write 1 thing I'm grateful for call mom
• make your bed
• wake up by [TIME]
• go to bed by [TIME]
• take a shower
• floss teeth

Weekly habits: Monthly habits:

• publish blog post review finances
• vacuum transfer money to savings
• take out trash/recycling account
• do the laundry pay off credit cards
• water the plants pay bills
• tidy up your bedroom deep clean the house
• write a thank you note

Improvements for the Application

• Enable users to customize their habits by adding additional
descriptions in their habits

• Progress percentages need to be put at the top as to make it visible
for users

• Enable the sessions to be flexible in timing to complete the tasks

Steps when using the application

Additional Features

Reasons to use the application

• Enable users to see positive changes in oneself with progress
• Easier for users to track down habits on a daily basis with the features

provided by the application
• Acts as a motivation for users to keep forming new good habits
• Enable users to complete their desired goals
• Enable users to keep on track with behaviors you tend to forget or let

slide when things get busy


• A habit is a lifestyle to be lived, not a finish line to be crossed. You are
looking to make small, sustainable changes you can stick with for
years. And a habit tracker is one tool in your toolbox on the road to
behavior change. It is an effective way to prove to visualize your
progress and motivate you to show up again tomorrow.

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