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Updated Oct 2019

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Firefly Deck

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Updated Oct 2019



The whole concept of an outdoor movie event is to
create an exciting and sociable evening that will get
people out to spend time with family and friends under
the stars.

The sheer size and uniqueness of the open-air cinema
will draw people to your event.

Open air cinema is an increasingly popular activity
that creates a lively and atmospheric experience

Showcase your venue, create a memorable event for
employees or customers or simply enjoy your
favourite film with your favourite people.


We are an events company with a difference and are
based in the town of Marlow, Buckinghamshire. We
specialise in pop-up film screenings, using our state of
the art equipment that can be used indoors or

We create beautiful, bespoke events using our
extensive knowledge and expertise. What sets us apart
is that we are adaptable in our approach. Whether you
need simply to hire our screen and AV equipment for
your own event or you want us to run the whole
shebang, we are happy to discuss your requirements.



12 X 6 metre inflatable screen
Audience size of up to 2000 people or 200 cars


7.32 x 4 metre inflatable screen
Audience size of up to 500 people or 50 cars


4.42 x 2.48 metre screen
Audience size of up to 150 people


3.32 x 1.86 metre screen
Audience size of up to 100 people


We always provide:

• Dedicated technicians
• Black sound tent
• Personalised pre-roll on the screen before the film

to advertise other upcoming events or sponsorship/
advertising (supplied by the customer)
• All hi-vis vests, fire extinguishers, radios, lighting,
signage, barriers posts, microphone for
• All risk assessments, public liability up to £5m,
sound-level and wind-speed readings


We can also provide:

• Staff as required for parking marshalling, welcome
desk, first aiders, bar staff

• A pop-up bar, fully stocked with fridges, beer on tap
and soft/hot drinks as well as cinema snacks.

• Vintage popcorn machine and cart for freshly-
cooked popcorn.

• Blankets to buy/hire.
• Black “Gala” gazebos
• A choice of premium seating options. We have

luxury outdoor beanbags and deckchairs that can
be upsold as a premium offering
• Management of film licence with the studios
through our own account
• Theming (e.g. stanchion poles, clapper boards etc)
• Arrange third party suppliers such as generators,
portaloos, catering (if required)
• Event Management planning for larger scale events
• Pre-site visit - If you are unsure how many
attendees you can fit at your event we will do a pre-
site visit to assess all elements.
• FM transmitters and silent headphones


Pop up cinema package
12 x 6 metre inflatable screen
HK Audio 4400w Sound System with satellite

Projector approximately 25,000 Lumens
Audience size of up to 2,000 people or 150 cars

Screen ratio 2:1
Total width of frame 14m
Front screen width x height 7.32m x 4.12m (24ft x 13.5ft)
Screen projection options Front (1.2 gain), Rear (2.0 gain)
Height from the ground to bottom of screen 1.75m
Screen projection Front (1.2 gain) + Rear (1.8 gain)
Footprint 19m x 20m approx

Electrical requirements 16amp, single phase (min)


Pop up cinema package
7.32 x 4 metre inflatable screen
HK Audio 4400w Sound System
Christie projector with 7000 Lumens
Audience size of up to 500 people or 30 cars

Screen ratio 16:9
Total width of frame 8.5m
Front screen width x height 7.32m x 4.12m (24ft x 13.5ft)
Rear projection 6.12 x 3.52
Screen projection options Front (1.2 gain), Rear (2.0 gain)
Height from the ground to bottom of screen 1.75m
Screen projection Front (1.2 gain) + Rear (1.8 gain)
Footprint 14m x 12m approx

Electrical requirements 16amp, single phase (min)


Pop Up Cinema Package
4.42 x 2.48 metre screen
HK Audio 4400w Sound System
Christie Projector with 7000 Lumens
Audience size of up to 150 people

Screen ratio 16:9 (200” diagonal)
Screen width x height 4.42 x 2.48 m (14.5 x 8.1 ft)
Height off the ground 12cm – 177 cm (adjustable)
Screen projection options Front (1.2 gain), Rear (2.0 gain)
Footprint 4.5m x 6m approx

Electrical requirements 2 x 13amp supply


Pop up cinema package
3.32 x 1.86 metre screen
HK Audio 4400w Sound System
Christie projector with 7000 Lumens
Audience size of up to 100 people

Screen ratio 16:9 (150” diagonal)
Screen width x height 3.32 x 1.86 m (10.9 x 6.1 ft)
Height off the ground 12cm – 177 cm (adjustable)
Screen projection options Front (1.2 gain), Rear (2.0 gain)
Footprint width x depth 3.5m x 6.5m approx

Electrical requirements 13amp double socket (min)


For daytime screenings or during the colder months,
why not hold an indoor screening. We have shown
films in barns, hotels and even in poly-tunnels.
Min ceiling height of 2m required.


