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Arrington Watkins 2018 Native American SOQ

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Published by Arrington Watkins Architects, 2019-08-30 17:50:47

Arrington Watkins 2018 Native American SOQ

Arrington Watkins 2018 Native American SOQ

Statement of Qualifications Arrington Watkins Architects, LLC

performance as architects
is the degree to which we
satisfy the goals of our

Lynn Arrington and
David Watkins

5240 N. 16th Street Suite 101 Phoenix, Arizona 85016 602-279-4373

Native American Architecture

Native American Native American Architecture

Our role is to blend Every tribe is a unique community with distinct cultural traditions and historical
our experience in
public facilities and influences. We focus first on gaining an intimate understanding of the unique
infrastructure projects goals and needs of our Native American clients. Arrington Watkins approach
with the culture and to design is to foster a true collaborative environment. When people are fully
traditions of each tribe. heard, they become deeply engaged in the design process. We have found
this dynamic creates a strong sense of trust amongst the project team.

Our successful Native American projects result from these strong partnerships
between tribal members and the design/build team members. By listening to the
voices of the people, we capture the vision and spirit special to that community.
Our role is to blend our experience in public facilities and infrastructure
projects with the culture and traditions of each tribe. This collaboration results
in innovative solutions that leave long-term, positive impacts on the Native
American communities we serve. This approach has formed many lasting
relationships for our firm. We have worked on multiple projects for several
tribes because of the level of trust and partnerships we have developed.

There is a great responsibility in designing public work. We understand native
projects need to reflect the values of the people. They need to function properly
as well as respond to cultural traditions. Sustainability is another important
criteria for all our projects.

Energy efficiency and green building principles are always considered. Existing
positively within the environment is an important concept for native tribes that
Arrington Watkins takes seriously.

Additionally, projects need to be financially sustainable in both construction
and operations to allow communities to flourish. Our reputation as a firm has
been built on our ability to effectively manage all the aspects of our client’s
projects including design, budget, consultants, and schedule. Our technical
expertise and our experience in managing public infrastructure projects is the
greatest asset we can provide to our clients.

Working with tribal communities has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling.
The majority of our company portfolio is comprised of public sector projects.
Yet there is a special quality to Native American projects. The buildings seem
to sit more proudly on the land, becoming a part of the landscape and a fabric
of the community. Tribal members feel a stronger sense of ownership in their
facilities and the programs that are housed within. We feel honored to provide
services to tribal communities because the spirit of gratitude and blessing of
the native people is so palpable and genuine. We look forward to continued
relationship building and opportunities with Native American communities.

Native American Representative Projects

“You always went the extra For over 15 years, Arrington Watkins has been worked with Native American
mile and spent whatever Communities on projects ranging from small office renovations to major public
time was necessary to safety and public works projects, including the following list of representative
provide a product that was
a notch above the rest.” projects:

Gerald E. McDonald • Navajo Nation Public Safety Training Center $100,000,000 (est. in design)
Tribal Architect
Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian • SRP-MIC Police/Fire Headquarters Master Plan $55,000,000 (est. masterplan)
• Ak-Chin Multi-Purpose Justice Complex $15,000,000

• GRIC Juvenile Detention Facility $12,000,000

• SRP-MIC Elementary School $7,000,000

• R.C. Gorman Library, Navajo Nation $5,300,000

• Navajo Dook O’Ooslid Office and Retail Center $5,250,000

• SRP-MIC Police/Fire Substation $4,335,000

• Ak-Chin Indian Community Fire Station $4,000,000

• SRP-MIC Interim Office Building $2,400,000

• SRP-MIC Health and Human Services Renovation $1,750,000 (est. in design)

• SRP-MIC Family Advocacy Center Renovation $950,000 (est. in design)

• Komatke Clinic EMS Building Remodel, GRIC $600,000

• Ak-Chin Service Center Modular Office $500,000 (not constructed)

• Ak-Chin Mobile Home Park $500,000 (not constructed)

