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St Heliers School Yearbook 2018

St Heliers School Yearbook 2018

‘St Heliers was our World’ Cover Painting by Zoe Paterson, Winner of Yearbook Art Competition

Principal’s Message
Dear Year 8 Students,
Your time at St Heliers School has ended and you are ready for the next stage in your schooling.
I have come to know each one of you as individuals, whether you have been at St Heliers since starting as a five year old or starting during your primary and intermediate years. You all have great personal qualities, individual strengths and have experienced many achievements.
Throughout your years at St Heliers, our goal has been to help you grow into bright, independent, caring and responsible citizens. I hope we have achieved this.
Even though you are moving on, you will always be part of the St Heliers School family.
I wish you every success in the exciting world beyond St Heliers and I look forward to hearing about all the wonderful achievements and journeys that you will make.
Even though you are moving on, you will always be part of the St Heliers School family
With every best wish,
Mr McCarthny
Principal St Heliers School

Highlights of Year 2018
Students who will be attending Glendowie College
Year 8 students who have been part of a 2018 Debating Team
Year 8 students who were members of the 2018 Senior Choir, Boys Music Group and/or
APPA Choir
02 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018

Year 8 students who competed at the 2018 AIMS Games
Year 8 students who have been at St Heliers School since Year 0/1
Students who have represented
St Heliers School at 2018 Eastern Zone Sports Tournaments
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 03

04 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018

St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 05

2018 Student Leaders
Harper Bilby Rebecca McLaren Amy Cran
Aislinn Prest Cooper Duff
Daisy Green Tessa McLaren So a Roberts Amelia Dunbar Jordan Heron
Hugo Madill Henry Davis Zenith Harduar Lucy Connolly
These are the names of St Heliers School’s 2018 Student Leaders. In Week 7, Term 1, eleven Year
8 students were named Student Leaders, and later on, in Term 2, three more were added. To be
a Student Leader is a privilege and a great honour, so all fourteen of them were very happy to be chosen. The Student Leaders help teachers by doing duty at morning tea when they have a special event and can’t do it. At Excellence and Citizenship Assemblies, they get to sit on the chairs at the front and welcome parents and guests into the hall. If the teachers need someone to do a serious job for them, the Student Leaders are always available. The Student Leaders helped with the Science Roadshow in Term 2, and in Term 1 went to National Young Leaders Day where they listened to inspiring speakers.
“It’s a privilege to be a Student Leader and I will remember this honour in the years to come,” said one of the Student Leaders, knowing that all the other Student Leaders agree.
- By Tessa McLaren
6 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018

Ballroom Dancing
- By Maja Alexander
This term, during Monday morning sport, we had Johnny Williams, formerly of ‘Dancing With The Stars’, show us the moves to the Jive and Cha Cha. We had lots of fun and learned a huge amount about ballroom dancing. After weeks of practicing, the competition was coming up. Johnny taught the Year 7s & 8s how to walk on and off the dance floor. The Dance Competition was an enjoyable experience for all of us, as we were able to get a feeling of what it would be like to compete worldwide. We all did a fantastic job and competed to an exceptional standard. Johnny commented that St Heliers was the best school that he had ever worked with.
Year 7 & 8 Speech Competition
- By Mimi Dunbar
This year, the whole team spent time in class writing a speech. We were allowed to choose our own topic and type of speech. After we had practiced and finished writing the speeches, we presented them in class and choose our top two. On Friday Week 6, Year 7 and 8 had their annual speech competition. The winner of the Prepared was Zenith Yr 8 with ‘Pet Peeves’, and the winner of the Impromptu was Will Yr 7 with ‘If I Could Invent School’. All competitors did very well.
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 07

