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Titirangi yearbook-2019-12-11 option 1

To Our Year 6 Class of 2019

It is my great pleasure to introduce the Y6 Yearbook for 2019. What an amazing
group of children, who have such a diverse range of talents and personalities. What
a privilege it has been watching you grow academically, emotionally and socially.

For our year sixes leaving Titirangi Primary School, to make a real difference in our
world you will need to be flexible, creative, problem solvers who can connect to
others in positive, respectful ways. Through the hard work and dedication of all our
staff and your parents, your sense of who you are and what you value has been
shaped and developed. You can make a real difference in achieving the aspirations
that matter most to you.

A huge thank you to the many, many parents and caregivers who work voluntarily
in so many ways in our school. Our parents are sports coaches, classroom helpers,
parent readers and Board of Trustees representatives, and PTA. Your involvement
in the daily life of our school is so vital to building a sense of community that helps
ensure the school is a happy and safe place for our children and community.

Many thanks to Cushla, Christine, Victoria and Kim for your work supporting the
production of this book. What a wonderful gift you have produced for our school.

To our departing year 6, I wish you every success. Exciting times lie ahead and I
encourage you to make the most of every day. Be kind to yourself and everyone
around you. We all wish you the very best. Remember you will always be part of
our school community.

Kia kaha

Julie Lynch

The end of another year signifies a unique mixture of emotions, one of huge
proudness of the achievements of our Year 6s during their time at Titirangi
Primary School throughout, and one of sadness to be saying farewell to the
wonderful students.

What a great year you have to celebrate guys and girls, amazing learning
both inside and outside of the classroom, impressive sporting achievement
at school and in interschool teams, rich cultural learning including the China
trip and Kapa Haka, and impressive artistic endeavour through your creative
artistry and APPA Choir performances. Ka Pai tamariki, you have set yourself
up for success at your next school.

I would like to acknowledge the amazing work that the teachers have done
to support our Year 6s this year and also commend parents for their support
and involvement in their childrens’ schooling.

So, as you move forward and transition to your next school, I wish you every
success in the future. Go well children, work hard and strive for greatness.
Never lose sight of what you are capable of and believe in yourselves. Now
is your time, so fly into your wonderful future.

Jonathan Lambert
Deputy Principal

Yearbook 2019 1


Year 6 Team: Admin Staff:
Sharon Hiebendaal, Linda Hall, Lisa Sparey Suzanne Morgan, Allison Aikman, Cath Davies, Anthea Davies

Caretakers: Support Staff:
Warren Tyler, John Bradley Sue Seddon, Su Clarkson, Maree Oxley

Titirangi Primary School Staff 2019




Citizenship Award Boys Ashton Lees, George Smith, Ryker Latham, Luke Trewick

Citizenship Award Girls Isobel Mitchell, Gracie Grinter, Amelia Thomas, Scarlett Gwin,
Mielene Schuetze, Lilly Clements, Sophie Proctor, Olive Cochrane.

Cultural Awards:

Po Muriwai Tamanui-Fransen Isobel Mitchell
Scholarship for Female Leader

Male Leader Hawaiki Goodwin

Maori Performing Arts Flynn Fischer, George Smith, Maddie Earley, Kavya Dhingra, Caterina De Felice

Special Award:

Toki Award Ollie Spinley

Sports Award - Boys Ashton Lees, Nate Gore, George Smith, Jack Hurle, Hawaiki Goodwin,
Porter Hooper

Sports Award - Girls Scarlett Gwin, Maddie Earley, Kate Ashcroft, Maia Degenkolbe, Rafaela Quezada,
Jazmine Pool, Emelia Queenin

Mathematics Award Hannah Allison, Nate Gore, Olive Allen, Selina Ye, Claire Twyman, Emelia Queenin,
Sophie Proctor, Olly Baker

Literacy Award Hannah Allison, Gracie Grinter, George Smith, Scarlett Gwin, Mielene Schuetze,
Beth Eyre, Monty Kerr, Cushla Va Beurden, Hazel Barnes

Concept and Inquiry Learning Jack Hurle, Hannah Allison, Amelia Thomas, Mielene Schuetze, Scarlett Gwin,

Award Emelia Queenin, Sophie Proctor

Science Award Gracie Grinter, Hayley Coombe, Ryker Latham, Koen Moyes

Technology Award Spencer Hawkins, Matiu Barrington

eLearning Award Alfie Mockett, Delilah Scott-Schroeder, Olive Allen

Arts Award Kate Ashcroft, Gracie Grinter, Sophia Moore, Lucia Murtagh, Flynn Fischer, Hayley
Visual and Performance Coombe, Anna Kawabata, Elle Shaw, Selina Ye, Emilia Ward, Olive Allen, Georgie
O’Neill, Jaanan Mardani

Environmental Studies George Smith, Flynn Fischer, Ryker Latham, Selina Ye

Gifted Learning Award Alfie Mockett, George Smith, Nate Gore, Flynn Fischer, Bethany Eyre

Student Class Awards

Room 8: Girl: Gracie Grinter, Boy: George Smith
Room 11: Girl: Amelia Thomas, Boy: Ryker Latham
Room 12: Girl: Emelia Queenin, Boy: Ollie Baker

School Values Awards

Room 8: Thinker Well-rounded Connected Respectful Achiever
Room 11:
Room 12: George Smith Flynn Fischer Isobel Mitchell Ashton Lees Hannah Allison
Matiu Barrington Scarlett Gwin Maia Degenkolbe Alexia Owen Bodhi Hellesoe
Hawaiki Goodwin Luke Trewick Athena McDonald
Monty Kerr Porter Hooper

Yearbook 2019 3

THEN 2014

Back Row: Rebecca Hoey (Teacher Aide), Olly Baker, Harum Westerdaal, Zoe Fisher, Hal Jackson, Jack Leach
2nd Row: Ruth Fairbank (Teacher Aide), Porter Hooper, Leo Wright, Delilah Scott-Schroeder, Grace Grinter, Flynn Fischer,
Oliver Spinley, Lisa Dever (Teacher)
Front Row: Elle Shaw, Mielene Schuetze, Emelia Queenin, Emilia Ward, Olive Chohrane, Hazel Barnes, Olive Allen

Back Row: Ollie Pickford, Koen Moyes, Glen Burney, Amelia Thomas, Felix Hellriegel, Spencer Hawkins
2nd Row: Orlando Antaki-Smith, Leila Ranga, Hawaiki Goodwin, Kaya Mataiti, Lewis Rowbotham, Mel McCorquindale
Front Row: Magnolia Crocker, Sophie Erceg, Genevieve Burt, Amy Liefting, Jessica Layton, Harper Hamilton
Absent: Georgie O’Neil


THEN 2014

Back Row: Lily Mitchell, Thoo Stoneman, Miro Robertson, Jake Hutton, Ben Blake, Lisa Sparey (Teacher)
2nd Row: Sophie Moore, Monty Kerr, Rosa Brodie, Hayley Coombe, Billie Sedcole
Front Row: Oliver Dragojevic, Oliver Ellis, Georgia Sedcole, Oliver Jenkins, Bo Brown-Graham
Absent: Penner Rehana, Aedon Skelly, Nico Bradbourne

