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garveygrace_5529505_111679305_P2 Book Rough-1


Grace Garvey

My story

When I say I never
thought I’d end up here,
I’m not kidding around. It
is exciting and mindblow-
ing and other emotions
all at once. A year ago I
would not have imagined
to have two different
lives that coexist in two
different places. Two
places that share close to
nothing in common and
are on opposite sides of
the country.

2,096 miles from here to
there? That’s crazy.

Opposites Attract

I mean, is this real?
Is my home actually
there and still here?

Now, one part of me
is bundled in ski gear
and the other part of
me is soaking up the
sun wishing it stayed
warm forever.

I go from hot sum-
mers, flowers in my
hair, and getting
dressed up with my
friends to hopping
on a plane with only
snow boots, puffy
jackets, and flannel
shirts. Oh, and forget

the makeup bag.

Livin’. Learnin’.

I did not realize
how fast life could
change. I never
thought I’d be so
far away from

But it is without
a doubt the best
change I’ve ever

I soon realized that
both of these plac-
es are everything I
could ask for.

Just The physical differnces in both
Groovin’ places may be quite obvious, but
they share something important
Along to me - the culture. There is noth-
ing I value more than a relaxed,
fun, go-with-the flow group of
people. Concerts are where I
find those people in Virginia and
Idaho is known for those kind of

The people and the culture Enjoy today.
out west remind me of the Enjoy now.
people at a music festival.
Every one is so happy, so
carefree, not concerned
with tomorrow. Everyone is
there for the same reason:
tomorrow will come, enjoy

In a Daze

Though being in
the mountains
in such a peace-
ful, calming, and
relaxing atmo-
sphere, the only
thing that would
make it better is
if I could pack my
friends in my bags.
I love spending my
summers on the
water with them.
Nothing makes me
Being on the
water during the
summer in Idaho
was nothing but
spectacular, but a
part of my stayed
in Virginia with my
friends that day.

I would
have it no
other way.

A Dream

Come True

Moving across the country after
spending my enture life in Virignia
has been the most random, unex-
pected, and surprising thing to have
happened at this stage in my life. I
am so excited for my journey ahead
and being able to experience my
home in Virgnia nad my home out
west. The opposing cultures, views,
activities, and people in each place
are something I am looking forward
to endulging in. I never thought in a
million years I would be able to call
on the of the most gorgeous and
world renowened mountains, the
Grand Tetons, my home and a piece
of my identity. I love that I can have
mountains, skiing, camping, climbing,
biking, dressing up, concerts, sum-
mers in the heat, water trips with my
friends, and two states all for myself.

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