- By Mimi Dunbar
In Term 2 & 3, 8 Year Eight students spent their lunchtimes practicing and preparing for the Mathex competition. Mathex is where multiple schools have teams of four competing. In the team of four, one is always selected to be a runner. On the day, there were rows of tables for each team, and a marker for each row sat at the front. Teams were given twenty questions worth 5 points each, one at a time. You were able to pass only one question and had to answer as many as you could in thirty minutes. St Heliers School sent two teams from both year 7&8. They competed on in Week 5, Term 3. Unfortunately no teams placed, but they all got an impressive score. Year 8 A Team: 95 points, Year 8 B Team- 75 points.
The Arts Take Flight
- By Harper Bilby
Every second year in Term 3 at St Heliers School, the students come together to perform a spectacular production. This performance showcases the talents of both students and teachers. Classes work together to produce, practise and perfect an entertaining piece which would then be shown to the St Heliers community. To make these ideas a reality, teachers have volunteered to help with LEPs for kids to complete work for the show; a script writing LEP to write the script for the show, a drama LEP for the intervals between each fantastic act. Tayla Fredrickson, who was working with her fellow students in the drama LEP said, “ I really like being a part of the show and seeing it all come together, I was so excited for the big performance!” For the production this year the theme was ‘The Arts Take Flight’, and the show was themed around travel. St Heliers School has kids eager to help make it all come together, whether it’s creating props or working on lighting and sound, everyone has a role. Each year group chose a particular country to base their act around, so the audience was taken around the world, learning about each country’s culture through performing arts. Cara Collins said, “I like getting to show my artsy side. I really enjoyed learning the stomp and practising the cha cha”.
Writers Festival
- By Zoe Paterson
In Term 2, we were lucky enough to go to the Auckland Writers Festival. This was held in the Town Hall, and it gave us a chance to hear our favourite writers speak. Throughout the day, we had four writers speak to us. The first writer was Amy Sarig King. She was a very inspirational speaker, and she talked about why she liked to write. The next speaker was Chris Riddell. He spoke and drew about how he became a writer, and why it was special to him. There were two other speakers, Rewa Worley and Stacy Greg, who spoke about their individual experiences and writing inspirations. Some lucky students were also fortunate enough to attend workshops with the writers. These writers taught us lots of tricks, and we will use this knowledge for the rest of our lives. It was a great experience!
08 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018

Red Cross Walk
- By Tessa McLaren
In Term 1, all the classes in Year 8 read the story Refugee, which was about three different kids in different countries and different time zones. These children face an army of obstacles during their journey as refugees. Mirza and Asma, two refugees with three children, fled Pakistan and made their way to New Zealand. The Year 7s & 8s watched videos about their journey, and decided to help the Red Cross by walking to Okahu Bay and back, raising $2297!
Our school won $1000 to spend at Kathmandu, which was used for sports equipment. The walk was something St Heliers doesn’t do every day, so all the students were excited. They enjoyed the walk, and the fact they were helping The Red Cross help many other families, such as Mirza’s and Asma’s.
Year 8 Camp Adair
- By Will Schwartfeger
This year, camp was a blast! From Super Fox to the Pamper Pole, every Year 8 student had an amazing time. All Year 8s at Camp Adair, were there to either achieve tasks that they were scared or not willing to do, or to enjoy the time encouraging friends. The best part of camp was the camp fire night, when everyone gathered around a massive campfire and told jokes to receive a marshmallow to roast. Once everyone had roasted a marshmallow, we played a huge game of Spotlight. Everyone was excited and really enjoyed playing.
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 09

Are We There Yet?
- By Cara Collins
In Term 3, we studied ‘Are We There Yet?’, which was based on an Auckland Museum exhibition about women’s rights. The exhibition showed us the challenges women still face today such as disparity in pay compared to men. We were then tasked to interview the ‘invisible women’ in our own lives and community. We discovered untold stories about their lives as a child and what their advice would be to the sixteen year-old version of themselves. So, are we there yet? This inquiry study was an inspiring and fascinating experience, which certainly made my classmates and I think a lot more about whether we are there yet.
- By Mr Nevalagi
Year 8 have made great use of the spring and summer months this year, enjoying a sun-soaked day on the water at Okahu Bay. Students learned and applied the essential skills needed to sail and rig an optimist. There’s a lot of fun and challenge when you try to catch the wind in your sail amongst the unpredictable currents of the bay. At this stage, I don’t think we’ve had any capsizes (yet!).
Those students waiting their turn to sail got a chance to rest and enjoy lunch with a view of the Waitemata Harbour and Rangitoto in the distance, or were on the water in single-person kayaks. Tasks on the kayaks included seeing who could paddle all the way to the other side of the bay to greet Kelly Tarlton’s patrons before realising how hard it would be to paddle back. Special thanks to the parent helpers who assisted with supervision at every session and our dedicated SHS Waterwise Instructors.
10 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018