Back Row: Leo Bishop, Ashton Lees, Arthur Thompson, Dominique Qian, Shayden Read, Neve Baguley
2nd Row: Philippe Qian, Athena McDonald, Ella Adsett, Isla Chapman, Ryker Latham, Mrs Tracey Parker (Teacher)
Front Row: Anna Oh, Maia Degenkolbe, Kavya Dhingra, Olive Aitken-Gummer, Isobel Mitchell, Sofia Rotondo

Yearbook 2019 5

THEN 2014

Back Row: Kate Ashcroft, Nate Gore, Matiu Barrington, Bodhi Hellesoe, Alizee Groisard, Mr Watson (Teacher)
2nd Row: Scarlett Gwin, Jazmine Pool, Rafaela Quezada, Alexia Owen, Nathan O’Neill, Ava Dilworth
Front Row: Chloe Poole, Cooper Simpson, Lilly Clements, Claire Twyman, Jaanan Mardani, Caoilin Ruanui Breen
Absent: Lucia Murtagh

NOW 2019

Back Row: Olly Baker, Ollie Pickford, Genevieve Burt, Shayden Read, Nathan O’Neill, Oliver Jenkins
3rd Row: Anahera Bhreatnach, Emelia Queenin, Athena McDonald, Olive Cochrane, Lilly Clements, Chloe Poole,

Neve Baguley
2nd Row: Porter Hooper, Monty Kerr, Hawaiki Goodwin, Dominique Qian, Luke Trewick, Koen Moyes, Linda Hall (Teacher)
Front Row: Sophie Erceg, Ava Dilworth, Jazmine Pool, Cushla Van Beurden, Sophie Proctor, Bethany Eyre, Hazel Barnes
Absent: Lydia Scott


NOW 2019

Back Row: Isobel Mitchell, Nate Gore, Hannah Allison, Kate Ashcroft, Pepper Reihana

3rd Row: Jack Hurle, Jack Leach, Harum Westerdaal, Ashton Lees, Spencer Hawkins, Jessica Layton, Oliver Dragojevic

2nd Row: George Smith, Philippe Qian, Alfie Mockett, Flynn Fischer, Lewis Rowbotham, Sean Findlay, Sharon
Hiebendaal (Teacher)

Front Row: Maddie Earley, Hayley Coombe, Camille Menezes Protmartyr, Delilah Scott-Schroeder, Samreet Kaur,
Gracie Grinter, Lucia Murtagh

Absent: Sophia Moore

Back Row: Leo Bishop, Matiu Barrington, Scarlett Gwin, Elle Shaw, Kavya Dhingra, Caterina De Felicer, 7
Bodhi Hellesoe, Anna Kawabata

3rd Row: Olive Allen, Arthur Thompson, Rafaela Quezada, George O’Neil, Alexia Owen, Blayze Starr-Koroi,
Ashar Alam-Simmons

2nd Row: Glen Burney, Oliver Spinley, Cooper Simpson, Caoilin Breen, Aaron Condon, Ryker Latham,
Lisa Sparey (Teacher)

Front Row: Selina Ye, Mielene Schuetze, Emilia Ward, Claire Twyman, Jaanan Mardani, Ameilia Thomas, Maia Degenkolbe

Yearbook 2019



Ashar Alfie

Aaron Livia


George Pepper Sophie


Lucia Georgie Caterina

Luke Lee-Lynn




Art Exhibition

Yearbook 2019 9


Oh wow - where did 2019 go? They say It has been a pleasure teaching all of you
time flies when you’re having fun and I can this school year. I have watched you work,
certainly say we have had bucket loads in learn and grow so much, and I’m very proud
Room 8! of all of you. Everyday with you has been an
adventure and I will cherish those memories
Together we have shared so many forever.
wonderful learning experiences. Some
highlights for me include Camp Adair, Remember to make good choices in life, and
crazy science experiments (burning bread), you will have good consequences. The world
the gorgeous waka oars you created for is yours, now go out and get it!
the art exhibition and who could forget the
fun we had on Japan Day. Sksksks,
Mrs H.

Alfie Taniwha Sailing
Jack Leach Taniwha
Hannah Taniwha By Spencer and Jack L

Waterwise was amazing.
Sailing the optis was loads
of fun. It was everyone's
favourite part of the
trip. While one group
was sailing, there were
other activities. One was
a sailing word search,
sketching boats, and the
other activity was setting
up an optis boat and
practicing what to do.

Flying Fox Haiku

By Lucia

Soaring through the air.

Grassy hills in the

Wind in my scared face.

Nate Taniwha Flying Fox Poem

By Sophia Japan Day

Zooming through the fresh By Ashton
cold air, sun is out with a
tropical breeze. If you have never made sushi I recommend it. Room 8 and
Room 11 did this amazing day called ‘Japan Day’ because of
Climbing up the pole with a the Rugby World Cup. There was sushi making, go karting,
deafening feeling in my soul, making Ninja headbands, photo booth and origami. It was
trying not to look down. one of the best days at school.

Pepper Taniwha Confidence By Camille
Camille Taniwha Course Haiku
On ‘Japan Day’ we did go-karting, sushi making, photo
By Gracie booth, rugby skills, origami, and Ninja headbands. My
highlight was making sushi because we ate it at the end and
Sticky gross water. we could put in any ingredients we wanted. When we cut
Step by step I walk our Sushi it got squished and went everywhere!

through mud.
Beware the frogs lurk.


Room 8

Harum Lewis Hayley Philippe
Mrs H Acrostic Poem China Trip Jack Hurle
By Kate & Jessica By Nate Sophia
Mrs H is the best teacher in the universe. This year 15 excited students Ashton
Really kind and gentle like a butterfly. flew off to China. One of the
Smart and always knows how to solve problems. highlights was the Oriental
Happy and funny, always looking out for everyone. Pearl Tower. Even though I am
Ice-cream sundae, that’s how sweet our teacher is. scared of heights I managed to
Excited to see us every day. do a handstand on the glass.
Benefits await when you are in Mrs H’s class. Spencer even did a candle
Everything is awesome when she is around. stand. Everyone had a great
Nice and caring no matter what. time and I recommend it to
Day to dusk always helping us get smarter. everyone!
Amazing all year round, even though
we can make her angry. School Council
Always being a wonderful teacher.
Last of all, she was the highlight of our year. By Hannah

Ten/Two Speeches It feels amazing to be a leader
of the school. You have lots of
By Philippe responsibilities, but it is nice
to have a say in what happens
Writing and presenting the 10/2 was hard, especially around the school. I think one
remembering what to say. I was scared of doing the of my highlights of the school
class one, then to do the syndicate one. I felt nervous council was hosting the Talent
as I had to listen to other speeches, waiting until it was Quest. It took a lot of effort and
my turn. I didn't make it to the finals and this made me involved giving up lunchtimes,
sad and happy. Sad because I didn’t make it through but it was really fun. The school
and happy because I didn’t need to go in front of the council is an important part of
school. the school, because it is useful
for organising events and sorting
Waka Paddles out problems. It is a way students
can share their views on a
By Delilah subject. I think being part of the
school council makes you feel a
It was a long process but in the end, we all made bit more important and like you’re
wonderful waka paddles. My favourite part was not just a student.
learning all the different techniques. It was an amazing
experience and I had a great time doing it with all my Lee-Lynn
friends. Luckily we had an amazing teacher (Mrs H) to
help us through it and teach each and every one of us
how to make our waka paddles beautiful. Thank you
Mrs H for coming up with the amazing idea and thank
you John for cutting out the wood. Now we all have
treasured waka paddles to remember our last year at