• GRIC Blackwater Community School Modular $400,000

• SRP-MIC Elementary School Modulars $350,000

• SRP-MIC Zone 2 Operations Building $300,000

• Navajo Hualapai Trails Concession Building $220,000

Public Safety Training Navajo Nation
Public Safety Regional Training Center

Location: Chinle, Arizona The Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety
Facility Type: (NNDPS) recently selected Arrington Watkins
Fire Training Architects, from a list of four finalists, for the
Project Owner: Police Training master planning and design of the Division of
Public Safety Regional Training Facility, located on
Contact: Navajo Nation 80 acres in Chinle, Arizona. The training facility,
Contact Number: Division of Public Safety when completed, will include an administration
Construction Cost: building with classrooms, outdoor physical fitness
Completion Date: Delores Greyeyes area, gym, driving track, shooting range, a
Site Area: 928.871.6581 standalone fire training tower, fire training car,
paved driver training for police, corrections,
$100,000,000 (Est.) EMS and fire drivers, and a dorm and cafeteria.
Certain areas of the ground floor will be
In design commonly shared areas by police, corrections,
fire and emergency medical technicians.
80 Acres
Training scenarios will be developed around the
latest trends in the industry and situations specific
to the Navajo Nation. Cultural elements will be
incorporated into the materials, shapes and flows
within the building

The NNDPS has entered into a multi-year contract
with Arrington Watkins to produce the initial
master plan, Phase 1 design, and then future
phases identified in the master plan, as funds are

Police / Fire Training SRP-MIC Police and Fire Headquarters

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona Arrington Watkins was hired to develop a
Facility Type: needs assessment, architectural program and
Police Headquarters master plan for the Community’s police and fire
Project Owner: Police Training headquarters and training facility. The services
Fire Station involved include the assessment of the needs of
Construction Cost: Fire Training a large group of stakeholders, projected over
Completion Date: 5, 10, and 20 year periods, and then melding
Site Area: Salt River Pima-Maricopa those needs into a single building program
Building Area: Indian Community and master plan. The team prepared a site
analysis and a master plan of a 27 acre site,
$55,000,000 (Est.) encompassing not only the ultimate build out
of the site, but a series of prioritized phases,
August 2010 (Masterplan) along with projected cost to develop each
phase at some assumed date in the future.
27 Acres Police facilities included in the master plan are
151,000 SF police administration, field operations, criminal
investigation, property and evidence, records
bureau, 911 call center, emergency response
control center and police training. Police training
consists of administration classrooms, tactical
training, vehicle storage, firing range and driver
training track
Fire facilities included in the master plan are
a 3 bay fire station, battalion chief quarters,
fire department administration, 911 call center,
emergency response control center, fire sprinkler
pumphouse and storage tank and fire training.
Fire training consists of administration, classrooms,
fire training accessory buildings and props,
vehicle storage and driver training track

Justice Center Ak-Chin Indian Community Justice Center

Location: Ak-Chin, Arizona This project consists of courts, police and
Facility Type: detention functions, all in a single 62,440 SF
Police Station facility, requiring coordination of public and
Project Owner: Community Court staff access, circulation, security and in-custody
Detention movement.
Contractor Courts: The 17,765 SF court facility includes a
Total Construction Cost: Ak-Chin Indian formal courtroom, chambers, public defender’s
Completion Date: Community offices, prosecuting attorney’s offices, probation,
Total Building Area: security lobby and support spaces.
Kitchell Detention: The detention facility is approximately
21,911 SF and has a 34 bed capacity for
$17,486,000 adults, 9 beds for juvenile, and spaces for intake
processing, master control, public and visiting
April 2014 spaces, inmate programs, medical, laundry, food
services, staff facilities, and support spaces.
62,440 SF Police: The police department is approximately
15,624 SF, including space for administration,
investigation, evidence storage, communications,
patrol and storage.
Arrington Watkins worked closely with the
Community to develop a design and aesthetic that
was meaningful to the people. As a result, we
incorporated Ak-Chin’s agrarian industrial shed
roof aesthetic in he building design along with a
gathering ramada common to the community.

Native American R.C. Gorman Library

Location: Tsaile, Arizona The project was designed to house the private
Facility Type: Library collection of books and artwork donated to
Renovation Dine’ College by famed Navajo artist R.C.
Project Owner: Dine’ College Gorman. The project site is located in a
wedge-shaped portion of the main library
Contractor Chuska-Sahara building, which itself was designed in the
Construction shape of a large Hogan. The artwork is
Total Construction Cost: $530,000 displayed on gallery walls that have been
Completion Date: July 2004 shaped to represent a traditional Navajo
Total Building Area: 1,575 SF carpet weave pattern. Long vertical windows
separate the solid walls to represent the
topography of the slot canyons of Canyon de
Chelly, which is near the artist’s childhood

A clockwise movement through the gallery
and into the library stacks is symbolic of the
traditional spiritual journey of the Navajo
people. An octagonal Reading Room in the
proportions of a traditional Hogan separates
the library and gallery spaces. The Reading
Room has an East entry, symbolizing renewal
in the tradition of Navajo buildings. Chairs
are arranged in a circular pattern to allow
for traditional storytelling. The finishes in the
Reading Room and Library Stacks include
accents of wood, stone and leather, which are
all common in the area.

