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History of Uitm

Uitm is a public university based primary in Shah Alam, Selangor 
that accepts on Bumiputera. Established in 1956 as RIDA( Rural & 
Industrial Development Authority Training Centre.
Uitm is Malaysia’s largest institution of higher learning in terms 
of  size  and  population.  basically  there  are  34  branch  campuses, 
which collectively offer more than 500 academic programmes.
The anchor university consists of the main campus in Shah Alam 
and the Selangor branch campus( Puncak Alam, Selayang, Sungai 
Buloh,  Puncak  Perdana  dan  Dengkil.  While  the  autonomous 
branch campuses consists of all the campuses in each state 

Faculty Business and Management

The faculty of business administration Uitm under the programme of
Bachelor Of business Administration(Hons.) Finance. this programme is
designed to equip student with a broad knowledge in the field of Finance.
We were exposed to foundation in Finance, investment analysis and other
case to be master in Finance programme.


November 2019




Nurul Hidayah binti Hashim (2018424454)

ARTICLE REVIEW for optimum accessibility and usability, use of technology. The application of
Information and Communication Technology
Carolyne Nyaboke Musembe, 2016. concerned with the origination, collection, (ICT) to the management of records therefore,
Strategies for Improvement of Records will go a long way in making such records
Management in Enhancing Quality of organization, storage, retrieval, accessible and usable thus enhancing quality
Services in Institutions of Higher services in institutions. According to
Learning: A Focus on Moi University, interpretation, transmissions, Wamukoya and Mutula (2005) as cited by
Kenya. Information and Knowledge Kemoni (2009), effective e-records has the
Management Vol.6, No.8, 2016. transformation and use of information’ potential to improve service delivery and
enhance accountability and transparency in
INTRODUCTION The development of (Vakkari & Cronin, 1992). Such principles government but only if the requisite skills are
records management has incorporated met. Therefore, sound and quality of services
principles integral to information science are achieved through sound records
as ‘the means of processing information management, as Kanzi (2010) adds that sound
records management programme is the
foundation for managing resources and the
delivery of the services to the public.
Transparency, due time, finding information
fast, accountable.

are adopted by records managers in

seeking to enhance the access and use of

records. Stressing the use of technology in

records management, McDonald (1995)

argues that in developing record keeping

solutions, it is necessary to understand

the evolution that is taking place in the

12/3/2019 8


organizations are increasingly realizing that sound From the article, current records management in the university needs
records management is linked to service delivery. improvement so as to provide continuity of business operations. This
However, Institutions of higher learning are yet to will enable management to obtain records that can help them make
realize the role of records management to quality service proper short term and long term plans to facilitate effective and
delivery. This may be due to lack of policy frameworks efficient customer service. There should be commitment to service
on management, destruction of records and inadequate quality through records management among management and record
qualified staff among others. This makes success of such creators. This should be addressed through proper goal setting and as
institutions impossible. This paper aims at rolling out well as proper planning.
strategies towards improving management of records in Moreover, the respondents are advocating for development of a records
institutions of higher learning to enhance quality management program and policy to guide and improve the handling
services. Challenges are identified and ways and and management of records. Appointing of a Records Manager to
strategies for improvement of records management to oversee the development and implementation of a records management
enhance quality of services suggested for the Institution. programme and policy among other records management activities
The author utilized a comprehensive Service Quality need to be prioritized. The appointee must be on senior level in the
Gap Model and the Records Continuum Model. Applying organizational hierarchy holding a doctorate degree and having
both qualitative and quantitative approach, data was experience as an added advantage in order to influence policy on
collected through face to face interviews and records management in the university.
questionnaires. The sample size was 78 respondents In addition, adopting a recordkeeping standard ISO 15489 was
drawn from Moi University, Kenya. The study recommended, it is a recordkeeping standard developed by ISO meant
established that records management aspect is not well to provide records management guidelines in support of
developed thus undermining quality service delivery. implementation of QMS (ISO 2001). The standard therefore
The study suggested strategies for the study. operationalises the requirements of clause 4.2.4 of ISO 9001: 2008
Conducting of a records survey to understand the which provides for the procedure on control of records. The findings
university’s records environment is one of the strategies depict that introduction of electronic records management system will
suggested by the study to aid in the implementation of enhance efficiency in terms of speed, accuracy, security of records and it
records management and service delivery in the will also encourage a backup system. As Wamukoya and Mutula (2015)
university. states that new technologies and their growing adoption and use is
rapidly revolutionizing the organisational culture that is positively
impacting on the way organisations work, make decisions and even
document their activities.