Flynn George Livia Spencer

Yearbook 2019 11


Year 6 is a very special year, as it is the end of a journey, leading to the beginning of a new adventure. Lisa Sparey
Together, we have had many great experiences and special moments. As a class, you are proactive,
always keen for a challenge whether it be the rambo bridge at Camp Adair, making a bread that is edible,
sailing a boat, dressing up for an event or creating some stunning art. You have all achieved in your
own way and it has been a privilege to be a part of this journey. The friendship and support you have
shown one another has been amazing. I just loved the Mrs Sparey party, which will stay with me as a
memory to be treasured. Each one of you has many talents and your own unique personality. There
will be wonderful opportunities awaiting you as you move onto your new schools. Make the most of
everything you do and be the person you want to be.

I will miss you and I thank you for making me smile and for being a fabulous group of young people.

Take care, Kia Kaha, Arohanui, Lisa Sparey

Bodhi Olive Japan Day Term 1 Surfing
Cooper On Japan day we did all sorts of Japanese We were bubbling with excitement
Maia activities. This was connected to our and not to mention half of us were
rugby world cup study and Mrs H and bus sick due to the winding roads.
Caoilin Mrs Sparey’s trip to Japan. The teachers After a lot of chit chat we finally got
Ryker arranged for us to take photos with to ride the waves at the beautiful Piha
costumes and filters as part of a Japanese beach. While people were surfing we
Glen photo booth. We also did origami creations got to relive childhood memories by
Arthur with Saffron, go Kart racing in out onesies, burying our friends in the sand. It was
rugby training with Samand Anton. A one of our highlights of our last year
Amelia delicious part was making sushi with at TPS!
Naoko and takoyaki with Noriko.
12 By Mielene and Elle
By Anna, Georgie and Olive

Jaanan COOK the CUBE Interschool Sports
In term 3 we did something called Cook Interschool sports we have to admit took
the Cube, where we baked 2D shapes of a lot of our year 6 class time, but in a
ice together forming geometric 3D shapes. good way, as we learnt lots of fantastic
We were in small groups of 3 or 4 and had new skills to use in the future. They
to bring our own ingredients, such as eggs, were an enjoyment to all of the room
flour, and toppings. We finally iced our 11 students who took up the challenge.
cookies to make our planned creations. There were several different interschools
This was a very creative way to get us to including football, running, athletics, rugby,
do maths, hats off to you Mrs Sparey. basketball, netball and so many more. This
was a great memory for Year 6 throughout
By Kavya and Amelia their last year at TPS.

By Scarlett and Claire

Rafaela The Chelsea Trip
In the last term in TPS (term 4) the Year sixes went to the Chelsea sugar factory. First up
was the interactive room and then suddenly pink Willy Wonka doors opened up to reveal
a candy striped luxurious train for our trip around the factory. Some may say the sugar
mountain blasted us with strong smells, but it was like the amazing Mt Everest of sugar.
Meanwhile, the other group got to bake delicious cookies in the Edmonds baking school.
We ended up with about 12 warm chocolate chip cookies to devour! This was a day of
joy and happiness.

By Ollie, Bodhi and Matiu

Anna Waterwise
Back in term 1 the year 6s went to waterwise. The teachers were very explanatory
and helpful, so we discovered a lot. While we learnt about the different parts of the
boats and their names, we were also taught how to use the boat properly and what
to do when you capsize. Waterwise was certainly a challenge as some of us had
to learn to face our fears. When it came around again in term 4 most of us were
excited to do it again, I mean who wouldn’t be?

By Claire and Alexia

Room 11

DISCO Mrs Sparey’s Party Ashar Selina

They played really amazing songs This was a gift to Mrs Sparey for being the
and excited people a lot. There were best teacher. Mimi, me and Caoilin started
rainbow lights flickering about and from scratch with only a firm idea. The
there was a corner with bean bags so theme was, ‘Back to the 90s Baby’ We were
you could chill out and chat to your all waiters and we served food. We made
friends. You could play with glow decorations, cards and a crown for Mrs
sticks and wear glasses that have glow Sparey.
sticks on the sides. I hope you enjoyed
reading this writing and felt how cool Everyone in the class helped out and joined
it would be to be at a disco, peace out. in. There were speeches, dancing and then
we had delicious food. We all danced to the
By Aaron and Blayze music and we had a blast to the past!

It was a great time... we danced, we played Claire
and we laughed! Alexia

Camp Adair Highlights By Caterina, Coaoilin and Mimi Ollie

At Camp Adair, we had an outstanding ART EXHIBITION Aaron
time, where we did countless amazing
activities like the super fox where you were We made art based on birds. We Caterina Kavya
able to see for miles, while about 150 ft thought about diversity and the place
in the air. The Rambow Bridge was quite that we live in. Birds are the messengers
frightening at first, but I assure you it’s not of time. We created art based on an
like that at all. A favourite activity was raft artist we were inspired by Don Binney,
building because you get to be in the water Flox, Suzanne Hayward Smith and
and build out of tyres, poles and ropes. The Angie Dennis. We learnt lots of skills
Flying Kiwi was most likely the only activity with our sketching, painting and
that you could do nothing, as you’re printing. Our finished art was hung in a
tied on a bungee connected to a rope. room full of art works from kids at our
There are many other activities such as school. It was mesmerising seeing our
confidence course, pamper pole, abseiling school art in the Te Uru gallery.
and archery. A great start to Year 6.
By Jaanan and Rafaela
By Glen, Arthur and Cooper

Positive Puberty Travelwise

We had a very knowledgeable teacher Travel wise leaders were from Room 11 Matiu Blayze
from NEST. They taught us to look after our only in 2019. We have organised and Mielene Leo
bodies, look after other people and about participated in many activities over the
the many changes that happened between whole year, such as digital mapping, car
puberty. We did activities in groups, seat campaign, P2 parking, Be Bright
watched videos, talked and asked lots of Be Seen, scooter activities and licences,
questions. We learnt a lot! diversity walk, walking school bus and
much more! Travel wise is a convincing
By Selina way to encourage children to be sensible
around the roads. Mrs Sparey won
Bread Making the lead teacher award and Titirangi
Primary won the Gold Travelwise award.
bread, the lovely thing that you can put We received this award when all the
in a toaster or slap together to make a travelwise leaders went to a fantastic
sandwich but there is more to bread than celebration at Spark Arena.
meets the eye (or mouth). We learnt about
the science of bread and how to make By Leo, Maia and Ashar
it. The day was a blast messing around
with my mates and smelling the yeast (it
smelled a lot like the bottle of vinegar and
baking soda I had when I was 8) and learnt
about controlled testing. My favourite bit
was when we got to eat the bread (my
second loaf tasted like vinegar).