All you need for the ultimate indoor

A luxurious cinema for up to 100 guests
50 red two-seater sofas
Screen, projector, sound system
Management of all film licensing
On-site technician
Popcorn machine and cart

Prices from £1,750 + VAT


For the true drive-in experience, an FM transmitter is
used to convert the audio signal to a UHF signal which
can then be heard through each individual car radio.
An FM licence will be required from Ofcom.
Alternatively, cars can be provided with an in-car


“Firefly Events have now run numerous events over the past few years at different
locations across our portfolio of UK hotels. Every event has been a huge success with
great turnout and feedback from guests. This would not have been possible without
the personal attention to detail, great support and knowledge that the Firefly team
bring. It is really appreciated that the team understand how hugely important this
event is for each hotel and their demands for perfection. I admire how they respond so
calmly and efficiently and are able to work with our hotel teams to ensure the events
can be successfully delivered around the other business commitments.”

Andy Townsend, CEO - Legacy Hotels & Resorts, BHM - Owner & Developer, Director

“Thank you so much for supporting us in hosting our first open air cinema on the golf
course. Your skills and knowledge really shone through from start to finish. All of you
were friendly and professional to the end with great ideas to help make the night extra
special. I can’t wait to work with you all again next year!”
Silra V – Sales, Events & Marketing Co-ordinator, Harleyford Golf Club

“A big thank you to the Firefly team for delivering a fantastic movie night and ensuring
every aspect of the day was looked after at New Place. Great feedback from all the
guest who attended the Movie At The Manor.!”
Norman C– Operations Manager, New Place Hotel

“Thank you to Firefly for bringing our film event to life with a truly impressive cinema
screen setup and lots of great touches which produced a lovely atmosphere! The whole
team were fantastic to work with from start to finish, making the whole process
smooth and easy. Would love to work together again in the future.”

Marcus Chamberlain, Account Manager - Bandstand

“We have had the pleasure of working with Firefly Events on three of our Pub in the
Park festivals so far this year and would recommend them as an amazing addition to
any live event. They are reliable, professional and lovely people, who put on fantastic
children’s cinemas.”

Cheryl Carroll, Event Manager - Brand Events TM Ltd

“Thank you for bringing your outdoor cinema experience to Danesfest this year. The
quality of the picture and sound was incredible and much better than the company we
used last year. However, it was not just the quality of the screen that impressed, the
little touches you added and the professional approach of all your staff made the event
feel special. Thank you and looking forward to working with you again .”
Sean C - Chair of Governors Danesfield School




It needs to be dark to show a film!

Even though we use a top of the range projector to
screen our films, it is still essential that it is dark to
get a good picture.

If you are planning an outdoor screening, we would
recommend that you start the film 10 minutes after



@ [email protected]

01628 302125


Screening copyrighted movies at an open air cinema event
usually requires a Single Title Screening License (STSL).

Which license do you need?

A commercial licence is required if you are selling tickets to the
general public. A non-commercial licence is required if the movie
element of an event is free of charge.

If you are hosting your own private outdoor movie night, you
won't need one.

How much will it cost?

See table below. All prices are excluding VAT.


Non-commercial fee (+ £50 for external advertising)

Venue capacity Early Release Films Post DVD release films

1-200 £91 £83

201-300 £153 £139

301-500 £212 £193

Commercial fee (A min guarantee of below or 35% of box office takings,

whichever is greater)

£91 £83


Non-commercial fee

Venue capacity Early Release Films Post DVD release films

1-200 £153 £139

201-300 £212 £193

301-500 £274 £249

Commercial fee (A min guarantee of below or 40% of box office takings)

£153 £139


Note, some films need special permission from the production
studio and some carry a higher % (e.g. Spielberg and Kubrick titles)
so please ensure you have done the research before your start
marketing your event.

How can I arrange the licence?

Filmbank Media will provide the licence but you will have to open
an account with them (£150 deposit). We can apply for the
licence on your behalf if required.
How long does it take?

Indoor licences can come through within 24 hours if the film is
nOt excluded in moratorium. Outdoor applications can take up to
14 days.

Choosing your film

Here are some things to consider:
1. Select your movie for your event. If you can’t decide, we can

help with suggestions for a genre or recommending which
titles attract the biggest audiences.
2. Check if it is available on DVD or Blu-ray.
3. Check that your preferred title it is available to licence at Sometimes it is a good idea to have a
short list.
4. Apply for your film licence as soon as you decide to run an
event. You cannot start promoting your event unless you’ve
got approval from the studio. You can always cancel your
application with no cost if you change your mind.


Public Liability Insurance

We have our own public liability insurance with Hiscox Insurance that
covers us for up to £5,000,000.

Equipment provided

We supply all of the kit required to screen an indoor or outdoor cinema
night. This includes a suitably sized screen, a projector and a sound

If outdoors, we can still show the film in light rain. However, the wind
cannot be above 25 knots or it becomes a health and safety risk. We will
monitor the wind speed at the time of set-up and throughout the

Event and location requirements

We ask that you don’t seat any of the audience closer to the screen than
6m as, just like in a normal cinema, they will be too close.