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Next, employment of qualified, adequate staff to handle the
management of records has also been recommended so as to
enhance professionalism thus curb the issue of nonconformities
in records management as the IRMT (2000), states that the
quality of any records management programme is directly
related to the quality of the staff that operates it and the
financial and technological resources available to maintain it.
On the other hand, to overcome a customer service gap,
providing employee training, clarifying the tasks of all
personnel to avoid task ambiguity and making proper changes
to technology and systems so that they can be supportive to the
quality goal.

Lastly, it also indicated low funding directed to the records
management function. The heads of registries should ensure
that they prepare a comprehensive budget and be able to
justify to the management the reason for the comprehensive
budget. According to Sanderson and Ward (2010) as cited by
Makura (2011) the importance of records management is
increasingly being recognized in organizations’. It is therefore
the mandate and responsibility of Records Managers to ensure
that they gain the attention of decision makers in the
organisation. Gaining is all about convincing the management
on the importance of the existence of records management.
Lastly, sensitization of staff through workshops seminars on
records management and its importance in service delivery
should be considered for this will enable each staff to have
knowledge on the importance of creating and handling records
as depicted from the study. Staff development is an essential
tool for building awareness and knowledge of records
management and what benefits that is brought with it. It is
also a key strategic change agent for developing the quality
culture that training is one of the most important motivators
in any organization’s armoury.

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Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified institution; the standard encourages proper documentation
and proper record keeping though from the study findings it was evident that records
management suffers from nonconformities. This is evidence from a report presented on
implementation of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System during a Non-Teaching Heads
of Departments meeting on Tuesday 26th June, 2012. Poor records control (not keeping
records well, poor filling, no folioing, no labelling), lack of feedback analysis were the recurring
nonconformities at the University. This has also been noted in the ISO 9001:2008 Surveillance
Audit Report on Moi University-Main Campus conducted by KEBS between 9th -11th October
2013 where it reports that there is lack of records protection, poor documentation,
commitment in enhancing quality seem to be deteriorating and that customer
complaints/feedback do not meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.


According to the findings, the study established the following recommendations or strategies.
Firstly, development of a records management program and policy to guide and improve the
quality of recorded information in the university in line with the university’s set goals and
objectives from creation maintenance storage and disposal of records. Next, introduction of
electronic records management system to enhance efficiency in terms of speed, accuracy,
security of records and to also encourage a backup system. Thirdly, employment of qualified,
adequate staff to handle the management of records has also been recommended so as to
enhance professionalism thus curb the issue of nonconformities. Moreover, sensitization of
staff through workshops seminars on records management and its importance in service
delivery as this will enable each staff have knowledge and appreciate the importance of
creating and handling records. In addition, placement of records management within the
organizational structure as an indication there is responsibility and commitment by the
management and the organisation at large towards records management. Lastly, employment
of a Records Manager to guide and oversee the records management practices in the


FACTORS THAT COULD LEAD TO ARTICLE SUMMARY affect their customer’s loyalty. It is the
willingness to interact and assert to solve
2 IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE IN As indicated in the article, customers’ passenger’s problems that creates an
BUSINESS ORGANIZATION impression that the industry is willing to ‘go
Arina Syahirah binti Mohammad Khaidzir satisfaction and customers’ loyalty as the extra mile’ for the customers. Other
(2018299266) actions such as customer’s special delivery,
influenced by the industry are based on how flight-schedule modification, baggage loading
and ensuring that the customers receive a
they should measure their service quality. prompt feedback, all brings significant positive
image to the airline.
However, service quality is an elusive
Furthermore, assurance as another customer
construct that involves personal perspective of strategy in this industry refers to the ability to
maintain airlines competency, credibility,
the consumers during the interaction between confidence regarding passenger’s safety and
security. Empathy is also one of the strategies
the customer and employees for customer’s in gaining customer satisfaction which shows
the ability to relate and form connection with
convenience. Two (2) major points made in the the customers. This factor is included in the
training and human management part of the
article on how the industry should maintain industry in trying to understand the
consumer’s point of view. For example, in
their success are, namely: (I). providing a passenger with appropriate meal
according to their preferences such as
how airplanes industry should increase their vegetarian meal, halal meal for Muslims, and
so on. Lastly, the most simplistic terms of
services quality EQUAL to the price of services customer’s satisfaction refer to the feedback of
the customer between the product they get and
given to their consumers [increase service their expectations. The greater the differences
the more negative is the customer’s satisfaction.
quality = price of services given]; and (II) Thus, a highly promoted product which lack
customer’s perceived value will lead to
(as such) how this can increase the number of dissatisfaction. Lastly, customer loyalty was
studied by many researchers. For an airline,
their consumers [increase service quality = customer loyalty is its significant goals in
achieving relationship between marketing and
price of services given = increase number services that could increase the profitability of
a company.
of passengers/consumers].


