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Manifesto - The Dream Team



Bandra Gymkhana Elections


Christine Lionel Mark Austin Basil Warren
Menezes Athaide D’Sa Pereira
Pereira Fernandes

Our Vision

To be a world class pro-member gymkhana
that brings its members together

through sporting, social and cultural activities.


 Respect to all
 End to high-handedness,nepotism and favoritism
 Transparency and zero tolerance to corruption
 Pro-active, Pro-member and Approachable
 Impetus to sports
 Control on Rising F&B prices
 Innovative, System-based & Technology driven
 Nationally and Globally competitive

Respect to All, End to high-handedness, nepotism
and favoritism

 Respect for our Trustees, fellow Managing Committee members, Members,
their families and guests.

 Members must not have a fear of suspension for speaking the truth. We
welcome suggestions and they will be implemented if found practical and in
the interest of the members. Whistle blowers will be protected and rewarded

 We will put an end to the high handedness, dictatorship and vindictive culture
that is currently prevalent in the Gymkhana.

 No special treatment will be given to family and friends of committee members.

 We respect all our Senior Citizens. In addition to the existing benefits to seniors
over 75 years, we propose to introduce a subsidy for all seniors over 60 years
so that they can make use of the Gymkhana facilities and keep good health. The
nature and amount of subsidy for various facilities, whether 20%/40%/50% will
be placed before the general body and decided.

 Sectional Secretaries will be given more responsibility and accountability. The
Sectional Secretaries will not just be figure-heads without decision making
powers. Annual budget will be prepared and funds will be allocated to the
sectional secretary both for specific improvements in the sections as well as for
non specific purposes which will be under the Sectional secretary’s discretion.

 No discrimination between East Indian women, East Indian men and those East
Indians who have married non-East Indian Catholics.

 We propose that non East-Indian Catholics be given a different class of
membership and not be put in same category as non-Catholics. Goan,
Mangalorean, Anglo-Indian Catholics must be charged less than non-Catholics
for membership.

 Respect to our East Indian Association by giving them office space

The Bandra Gymkhana • Dream Team Draft Manifesto 2015-16 | 1 |

Pro-active, Pro-member and APPROACHABLE

 Members will be involved in the decision making. Periodic meetings with
members will be organized for suggestions and feedback

 Members nite and certain other functions will be made free of cost for all
members like many other clubs (eg. Catholic Club Bangalore – Family Day with
lunch free on 15th August)

 Involvement of the Sectional heads in decision making will go a long way in
bringing in commitment and progress. Bi-monthly Interaction with Committee
and Sectional Secretaries.

 We plan to showcase our rich East Indian Culture and traditions by organizing
special East Indian Cookery classes, cultural programmes and get-togethers.

 More activities for Senior Citizens

 Next Gen power and involvement is a must for the future of the Gymkhana. Our
Gymkhana must be focused on activities for young ones in order to tap their
talent and excel.

Impetus to Sports

 We will give an impetus to sports and make sporting activities an integral part
of our Gymkhana and encourage children to get involved in sports

 One of the tennis courts will be used as a multi-purpose court for sports like
Rink Football, Rink Hockey, Box Cricket, Skating, Basketball, Volleyball.

 Coaching to be provided in various sports played in the Gymkhana.

 Yoga will be subsidized to improve the mental & physical well being of our

 We will set up state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and infrastructure.

 We will regularly honour the members of our Gymkhana for their achievements
in the field of sports.

 Board games will be introduced such as carom, chess etc.

 Subsidies will be provided to Sr. Citizens attaining the age of 60 years to use
our sporting facilities. This will not only keep them occupied after retirement
but also keep them in good health.

| 2 | Dream Team Manifesto 2015-16 • The Bandra Gymkhana

Control on Food & Beverage prices

 Control on Rising F&B prices

 Chaat, Fish, Live-Dosa and Grill Counters will be introduced. Contractors will
be different from the F&B contractor with a purpose to enhance variety, create
competition and reduce prices. For example, Catholic Club in Bangalore.

Open, Transparent and Systems-based

 We will simplify rules and create an accountable institution.

 Suggestion boxes will be placed in prominent places, encouraging our
Members and Guests to provide suggestions and feedback. Every month 3 best
suggestions will receive an award.

 Facebook, Whatsapp and other Social media will be used to communicate with
our members.