Compiled By Hugh Nevell and Oskar Mann
Year 7 & 8 SHS House Competition: Nga Tae O Te Whare
This year our school trialled a house system for the year 7s & 8s. The houses are: Kikorangi, Kakariki, Whero and Kowhai, the Maori names for Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. We collect points for the houses through our Thursday sports and class points, where the teacher gives us points for good things we do. The house that gets 8 points, second gets 6 points, third gets 4 points and fourth gets 2 points. People also get points for winning sports events individually and with teams. These points are transferred onto a google doc which adds together the points from each class. So far the system has been successful and the house points are working well.
- By Tessa McLaren
Eastern Zone Boys Hockey
On 25th June, a team of 11 boys went to Lloyd Elsmore Park to compete in a hockey tournament. They ended up placing 4th out of eight teams, beating Sacred Heart, Panmure, Parnell and St Thomas.
- By Lachlan and Will
SHS Cross Country
Wednesday Week 4, was the set day for cross country, which was then postponed to Friday. However, when Friday came, it was canceled again due to rain, thunder
and lightning. Unfortunately, because the traditional course was booked, the competition had to be done at school on the Monday of Week 5. To even the length, Year 4 and 5 ran two laps of the block and two laps of the field, and Year 6 - 8 ran one lap of the field, three tiring laps of the block, and then one more lap of the field. On the following Tuesday, the top 8 runners
from each year level, went to the Eastern Zones. Sportsmanship and perseverance played a big part in the eventful day, and everybody gave it their best shot.
- By Cooper Duff
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 11

AIMS Games
In Term 3, 32 Year 7 and 8 students went to Tauranga to play in the Anchor AIMS Games. We had 3 teams and 4 individuals competing. The boys’ basketball team placed 70th. The futsal placed 17th equal with Aquinas College, Elim Christian College, Mt Maunganui Intermediate. The mixed water polo team placed 8th. Zoe, in Year 8, placed 3rd in the yachting championship, being the only student to place. “AIMS was lots of fun and responsibility. We had a lot of difficult games. I
like how you had to live with your friends for a week.” (A quote from Jordan Heron, Futsal). “It was a great experience being able to stay with my friends and mess around.” (As quoted by Henry Gibson, Water Polo).
12 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018

Eastern Zone Girls Softball
On 8th March, the Year 7 and 8 girls played in the Eastern Zone Girls Softball Tournament. The Year 7 girls were lucky enough to place third in their competition. They only played three games due to poor weather conditions, but showed a lot of teamwork and enjoyment. The parent helpers had to assist, both as umpires and managers. They did a great job umpiring, were fair in all games, and taught us a lot throughout the day. The other schools competing included Sylvia Park School and Point England School. Everybody played really well and it was so much fun. We had a great time and so did the other schools.
- By Edie Mitchell and Mimi Stewart
Eastern Zone Boys Softball
In week six, the Year 7 and Year 8 boy’s softball teams played at the Eastern Zone softball tournament.
This event was held at Mt Wellington War Memorial Reserve, where the morning weather was absolutely beautiful, before turning scorching hot in the afternoon. The Year 8 boys placed last, but still had a lot of fun playing softball all day. Our Year 7 boys fared a little
better and finished in fourth place. There were a lot of tough teams, who looked like they had been training a lot longer than us, but we still tried our best. Thanks to Mr. Barlow for coaching us, and Andrea Little for being our manager and umpire for the day.
- By Jackson Brown and Ed Littlesmith
Year 5-8 SHS Athletics
The warm sunshine, damp grass and undeniable smell of sunscreen, greeted us as we arrived at Glover Park
for our 2018 Athletics. Anticipation hung in the air,
while we prepared for the first events of the day. With the sun beating down on us, we competed for places. When three o’clock rolled around, the entirety of our participation became clear, and so did the immense amount of sport that we had done in one day. Hearing the cheers and support of our schoolmates, made the strain totally worth it. The winners of the events ranged through the different classrooms, proving that anyone has a chance at doing well. What a truly spectacular day!
- By Jorja Kane
This term for gymnastics, we had two competitions. We started training in Term 1 and after one practice at the Eastern Suburbs ESGC, we had our first competition. We had to do beam, floor, and vault, which we all did very well. All of us then kept up our practice to go on to the Auckland Champs as we had all placed well in the first competition. In the second competition, we had to do our same routines. Because we had been practicing, we did very well. Unfortunately, we did not place, but
we were still proud because we were able to go through to the Auckland Champs.
- By Maja Alexander
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 13