An octagonal display case between the
Reading Room and Gallery houses the Code
Talker medallion presented to R.C. Gorman’s
father for his role in WWII communications.
The artist wanted to honor the memory of his
father and the very important cultural legacy
of the Navajo Code Talkers. The adjoining
spaces are designed to allow for moments of
reflection and contemplation.

Police / Fire Stations SRP-MIC Fire and Police Station

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona Salt River Pima - Maricopa Indian Community
Facility Type: contracted with Arrington Watkins to design a
Police Station police and fire substation. The 19,821 SF building
Project Owner: Fire Station is located on 3.2 acres at the southwest corner of
Indian School Road and Center Road. Each side
Contractor: Salt River Pima - Maricopa of the facility is designed to service either the fire
Construction Cost: Indian Community or police departments.
Completion Date:
Site Area: Au’ Authum Ki The police department contains office space for
Building Area: three patrol supervisors, two housing liaisons, two
$4,334,836 student resource officers, and two detectives. In
addition, the facility has work spaces for patrol
May 2009 officers to file reports, store information and
attend daily briefing and a training resource room
3.2 Acres for the officers.
21,340 SF This fire department facility has four apparatus
bays and dorm rooms for 12 firefighters. There
are offices for both the captain and the inspector.
A kitchen supports three separate shifts, with
separate storage accommodations for each
shift. The fire department facility also includes a
laundry room with two washers and two dryers,
a study room, and a common area with a 60”
flat screen TV. This area is adjacent to an outdoor
patio that has seating and a barbecue unit.

Both the men’s and women’s locker rooms open
into a 750 square foot exercise room that is
shared by the Police and Fire Departments.

Fire Stations Ak-Chin Indian Community Fire Station

Location: Maricopa, Arizona The 18,340 SF Ak-Chin Indian Community
Facility Type: Fire Station houses both a fire station and the
Fire Station fire administration offices for the Community.
Project Owner: Fire Administration The station was built largely to facilitate the
emergency medical needs of the nearby Ak-Chin
Contact: Ak-Chin Indian Casino, over doubling the size of their previous
Contact Number: Community fire facility. The station contains four large
Contractor: apparatus bays sized to fit a ladder truck, two
Contact Name: Cecil Peters engines, three ambulances and a tanker truck.
Contact Number: 520.568.1301 Additional fire vehicles and specialty trailers are
Construction Cost: parked on surface lots. The administration portion
Completion Date: Summit Dck LLC of the facility houses the fire marshal, fire chief,
Site Area: Joel Spencer assistant chief, and all administrative staff. Dorm
Building Area: 602.828-4067 facilities, a dining facility, exercise room, locker
rooms, medical exam room, and kitchens support
$2.6 Million the staff in their everyday duties.
The station was completed in May of 2011, within
May 2011 schedule and nearly $1 million under the original
budget. The fire station was awarded the Arizona
4 Acres Masonry Guild “Design Excellence Award.”
18,340 SF

Firm Profile

Firm Profile Arrington Watkins Architects, LLC

From left: Mike Conder, Mike Quinn, Patte Thornton, Matt Gorman, Peter Sangiorgio, Kyle Swanson and Michelle Diaz

“From the smallest request HISTORY
to the major projects, Lynn Arrington and David Watkins after practicing architecture together since 1974,
your work, dedication formed Arrington Watkins Architects, a full-service architectural firm, in 1994. In
and professionalism to the 2017, seven long-time team members took over ownership with at least one principal
client is as refreshing as it intimately involved in each project the firm undertakes. Working closely with them is
is valuable. You always a talented staff of 32 architects, architects-in-training, and support staff, equipped with
went the extra mile and the latest technology available.
spent whatever time was
necessary to provide a CORE VALUES
product that was a notch The strength of Arrington Watkins is our culture. Although you should see and sense the
above the rest.” culture when you deal with any of us, we wanted a way to verbalize it with our staff
and with all those that touch us. So, we created 12 core values to more clearly define
Gerald E. McDonald, AIA exactly what the Arrington Watkins culture is. They are reflected in everything we do
Tribal Architect and every interaction we have. Our core values are always the framework from which
Salt River Pima / Maricopa we make all of our decisions. You will find our 12 core values on the following page.
Indian Community
Arrington Watkins Architects has provided design and facilities management services
to government clients, corporations and contractor firms throughout the United States on
projects ranging in size up to $320 million in construction cost. The firm’s expertise is
in the design and management of projects that are technically complex in their systems,
function or processes. These projects have included public safety facilities, medical
installations, high-tech office / assembly, manufacturing, court facilities, criminal justice
facilities, warehouse buildings, and retail fuel installations. Much of our experience
is in managing complex projects involving multiple consultants, approving agencies,
owners and user groups.