 Our members will also be sent a copy of the Annual Report, newsletters,
circulars, etc to their registered address. We will not trouble them and make
them come to the office to collect a copy of the Annual Report.

 Systems will be put in place so that Members need not come to fill Discontinuation
Forms at the office to stop using facilities. This will increase satisfaction of

Innovative and Technology driven

 Smart cards & biometric technology will be used as entry point to the Gymkhana
and to all sections. This technology will provide information for better analysis
and decision making eg. to identify peak time and free time in sections/
restaurant/bar and better manage the usage of facilities.

 We will tie up with mobile service provider for sending free SMS blast to inform
and remind our members of upcoming events.

 Members are our Customers who need not stand in long queues for Christmas
and New Year Dance tickets. Technology and innovative ways will be used – we
will explore the option of e-ticketing.

 E-voting for members living abroad

The Bandra Gymkhana • Dream Team Manifesto 2015-16 | 3 |

Nationally and Globally competitive

 We will benchmark our facilities and services not only with the best of India but
the best in the world. This has to be done if we want to be ‘SIMPLY THE BEST’.

 We will tie-up with other Gymkhanas, Clubs, associations etc within India and
the world so that our members get an opportunity to get good services when
they travel

Strong, Effective and Futuristic Institution

 We will focus on current and future requirements of our members and not on
 We will build a Gymkhana with involvement of our members

We will propose resolutions keeping in mind our promises. This we can achieve
only with your support and co-operation and when you vote for all 6 candidates
in our Team. Vote for Change. It is Time to Change. Your Gymkhana needs to be
revitalized and re-energized.


| 4 | Dream Team Manifesto 2015-16 • The Bandra Gymkhana

ABOUT the dream team

Christine Menezes

Currently working with the Times Of India Group since 2006. Prior to
which worked with Cabot India, Bayer India, Amitabh Bachchan Corp
Ltd and Gulf Air, Bahrain. Worked for many a Chairman/Managing
Director/CEO’s office in the capacity of an Executive Assistant.
Daughter of the Late Doris and Trevor Dsouza. Married to Geoffrey
Menezes who is into Property Management. Mother to Stefan
(Pursing MBA and runs Cocoaroma) and Ryan (Final Year Law
Student). The family own Sellebrity Football Academy which runs
the Super Division team “Sellebrity FC” and a youth team “Geostanne United”
at the Mumbai District Football Association.
Member of the Salsette Society. The family are Lessees of 2 plots in the
Salsette Society, namely “Jonelia” and “Cornelia” (now into a Society)
Over the last 25 years, have seamlessly managed a fast paced work environment
with my competent communication, inter-personal and office management
skills. I bring mature soft skills, high coordination abilities and can easily
engage across different stakeholders, who interface with the business.


• As a life member with the Bandra Gymkhana for the past three
decades and having seen the changes from my teenage days,
I thought it was time for me to step in and get back the glory
days. The Gymkhana over the past few years has changed
from a family club to more of a commercial organization.

• On the professional side of me, I have been associated with
shipping and logistics for the past 30 years, with assignments
in the Middle East and India. I am currently working as a
Country Manager for one of the leading bulk liquid logistics
service providers for the past 6 years.

The Bandra Gymkhana • Dream Team Manifesto 2015-16 | 5 |

ABOUT the dream team

Lionel Athaide

Lionel was elected to the managing committee in 2008 &
2009 and was the secretary of the Senior Citizens section.
Marine service in Texaco, Barber ship management and
Bibby ship management.
Designed and headed a 6G welding course for Bibby ship
management. Located at St Xavier's technical college Mahim.
Apprenticeship at Voltas Ltd Thana.
Diploma in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering.
Studied at St Stanislaus high school Bandra .

Basil Pereira

• Living in Ranwar since birth.
• Officer Administration- Lupin Ltd.
• Current President of “The Catenians” Bandra Unit.
• Past Secretary of St. Stanislaus High School PTA.
• Current member of St. Andrews School Ex. Student