Eastern Zone Netball
Netball is an important sport in our school and every year we have many teams. We have had two tournaments this year, where the girls A team,
the Aces, and the B team played exceptionally well. Over the years,
our school has placed many times in netball tournaments, and students have spent many fun days playing netball.
- By Tessa McLaren
Eastern Zone Tag
On 16th March, St Heliers School sent out a year 7-8 Boys team, and a year 7-8 Girls team to participate in a Tag Tournament, (a modified version of rugby league) at Hamlin Park. Both teams excelled and showed incredible sportsmanship towards their opposition, teammates, referees and coaches. The boys came
4th overall, winning half of their games against some very well drilled teams. The girls won two out of the five games they participated in, playing against some of the best in Auckland. As our tournament came to
a close, the teams upheld their positive attitude and continued to display great sportsmanship towards everyone. Congratulations to all who participated, and thank you to the parents and teachers who supported and coached us. Without them, our strenuous, but a very enjoyable day, wouldn’t have been possible.
- By Hugh Nevell and Rebecca McLaren
Eastern Zone Year 8 Girls Football
The soccer teams did practices every Friday at 7:40 am, and when the day came, we were all ready for it. There were 3 pools of 3 teams, so that meant that there were 9 teams overall. It was 11 a side, with 10 minutes each half. We all swapped sides at halftime, and we had to score as many goals as we could, in only 20 minutes. The aim of the game was to win the most games in your pool (obviously), although
if you did end up drawing with a team, it was then based on who beat who, and by how much. This unfortunately happened to us. We tied the first game, nil-all and when we heard that the other team had just beaten Glendowie, 3 nil to them, that meant that we had to either score 3 nil or more to have a chance of competing for first, second or third. We scored no goals in the first half and only 2 goals in the second,
which meant that we would have to try and compete for fourth, fifth or sixth. We smashed it after that, winning every game, which ended us up coming forth. It was such a fun day, which was mixed with teamwork, good times, but
also a kick of disappointment, although that just taught us that losing isn’t always that bad. We all put our full effort into the game and it may have not gotten us first, but at least we tried our best, because that is what really matters. An eventful day with awesome games, signed off with a great finish. Soccer is an amazing sport to play and whoever feels like they want to give it a go, don’t hold back.
14 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018

SHS Swimming Sports
On 9th March, the Year 7 & 8 students had their swimming sports at the YMCA Glen Innes Pools. There was a high level of competition this year, and lots of people participated in most swimming strokes and events. Students were given the option of swimming non-competitively in races which were one length, and competitively two lengths which allows us to find our interschool finalists.
This year, we did things a little differently - there was
a pizza lunch up for grabs! Classes earned points throughout the day for participating in swimming races, placing in the top three of their races and showing encouragement, support and teamwork. Room 14 won with a total of 292 points, 40 points clear of second place, securing their prize for this year’s senior school swimming event.
This year’s swimming sports was a great one and we
Eastern Zone Orienteering
wish all of our interschool swimmers the very best at the Eastern Zone swimming sports.
- By Kessia Veal and Colden Sapir
Eastern Zone Touch Tournament
This year’s touch tournament was heaps of fun. All the teams did really well, and the boys ended up coming 5th. It was a great day. The mixed team came 6th, and the girls team came 7th. Everybody was playing really well, and the caliber of play was very high. The best thing, apart from the actual rugby, was definitely the bean bag jousting. There were quite a few bump
offs, which turned out great in slo-mo. Thankfully,
no one got hurt. Overall, it was a very enjoyable day that involved some great games, along with some fun of our own. Plus a sports tournament wouldn’t be complete without the parents shouting us ice blocks.
- By Hugo Madill
Orienteering was a great learning experience through sport for Year 7 and 8 students. This year’s event was held at at Waiatarua Reserve in Remuera. Schools competed in smaller teams of 5-6 members, running a set course to find markers in order to complete their race in the fastest time. SHS competitors lined up at the starting line. Once the whistle blew, we were running around for about half an hour, using hole punches to mark our progress on scorecards. Map reading is an essential skill in orienteering, which we learned more about during the competition. After
completing the course, we were given our time, and had to wait for the other competing schools to finish before being told our overall result. One of our Year 8 boys teams placed high enough and qualified to compete at the Interzone event - congratulations to Colden, Henry, Zenith, Oscar and Cooper for this achievement. Overall, orienteering was a great experience that everyone enjoyed.
- By Henry Gibson
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 15