By Ryker

Yearbook 2019 13


As soon as Sailing was spectacular! Unfortunately China
we hopped there were no big waves and not much of
off the bus a current. When we did preparing earlier, On April 15th
at Piha we it seemed so hard but it was really easy to - 25th 2019
knew this sail the boat. All you had to do was pull on we went to
was going a rope and steer with the rudder because China, the best
to be one of it was pretty impossible to capsize. So far primary school
the best days we’ve been experience
of the year. on about 3 ever!!! These are our favourite moments.
After we carried the surf boards down to sessions and In Ningbo, I went to a fancy restaurant.
the beach and dived in the water nothing all of those We played hide and seek then I fell into a
could stop us! As soon as it was my turn, I sessions water fountain and nearly died.
immediately got the hang of it. (Cushla) I were really
loved surfing! On my third go I stood up for fun! Overall, By Sophie E
a second and immediately fell down again. everyone
I was submerged in the water but it was thinks that In Shanghai my favourite activity was one
AWESOME! sailing was really LIT! hundred per cent the Oriental Pearl
Tower. We stood on a glass panel that
By Beth By Ollie B and Shayden was 430 metres high.

One of my favourite experiences at TPS We enjoyed interschool netball so much, By Gen
was the interschool swimming sports it was really aggressive but fun at the
competition. I love the water. Everyone was same time. The Kereru Team won their The Beijing Zoo was awesome and was
cheering me on and I went through to the first game ever, which meant the world to definitely my favourite! We saw real life
finals and came second. them. We were extremely puffed by the PANDAS!! They were so fluffy!
end of the day by the humidity and blazing
By Hazel hot day. I will really miss Titirangi Primary By Emelia
school. We love all our teachers.
We were
confident By Lilly and Chloe
that we
were gonna Interschool swimming
win the
tournament When we went to interschool swimming
while it was very scary, but it was cool when we
we were got ready. We were all nervous but after
driving to we started leading we got less nervous and
Kelston Boys for Interschool rugby. We got we got very happy. We couldn’t keep our
out of the bus and saw our oppositions and lead, unfortunately losing 1st place on the
stared them in the eye. We knew we were last race. We came 2nd by only one point,
gonna win. After all the hard work we've
come home with the trophy ready for we were so
Auckland Champs. We were so excited and devastated,
joyful. Our school hasn't won this in five but were
years. We went to Auckland Champs and proud of
ended up 3rd out of 16 teams. We had so how we
much fun and we were so proud. competed.

By Hawaiki and Porter By Neve and

One of the best experiences ever was
camp! Our absolute favourite activity has to
be the Confidence Course! The army crawl
definitely proved how stinky and gross that
mud was. We have to swim under a rope in
the mud and it was so revolting but super
fun at the same time. The pamper pole was
super tall around 20 meters high. Flying
down felt like we were gliding down like a

By Olive, Ava, and Jaz

It has been such a pleasure to teach Room 12 this year. These are a great bunch of individuals
who have been extremely eager to learn. They have all made so much progress, persevering and
pushing themselves outside their comfort zones. We have been kept extremely busy, with Camp,
Waterwise, Art Gallery Display and Visits, sharing Science Experiments and visiting KGHS for a
Science focused day. We had Gymnastics at Lynnray and multiple Interschool sports events. I wish
you well for all the challenges ahead next year and welcome visits in the future to hear all about
the amazing things you are doing. Remember “Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting so get
on your way.” - Dr. Seuss.


Room 12

Anahera Athena Ava Beth
Emelia Picasso Masks Picasso Masks Koen
Ollie P
Lilly To create our picasso masks we had to let our previous views Hazel Sophie P
on how the world looked drift away and try and create a mask Sophie E
made of triangles, stars, bright and dark colors. The masks were Bread is Scrumptious Olive
all completely different but also so similar. We used corrugated Real sticky.
card and items from home to give texture and personality and Elastic yums.
to express creativity in different ways. When they were done, And real tricky.
our incredible masks were put up at Te Uru in the prime spot, Demolish it with your
the center of attention, the green wall! The green wall was mouth and make it
undeniably the place that always caught your eye first, and really scrunchy.
after most of the other artworks were taken down and taken By Luke and Ollie P
home, can you guess which artworks were still sitting in the
prime spot? That’s right, the masks of room twelve!”

By Dominique, Koen and Monty



Luke Hawaiki Cross Country
Monty Gen
Nathan The long tiring run awaits you. Firstly there is a
Cushla sprint around a tight corner and a twisty path to
follow. Then the short uphill trek along a windy
rocky trail. Which direction do you run? LEFT or
RIGHT? Right! A hugh slope is to be prepared for.
As you plunge lower into the forested area there is
a sharp turn which is dangerous, because it is easy
to slip round. After you go over the narrow bridge,
watch out for the roots. You clamber up the incline
slope and skid down the grass carpeted drop.
Cross Country was awesome!

By Nathan

Olly B Olly J Porter Shayden Neve Jaz

Yearbook 2019 15



Yearbook 2019 17

Interschool Rippa Rugby.......


Athletics Western Zone... Basketball...


Gymnastics...... Interschool

Cross Country...


Yearbook 2019 19



China Trip

Yearbook 2019 21

Camp Adair


Camp Adair

Yearbook 2019 23

Camp Adair


Camp Adair

Yearbook 2019 25




Yearbook 2019 27



Yearbook 2019 29


Japan Day

Chelsea Sugar Factory Trip

Book Character Day

Be Bright Be Seen Day

Krypton Factor Great Diversity Walk
Pink Shirt Day



APPA Choir

Yearbook 2019 31

Activities Coding Club
National Young Leaders Day
Cheer Leader Talent Quest 2019


Netball: Kererus



Speech finalists

Speech finalists

Travelwise Leaders

Korean Class

Origami Club

Yearbook 2019 33

Activities Kapa Haka

Flag Monitors


Librarians Notice Monitors


Road Patrol School Council

Peer Mediators

Staff Room Monitors Wet Day Monitors

Yearbook 2019 35

Kate Ashcroft Hayley Coombe Delilah Scott-Schroeder

Duties and Responsibilities: Library Monitor, Duties and Responsibilities: Road Patrol, Wet Day Duties and Responsibilities: Peer Mediator,
Wet Day Monitor
Monitor Library Monitor, Wet Day Monitor
School Sports: Gymnastics, Athletics, School Sports: Netball, Cheerleading School Sports: Netball, Surfing, Cheerleading
Swimming, Cross Country School Activities: APPA Choir Best Memory: Camp Adair, interschool netball
Best Memory: The disco Aspirations: Lawyer, Actor or a Model.
Best Memory: Camp Adair. Everything! Aspirations: A Lawyer
Aspirations: To be a Horse Trainer

Flynn Fischer Jack Hurle Alexia Owen
Duties and Responsibilities:
Duties and Responsibilities: Road Patrol, Wet Duties and Responsibilities: Peer Mediator, Wet Day Monitor Peer Mediator,
Day Monitor, Enviro Group Wet Day Monitor, Enviro Group
School Sports: Netball, Basketball, Surfing, School Sports: Netball, Basketball, Soccer, oBSncehs. toMoleAmcotirvyi:tiHese:aAriPnPgAmCyhforiier,nKdosrecahneeCrlamsse
GaTE, Rugby League, Rugby Union/Tackle Rugby Union/Tackle
School Activities: Kapa Haka, APPA Choir School Activities: Kapa Haka Aspirations: An Actor.
Best Memory: Undies Day. Best Memory: Probably Camp Adair.
Aspirations: Marine Studies or a pilot. Aspirations: A Homicide Investigator in the
Police Force.