Firm Profile Core Values

“You are heads and
shoulders above your
competition, while they
may have attractive
presentations, you grasp
the real concept of customer
service and deliver it.”

Mike Rank 1. Pursue and share knowledge
Former Senior Project Manager 2. Support a balanced life
Construction Services 3. Have fun
Arizona Department of 4. Be passionate and dedicated to your work
Administration 5. Be creative, innovative and pursue new ideas
6. Promote open and honest communication
“You think and act like 7. Be accountable
a developer or owner – 8. Build lasting relationships
not a services firm whose 9. Provide a WOW service experience
primary objective is to 10. Embrace and drive change
maximize billings. You 11. Foster a collaborative environment
think and act in the best 12. Treat people fairly and with respect
interest of the customer,
irrespective of the impact As a result of our culture, we hear regularly from clients, consultants, contractors
on your bottom line.” and others who tell us that we are different from other Architectural firms
Happily, they have been eager to share their thoughts about why! Throughout
Jim Hunter this document we have included testimonies from some of these individuals.
Senior Vice President
Dominion Leasing Company

Firm Profile Services

“By ensuring continuity of Pre-Design
key personnel from early • Site analysis and selection
design to construction • Needs assessments
completion, Arrington • Architectural programming
Watkins maintained a level • Masterplanning
of service and integrated an • Project budgeting
efficiency of efforts rarely • Public presentation
seen on our projects.” • Feasibility studies

Diane L. Vaughn, AIA Architectural Design
Senior Project Manager • Conceptual and 3D design studies
Design and Construction • Architectural design and documentation
Federal Bureau of Prisons • Specifications
• Agency approvals
“The Arrington Watkins • BIM (Building Information Management)
project team and upper • Building code and ADA analysis
management have been
exceptional to work with. Sustainable Design
Their inventive design • Incorporate sustainable design practices on all projects
process and the ability to • 10 LEED Accredited Professionals
work within a tight project • Five LEED certified projects
schedule have resulted in • Complete utility company rebate applications
a seamless transition from • LEED management and consultation - research, document preparation task
design, to construction, to management
ultimate occupancy.” • Life cycle cost analysis and feasibility studies

Cindy Jones Construction Administration
Former Senior Project Manager • Assist the owner in any way feasible to facilitate the timely and quality
County of San Bernardino completion of the construction
Architecture and Engineering • Work closely with the contractor in the field to assist them in maintaining
the schedule and budget and producing a smooth running, efficient,
successful construction project
• Attend weekly site meetings
• Prioritize submittals
• Answer requests for information in a very timely manner
• Work to resolve field issues
• Analyze value engineering ideas

Self Certification & Annual Facilities Permit
• Three approved City of Phoenix Self Certification Professionals
• Have completed two City of Phoenix self-certified projects
• Have completed seven AFP projects

Firm Profile Project Management Approach

“Our project team’s We place the highest priority on the efficient and effective management of our
relationship with… projects. Some of the keys to our success in managing projects are:
Arrington Watkins was
one of mutual professional • Focus on the Client: Cost, functional and aesthetic decisions are made with
respect, collaboration and the goals of the project, and the clients best interest, in mind.
• Committed Project Teams: From beginning of the project to the end --
Margaret Rodriguez no departments, no handoffs.
President Owner
Au’Authum Ki, Inc. • Highly Interactive Process: We think you, the client, are best served when
included as an active, integral part of the design team.
“All challenges were
resolved with the idea that • Project Management Database: The cornerstone of Arrington Watkins project
“we” (Salt River Community) management system; a highly effective tool to track and retrieve the vast
are the customer. Suffice amount of information developed throughout a project.
it to say that is the extra
mile the AW team has • Weekly Project Meetings: Our rigorous meeting minute system is highly
always taken.“ developed and results in the assignments of well-defined tasks to specific
individuals with specific time constraints.
Ronald J. Stack
Senior Construction Manager • Scheduling: A very detailed, critical path schedule for each project, monitored
Salt River Pima/ Maricopa Indian throughout the project.
Community Engineering and
Construction Services Division • Construction Costs / Estimating: We manage the design against the budget
constantly and from the very beginning of the project avoiding the position of
slashing quality and scope late in the game.