ARTICLE REVIEW This means that additional benefits normally found in the Good services and quality (SERVQUAL) in
fully-funded airline will be charged such as baggage airlines industry are important attributes in
Tanomsin, P., & Chen, C. (2018). Factors Affecting loading and on-board meal. LCA was able to offer their the present global world. Customer strategy of
Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Towards Low Cost consumers relatively low price by utilizing fewer service tangibility, reliability, responsiveness,
Airline in Thailand. International Journal of Accounting, to a bare minimum, and by selling additional service at a assurance, and empathy as its core structure
Finance and Business (IJAFB), 3(7), pp 104-114. price higher than ordinary. On the other hand, full- will somehow able to be acclimatized into the
service carriers had to reduce their operational cost as airlines industry. Taking the factor of
INTRODUCTION The article chosen entitled: Factors well as their air ticket fare to compete with the LCA. This tangibility, the industry shows the external
Affecting Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Towards article emphasized on how price and service quality plus physical appearance of the facilities or the
Low Cost Airline in Thailand written by Peeticha factors affecting customer satisfaction and loyalty equipment of the aircraft. For instance, the
Tanomsin and Chenin Chen (2018), discussed on the towards LCA were related to the core competitive seating structure, cleanliness, on-board
effect of service quality and price toward customer’s advantage for LCA’s profitability and sustainable services such as hot meal, magazine and
satisfaction and loyalty in the Thai Low Cost Airlines development. For it to grow in proportion to its tourism newspaper, and so forth. When looking on
(LCA). The correlational value pointed out that counterparts, LCA should explore the customer’s reliability, it is how consistent the industry
customer’s satisfaction and customer’s loyalty greatly ‘determining factors’ on purchasing decisions of choosing exercises their services such as on-time aircraft
affect each other, followed by service quality and LOW Cost Airlines in Thailand, and to examine the effect departure and arrival or the scheduling.
customer’s satisfaction. Low Cost Airlines known as of service quality and prices on passengers’ satisfaction Besides that, how this industry shows their
Budget Airlines or Low-Cost Carrier is a unique business and loyalty towards Thai Low-Cost Airlines. In this responsiveness to their customers will greatly
distinguished by a dynamic host of competitive scheme in paper, the article summary, critical reflections as well as
the aviation industry. From a general perspective, LCA is comments about selected aspect and suggestions to the
considered as a convenient, affordable and alternative issue being raised are precisely presented.
way to travel. LCA even gave consumers the freedom of
choosing their ticket capability. 12


The conceptual framework employed I moderately found that Peeticha Tanomsin and According to Parasuraman et. al.,
by the author cum researcher is based Chenin Chen managed to adapt and adopt the (1985), there is clear suggestion
on SERVQUAL model for service SERVQUAL strategy into the airlines industry provided in the article following the
quality. However, the researcher first definition of the model, regarding
focuses the study on the full which needs to put into practice for quite some service quality where the “customer
commercial flight services industry not perceived service quality as a global
a low-cost airline. While another study time to ensure that the Low-Cost Airlines (LCA) in judgement or attitude related to the
reviewed price as the top factor that superiority of a service relative to
will affect and influence customer Thailand can make their industry grow bigger competing offerings.” An investigation
loyalty (Hanum Amirudding, (2013). with increasing number of consumers. by Chang and Yeh (2002),
Hanum Amiruddin, highlighted the demonstrates that although price was
fact that the relationship between the dominant factor in LCA, service

service quality and price towards quality also has moderate effect on
customer loyalty was not the primary customer’s decision. On that account,
consideration but (customer’s) enhancing service quality is a
satisfaction is. For further implication paramount factor for an industry to
to this research, the author developed have a competitive edge over the
a framework by adopting these two competitor (Gilbert & Wong, 2003).
studies in order to find the effective Moreover, service quality is the
factors for the development of excellent service that meets or exceeds
passengers. Studies on service customers’ need, which in turn, creates
qualities will impact and help makes customer satisfaction and customer
the airline business better and could loyalty (Chaisompon, 2006).
persuade more customer commitments.

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I think this LCA in Thailand is a very good opportunity and options for the
consumers to choose. I personally agreed with the authors, that prices and
service quality are moving in the same direction as the tourism industry in
Thailand which had dominantly impacted the Thai economic especially in the
Thai airlines industry.

Peeticha Tanomsin and Chenin Chen had presented a realistic research that the
factors influencing customers’ satisfaction and loyalty towards low cost airlines
in Thailand is dependent on the passenger’s satisfaction on a satisfied service
quality mainly via responsiveness of quality.


