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Published by megan20jimenez, 2019-12-05 19:54:56

12 games

12 games

Low Organized Games

Megan Jimenez

KINE 1151-P02
Mon. & Wed. 11:00-11:50am

September 18, 2019

Table of § Warm Up: Page 1
Contents § Game 1: Hide N Seek (pg.2)
§ Game 2: Capture the flag (pg.3)
§ Game 3: The quiet game (pg.4)
§ Game 4:Simon says (pg.5)
§ Game 5: Tic-tac-toe (pg.6)
§ Game 6: Rock, paper, scissors (pg.7)
§ Game 7: The floor is lava (pg.8)
§ Game 8: Musical chairs (pg.9)
§ Game 9: Telephone (pg.10)
§ Game 10: Heads up, Seven up (pg.11)
§ Game 11: I Spy (pg.12)
§ Game 12: Marco Polo (pg.13)

Warm Up § 2 laps
§ (Hold for 10 Seconds)
§ Right leg stretch
§ Left leg stretch
§ Hold squat
§ Right arm across chest
§ Left arm across chest
§ Front circles
§ Back circles

Hide N Seek § Instructions: There will be two even groups, one will

be the hiders and the other group will be the seekers.
In the beginning a base is established so that the hiders
may run to, to be safe from the seekers. The seekers
close their eyes, count to 20, and then go and look for
the hiders.While the seekers are counting, the hiders
have to hide, and try to run to the base without being
caught by the seekers.

§ Note: If the seekers do not tag anyone then they remain

it and the game starts over but whoever is tagged by
the seeker than they are now the seeker.

§ Objective: The seekers are trying to be the hider and

the hiders are trying to stay hidden as long as possible
or try to make it to the base without being tagged.

§ Equipment: No equipment is needed.

Capture the § Instructions: Two teams will be divided evenly, each
team gets a flag that they have to protect on their side.
One person from each team will be protecting the flag.
Players from each team will run on their opponents side
to try and grab their flag but only without being tagged.
If a runner runs to the other side and gets tagged by the
other team then they are in ”jail”. In order to be taken
out of jail is to have one of your players come and get
you without being tagged as well.

§ Note: it is important to try and get the other team’s flag

but also to protect yours

§ Objective: Capture the other team’s flag without being

tagged to jail and protect your flag as well.Whoever
captures the flag first, wins.

§ Equipment: 2 orange cones and 2 flags

The Quiet § Instructions: The game is played with a group of
people, everyone must be sitting and remain quiet. No
sounds are to be made or you are out and therefore lose
the game. The last one that stays quiet without making a
noise, wins.

§ Note: You can try to make others laugh but it has to be

done without making a sound.

§ Objective: Try to make others laugh without making a

noise and be the last one to stay quiet to win.

§ Equipment: No equipment is needed

Simon Says § Instructions: One person will be selected to be Simon

and the rest of the group has to listen to what Simon
says to do. The catch is, Simon HAS TO say,“Simon says”
and then the command. If Simon gives a command
WITHOUT saying,“Simon says” and the other players
follow through with the command then they are out but
if you stay still than you are safe.

§ Notes: Simon can throw commands as fast as possible,

the key is to listen closely and carefully.

§ Objective: Simon’s goal is to get everyone out but the

other players goals is to stay in as long as possible.

§ Equipment: No equipment is needed

Tic-Tac-Toe § Instructions: The game is played between two people,

one person will be X’s and the other will be O’s. Each
have to try to get three in a row of their letter. If all the
spaces are filled up then it is known as a scratch.

§ Notes: There are many secret loop holes so that you can

increase your chance of winning

§ Objective: Get three in a row of your letter but also

block your opponent from getting three in a row

§ Equipment: A piece of paper and two pens

Rock, Paper, § Instructions: Two people go against each other, facing
each other, each says,“rock, paper, scissors”, while
doing so, both throw a fist down with each word. A
player can only throw a rock, paper, or scissor but only
after scissors are said.

§ Note: The game can be best out of 5 or 3 or whatever

you want. The rules though, rock crushes scissors,
paper covers rock, and scissors cut paper.

§ Objective: The goal is to beat whatever the other

player throws.

§ Equipment: No equipment is needed

The floor is lava § Instructions: The game can be played anywhere and if

someone says,“the floor is lava”, there is a 5 second
countdown, then all players have to jump on top of
something and cannot be touching the floor whatsoever.
If you do not make it on top of an object within five
seconds then you lose.

§ Note: Always try to jump on to a object that is easy to

get on and does not move so you do not fall off.

§ Objective: Try to catch your friends off guard by

saying,“the floor is lava”, and always be ready just in
case, do not fall off your object, and be as quick as

§ Equipment: No equipment is needed

Musical Chairs § Instructions: Depending on the number of players,

depends on the number of chairs in the circle. There is
always one less chair than person, so one person will
not have a chair at the end.You line the chair up and the
music starts, then everyone walks around the chairs, the
music stops, and then everyone rushes to sit in a chair. If
you are not sitting in a chair by the time the music stops
than you are out. A chair is taken after each round and
the one that sits in the last chair at the end, wins.

§ Note: Be quick as possible and listen for the music to


§ Objective: Always have a chair every time the music


§ Equipment: Chairs and music

Telephone § Instructions: The group all sits in circle, one person

whispers a phrase in the person to their rights ear and
so on. The phrase has to get back to where it started.

§ Note: The phrase can only be said once so you have to

listen closely and repeat what you hear

§ Objective: The objective is to have the same phrase at

the end as you started with

§ Equipment: No equipment is needed

Heads up, § Instructions: Seven players go up to the front, while the
Seven up
rest of the class puts their head down with their thumb
up and eyes closed. The seven players in the front go
around and squeezes one person’s thumb. If your thumb
is chosen then you have to put it down and wait for them
to say,“heads up” and then try to pick someone out of
the seven that may have squeezed your thumb.

§ Note: there is no cheating so your eyes have to stay

closed while your head is down. If you chose someone’s
thumb then you do not want anyone guessing it was

§ Objective: Try to guess who picked your thumb and or

make sure someone does not guess it was you who
picked their thumb

§ Equipment: No equipment is needed.

I Spy § Instructions: Someone spots something within a room

or outside and can say,“I spy something blue”, and the
rest of the players have to guess what blue object they
are talking about.

§ Note: Try not to make the objects that you spying not

so hard for the other players to find so the game does
not go on forever.

§ Objective: Try to spot what the object the spier is

talking about

§ Equipment: No equipment is needed.

Marco Polo § Instructions: The game is played in a pool. One person

known as the ”it”, closes their eyes shouting “Marco”
and the other players respond ”Polo”. The “it” has to try
and find the others by following their voices and tries to
tag them while their eyes remain closed.

§ Note: You have to say “Polo” no matter how close the

“it” may be to them

§ Objective: Stay away from the “it” as much as possible

and the “it’s” objective is to try and tag someone by
following their voice.

§ Equipment: No equipment is needed.

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