If outdoor, we base our quotes on a grass set up on the assumption that
we can spike into the ground for the screen guy ropes. If your site is not on
grass, you will need to arrange for weights or two vehicles to help anchor
the screen along with our vehicle.

If outside, the film can start from sunset but the darker it is the better the
quality. If indoors, the room will need to be dark when the film starts.

If there is no mains power to the venue, we can provide a silent generator
that powers all our equipment at an additional cost.


Terms and Conditions of Hire

We would like to advise you of the following "Terms & Conditions of Hire."
These apply to all bookings with Firefly Events and must be agreed to by
the hirer either in writing or via email prior to any booking confirmation.

This set of terms and conditions form part of the contract signed between
‘the business’ (trading as Firefly Outdoor Events) and yourself, ‘the client’.
No member of staff has the authority to vary these arrangements verbally,
only changes authorised in writing by a Director of the Firefly Events
Management Team will be accepted as a valid source of information.

All bookings will be treated as provisional until a booking form, duly signed
by the client is returned to Firefly Events. Once received and accepted the
booking is under contract and subject to the usual deposit required. Firefly
Events will not accept proof of postage as proof of receipt for late

Firefly Events requires a non-refundable deposit for all bookings. Which,
unless otherwise stated amounts to 50% of the total cost identified upon
confirmation of booking (this deposit amount covers the administrative
costs of Firefly Events prior to each event and protects against loss of
income due to cancelled bookings). Final accounts must be settled in
advance, 28 days prior to the proposed event date.
Payments should be made via Bacs to: Firefly Events Ltd, Barclays Bank,
account 60367729, sort code 20-45-45.

The client will be responsible for any damage caused at the event by an
employee or a guest involved in a careless act and must pay the total
amount required to make good any such damage. Firefly Events cannot be
held responsible for any loss or damage to the client’s property or that of
their guests. In the event of any loss/damage to Firefly Events’ equipment
caused by hirer or any persons associated to hirer, this includes: staff and
general public, Firefly Events will issue any details of any settlement
required due to loss/damage of Firefly Events’ equipment.


Such amount must be settled within 14 days. Failure to do so may lead to
a claim for loss of earnings if Firefly Events is required to cancel bookings
for other venues.

These must be agreed upon at the booking stage to ensure staff coverage.
Extensions to these times will not be possible without 21 days prior
agreement with a senior member of the management team. The client will
be responsible for the cost of a late licence or any other charges incurred.
Entertainment must be pre-identified and must be finished by 11pm unless
otherwise agreed upon. Firefly Events will however consider each case in
isolation and will allow for later start times due to discrepancies in sunset

Should you have to cancel your event we will allow you to rebook at a date
convenient to both parties within 6 months. As the final payment is due
four weeks prior to the event, cancellation before this date will mean loss
of your deposit and cancellation after this date will mean full payment
must be paid by the hirer.
All cancellations must be confirmed in writing to the Firefly Events’
Administration Team where final accounts will be calculated. Any costs
incurred for a particular event, that otherwise would not have been
incurred; will be charged to the client in the event of a cancellation unless
Firefly Events is able to mitigate their loss.
Firefly Events reserves the right to cancel an event due to adverse weather
conditions, if they believe there is danger to the public, staff or equipment.
Firefly Events reserves the right to cancel an event if they believe there is
danger to the public, staff or equipment from the surrounding areas or
individuals. In the event that the hirer uses faulty equipment that may
cause damage to Firefly Events’ equipment, we reserve the right to
cancel/postpone any event/equipment hire until we see fit to continue.
In the event of a cancellation, Firefly Events will endeavour to reschedule
within 12 weeks of the original date and no further than a 10 mile radius of
the original location.
Firefly Events will not be liable for any loss of earnings due to a cancelled
event including; hired services or staffing costs.


Due to circumstances beyond Firefly Events’ control it may be necessary
to change or cancel your booking. Where the change is considered major,
as decided by Firefly Events, you will be offered the option to accept the
change or to receive a full refund of any monies paid against the booking.
Firefly Events is not responsible for any other costs, expenses or damages
which may have been incurred by the client or their guests as a result of
the change.

Firefly Events will not be liable for failure to comply with any of the terms
and conditions stated within this agreement to the extent such compliance
is prevented, hindered or delayed by any cause beyond its control including
but not limited to; a fire, storm, explosion, flood, power shortage, an act of
God, the actions of any Government of Government Agency, shortage or
shortfall of goods or supplies, an employee strike or a facility lock-down.

All clients hosting an event are deemed responsible and must ensure full
compliance with Firefly Events’ Health & Safety policy. A copy will be
provided upon request. We reserve the right to refuse connection of water,
electricity or gas to the client’s equipment if we consider it to be unsafe or
a hazard to the public.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that their licence for the chosen
film is accurate and that they have paid the correct fee and have the
correct permissions. Firefly Events will not take responsibility for licensing
unless agreed beforehand.
It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that they have a valid
Temporary Events Notice and the relevant Public Liability Insurance in
place. Firefly Events takes no responsibility of the hirer in these matters.

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