Arthur Thompson Isobel Mitchell Gracie Grinter
RSNPDcieauphetptiroioaeMonsRlaeauSldngpYiabdootyuroRtnrse,g:sRpNLooeeanatdbdsaPieblarl,,itlWGriotyiele,mtsLD:nibSaarcysahtrMiyocsooM,nlToCiotnoouirutconhrc,, illor,
Duties and Responsibilities: Library Monitor jABGSLDoesciauubphsTrrttinoaEireMraa,oysKltlieisraMSomtynp/noptodorstnaro:rRivyttnAosee:n:lsrFVl,NpeaSaWrcoeCc.tenttoObrtsera,iDMsblWsla,ir,lyeSsiatweMHniteibioamseir:nxbcmPieThteonirinetirdaegratc,MhatS,lleo.uadnrfiiantgo,r,
School Activities: Kapa Haka
Best Memory:
Aspirations: A The Camp Adair Rambo Bridge.

School Activities: Kapa Haka, Speech Finalist,
China Trip 2019
Best Memory: Camp Adair and
Aspirations: To be an Olympic the China Trip.


Hannah Allison Pepper Reihana Sean Findlay
Duties and Responsibilities:
Duties and Responsibilities: School Councillor, Duties and Responsibilities: Wet Day Monitor Wet Day
Peer Mediator, Library Monitor, National Young Monitor
Leader, Wet Day Monitor School Sports: Netball, Surfing UBScanhsiokoenot/blTaSalpcl,koClrertos:ssNCetobuanllt,rSyw, Simocmceinr,gR, uSgubrfying,
School Sports: Otago Maths Challenge, GaTE School Activities: APPA Choir School Activities: Kapa Haka
Best Memory: Camp Adair Best Memory: Camp Adair. Best Memory: Camp Adair
Aspirations: An artist and author. Aspirations: Architect, Author, Song Writer. Aspirations: A tackle rugby player.

Lewis Rowbotham Nate Gore Samreet Kaur
Duties and Responsibilities: Peer Duties and Responsibilities: Peer
Duties and Responsibilities: Peer Mediator, Library Monitor, Wet Day Monitor Mediator, Library Monitor, Wet Day Monitor Mediator,
Worm Farm Monitor, Wet Day Monitor, Staff Room School Sports: Netball, Surfing
Monitor BSGScecahhsTtooEMo,oRlleiASmppcpotoairrvyRtis:tui:CegNsbh:eyintA,baCPaTrPlolAr,isGpsCy2Chm0oo1inur9,an.Csttrhiyci,nsS,aoSTcurcrifepinr2g0, 19 School Activities: APPA Choir
School Sports: Netball, Basketball, Surfing, Rippa Best Memory: Camp Adair.
Rugby, Soccer Aspirations: To be a Doctor.
Best Memory: Camp Adair Aspirations: A professional football
Aspirations: A rugby player, a vet. photographer. player, a

Harum Westerdaal Ashton Lees Jessica Layton
RDouatdiePsaatnrodl,RSetasfpfoRnosoibmiliMtioens:itPoerer Mediator, AABSLDciesvubphserttioaitre.MroaystleiaMSomnpnodoosnrr:RiyttWose::sroC,NprWakoemientnbtpsgaiDbAlwla,idlyiSitathuMiirerafosinn:nigPmiteoaerlrs
Duties and Responsibilities: Peer Mediator, School Sports: Rippa Rugby, Mediator,
Worm Farm Monitor, Enviro Group Athletics, Surfing, Soccer Cross Country, at zoos.
School Sports: Netball, Surfing, Basketball,
Rippa Rugby, Rugby Union/Tackle, Krypton Best Memory: Camp Adair
Factor Aspirations: To be a
School Activities: Kapa Haka, APPA Choir Player. Professional Football
Best Memory: The Surfing Trip.
Aspirations: To be a Park Ranger.

Yearbook 2019 37

Sophie Erceg Bethany Eyre Sophie Proctor
Duties and Responsibilities: Peer Mediator, Wet Duties aMWnoednt RiDtoeasry,pPMoenoesnriiMbtoielridtiieasto: rS,cNhaotoiolnCaol uYnocuinllgor, LCDeouautdineecsrilalonrd, LRibersaproynMsoibnilitiotire, sN: aStciohnoaoll Young
Day Monitor, Enviro Group, Staff Room Library
School Sports: Soccer Monitor Leader,

School Activities: Kapa Kaha, APPA Choir, China KSFSaoccchhretoooaoorn,llWCASplecaetositsrvbtisitxi:eTNsr:eiatAbtPhaPllolA,nSC,wShiuomrifrmi,nSignp,geGe, aKcThrEyFpitnoanlist, School Sports: Netball, Basketball, Otago
Trip 2019 Maths Challenge, Surfing
Best Memory: China was AMAZING. I loved all
the food/ also camp was fun. SAtaBhcnseeipdesmtinIrMcawbeteeiaoTmisnnefgoasarc:ccyhIeo:ewdmCr.owapumlietldhtpelaliAykfdeecawotiorv.cebhIreeLadaOllewVHnEiiggtDhehstmSh(coeuhndaoe)c.otoilvf ities ABScesphstiorMoatleiAomcnotsir:vy1i:t.iAEexRst:TrAe!!mP!!PeAECvCeahrkyoetihrM,inRaghkeyartbhomut&itS. teps
Aspirations: I would love to be a Vet or Doctor.