Electronic Records ARTICLE SUMMARY This article mention function of electronic
record management that the use system of
3 Management As indicated in the article, electronic record court. They do project in Syariah Court
management is important to keep the which is E-Syariah in 1999 and start to
Nur Adibah binti Mohd Zain (2018695342) record be organize for human, if they want operation in 2002. When do this it have a
to find the record it easy for them. This lot of benefit to them so to me it very
ARTICLE REVIEW actually about managing the record article also stated about where they use the interesting.
systematically thought the process, also to electronic record in Syariah and Civil Law.
Wan Satirah Wan Mohd Saman, Dr. achieve efficiency. Author point this Each have their own electronic record CONCLUSION
Abrar Haider. Both study in School of article more in court but from the management because Syariah is have their
Computer and Information Science research it mention public sector that they own law also Civil law and it cannot Wan Satirah Wan Mohd Saman, Dr. Abrar
University of South Australia. The need to manage their record. Even if the combine so when they do their own Haider have stated about implementation
Implementation of Electronic Records writer not mention it, we need to know electronic record management it will make of electronic record management in this
Management System: A Case Study in how to manage it because record have them easy to manage the records. article especially in court. They take serious
Malaysian Judiciary (8 May 2011). important information. I can give example in this case. For me this is good article also
important record for a company which are RECOMMENDATIONS I think the language that author use is not
INTRODUCTION It stated that record company’s employee information, easy because sometime I need to find the
management is a core issue in public accountant record and others. My opinion for Chief Justice of Malaysia meaning of certain word because the word
governance. For me it true because record need certain budget to solve this issues is a stated not clear for me. This article is
management is record the information good idea because we know that record publish on 2011 a long time ago, so now
about many thing. Record management have own process from capture until they still use electronic record management
disposition. Also in court we lack of human for keep their records.
resource so when he need certain budget for
solve this I agree with it. Next, Besides
that, I think when do the electronic record
management it easy for them to do
anything and everywhere. For example that
I take from this article is when a lawyer,
individual or public want to sue, sue will
filed through e-filling system. It easy they
just need to sit in front of your computer or
laptop or their hand phone and all the
document that needed can be send by online.

12/3/2019 15

4 QUALITY OF CUSTOMER SERVICE ARTICLE SUMMARY Based on the journal, degree of discrepancy between customers’
Siti Khaleeja binti Sheikh Saleh (2018410398) in a free market external customers can exit perception and expectations. Expectation is the
their relationship with suppliers if services are desires or wants of the customers, that is, what
12/3/2019 not satisfactory. This in turn forces the customers feel the service providers should
organizations to provide the best quality to offer. Perception is the opinion of the customer
customers in order to remain in business of how good the service is. In this cases, quality
(Farner 2001). Delivering superior quality is not assessed upon receipt of the final product
service appears to be a prerequisite for success, but rather during delivery. What can I say,
if not for survival of businesses in the 1980s service quality is also known as a critical
and beyond. Service quality as explained by success factor in an organization’s efforts to be
Garvin (1983), sits in the broader context of competitive. Good service quality attracts new
quality, as one of three types of quality which customers as well as retain existing ones. In
is product quality that focuses on creating a set addition, good service quality has led to
of rules to measure physical attributes of reduced costs, an enhanced corporate image,
product quality. In construction, product positive word-of-mouth recommendation and
quality is achieved through the use of enhanced profitability.
specifications, standards and tolerances. Other
than that, manufacturing quality that focuses CONCLUSION Improvement in service
on the internal process control where emphasis quality in the public sector has not been
is on reliability of the process, repeatability particularly easy due to unclear performance
and efficient production processes and also target, lack of experimentation, lack of
service quality which is the customers’ evaluation in order to learn from experience
perspective of quality and focuses on all and slow to abandon less successful programs.
aspects that influence the customers’ Problems in service quality common to both the
awareness of quality. public and private sector are lack of vision,
emphasis on short term gains and the negative
CRITICAL REFLECTION effects of performance evaluations. However
service quality improvements in government
In my assumption, quality of goods which can establishments can contribute to economy,
be measured by indicators such as durability efficiency, effectiveness and in quality.
and number of defects, service quality is an
abstract concept. In the absence of objectives
measures, an appropriate approach for
assessing service quality is to measure
perceived quality which is the customers’
perceptions of quality. Perceived quality is the


