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Career Guide for International Students Bachelor of Education

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Career Guide for International Students Bachelor of Education

Career Guide for International Students Bachelor of Education

Career Guide For International Students
Bachelor of Education

(Early Childhood Education)

Contents Page 3
Page 3
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) Page 4
Pathways Page 5
Job opportunities during study Page 7
Job opportunities after graduation Page 8
Websites for job vacancies and recruitment Page 8
Support agencies for international students

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Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)

A New Zealand Qualifications Authority The Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)
(NZQA) approved qualification is best suited to:
The Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) ▶ Those seeking a degree in early childhood education
is a three year degree for students wishing to gain a
qualification in early childhood education without the that will open doors to a professional occupation
practical teaching requirements of a Bachelor of Teaching ▶ Those seeking entry into NZTC’s Graduate Diploma in
(Early Childhood Education). The Bachelor of Education
(Early Childhood Education) provides simple pathways Teaching (Early Childhood Education), a qualification
into our qualifications that lead to New Zealand teacher that leads to teacher certification in New Zealand
certification. ▶ Those seeking entry into higher level qualifications
such as NZTC’s Postgraduate Diploma in Education
Campuses: This qualification is available at both our (Early Childhood Education), Master of Early Childhood
Auckland and Christchurch Campuses. Education and Master of Education (Early Childhood

Pathways Bachelor of Education EMPLOYMENT
(Early Childhood Education)
Graduate Diploma in Teaching Level 7 - Duration: 3 years
(Early Childhood Education)
Level 7 - Duration: 1.33 years
Teacher registration and provisional
certification by Education Council
of Aotearoa New Zealand


*Alternative pathways through further study with NZTC are available, please visit

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Job opportunities during study

International students studying the Bachelor of Education You can also get in touch with the NZTC International Team
(Early Childhood Education) on a student visa are eligible on [email protected] or the Pastoral
to work up to 20 hours a week during their program of Support Team on [email protected]
study and full-time (30 hours and above) during summer for a list of licensed early childhood centres in New Zealand.
vacations scheduled by NZTC.
Please click HERE for the vacations. Salary:
We strongly recommend that you seek work in a childcare The expected salary is from $15.25 to $19.00 per hour
centre as a volunteer, paid reliever or teacher aide. The depending on previous experience, qualifications and place
experience gained in this way not only improves your of work. Source: CareersNZ (2016). Early Childhood Teacher
chances of finding full-time employment once you have retrieved from and
graduated, it also assists you in your studies.
The Ministry of Education maintains an up-to-date Recruitment agencies:
database of all licensed early childhood centres in New Many recruitment agencies assist with the placement of
Zealand. You can find out about ECE services that may people for relief work. Refer to page 7 for website listings.
have open positions at

Employers always want to know about your skills, and I know I’ll be
able to demonstrate them.

Lily Wang (China)

Stage 2 Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)
Lessons in diversity:
Chinese-born Lily trained as a kindergarten teacher overseas, but felt the knowledge she
gained from her three-year diploma didn’t stack up when she was on the floor with the
“What I learnt was very general, I didn’t have much to draw on. So I asked my family to send
me abroad to study, and the agent we visited recommended studying in New Zealand.”
After completing a Level 5 qualification with another New Zealand provider, Lily transferred to NZTC’s Bachelor of
Education (Early Childhood Education) program. She feels she is now gaining specific knowledge to complement her
teaching practice. Case in point: her tutorials this week focussing on dance and movement.
“We’ve been learning children’s songs and games in English, Mandarin and Hindi. They will be useful in our home centres,
especially because New Zealand’s so culturally diverse,” says Lily. “The way I see it, the more languages we know, the better.”
With these ideas and plenty of time spent in New Zealand early childhood centres, Lily says she will be confident when
going to interviews at the end of her qualification.

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Job opportunities after graduation

Graduates are likely to find roles in early learning centres 1. Research assistant / research analyst
or child care centres. However, employment opportunities A research assistant supports researchers to undertake
may also be found in a range of public and private childcare specific research projects, gathering qualitative /
organisations, hospitals, and government agencies and quantitative information to provide facts and figures.
departments. Graduates may find themselves working A research analyst is responsible for analysing the data
more closely with groups of infants, toddlers and young to inform the research findings. There are a number of
children with specific needs. There are also international organisations and institutions that employ research
teaching opportunities. assistants and analysts.
In 2014, New Zealand Tertiary College conducted a
survey of NZTC graduates and 350 graduates responded. Salary:
The survey focused on the impact that our graduates’ Salaries for research assistants and research analysts vary
qualifications have on their working roles, income and on the basis of experience, responsibility and whether it is
career development. a private or public sector organisation. The expected salary
2014 Graduate survey snapshots: is from $35,000 per year. Source: CareersNZ (2016). Market
Research Analyst retrieved from
Were you “work ready” NO
upon graduation from your 4% Some of the institutions and agencies which hire them
program? are as follows:
Y96ES% ▶ Universities, polytechnics, private training