• Quality Assurance: Information from our Project Database is retrieved and
used throughout the project in the form of meeting minutes, QA checklists,
discipline reports, and construction logs. Plans are reviewed against the
checklist using 1 of our 3 “war rooms” (see above), helping to minimize
changes and change orders.

Leadership Team

Matthew Gorman Matt has managed major projects for the firm
Managing Principal throughout the United States, including a number
Master of Architecture of private prisons, two large Federal Prisons, and
Arizona State University border patrol stations. Locally, Matt has been Project
Manager on numerous police and fire facilities
Years with firm: 23 for the City of Phoenix, City of Tempe, and Native
American communities.
Mike Quinn
Managing Principal Mike has managed some of the firm’s largest prison
Master of Architecture projects, including two $200 million projects for the
Arizona State University Arizona State Prison system. Mike is also an expert in
the planning and design of public works, maintenance
Years with firm: 23 and fleet maintenance facilities. In addition, Mike
guides the staff in the policies and procedures of
construction administration services.

Mike Conder Mike’s career has included projects in the fields of
Managing Principal justice, education, office and mixed-use. He is well
versed in conventional construction technologies and
Master of Architecture multiple delivery methods. He has experience in all
Bachelor of aspects of project management including scheduling,
Architectural Studies budgeting, programming, design, documentation and
Arizona State University construction administration.

Years with firm: 10 Peter has managed numerous major projects for the
firm, including large prison projects in Arizona and
Peter Sangiorgio throughout the United States, police and sheriff’s
Principal Architect facilities, and a wide range of other building types.
Peter has been largely responsible for Arrington
BS Architectural Watkins’ presence in the State of Nevada over the
Technology and Urban past 10 years, completing 12 projects for the State
Design, New York of Nevada Department of Corrections.
Institute of Technology
Kyle has managed a wide variety of major projects
Years with firm: 24 for the firm, including: the Hawaii Regional Security
Operations Center for the U.S. Navy and the National
Kyle Swanson Security Administration, large regional police and
Principal Architect fire training facilities, police substations, evidence
storage facilities and 911 call centers. Kyle also leads
Bachelor of Architecture the firm’s CADD services and has been instrumental
North Dakota State in the development of the firm’s capabilities in REVIT
University and BIM.

Years with firm: 16

Leadership Team

Patricia Thornton Patte has a strong construction background and makes
Principal Architect use of that experience in the office and in the field.
She has worked with multiple project delivery methods
Master of Architecture and her project experience includes programming,
New Jersey Institute of masterplanning, schematic, design development,
Technology contract documents through the permitting process, and
construction administration.
Years with firm: 11
Michelle is responsible for the day to day management
Michelle Diaz of the firm’s business. Working closely with the
Principal managing principals and the leadership team, she
Business Manager manages the day-to-day finances, human resources,
insurance, contracts and general office operations.
Ottawa University

Years with firm: 16 As former principal, Lynn was the design and technical
driving force behind all of the firm’s projects…either
Lynn Arrington through his direct involvement or through the impact
Founding Principal he had on the education and development of our
staff. His impressive knowledge of building systems
Bachelor of Architecture and construction, his limitless capacity for innovative
Kansas State University ideas, and his infectious enthusiasm has helped form
the ideals of what Arrington Watkins is today.

David Watkins As former principal, David oversaw all of the
Founding Principal business management aspects of the firm, including
financial management, human resources, risk
Bachelor of Architecture management, IT systems, and marketing and
Kansas State University business development systems. In addition, David
MBA served as Principal Architect on many of the firm’s
Arizona State University projects, primarily involving masterplanning, needs
assessments, programming and feasibility.

Project Portfolio

Courts Representative Projects

“Arrington Watkins Ak-Chin Indian Community Multi Purpose
Architects are ‘problem Justice Center
solvers,’ not ‘problem Maricopa, AZ
makers.’ ” 17,765 SF - Courts
Hugh Gallagher 21,911 SF - Detention Center
Deputy Administrator 15,624 SF - Police
Maricopa County 7,140 SF - Firing Range
Superior Courts $15,000,000 - Total

Maricopa County Clerk of the Courts
Phoenix, AZ
34,000 SF

Northwest Regional Justice Center
Surprise, AZ
36,000 SF

San Tan Justice Courts
Chandler, AZ
44,000 SF

Southeast Regional Justice Center
Mesa, AZ
229,000 SF

Southwest Regional Feasibility Study
Avondale, AZ
35,000 - 60,000 SF (Options)
$12M - $16M Options