2. Artist
3. Cattery Owner
(with 2 of my friends)

Cushla van Beurden Scarlett Gwin Hazel Barnes
Duties and Responsibilities: Library Monitor, Duties aMnodnRitoesr,pWoonrsmibiFliatrimes:MPoeneirtoMrediator,
Worm Farm Monitor, Peer Mediator, Enviro Group, SCSNFPDccleraauohhetgtsioorioseMooMnsClloaeaAoSnldnupYciitadotnooitutrvroRrt,niyrsetL,g,i:sieTSbNpLsroraoe:eacvantArcbeydsPelaeiwMPrbl,rlA,,iioAslSSineCtttwhaiihLtelifoeoemfstra:iR,irmcdSWosecoi,enrhmG,tgoRaD,ooTMRalaEiyoCpdnpoMPiautaoonRtnrrcuoiitgloll,obr,ry,,
Staff Room Monitor AeCBnseopjsuotinyrMatertdeyiomtrnhaoescr:eSyIut:wwpWaoeinrnytFnetoiaonxrgsbaeintnhdaeatDIhrnooetcwePtr.oasrmcC.hapomeorplPCAordloeas.isr. I Library Sports: Swimming, GaTE
School Sports: Soccer, Surfing, GaTE, FPS School
School Activities: Rock Band, APPA Choir, Music School Activities: APPA Choir, Music Tuition,
Speech Finalist
Tuition, French/Korean Class, Speech Finalist cbBaeemcsateuMsseeemceovonerdryy!:oTnheewInatsercshceheoroinlgswmime amloinngg
Best Memory: This was an easy pick. All the sports
amazing experiences with my friends in and out and I
the classroom. Things I can treasure forever. of
Aspirations: I would like
Aspirations: I would absolutely love to be a because I love designing to be an architect
Chemistry or Biology Professor at University. unusual shapes. wacky buildings with

Livia Moore Caterina de Felice Anahera BhreatnachSRDtouaaftfdieRPsoaaotnrmodl,MREoensnvpiitrooonrGsirboiulipti,eWs:ePt eDearyMMeodniaittoorr,,
Duties and Responsibilities: Staff Duties and Responsibilities: Peer Mediator, Road
Best Memory: Lunch times Room Monitor Patrol, Flag Monitor, Library Monitor, Wet Day eBFSRSxreccuephshgnetoobcrMoiyohe,llenCSASmcolpcaecotos.cirsvrey,tir:sCt,i:CheBNhsian:eisnakKtbaeaTatpTrblilarpa,ipSlH2l.w,0aSTki1uma9hr,efmiAnfiPognPogAd, RCihppoair,
Aspirations: A Vet or a Zoo Keeper.
Aspirations: To be a person who learns about the Monitor, Staff Room Monitor, Enviro Group
brain. AKA a scientist. A bank job. School Sports: Netball, Swimming, Touch, Surfing,
Basketball, Rippa Rugby, Cross Country, FlippaBall,
Soccer, Weetbix Triathlon
School Activities: Kapa Haka, APPA Choir, China
Trip 2019
Best Memory: China was the best experience.
Seeing new cultures and P.S. the food
Aspirations: To be a famous artist. was amazing.


Caoilin Breen Georgie O’Neil Mielene Schuetze
CSFDlcoauhugtoineMotsrloyaSn,npSitdooocrrR,tcesWe:srepN, tToeDrntabascayikbllsM,ilSiotuinerifstino: grW,,EoBnramvsikroFeatGbrmaroll,uMCporonsitsor,
Duties and Responsibilities: Peer Mediator, Wet Day CSYRDocohuhuaetondeieorgPslelaLaaStendpraodiodnl,regRtLr,se,ibS:sTurRpraariorpfviynnpesMaglwibRoiisunleigittibLoeeyrs,,a:PGdSeeycermh,roSMntoaaelsfdCftriioocasotuo,mnrc, NiMllaootrni,oitnoarl
Monitor ACBScseaphsmtiorpMaotAleiAodmacnoitsrir:vwyIi:tawiResaisprn:eptAaatlPloyRPbuAfuegCnbah.yGoEwiesra,poSselopcageiafieislrlctsy.httfhFoienr amSluiesptearndFox.
School Activities: School Sports: Soccer, Krypton Factor
Marzipan Drama Activities: APPA Choir
Kapa Haka, APPA Choir, ZAaBonsepodstisKrMahetaeeiropmenedors.rl:uyAn: cBphereerassod, gnmawlaahksionanglod, oCakarsmt!apfteArdaaniri,mpaalrstioers a

lfBiatetlllsient gkMidoesvm.eroaryn:dOIrbgraonkiesinmgyaaprmar,tygefottrinMgrcshSapsaerdeyb, y
Aspirations: To be in the Pro Am.

Amelia Thomas Rafaela Quezada Ryker Latham
MDPDeauoeytnriiMetMosoeran,dnLiitiadobtrroR,arNer,ysRaptoMiooaondnnsaPiiltbaoYitrloriotuilne, Fsg:laLSgecahMdooeonr,liSCtotoar,uffWnRceoitlolomr, Duties and Responsibilities: GDLTDirrabuaoyrtvuaieMerplysw,oCaMnisnoioetddonLerRi,etCoSeatsrdlau,pefNbfor,aRnLWtoesioaioobndrmimaelilrtMYiFeoaosurn:mniPtgoeMreL,oreEnaMnidvteoeidrrro,,iaWtoert,
Flag Monitor, Library Monitor, Peer Mediator,
Staff Room Monitor Wet Day Monitor,

School Activities: Korean Class, School Sports: Netball, Rippa Rugby, Cross
2019 Country, Basketball, Athletics
China Trip Best Memory: Interschool School Sports: Netball,
Camp Adair. Cross GaTE, Soccer Basketball,
Best Memory: The Camp Country and Surfing,
and J-Rock. Adair Pamper
Pole Aspirations: A Make-up SABSpcesephsctioriMaoaltleiEAomfcnfeotscir:vtyAsi:t.iTDehse:efeKPnaisphiavaeHSDuarkrfiaivn,egAr,PTwPriAoprCk hinoir
my home country. artist, a model,
wAsitphiraaltleiorgnise:sAancdh/eofrwinhtoolceoraonkcsefso*od for people to help

*trouble digesting certain foods

Emelia Ward Oliver Spinley Blayze Starr-Koroi
STDtruaaftvfieeRlswoaoisnmedLMReeoasdnpeitoro,nrFslaibgilMitoiensi:toPre, eWreMt eDdaiyatMoro, nitor,
School Sports: Netball, Duties and Responsibilities: School Councillor, Duties and Responsibilities: Wet Day Monitor,
Basketball, Soccer Gymnastics, Surfing, Library Monitor, Code Club Leader, National Enviro Group
Young Leader, Enviro Group, Wet Day Monitor, Best Memory: Camp Adair
Staff Room Monitor Aspirations: To be a Pro Am Professional
School Sports: Gymnastics, Basketball, Krypton Player.
School Activities: Kapa Haka, APPA Choir, Speech School Activities: Kapa Haka
Finalist Best Memory: When Mr Beaumont shot a
Best Memory: The rocket in the air really high on the field.
When Harper went Super Fox at Camp Adair. her Aspirations: An Actor.
boot cut me. down the green slide and

Aspirations: You Tuber and a make-up artist. Yearbook 2019 39

Madison Earley Lucia Murtagh Alfie Mockett
RCDoououtimnecsMilaloonrnd, iRtRooerasdpoPnatsriobli,lWitieetsD: SacyhMooolnitor, Staff
Duties and Responsibilities: Road Patrol, Worm ABSDDcesauphsyttioirMeMoasotleiaSnomnpintdooosrrr:R,ytTesS:o:tsCapNbfaofeemnRtabposaipobAlhlm,idloRiattMiiiopre,ogpsMrna:airPRptsoehuHreegrirbe.Mybeednidaatoalr, Wet School Sports: Surfing,
Farm Monitor, Enviro Group Soccer, Krypton Factor Basketball, GaTE,
School Sports: Netball, Swimming, Rippa Rugby,
Athletics, Surfing, Cross Country Best Memory: The confidence course at
School Activities: Kapa Haka camp.
Best Memory: Camp Adair Aspirations: To be a detective.
Aspirations: To work at the zoo, a vet.