5 BUSINESS COINTINUTY PLAN ARTICLE SUMMARY Next, it’s also defined contingency approach is the
Khairunnisa Dayini binti Badri (2018216426) need for flexibility and adaption of management
As indicated in the article, risk management and practices and ideas to suit changing circumstance.
ARTICLE REVIEW of NOR AZILAH HUSIN, contingency approach one of the ways to identify contingency approach are influenced to business Many large businesses and government
MOKHTAR ABDULLAH, AMEER HAIDER ALI the relationship between business continuity continuity planning. The author has made some organizations create multiple sets of contingency
(2018) Business Continuity Planning in Malaysia planning in Malaysia University. Malaysia question and hypothesis to make the relationship plans so that a variety of potential threats are well-
Universities. Volume-4, Issue-6, Jun-2018. universities going through the phase of having between the given points are related or not. The researched and their appropriate responses are
difficulty in their organization. They face some question consists of what are the factors that fully practiced before a crisis hits.
INTRODUCTION I have chosen an Article of financial problem, student problem and determine business continuity planning in
Business Continuity Planning in Malaysia unexpected problem that occurs around the Malaysian universities and Which factor that The authors conducted a quantitative technique,
Universities written by Nor Azila Husin, Mokhtar organization like Universities. Thus, The contributes the most for business continuity using set of questionnaires to survey. Total of 120
Abdullah and Ameer Haider Ali (2018) discussing business continuity planning, will provide extra planning in Malaysian universities. questionnaires were distributed personally to top
on whether university in Malaysia are knowledge to the reader and the university top management of the university. The method used in
acknowledge about business continuity plan. The management on how to prepare unwanted CRITICAL REFLECTION this survey are validated by Greer, J. G. (2003).
article is mainly highlight on the university catastrophe. Higher Education Business Continuity Survey.
including private or public organization to In the article, the authors have included the Mean are used in replace data loss and answer the
prepare their business continuity planning to In this paper, I reviewed the article and offer definition of risk management and contingency survey questions. The authors had included that
ensure that whenever the disaster occurs, the comment about positive aspect of the article, approach. Risk management where every they took 8 months to complete the data and few of
operations continue working smoothly. strengths and weaknesses and conclusion the organization are not excluded in facing risks in data cannot to be use because it happen missing
article review. their organization. The definition of Risk values and double entry cases.
management is the process of identifying,
assessing and controlling threats to an Next, there are some information that I would like
organization's capital and earnings. The authors to add that author might not include in this article.
provides a good elaboration on risk management It is about the business recovery plan by the
such an example of every risk that organization universities of public or private about progressing
may face. Some of the risk would be from external their organization when disaster occurs. According
constrains and internal constrains . For instance, to Derek Slater, 10 basic steps for business
external constrains are social, cultural, political, continuity plan, one of the steps is train backup
legal, economical whereas internal constrains are employees to perform emergency task. It is
structure, policies, culture, information system, compulsory for the employees to understand their
data flow. Besides, organization must follow the task when the unexpected situation happen.
policy and regulations made by the government in
the national archive act 2003 or international The strength that I found interesting in this
policy. It stated in the risk management, standard research is the author provides lots of calculation
ISO 31000 (2009) to formulated principal and that related to the research where it give big
general instructions to be obey by the organization. impact on the decision and answered for factor that
contributes the most on business continuity

The articles specified on risk management and 17


11/26/2019 CONCLUSION
In conclusion, Nor Azila Husin, Mokhtar Abdullah and Ameer Haider Ali have
presented a fantastic research that contingency approach and risk management
is influenced and link to the business continuity planning in Malaysia
Universities. In last paragraph of the articles, the authors remind the
organizations like universities to priority the business continuity planning
because it is a process of preparing to be alert of an event in such a manner that
is basic business operations usual within the level of disruption or catastrophe.