Central Courts Lobby Renovation
Phoenix, AZ
3,000 SF

Southeast Regional Clerk Renovation
Mesa, AZ
3,000 SF

Detention Facilities Representative Projects

Other Justice Projects Ak-Chin Indian Community Multi
• Prisons Purpose Justice Center
• Courts Maricopa, AZ
• Border Patrol 17,765 SF - Courts
• Evidence Storage 21,911 SF - Detention Center
• Lake Aid Stations 15,624 SF - Police
• Police Substations 7,140 SF - Firing Range
• Police Training $15,000,000 - Total
• 911 Call Centers
San Bernardino Juvenile Detention
San Bernardino, CA
128,616 SF / 280 Beds

Loudoun County Jail
Leesburg, VA
198,482 SF / 352 Beds

Madison Street Jail Renovation Study
Phoenix, AZ
406,000 SF / 960 - 1900 Bed Options
$15M - $140M Options

San Juan County Adult Detention Center
Aztec, NM
195,000 SF / 1,080 Beds

Inyo County Jail
Independence, CA
36,000 SF / 120 Beds

Mohave County Jail
Kingman, AZ
40,000 SF / 220 Beds

Yuba County Jail
Marysville, CA
60,000 SF / 300 Beds

Huerfano County Correctional Facility
Walsenburg, CO
206,000 / 750 Beds

Gila River Juvenile Detention Facility
Sacaton, AZ
27,000 SF / 60 Beds

Fire Stations Representative Projects

Related Projects Fountain Hills Fire Station #1
• Fire Training Fountain Hills, AZ
• Fire Headquarters $370,000
• Police Substations
• Police Training Sun City West Fire District #103
• Driver Training Sun City West, AZ
12,000 SF
Tracks $1,250,000

Sun City West Fire District #104
Sun City West, AZ
5,690 SF

SRP / MIC Police and Fire Station
Scottsdale, AZ
21,340 SF

City of Phoenix Fire Station #56
Phoenix, AZ
13,500 SF

Ak-Chin Fire Station
Maricopa, AZ
18,340 SF

City of Phoenix Fire Station #62
Phoenix, AZ
8,500 SF

Glendale Fire Administration TI
Glendale, AZ
11,666 SF

SRP / MIC Police and Fire Headquarters
including Fire Station
Scottsdale, AZ
142,000 SF (Planned)
$55,000,000 (Estimated)

Industrial Representative Projects

“Lynn Arrington and City of Phoenix 27th Avenue Compost
David Watkins have Facility
trained their staff to be Phoenix, AZ
professional, perform 65,000 SF
with high quality and $12,500,000
attention to detail.
They are very good at City of Phoenix Pilot Composting Project
working to the budget. I Phoenix, AZ
would recommend them
for any project that fits Arizona Community Ecocenter
their experience. They Surprise, AZ
are the best.” 15 Acres
Daniel F. Arana. PE 69,000 SF
Formerly with Sundt $8,385,971 Building
Construction $10,258,000 Equipment

WMRA/Waste Management of Orange
Material Recovery Facility
Orange, CA
28,000 SF

WRMA/Spokane Material Recovery
Spokane, WA
7.5 Acres
69,518 SF

ASU Urban Biomass Facility
Hummingbird Energy
Tempe, AZ
2.45 Acres
36,528 SF

Phoenix, AZ
20.02 Acres
55,562 SF

Clark County Sanitantion - Water Lab
Las Vegas, NV
60,000 SF

Central AZ Waste Accumulation
Phoenix, AZ
2.59 Acres
3,853 SF

Flip Chip
Phoenix, AZ
6,908 SF Mezzanine
1,024 SF 10K Fab. Expansion

Law Enforcement Representative Projects

• Police Substations Ak-Chin Indian Community Multi Purpose
• Sheriff’s Substations Justice Center
• Police Headquarters Maricopa, AZ
• Police Training 17,765 SF - Courts
• 911 Call Centers 21,911 SF - Detention Center
• Border Patrol 15,624 SF - Police
• Evidence Storage 7,140 SF - Firing Range
• Firing Ranges $15,000,000 - Total
• Lake Aid Stations
City of Maricopa Regional Public Safety
Training Center Masterplan
Maricopa, AZ
155,126 SF / 30 Acres
$9,200,000 - Phase 1
$50,000,000 (est. for entire project)

SRP / MIC Police and Fire Headquarters
Training Center Masterplan
Scottsdale, AZ
151,000 SF Building / 27 Acres
78,000 SF Parking Garage
$55,000,000 (Est.)