| 6 | Dream Team Manifesto 2015-16 • The Bandra Gymkhana

ABOUT the dream team

Austin Pereira

From 2000 to 2006 Managing Committee Member of
Mumbai Cricket Association. Parent body of Mumbai Cricket.
Performed duty for MCA as manager for under 16, 19 and
Ranji Trophy cricket team. Conducted cricket coaching nets
of M.C.A. at Bombay Gymkhana. Main promoter, played
Captained Catholic Gymkhana, Charni Road for 20 years.
Was employed by Standard Chartered Bank, Mumbai.
Formed, promoted, captained and coached their Cricket team from 1964
to 1990. Formed, conducted, played, Captained Bandra Gymkhana’s
Cricket team for 4 years which was qualified to be affiliated to M.C.A and
is ensured upto this day, enjoying financial benefits through IPL Tickets
sale, complementary and bonus percentage from profit made by M.C.A.
Also was a football and hockey player. Represented college, Rui sports
Club in Aga Khan Gold Cup and in Football main league Division and other
tournaments. Continue playing Badminton and Table tennis in Bandra
Gymkhana. At present is Hon. Gen. Secretary to Dharam Jyot CHS in
Sherly Rajan. Did vacation coaching in Badminton for 2 to 3 season in
Bandra Gymkhana.

The Bandra Gymkhana • Dream Team Manifesto 2015-16 | 7 |

ABOUT the dream team


• Founder & Owner of Synergy Creations, a Design Firm which has
bagged 27 prestigious national awards for highly creative
Corporate Communication Solutions. For the Bandra
Gymkhana, Warren designed the 75 years Platinum Jubilee
Coffee Table Book and the 75 years logo complimentary.

• Hon. Secretary of The St. Sebastian Homes Co-op Society,
comprising of 119 plots/buildings in Bandra.

Profile Warren in the News

• MBA from University of Auckland

• Master's Degree in Marketing

• Prior to starting business, headed the
Advertising Depts. of Patel
Roadways Group & Atco Group.

• Activist with contribution to civic issues,
develoment plan, reduction of crime, etc.
Warren has always fought for justice.

• Has brought about many changes in
St. Sebastian Society including starting
a Recreation Facility where Carnival,
Telegames, Christmas Dance, sporting
activities including Badminton, TT,
Carrom, Yoga are held.

• Revived the Rest Ranwar Christmas Dance
after 49 years.

• Was Programme Director of the
Association of Business Communicators of
India (ABCI).

An East Indian from Bandra, a sports oriented person; practises Yoga, plays Tennis,
swims & trains regularly.

Warren, with his rich experience and qualifications along with his organizing capability
would like to contribute to the Gymkhana for the benefit of all members.

| 8 | Dream Team Manifesto 2015-16 • The Bandra Gymkhana

Below are some Suggestions Received by the Dream Team
from sectional secretaries/members as on 31st August 2015:

1. The tennis courts must be maintained by purchasing jet spray machine
to clean the courts.

2. The Gymkhana must be made Child-friendly by having a Kid’s Corner.
Provision for a play area for small kids with an option for a Toy

3. The Billards/Snooker room must be open in the mornings too.

4. At the moment the Gym has only one decorator for hiring of chairs, etc when
members hire the tennis courts/hall for personal functions. There should be at

least three decorators to choose from and no one must be given monopoly.

5. Presently the Gym only gets a fixed royalty from the caterer. The Gymkhana
must also get a percentage on the sales of the catering (F&B).

6. The Fitness Center must be kept open throughout the day in sync

with the Gymkhana timings.

7. The Fitness Center must have a physiotherapist, massage therapist
and dietician who visits once a week (morning and evening).

8. Badminton section must have a marker.

9. Option for Online Booking for various sections and for the period that the

facility will be used. Same for dances and various functions.

10. East Indian food items such as fugias and wedding pickle should be a

regular item on the menu.

11. Keeping in sync with technology, Wi-Fi facility must be provided throughout
the Gym for unlimited internet access to members.

Your opinion is important to us.
Please continue sending your suggestions & feedback to

[email protected].

We will compile all feedback received
and incorporate all practical suggestions.

After all, it is your Gymkhana
and this manifesto should reflect it.

The Bandra Gymkhana • Dream Team Manifesto 2015-16 | 9 |




Christine Lionel Mark Austin Basil Warren
Menezes Athaide D’Sa Pereira
Pereira Fernandes

9820910366 9892436647 9892225823 9920881567 9223417699 9820320994


 Respect to all
 End to high-handedness,nepotism and favoritism
 Transparency and zero tolerance to corruption
 Pro-active, Pro-member and Approachable
 Impetus to sports
 Control on Rising F&B prices
 Innovative, System-based & Technology driven
 Nationally and Globally competitive

Please feel free to email us on :
[email protected]

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