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TVT Community Day School's Lower School Profile

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Published by TVT communications, 2018-01-29 17:51:23

Lower School Profile 2017-2018

TVT Community Day School's Lower School Profile

Keywords: Jewish elementary school


Founded in loving memory of Jeff Davis
Naomi Gelman Weiss Head of School
Rabbi Jim Rogozen
Our goal at TVT is to nurture self-directed learners who are motivated to Interim Principal
find solutions to problems, and driven to discover answers to their own Elizabeth Stone
questions furthering their knowledge of the way the world works. Our Assistant Principal
faculty recognize that students are more engaged in class when the Claire Contreras
learning is relevant and applicable to their everyday lives. The faculty at School Counselor
TVT are skilled in encouraging growth in students, leading them to think Rabbi Stuart Light
independently, so that students know how to create, innovate and Director of
articulate their own ideas. Jewish Studies
COMMUNITY AND SCHOOL 5200 Bonita Canyon Drive
Established in 1991, TVT Community Day School is one of the oldest Irvine, California 92603
independent schools in Orange County. TVT is accredited by the 949.509.9500
California Association of Independent School, Western Association and is
a distinguished blue ribbon school. Our educational community admits
students from over 100 different schools and preschools representing 35
cities from Long Beach to San Diego. In the 2016-17 academic year, 33% of
students received needs-based tuition assistance, totaling $1.7 million.

TVT provides a one-of-a-kind experience nurturing your child with
academic, emotional, spiritual and character growth in preparation for
college and beyond. Our vibrant curriculum and emphasis on innovative
teaching methods empowers talented teachers to incorporate the
best educational practices – including Blending Learning - to teach
perseverance, values, and skills that form a strong foundation for
TVT’s rigorous college preparatory program.


TK-5th: 252
Average Class Size: 16
Teacher Ratio: 9:1

Our carefully selected and sought-after faculty are
experts in their field. They are academically and
pedagogically accomplished with a strong sense
of purpose and drive. Our teachers are excellent
role models inside and outside the classroom. With
our small class size setting, fosters student-teacher
relationships that last into upper school and
beyond, as our committed faculty continue to
mentor their students as they progress through
the grades.


TVT students in TK–5th participate in
the following classes on a rotating schedule

Core Studies: Language Arts, Math and
Social Studies

Specialties: Art, Science, Music and PE
Jewish Life: Hebrew and Jewish Studies

8:45 – 3:15
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 – 2:30 Physical Education in the TVT lower school
Wednesday emphasizes developmentally appropriate activities,
Friday which focus on sportsmanship, skill building and
teamwork. Students acquire a love for physical activity
AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM while also developing motor skills, balance, strength
Monday–Thursday 3:15 – 4:30 pm and endurance. Our activities emphasize cooperation
over competition and teach the fundamentals of
VALUES leading a healthy lifestyle.

Academic achievements are merely one ATHLETIC OPPORTUNITIES
means of assessing a school program.
Equally important are the values that are TVT students have the opportunity to participate in
being taught, the sense of pride and Jewish developmental athletic teams under the guidance
identity that is being instilled and the of TVT’s Director of Athletics, in preparation for
community culture that is being nurtured. competitive sports in middle and upper school: co-
We believe that cultivating all of these ed soccer, boys’ basketball and girls’ volleyball are
qualities are essential for an exceptional perennial favorites.
education, and they are an integral part of
our children’s educational journey at TVT.


Repair the World Kindness Justice

Truth Community Respect



TVT provides a stimulating and nurturing environment We meet children where they are academically and
where students engage in high-quality, hands-on propel them to the next level of their educational
experiences designed to spark curiosity and ignite a journey. Many learning support services are included
passion for lifelong learning. Blended Learning — as part of tuition, and accelerated classes are always
the method of using online digital media and available for all grades, TK-12.
traditional classroom teaching methods — occurs
alongside 21st century techniques that promote ART AND MUSIC
collaboration and creativity using technology and
e-curriculum that embraces students for their The values of honoring
individual strengths and talents. the whole student, giving
personal attention, respecting
DUAL CURRICULUM community, and aspiring
to excellence, guide our
From the time Kindergarteners enter our vibrant programs at TVT. Courses
community, they participate in both Jewish studies in music and art are not
and Hebrew language along with our dynamic secular only available, but
curricula. Hebrew is taught in both an immersive highlighted, as a key
environment and through e-curriculum that engages part of each student’s
the students individually. Young children are uniquely educational journey.
suited to acquire a second language, which optimizes
learning potential and stimulates brain development
at its most flexible stage. The unique dual curriculum
promotes the students’ understanding of and
commitment to Jewish history, culture and tradition.


Combining specialized courses during the school day with a selection of after school electives, I@TVT offers
students the opportunity to study deeply and learn richly in the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering
and Math), Arts and Writing and Jewish Studies. I@TVT encourages students to pursue their academic passion under
the guidance of our faculty to enrich their days and further prepare them for our middle and upper school. Samples
of I@TVT offerings are:


Level Up Global Village Imagination Institute Baking Club Invention
(1–2) (K) (K-1) (K-2)

Glee Club Dance/Movement Mixed Media Club Invention
(K-2) (K-2) (K–2) (3-5)

Creative Writing Club Invention Club Invention Robotics League
(3–5) (1–2) (1–2) (3-5)

Fiber Art Chess Dance Glee Club
(3-5) (2-5) (3–5) (3-5)

Science Fair Keyboard Film Making Kitchen Science
(3–5) (2-5) (4–5) (2-5)

Math Olympiad Instrumental Music STEM
(3-5) (3–5) Arts & Writing

Classes listed on more than one day are separate classes.


TVT students have access to a wide variety of age-appropriate technology to prepare them to excel in their future
studies and in the careers of the future. Our trained faculty teach students to use technology in age-appropriate
ways as early as transitional kindergarten.

TVT incorporates a variety of classes, clubs and extracurricular
activities to build confidence, character, leadership and social skills
both inside and outside the classroom. The values of honoring the
whole student, giving personal attention to each student, respecting
community, and aspiring to excellence, guide our education programs
at TVT. The diverse TVT experience is a perfect opportunity for your
child to grow in every way.

TVT is devoted to building an inclusive and pluralistic education
community where mutual respect is paramount, as is the dedication to
Klal Yisrael (unity of all Jewish people). Students are taught about the
spectrum of Jewish practices, values and beliefs in an environment
that supports their own journey of exploration. TVT believes that it is
important to educate our students to appreciate, honor and respect a
variety of perspectives as to their existence, heritage and place within
the Jewish community. We create an environment where all students
are welcomed and included in the greater community.

Approximately half of the graduating senior class are what we lovingly
call “lifers”. Lifers have been at TVT since kindergarten. Building
friendships, memories and lifelong connections are a few benefits
of a K-12 school. TVT alumni stay in contact through college and
throughout life. Why? Because our secure campus and warm
community is the perfect incubator for growing lasting relationships.
These are the friendships that are cherished forever—not just among
students, but among parents, faculty and our staff as well. Join us, and
discover how a college preparatory education rooted in Jewish values

can enrich your entire family.

Founded in loving memory of
Naomi Gelman Weiss

5200 Bonita Canyon Drive | Irvine, California 92603 | 949.509.9500

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