▶ The New Zealand Council for Educational Research
▶ The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research
▶ The Ministry of Education
▶ The Ministry of Social Development
▶ The Department of Labour

Are you currently working in NO 2. Administrator
a role that utilises your early 8% Administrators are responsible for the day to day
childhood qualification? operations of organisations. Many administrator roles are
Y92ES% available in education institutions, early childhood centres
and their corporate offices, and government agencies.
How likely are you to UNLIKELY
recommend NZTC to others? 5% Salary:
Salaries for administrators vary on the basis of experience,
9LI5K%ELY responsibility and whether it is a private or public sector
organisation. The expected salary is from $35,000 per year.
Source: CareersNZ (2016). Administration Officer retrieved

Some of the institutions and agencies which hire
administrators are as follows:
▶ Universities, polytechnics, private training

▶ Early childhood education and care centres including

their corporate organisations
▶ The Ministry of Education and its agencies such as

TeachNZ, NZQA, Education Council of
Aotearoa New Zealand
▶ The Ministry of Social Development and its agencies
such as Child, Youth and Family, CareersNZ

List of education organisations offering ECE qualifications:
List of centres and their corporate organisations: /

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I now have a full-time job in the babies’ room at my centre and am
currently in the process of applying for my teacher certification.

Jasmine Guan (China)

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)
Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education)

I feel that the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) has helped me a lot by
giving me a strong foundation of early childhood knowledge. I went on to study the Graduate
Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education) where I had the chance to work in different
centres and had lots of opportunities to learn. This was really meaningful as I could connect
the theories I learnt from both programs to my practice.

3. Tutor / lecturer Other career opportunities
Your qualification in early childhood education does not Graduates of the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood
limit you to working with young children. You can opt to Education) may choose other areas of employment and
become a tutor or a lecturer working with adult students enter education related roles in other professions. Graduates
at teacher education providers. This may require further may study for a higher degree which may offer other career
postgraduate studies depending on the type of institution. opportunities including:
Tutors in early childhood education are responsible for ▶ Corporate career
teaching a student or a small group of students. In New
Zealand tutors are usually hired by institutions offering Various positions are available in the corporate offices
qualifications in early childhood education from Level 3 of large early childhood centre chains, e.g. Kidicorp,
to Level 5. Barnados New Zealand, Kindercare Learning Centres,
Lecturers are responsible for teaching qualifications Lollipops Educare and Porse In-Home Childcare. Please
offered by tertiary education providers from Level 5 visit the ‘Career’ sections of their websites for the
to Level 7. Lecturers teach at universities, college of latest vacancies. To find out more information about
education, polytechnics, wānanga and other tertiary New Zealand qualified centres and their corporate
education providers. They may carry out research to be organisations visit
published. ▶ Out of School Care and Recreation (OSCAR) roles
Teacher certification is most desired by tertiary education OSCAR services are delivered before school hours, after
employers for teaching positions in the field of early school hours or during school holiday breaks. It provides
childhood education. In the case of lecturers in programs supervision and recreation as well as education facilities.
that lead to teacher certification, visiting lecturers are Many career opportunities both full time and part time
required to have certification. New Zealand Tertiary are available as OSCAR roles throughout New Zealand.
College provides graduates of the Bachelor of Education E.g. specialises in OSCAR roles
(Early Childhood Education) pathways to attain teacher ▶ Coordinators for holiday programs and leisure recreation
certification in New Zealand. Refer to page 3 for pathways Various positions in NZ are seasonal, especially during
information. the summer holidays or school break sessions. Visit
Salary: or
Private teachers/tutors who are qualified, certified ▶ Facilitator / trainer
teachers can earn $17.00 to $25.00 per hour. Those Trainers plan and provide practical training courses
who have a relevant degree, teaching qualification and for employees of businesses, government or other
a specialist qualification can earn between $30.00 and organisations. They teach a subject area they have
$120.00 an hour, depending on previous experience, experience and expertise in. The annual salary is from
qualifications and place of work. Tertiary lecturers usually $60,000 to $90,000. Source:
earn $50,000 or above per year. Source: CareersNZ (2016). ▶ ECE entrepreneur
Private Teacher/Tutor/Tertiary Lecturer Graduates with business acumen, leadership and
Graduates who want to apply for teaching positions management skills might be attracted to the possibility
at a tertiary level may get information from the list of of running their own early childhood education centre
education organisations offering ECE qualifications: or service. Other services might include resource development or education consultancy.