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As a mature student with experience of 3 semesters in UiTM, I believe the best 1 SELF REFLECTION
way of learning is to become an autonomous learner which in ourselves requires
good communication skills and discipline. I would like to thank my lecturer for Nurul Hidayah binti Hashim
this course, Madam Nurussobah for giving me opportunities to take this course. (2018424454)
During this course, I have developed good time management skills, especially for
meeting deadlines in submission of assignments and for combining studying. It Now that the end is near, I can come to the conclusion this subject served me
is because, I enter this class at week 5 so I have missed about 2 chapter. I had to well. I have encountered so many things which may be applied in work later. I
study and understand about this subject. Initially, accessing the internet and cannot deny that I am still on the way to keep on learning how to implement
using the electronic searching method was a bit difficult because I am not data management record appropriately so as to make learning memorable for
staying in the college but it became easier because I have a lot of friend who are learners. It is also true that I have come across some difficulties throughout this
staying in the college. period on this subject but I consider the major issue to deal with was
understanding. Basically, the following aspects will be taken into consideration.
I am also a tutor for my friends. I like calculation subject. So whenever they need
me, I will help with an open heart. It also helped greatly when finding articles Lastly, I also want to thank this class since I learned what type of learner I am. I
needed for annotated bibliography assignment. Having to do presentations is realized that I enjoy retaining information from lectures. Besides that, I also
another effective way of learning because it provides an opportunity to research enjoy learning from diagrams and charts to analyse information on various
the topic and then teach others. I experienced some nervousness because I find it topics like control system of business record. For example, I can understand the
difficult to face an audience and deliver a speech but with the help of the tutor’s game theory by examining a visual diagram.
feedback I am beginning to work on my fears and confidence by becoming
involved in group discussion. “Just go with the flow
because time does not
Next, I felt I had developed self-discipline, which is important for effective stoP! “
learning. Throughout this course I have gradually developed strength and
confidence in all the transferable skills, such as communication, effective
learning, and teamwork and information technology. These skills have been
developed through both the coursework and the placement. I felt confident about
my verbal communication whereas I was concerned about my literacy skills. It
should not affect my understanding of my subject, although it can take me time
to absorb what I read.

11/26/2019 20

Based on what I have learned from IMR652 class, I now know 2 SELF REFLECTION
how to organize records and documents in a systematic way.
Records management is also an organizational function Arina Syahirah binti Mohammad Khaidzir
responsible for the creation and maintenance of a system to deal (2018299266)
with records throughout a company’s lifecycle. Learning this
subject also can improve myself to manage data and records My weaknesses before learning this subject is, I do not know the
accordingly and I can use the knowledge I have in future when I important of every record must be secure to make sure that the records
am working in a company. are safe from anybody else such as hackers or phishing activity by
irresponsible person. The long-term records are very important in every
Before learning this subject, I do not know what the difference organization. So, the person who are responsible or in charge the records
between documents and records is, after learning this and doing must put a password that only he or she knew the password. So that the
the handbook that our lecturer told us to as our assignment, and data is safe with them.
after all the research, I now know what the difference between
records and documents is. Documents is a piece of written, After that, what I achieve after learning this subject is, I now can
printed, or electronic matter that provides information or practice my self with the customer strategy in order to gain customer’s
evidence or that serves as an official record. While, records are a satisfaction and customer’s loyalty. I now understand what tangible
thing constituting a piece of evidence about the past, especially means in services industry. In services, tangible is the external
an account some other permanent form. physical appearance of the facilities or the equipment of the services.
For example, airlines industry the seating structure, cleanliness, on-
Furthermore, I did not even know that every record has their own board services such as hot meal, magazine and newspaper, and so
disposable date. Which means, records that are no longer use for forth. Tangible is not for products only, it can also be proven by
certain time must be disposed. It is the final stage in records services too. It is same as the other customer strategy such as
management whereby records which are no longer worthwhile or empathy, assurance, reliability and responsiveness. All can be proven
needed in terms of administration, research or law are sorted and in services industry to maintain and gain every company’s customer
disposed of in accordance with the set procedures. For example, satisfaction and customer’s loyalty.
damaged records which can no longer be used.

I feel very happy learning this subject because I “rain or
learned so much new things and gain more shine, its
knowledge that I can use and apply it in the future going to
after I graduated my degree and get a new job. I can
add it in the list of skills that I have in my curricular be a
vitae so that my superior will feel happy and did not beautiful
regret for recruiting me.
Lastly, I can improve my management skills that I day”
can apply to all the records that I have. Because as a
student we also have the records that we want to Add A Footer
keep and save from semester one until the end of
final semester. All the records such as assignments,
assessments and tutorial are records that are useful
in future too.
In conclusion, study this subject “Management of
Business Records (IMR652)” is somehow gain my
knowledge on how to manage the records accordingly,
knowing how to differentiate what is documents and
records and can improve myself in key in the data in
the correct way. I can apply all the knowledge that I
have learned in the future and it will make things
easier because I have learned it in my degree.