Oliver Dragojevic Philippe Qian Spencer Hawkins
Duties and Responsibilities: Wet Duties and Responsibilities:
Duties and Responsibilities: Road Patrol, Peer School Sports: Surfing Day Monitor National Young Leader Wet Day Monitor,
Mediator, Library Monitor, Wet Day Monitor, Code
Club Leader, Enviro Group Best Memory: Making it to the syndicate speech School Sports: GaTE
School Sports: Netball, Rippa Rugby, Basketball finals times two. AoBSncsephsttiohrMaoetleciAomacnmotsipr:vyTic:tooiCenbsofe:ivdCeaerhnSinikncgyeaaDcTlolrivimuperry2seo0b.r1o9Pdeystwciothntmroullder.
School Activities: Kapa Haka, APPA Choir, Speech Aspirations: A You Tuber, and a Pest Controller
Best Memory: Kapa Haka, Choir, Enviro Group and
Aspirations: To be a plane flyer.

Aaron Condon Jack Leach Ashar Alam-SimmonsRLDeouaotdimeesrM,aFonlandgitRoMerospniotonrs,iWbielittiDeas:yTMraovneiltworis, eStaff
Duties and Responsibilities: Library Monitor
Duties and Responsibilities: Peer Mediator, Enviro School Sports: Netball, Surfing, Krypton
Group Best Memory: Camp Adair 2019. Factor

School Sports: Rippa rugby, FlippaBall Aspirations: To be a movie actor. 2SBS0ccah1hs9kooeootlbl AaSlpcl,toRivritpistpi:eaNsR:euAtbgPabPllyA.,SCSuohrcfoicnireg,rC, ThoinuachT,rip
School Activities: Kapa Haka
Best Memory: My first day, Camp Adair and Best Memory:
devices. Aspirations: A
Aspirations: I want to be a Scientist.

Camp Adair
Soccer Player


Lilly Clements Neve Baguley George Smith
Duties and Responsibilities: Peer
ASRDctouhhatlodieetoPsiclaasSt,nrpoBdola,rRsLtkesieb:strpNbaoearynltlbsMaiblol,inlSiitwtioeirms, :WmSocinhrmgo,oFRl aiCprmopuaMnRcouilnglobitryo, ,r Patrol mediator, Road EFDanurvmtiireoMsGaornnodiutopRre, WspeotnDsaibyilMitoiensi:toRro, aSdtaPffaRtroool,mWMoromnitor,
School Activities: Music Tuition ABS.BS..cdeWcahsahsetkiooreeM.oottblbleiAaSmxlpclT,otorCirvriayrtiost:thi:sWelsNosiC:nenKton,bRauianpunlgalgt,rbIAHyny,tathSeUkloraensc,tciicSochepsnor,e/,oSTeKluacrscrhyofkpicFnlteicgone,narGl,FiCsaatTacEmto, pr,
AcBosepustinrMtartyei,omRnaosmr:yHb:ooCraBsmeridtprg.aeTin,, fNciruto!rssse. fAaBUSunscentpduhsiotiromrenMao/ectlTeiatSoammApncotoksehlr:rreeyatA,sn:.G:aTpSy.hhwmoeWitnmfeoiargmsasrtrtaeiitcnpimssgh,t,eieSlRlroIibwpcwecpisteaahtlrk,RfmreSuieduygnrbifDndiyntsa,og.dRsuwcghibtohyoml y Aspirations: To be a sports player or artist

Claire Twyman Olive Cochrane Anna Kawabata
Duties aCMASnplcoadotsnirsvRitt,ioestC:isreh,pNsFione:lanatAgbsPtairMPblilpA,iolAi2nCtt0iihhte1olos9er:i,trPiW,ceMsee,utrGsDMiacaTeyTEduMiaitotioonrni,t,or MCDoueudtinieacstiolalronrd, RRoeasdpoPnatsriobli,lLitiibersa:ryScMhoonoiltor, Peer SWDuuerttfiinDegsa,yaCnMrdoosRnseitCsopor,ouEnnnstvriybiriolitGieros:uPpeAethr lMeteicdsia, tor,
rBRSoceulhlsgetobdMyod,leBoSmawpsoonkrreyttths:b:eMaNlmly,euFbtbldeipadslptyl,amSbBwaeanmlilmk, o.Smruyrinfwinga,gsRiwpphaen I ABMScdeahsartizoriMopalaneAnmdcDtothirrveayim:tdiMieass,ca:FokrKi.enangpcalhoH/tKsaookrafe,farAniePnCPdAlassC,sChaomir,p
Best Memory:
school! The China trip and every day at

Aspirations: 1. I want to be a teacher Aspirations: I would love to have a job that Aspirations: I want to be a photographer and
helps people. a Marine Biologist.
shelter. 2. I want to create a homeless

Elle Shaw Emelia Queenin Matiu Barrington
Aspirations: I would Duties and Responsibilities: School Councillor, Duties and Responsibilities: Peer Mediator,
around the world. like to be a SRcohaodoPlaStrpool,rPtse:eNr eMtbeadlila, tRoirp,pNaaRtiuognbayl ,YToouuncghL, eCardoessr Library Monitor, Code Club Leader
Country, Soccer,Otago Maths Challenge, Athletics, School Activities: Kapa Haka
Basketball, Surfing, GaTE Best Memory: My friends, the visitors for
School Activities: APPA Choir, Speech Finalist, Science, magicians, music and other things
China Trip 2019 Aspirations: An Actor or a Movie Maker!
Best Memory: China Trip - Chugging on the bus
vet and travel in China
Aspirations: BLACK STICK!!! (NZ Hockey Team)
or Artist

Yearbook 2019 41

Kavya Dhingra Chloe Poole Oliver Jenkins
Duties and Responsibilities: Peer
Duties and Responsibilities: Library Monitor, ERDnouvatidireoPsGaatrnroodul,pRLeibsrpaorynsMiboinliittioers,:WPoeremr MFeadrmiatMoro, nitor, Wet Day Monitor Mediator,
Wet Day Monitor, Staff Room Monitor School Sports: Netball
School Sports: Netball School Activities: Kapa Haka IBSlceohsvtoeModletShmpeoorrruytns::nSNiynnegtdbaicanaldlt, eRthiaprtophwaleiRtniucgsg. bayft,eSrolcucnecrh.
School Activities: Kapa Haka, APPA Choir, China AeBxseppsetirrMaieteniomcneos.r:yWB:aeIknwetero.rnscohuoroflirNstegtbaamllew. as a great Man, I can run fast!
Trip 2019
Best Memory: The China Trip.
Aspirations: A lawyer.