LVCVA Metro Police Substation
Las Vegas, NV
26,700 SF

City of Tempe Apache Police Substation
Tempe, AZ
111,195 SF

Estrella Mountain Police Precinct
Phoenix, AZ
25,884 SF

Black Mountain Police Precinct
Phoenix, AZ
28,300 SF

SRP / MIC Police and Fire Substation
Scottsdale, AZ
21,340 SF

City of Phoenix Police Training Academy
Phoenix, AZ
25,000 SF Building Additions
30,000 SF Renovations

City of El Mirage Police Substation
El Mirage, AZ

Offices Representative Projects

“All of the Arrington Buckeye Operations and Offsite
Watkins team Improvements
members . . . Buckeye, AZ
deserve special 5,000 SF
recognition for their $2,500,000
unrelenting efforts
toward achieving Maricopa County Chambers Building
this best-in-class Swing Space Remodel
design” Phoenix, AZ
21,000 SF
John Pierstorff $1,200,000
Bank of America
Maricopa County Clerk of the Courts
Phoenix, AZ
34,000 SF

City of Phoenix Barrister Relocation TI
Phoenix, AZ

Bank of America North Campus TI
Chandler, AZ

SRP / MIC Interim Office Building
Scottsdale, AZ
28,500 SF

Santa Fe Depot Assessor’s Office
Phoenix, AZ
15,284 SF

301 West Jefferson - Assessor’s Office
Phoenix, AZ
9,000 SF

Countrywide Office Renovation
Tempe, AZ
225,768 SF

Countrywide Frye Road
Chandler, AZ
180,000 SF

Glendale Fire Administration TI
Glendale, AZ
11,666 SF

Mortensen Construction TI
Chandler, AZ
9,000 SF

Prisons Representative Projects

• 40,000 Beds CDCR RJ Donovan Prison Infill
• $2.4 Billion San Diego, CA
290,000 SF / 720 Beds
in Construction $168,000,000
• Projects in
Nevada Department of Corrections
10 States 960 Bed Expansion Projects
• Public and Private Las Vegas, Carson City, and Indian
Springs, NV
Facilities 95,120 SF / 960 Beds
• Minimum through $31,800,000

Super Maximum United States Penitentiary & Federal
Prison Camp - Tucson
Tucson, AZ
691,845 SF / 1,214 Beds

Federal Correctional Institution Mendota
Mendota, CA
660,066 SF / 1,280 Beds

Arizona State Prison Complex - Lewis
Buckeye, AZ
1,117,000 SF / 4,150 Beds

ADC 4,000 Bed Prison Facilities
Goodyear, San Luis, and Tucson, AZ
627,200 SF / 4,000 Beds

ADC 1000 Bed Expansion
Perryville, AZ
667,460 SF / 1,000 Beds

Nevada High Desert Phases I - V
Indian Springs, NV
1,576,000 SF / 3,000 Beds

Nevada Prison 8
Indian Springs, NV
525,000 SF / 1,500 Beds

Stanley Correctional
Stanley, WI
420,000 SF / 1,500 Beds

Kingman DUI Facility - Phase I
Kingman, AZ
359,409 SF / 1,500 Beds

Public Works Representative Projects

• Facilities Maintenance City of Surprise Public Works Yard
• Fleet Maintenance Surprise, AZ
45,000 SF (estimated)
• Small Vehicle $7,000,000
• Heavy Duty
• Materials Storage City of Glendale
• Fueling Operations and Maintenance Facility
• Wash Racks Glendale, AZ
• Utilities Maintenance 83,400 SF
• Warehousing $13,119,792
• Loading Docks
• Parks and Rec Ops City of Goodyear Operations Center
Masterplan and 911 Call Center
Goodyear, AZ
96 Acres

City of Goodyear Public Works Facility
Program and Master Plan
Goodyear, AZ
41 - 46 Acres (options)
Est: 140,000 - 170,000 SF
Est: $41,000,000 - $88,000,000

Queen Creek Public Works Facility
Program and Master Plan
Queen Creek, AZ
21 Acres
Est: 158,000 SF
Est: $56,400,000

Highland Service Center
Phoenix, AZ
57,000 SF

Maricopa County Operations &
Maintenance Facility
Phoenix, AZ
26,556 SF

Arizona State Prison Complex - Lewis
Maintenance Facility
Buckeye, AZ
4 Acres
20,100 SF

Lawrenceville Correctional -
Maintenance Facility
Lawrenceville, VA
2.5 Acres
13,860 SF

CMAR Representative Projects

Arrington Watkins enjoys the “Construction Manager at Risk” process and working
with the owners and contractors as a team to develop a successful project. Following
are some of the CMAR projects that we have completed or are currently working on:

“You always went the • State of Arizona 4,000 Bed Prison Expansion $200,000,000
extra mile and spent • Countrywide Home Loans Office $90,000,000
whatever time was • Maricopa County Southeast Justice Courts $80,000,000
necessary to provide • State of Arizona 1,000 Bed Prison Expansion $24,625,000
a product that was a • City of Tempe Apache Substation & Evidence Stor. $17,426,000
notch above the rest.” • City of Glendale Municipal Field Operations $13,120,000
• Countrywide Tempe Tenant Improvements $12,000,000
Gerald E. McDonald • Maricopa County Sheriff’s Evidence Storage $6,273,000
Tribal Architect • City of El Mirage Police Substation $6,000,000
Salt River Pima- Maricopa • Santa Fe Depot Assessor’s Office $4,000,000
Indian Community • Nova Safe Haven Mental Health Facility $2,908,000
• City of Phoenix Fire Station #56 $2,500,000
• City of Phoenix Fire Station #62 $1,500,000
• Maricopa County Chambers Building Swing Space Remodel $1,200,000
• Maricopa County Sheriff’s Blue Point Substation $1,097,000
• Maricopa County Sheriff’s Lake Aid Station - Bartlett $650,000
• Maricopa County Sheriff’s Lake Aid Station - Apache $350,000
• Maricopa County Sheriff’s Lake Aid Station - Canyon $350,000

Design-Build Representative Projects

“AW is the best One of Arrington Watkins’ first projects in 1994 was a Design-Build project, and
architectural firm since then we have completed 40 projects using the Design-Build delivery method.
that I have ever These projects range from $2.4 million to over $320 million in construction cost; over
worked with. Their $1.2 billion total. We have cultivated long-term working relationships with some of
quality control of the the largest and most respected construction firms in the U.S., 9 of which we have
drawings and design completed projects with. Why do they work with us? Because we understand the
details is without Design-Build process and they value our work as an integral part of the team in
peer.” delivering top quality projects to our clients. Following is a representative list of the
Design-Build projects we have completed:
Daniel F. Arana
Formerly with Sundt • Hawaii Regional Security Operations Center (HI) $320,000,000
• CDCR RJ Donovan Prison Infill (CA) $168,000,000

• Kingman Phase II Detention Facility (AZ) $130,000,000

• USP/FPC Tucson (AZ) $115,944,178

• FCI/FPC Mendota (CA) $98,815,901

• Countrywide Frye Road Campus (AZ) $90,000,000

• San Bernardino Juvenile Detention (CA) $58,850,000

• Loudoun County Jail (VA) $58,669,191

• Stanley Correctional Facility (WI) $50,000,000

• Kingman DUI Detention Facility (AZ) $43,000,000

• Lawrenceville Correctional Facility (VA) $32,000,000

• Crowley County Corrections Facility (CO) $32,000,000

• Nevada 960 Bed Expansion (NV) $31,000,000

• Huerfano County Correctional Facility (CO) $24,218,000

• San Juan County Adult Detention Facility (NM) $20,410,000

• Arizona Community EcoCenter (AZ) $20,000,000

• WRMA/ Spokane Materials Recovery Facility (WA) $19,500,000

• Delta Correctional Facility (MISS) $17,125,000

• Las Vegas Convention & Visitors – Metro Substation (NV) $16,400,000

• Orange County Transfer Station Materials Rccovery Facility (CA) $14,000,000

• City of Phoenix Estrella Mountain Police Precinct (AZ) $10,080,911

• U.S. Border Patrol Station-Deming (NM) $9,800,000

• High Desert Men’s Prison Phase III (NV) $9,800,000

• Scottsdale Gun Club, Scottsdale (AZ) $9,500,000

• San Tan Regional Justice Courts (AZ) $8,900,000

• City of Phoenix Black Mountain Police Precinct (AZ) $7,834,461

• Countrywide Tenant Improvements (AZ) $7,500,000

• Holsum Bakery Warehouse (AZ) $7,000,000

• Northwest Justice Courts (AZ) $6,433,454

• Dook O’Ooslid Retail and Office Complex (AZ) $5,300,000

• Maricopa County Operations & Maintenance Building (AZ) $4,567,280

• U.S. Border Patrol Station-Cotulla (TX) $4,135,000

• Hearn Academy (AZ) $3,062,984

• SRP / MIC Interim Office Building (AZ) $2,400,000

• City of Phoenix Estrella Mtn. Precinct Maintenance Bldg. (AZ) $1,300,000

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