As a Finance student in UITM, I learned new things such as I got to have self 3 SELF REFLECTION
confidence in front of many people. For university student we cannot avoid
assignment and presentation, so when doing a lot of presentation, I started to Nur Adibah binti Mohd Zain
have self-confidence to present in front of people even not a lot of people because (2018695342)
I only present in front of my classmate and my lecturer.
Lastly, I would like to thank my lecturer which is Dr Nurussobah for giving me
Besides that, for this 3 semester I became more discipline about time. Started opportunities to take this subject and be in her class. This subject teach me on
last year my class always in 8.30 am so I need go to class early and not be late. I what actually record, how to keep the record and the importance of record.
need to make sure always come to class before the class begin because when I Record actually different with document, even though sometimes people say it
come to class late it will disturb the class also disrespect the lecturer. same but after I learn this subject I know that it two different thing. Other than
that from this subject I get to have experience how to produce handbook and e-
Next I gained more knowledge about calculation subject. Why I say about magazines. For me handbook is interesting because I can feel how difficult for
calculation subject is because my major is finance so every semester I get to someone that produce book and it not very easy.
learned about many subject and mostly is calculation. I always helped my friends
who need my help to teach them calculation subject. When we teach people we “you can’t
can become more understand about the subject. For 3 semester in UITM, it create an
become more difficult in each subject but I love to study it because it give me new eXPerience, you
knowledge. have to face it!”

In addition I also get to gained skill on how to use Microsoft word, power point
and excel. I actually only have a basic knowledge about this three Microsoft but
after I learn ASM in part 1 and I started to impressed on word, power point and
excel on how this three can do anything if you explore it. When I started to work
in future this is important because all the work that we do need to use this.

11/26/2019 23

University life was interesting, or so I thought. I am student from Bachelor in Finance 4 SELF REFLECTION
in part three. During first semester until now, it was the first time I mingled with
students from all over Malaysia. I met friends who grew up in a Felda plantation, Siti Khaleeja binti Sheikh Saleh
friends who came from elite national boarding schools, and friends who were from (2018410398)
Sabah and Sarawak, and I found that we were different in many ways despite being
Bumiputera, the way we spoke, the food we liked, the way we dressed, our interactions As students, all of us have different time to settle our own daily routine and
with each other. I was afraid that my urban upbringing would intimidate them. But we every day we have lecture until 4 p.m. sometimes until 6 p.m. It make us have
did get along and learned a lot from each other and we became great friends. The social limited time to discuss our task and we stayed at different block of college. So we
exposure that I got when I was in UiTM may not have been different from what is have difficulty in managing time to make discussion to settle up our group
common in any other public university, but I am glad that at least I got to know many project. But we make a move and we decide when and where we want to discuss
Malays from various states, class and social backgrounds. Although UiTM only about this task because the longer we take time, it shows that our group are not
admitted Bumiputera students, we had multi-ethnic lecturers. They were passionate efficient in making decision and managing time.
and honest, taught us with sincerity and were never tired of our never-ending trouble-
making attitude. The conclusion from this reflection essay is the individual and group project of
Management of Business Record can relate in our life and our future. We can
I learned Management and Business Record. I had a very supportive lecturer Madam apply it and improve for my next work as a group, in my future work and make
Nurussobah. She would spend extra hours with students who needed extra help in sure we are not too focus in ourselves but concern about others too. Work as
their assignments, without asking for anything in return. Through my work on teammate can make our task become easier and more efficient.
Management of Business Record (IMR652) Individual and Group Project, my personal
experiences on making all the task is one of challenging things in my life experiences, “the harder you
it is because I do not even know anything about business record management. As a work for
student, I do not know which from my opinion is more similar with lecturer opinion. something, the
So, I have some conflict that I was not confident with my opinion about all the task greater you’ll
that have been given. I think the challenge while make this individual and group feel when you
project is limited time for me to complete all the task. I realize that cooperation in achieve it”
grouping is the main point to make us achieve the target of the group project. In my
personal experiences in making project there will be strength and weakness in
everything we do and we can improve in our daily activities to achieve what we want in
the period. Sometimes it is being more challenging than what we expected and making
us being more matured to make another task.

11/26/2019 24

As I am lucky to take this subject IMR652, Management of Business records I 5 SELF REFLECTION
would say that this subject really gives me plenty of knowledge that I would Khairunnina Dayini binti Badri
never know if I am not joining this class. I gained so much knowledge about how (2018216426)
business management works, and the essential things is to understand the
concept and principle of records management and business continuity plan. It Last but not least, I definitely enjoy learning this subject, and I hope I can learn
applied to every business where they need to prepare in case there is unexpected more in details about records management and I wish I can use the knowledge
situation to be happen. Thus, this subject is compulsory to be recognized and that I have now to be use in the future when I am working.
fully understanding so that it will give benefits to the company itself, employers
and employees. “never stoP trying ,
till your dream
Skill I received from this subject is the skill to understand and memories the become reality”
business continuity planning steps. At first, I found it quite hard to
understanding these topics because it consists few steps that it would take time
to know each of the steps better, but with the help from the lecturer, Dr
Nurussobah. I finally know how to differentiate all the steps. When the disaster
occurs, the organization should make a disaster recovery planning. It includes of
identify the types of records, identifying the vital records, identify the risk and 5
other steps.