Oliver Baker Nathan O’Neill Jazmine Pool
Duties and Responsibilities: Wet Duties and Responsibilities:
Duties and Responsibilities: Peer Mediator, Worm Enviro Group Day Monitor, Road Patrol, Library Monitor Peer Mediator,
Farm Monitor, Wet Day Monitor, Enviro Group
School Sports: Netball, Gymnastics, Athletics, CBSScceohhsutoonMootrlleyASmpcootirrvytis:t:iYeSeswa: rMimsaixmr,ziMinpgaar,nzCiDproraasnmsDCaroaumnatraynd Cross School Sports: Netball, Swimming, Rippa Rugby,
Cross Country, Soccer, Otago Maths Challenge Surfing
School Activities: Speech Finalist Best Memory: At Camp
Best Memory: When our team won Interschool head under the mud. Adair when I put my
soccer in Year 5.
Aspirations: Zoo Keeper, Vet, Doctor. Aspirations: Athletics or Designer Aspirations: I would like to be a vet when I
grow up.

Shayden Read Athena McDonald Genevieve Burt

Duties and Responsibilities: Peer Mediator, Duties and Responsibilities: Peer Mediator, Worm EDnuvtiireosGarnodupResponsibilities: Peer Mediator,
Worm Farm Monitor, Wet Day Monitor, Staff Room Farm Monitor, Library Monitor School ASpctoirvtist:ieNs:etAbPaPllA, SCohcoceirr,,CShuirnfiangTrip
Monitor School Sports: Netball, Swimming School
School Sports: Soccer, Basketball Best Memory: When we went to Camp Adair 2019
Best Memory: Winning Soccer 2018, all three because it was fun and there were cool activities.
grades! Best Memory: China
Aspirations: A Soccer Player. amazing trip. We got Trip. China was an
culture. to learn about China’s
Aspirations: I don’t care as long as I have

Maia Degenkolbe Olive Allen Porter Hooper
Duties and Responsibilities: Travelwise
Staff Room Monitor Leader, aBFSSSDlicueclnuhshrtatfitomoiilnieMsoogsetlle,,.aASCmGnpchaodtoiTinrrvREyati,es:tTSi:sTeorpNhsicpo:eec,ntAeCObsPrahir,PbliiOlgAni, latSaiCatmwiTgheiiroomsiCp:iMrmlW,awaFsietanrshet,sgsnCD,tchChBaheyeahssaCfMkaslllevaoeotsnnbsuiga,troelSilt,rpeeoefch ABTSFDaacesurpchsmtktioirleMeaoMs,tleiCaoSomnrnpnodoiostsro:rsRytrTesC,:o:WsTopNbhueoeeentnttDabmrsnayaiub,lyAldS,ilMlSosiltlwcBoiideclniaemseic:traom,kPtAre,iCtneEhagrnlme,MvRtipierucodsgi,GbaBtyraooUsru,knpWeitoobnram/ll
Aspirations: To be a TV Actor in the future.
BBSceahssktoeMotbleaSmlpl,ooRrriytps:p:CaNaRemutbpgabAlly,d,AaCtirhrolestsicCso, uSunrtfriyn,gS,occer
Aspirations: A Pro Wrestler or a Pro Soccer Player.

Selina Ye Jaanan Mardani Hawaiki Goodwin
Duties and Responsibilities:
Day Monitor Enviro Group, Wet SMTDcruoahtvnoieietoloswlraS,isnSpetdoaLrfRetf seaR:sdoSpeoworm,niLmsiMbimbroaiilnnriytigtieoMsr,o: EnPnietveoirrr,oMWGeedrtoiaDutpaoyr, SBSMRDocaouochsatnkcodieieetotPorsbl,araRaS,tnlSprulo,tdgoalbR,rfRWtfyispeR:oUspoNpranomoeiRmontubFnsagMa/iTbrlblmoa,iylnTc,itkoMiCtileouerooscrn,:shEisPt,noeACvreto,ihrrWuolMeneGtettircdrDyosi,a,autypor,
BABSicesophslotiorgMoaitlseitAombcnoetsicr:vyaIi:tuwiMseoesau:IkAlildnoPgvlPoeAfvrteiCoetnhsodowbsiriem,wRa.ihthMytoahrtmihnee&rsS. teps ABScesphstiorMoatleiAomcnotsir:vyTi:toiCebsoe:nKfaiandpeAanlcHl eBalkcaaoc,
oABSrcesphAstiorrtMoaistletiS.ompnoosrr:ytTs:o:CObaetmaagpofAaMmdaaoitruh, ssTChCehhiaSnlcleehsnoegoAelc,GtGraealTass.E

Monty Kerr Koen Moyes Luke Trewick
Duties and Responsibilities:
Wet Day Monitorƒ Worm Farm Monitor, Duties and Responsibilities: Worm Farm Duties and Responsibilities: Library Monitor
Monitor, Wet Day Monitor School Sports: Soccer, Basketball
School Activities: Music Tuition, Speech Finalist, School Activities: French/Korean Class, GaTE Best Memory: When I started school I only had
French/Korean Class, GaTE Best Memory: E-Pro 8 Challenge. First place 2 5 friends and then I had lots.
Best Memory: Device day times and the semi-final was on my birthday. Aspirations: I would like to be an Artist and
Aspirations: An author. in year four. We came first with Mrs Withers with Rachel, Crafter.
Madi and Luke.
Aspirations: An Engineer. No idea what type.

Yearbook 2019 43

Camille Menzes Protmartyr Ava Dilworth Lee-Lynn De Vries

Duties and Responsibilities: Wet Day Monitor Duties and Responsibilities: Peer Mediator Duties and Responsibilities: Staff Room
Best Memory: Speeches. Best Memory: The first time I walked into school. Monitor
Aspirations: To be a Photographer/Artist. Aspirations: Baker, photographer, professional Best Memory: Japan Day!
taste tester. Aspirations: A Teacher

Bodhi Hellesoe
Duties and Responsibilities: Peer
Best Memory: Year One. Mediator

Aspirations: To climb the Great Wall of

Sophia Moore Ollie Pickford

Duties and Responsibilities: Peer Mediator, Duties and Responsibilities: Wet Day
Wet Day Monitor, Staff Room Monitor Monitor
School Sports: Netball, Rippa Rugby School Sports: Rippa Rugby, Basketball
Best Memory: Camp Adair, VSCO Mrs School Activities: Kapa Haka
Hiebendaal. Best Memory: Lunch
Aspirations: An actress, an architect. Aspirations: You Tuber.

Glen Burney

cAasmpiprafitrieoantsC: WameapriAndgaair.traffic cone and the

Dominique Qian Leo Bishop
RLDeouaotdimeesrM,aFonlandgitRoMerospnoitonrs,iWbielittiDeas:yTMraovneiltworis, eStaff
Duties and Responsibilities: Wet Day Monitor
School Sports: Chess
Best Memory:
Aspirations: A Camp. Especially the Super Fox. School Sports: Netball, Touch, Basketball,
Teacher and You Tuber Rippa Rugby, Soccer
Best Memory: Camp Adair
Aspirations: To be an All White.

Cooper Simpson
EDnuvtiireosGarnodupResponsibilities: Wet Day Monitor,
Best Memory:
course. The Camp Adair confidence

44 Aspirations: To be an Engineer.


Yearbook 2019 45



Happy Times

Yearbook 2019 47


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