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Websites for job vacancies and recruitment

Early childhood services are responsible for employing their own staff. There is no central staffing agency and no government
department responsible for staff placement. Students/graduates should apply directly to the employer or find work through
the Ministry of Education’s preferred teacher recruitment agencies which offer free recruitment services.
Job vacancies are advertised in a range of ways including:

1. Websites for education and teaching jobs: ▶ Volunteer Now
The following education and teaching job websites Information about volunteering in New Zealand, including
specialise in listing job vacancies in the field of education details of local volunteer centres and jobs available
and teaching.
▶ Education Personnel ▶ and
A New Zealand volunteer information website
A recruitment agency specialising in education vacancies
▶ TeachNZ website 3. General websites:
There are many general websites for job vacancies and
A Ministry of Education site with useful information recruitment such as:
about working and living in New Zealand ▶ Carefinder
▶ KiwiOz Nannies
A company that fills childcare vacancies in Auckland Register for jobs in childcare and elderly care
▶ NZ Education Gazette ▶ New Kiwis
The Education Gazette advertises current teaching
vacancies at early childhood education services A site that links New Zealand employers with skilled
▶ Oasis Education Ltd migrants who are eligible to work, and currently live,
A Ministry of Education accredited teacher employment or intend to live, in New Zealand
agency, useful for teachers seeking employment in New ▶ NZ Herald Jobs
Zealand (Auckland-based), and schools looking for a Search the New Zealand Herald’s jobs section online
teacher (relief or full-time) ▶ Seek
▶ Randstad Education An extensive list of job vacancies from a range of
A recruitment agency specialising in education. Contains employers across New Zealand and Australia. Also
vacancy listings provides an email notification service, as well as career
▶ Preschool Staffing Solutions development resources and training information
A specialist recruitment company providing both ▶ Student Job Search
temporary and permanent staff to early childhood Listings of temporary job vacancies for tertiary students
centres, afterschool programs and holiday programs ▶ TradeMe Jobs
throughout New Zealand. They are New Zealand owned Job vacancies advertised on TradeMe
and operated with their head office based in Rangiora, ▶ Alpha Recruitment
Canterbury A recruitment agency specialising in executive roles
2. Websites for volunteer jobs: ▶ Hudson
Volunteer jobs can help you learn new skills and open doors A recruitment agency operating over a range of industries
to careers in New Zealand. The skills and work experience ▶ Kelly Services
gained, as well as contacts made, will prove invaluable Browse temporary, part-time, and permanent jobs on
when it comes to job hunting as the position can be added offer through this agency
to CVs. Volunteer jobs increase chances to find full-time ▶ Kinetic Recruitment
jobs in New Zealand. Browse temporary, part-time, and permanent jobs on
▶ Barnardos NZ offer through this agency
A New Zealand organisation offering opportunities to
work as a volunteer helping children in need
▶ VolunteerNet
Matches volunteers with short-term, event-based
volunteer opportunities

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Support agencies for international students

International students experiencing settlement issues can go to the following organisations for support:

1. Immigration New Zealand websites 4. Careers New Zealand
Immigration New Zealand has launched the following Careers New Zealand is the leading government careers
websites to assist international students working in New support agency for all New Zealanders needing information,
Zealand during and after their studies. advice and support to make life defining decisions. Careers (NZ Study + Work) New Zealand offers expert, free advice and support to help
This website outlines the rights and responsibilities New Zealanders make smart, well-informed decisions about
at work for international students and New Zealand their careers.
employers. It provides links to more detailed information. (WorkTalk) Careers New Zealand also offers a range of services including:
This website is designed to help improve communication ▶ Step by step guide to job hunting
between New Zealand employers or managers and new ▶ Finding work when jobs are scarce
migrants/international students. It explains how New ▶ Volunteer work can help make career decisions
Zealanders communicate at work. There is a section
for migrants/international students and another for 5. Christchurch Migrants Centre
employers. The Migrant Centre hosts organisations that are dedicated to
2. Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) servicing the settlement needs of migrants.
The CAB is a one-stop-shop for any information required.
The CAB has become a place of essential community
service where the general public can go to know their 6. Christchurch Educated
rights and obligations as well as how to best use this Christchurch Educated Inc. is a group of education providers
information. The CAB provides general and specialist based in the city of Christchurch and the region of Canterbury,
advice free of charge. New Zealand. One of the objectives of Christchurch Educated
3. Auckland Regional Migrant Services (ARMS) is to create an education and living experience for students
ARMS is the first point of contact for migrants in New that is positive and genuinely life-changing.
Zealand for information and services. Their mission is
to facilitate the successful settlement of newcomers,
economic empowerment of communities and intercultural
respect. They provide a range of services which are free or
at a very nominal cost. International students may use the
information online as a resource.


Career as an early childhood educator
Click on the link to learn more about a career as an early childhood educator.

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