Next, the experience I gain from completing this assessment given by the Dr
Nurussobah I look up the articles in the google scholar. I would not know that
kind of website exist, and easier for me to find more articles about the topic given
based on journal of research. Second experience Is I managed to complete this
assessment for one day from morning to night searching for the information and
any additional details regarding the business continuity planning. Other
experience I gain from learning this subject is get to know news or other things
that related and unrelated to the subject. What I mean was, Dr Nurussobah
always telling us a story related to the topic we have learned or story of
experience of Dr Nurussobah had. Because of that, it helps me a lot to relate the
topics in the subject with the real life.

11/26/2019 25


Electronic record policy 
The Malaysian government especially National Archives of Malaysia had 
legislated various, regulations, procedures and guidelines to formulate a 
comprehensive records management program. 
• Menentukan bentuk & struktur rekod yang perlu diwujudkan 
• Menetapkan keperluan capaian & penggunaan rekod 
• Menentukan cara menyusun rekod 
• Mematuhi keperluan perundangan & peraturan

(Arkib Negara, 2003)


1) National Policy on Biological Diversity 2016 2) National policy of traditional and complementary medicine
For  the  past  decades,  traditional  medicine  has  made  significant 
The National Biodiversity Policy 2016-2025 (DKBK)  contributions  to  the  health  care  of  our  people.  Traditional  medicine 
was  launched  on  February  22,  2016.  Various  continues  to  be  patronised  by  the  community  to  treat  disease  and 
indicators  have  been  developed  to  measure  the  maintain health. It is widely acknowledged that the use of Traditional and 
country's  achievement  in  biodiversity  conservation.  /  or  Complementary  Medicine  (T/CM)  is  widespread  and  increasing. 
A  baseline  measurement  study  to  identify  current  Malaysia’s rich tropical biodiversity is a reliable source for natural health 
status  was  conducted  from  October  1,  2017  to  products and the government is now addressing its full potential.
February 29, 2019. This study is required to provide 
baseline  information  for  seven  (7)  of  the  57  (Ministry of health Malaysia, 2019)
indicators stated in DKBK 2016-2025.
3) National Environment Policy (NEP) 
 (Kajian Baseline Pemuliharaan Biodiversiti 
berkaitan Dasar Kepelbagaian Biologi Kebangsaan  The National  Environment  Policy  (NEP) by  the Ministry  of  Environment 
and Forests (MoEF) aims at mainstreaming environmental concerns into 
2016-2025) all  developmental  activities.  It  emphasises  conservation  of  resources, 
and points that the best way to aid conservation is to ensure that people 
dependent  on  resources  obtain  better  livelihoods  from  conservation, 
than  from  degradation  of  the  resources.  It  argues  that  environmental 
degradation  often  leads  to  poverty  and  poor  health  outcomes  among 

(Ministry of environment and forest, 2010)

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• ISO 15489 Record Management
• International  Association  of  Records  Manager  ARMA 

Association of Records Managers and Administrators“
• The  first  global  standard  for  record  management,  was 

published in 2001
• Provide  a  framework  for  managing  all  types  of  business 

• Establishes  the  core  concept  &  principle  for  the  creation, 

capture & management of records
• Gives  organizations  the  knowledge  they  need  to  compliant 

record management system 
(, 2016)


The proposals presented here have to be supported by progressive international climate policy. The 
Fourth Assessment Report of Working Group III of the IPCC made it very clear that agriculture is the 
sector most sensitive to carbon pricing policies. Consequently, an agreement to globally tax GHG, or 
to establish a global carbon emission trading scheme, would be the best way to support local and 
organic agriculture solutions. Such a clear price signal would – in conjunction with the policies 
presented before – transform markets and mean a breakthrough for sustainable agriculture.

(World Future Council, 2014)

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• Integral - necessary to make a whole complete

• Advocating - publicly recommend or support

• Precisely - used as a reply to confirm or agree with a previous statement

• Correlational - connection between two or more things

• Perceived - become aware or conscious of something

• Dbeitswcreeepnantwcyo -oranmiollroegfiacactlsor surprising lack of compatibility or similarity

• Csuaftfaesritnrogphe - an event causing great and usually sudden damage or

• Contingency - a future event or circumstance which is possible but cannot
be predicted with certainty

• pDrioscreuspstion - disturbance or problems which interrupt an event, activity, or



• whAtNwtpNws.I:r/N/esGe_aIrNch_gMaAteL.nAeYt/SpIuAbNli_cUatNioInV/3E2R7S4I4T6I4E7S6_BUSINESS_CONTINUITY_PL


• https://


• https







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