Room 14!
Miss Cappel
Miss Cappel was our
teacher for the first half of
this year, and we think she
is amazing! She taught
us for two terms before
she left to have her baby.
She gave us an excellent
start to our final year at
St Heliers School, and we are very grateful. Miss Cappel was a kind teacher, who always went out of her way to make sure we had a good time. However, she still made sure we completed our work and learnt lots during our time with her. She made Room 14 a fun and exciting place to be. And she made us all better people. Room 14 loved Miss Cappel very much and we were sad when she had to go. We found her one of the best teachers that we have ever had. She has been a very big part of our lives at St Heliers School, and we will not forget it.
Mrs Herbert
Mrs Herbert was our
teacher for terms 3 and 4
this year. In the first two
terms, Mrs Herbert taught
us on Tuesdays due to
Miss Cappel’s team leader
release, but at the start
of term 3, she became
our full time teacher. Mrs Herbert somehow managed to balance choirs with the show and manage our crazy class. We have no clue how she managed to do all of that and still be an amazing teacher, but that’s what she did. Mrs Herbert has been such an incredible teacher for our class, and we have all been very lucky to have her. She made all of our learning as interesting as possible so that we could learn more. She was always really nice and fun, but she still made sure we got stuff done. All of us in Room 14 loved having her, and we all think that she is one of the best teachers ever.
Aislinn Prest, Anusha Liyanage, Cate Shearer, Cian Fuller, Colden Sapir, Cooper Duff, Daniel Graham, Gabriella Leyland, Henry Davis, Isabella Farnell, Jayda Good, Jiyuan Cui, Jordan Heron
16 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018

Our Crazy Class!
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 17

Memorable Moments
Awkward Silence
The moment during sexuality educa on in which the ‘pregnancy’ gesture was born - brief twiddling of ngers together in front of one’s face, followed by lots of laughing.
Maximum Ride
We loved it when Miss Cappel read Maximum Ride to us.
Knights of the Round Table
Room 14 has a round table where a group of people of sit. Normally So a, Tayla, Aislinn, Zenith, Tyler, Ma hew, and Isabella sit there. They are always way too loud, and Mrs Herbert always has to tell them to shush. They get called the knights of the round table.
Furniture Battles
Ba ling to sit on beanbags, the red chairs, and the rolling chairs! Injuries caused by the red chairs.
Too Short!
Lots of people in the class couldn’t reach their license pictures, especially when Tyler moved them up way too high.
The weather gods did not like Room 14!
This is my frenemy
Being super compe ve with our neighbours, Room 15. Our conquests include ballroom dancing, the tness trail, christmas decora ons and music wars.
November Xmas in Room 14
Involves dancing to carols in the classroom and decora ng the tree and making christmas decora ons at lunch me
Can I borrow your pencil?
Tyler likes to “borrow” our sta onery and then loses it. So he never gives it back.
Silent Ball
Playing silent ball on the eld with Mrs Herbert
Lights, Camera, Action
Filming the pre show video and making up the dance to ‘New rules’. Livi’s voice cracking when lming. Ma ge ng his lines wrong meaning we had to lm the scene around 40 mes.
The Chromebook Chronicles
Turning o for no apparent reason, which o en restricted us from watching YouTube videos.
18 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018

Our Incredible Work!!
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 19

Room 15
Walking into the classroom on the rst day, all of us had our worries. What if I’m not smart enough? What if I can’t make friends? Those were the ques ons that burned inside everyone’s heads, but those were the ques ons that were quickly forgo en once the year got into swing.
Camp was a binding moment for all of us. The days of the “Cold War Food ght” seem like they were only yesterday, as do the mudslide, and all the high rope ac vi es.
Aquapass and WaterWise enabled us to learn to work as a team, especially during Term 4, when we managed to get kayaks working as tug boats for the Op mist sailboats. Year 8 is full of compe ons between classes, and I think it’s safe to say Room 15 is by far the best, especially at the tness trail, athle cs, and the swimming sports pizza compe on (which we may not have won, but that’s not important). Not to men on, Room 15 is the best at ge ng people onto their Full License fast (for all enquiries call 0800 15= LICENSE FAST).
On the topic of compe on, the Room 14/15 rivalry may be present, but there is really no compe on — we’re far be er at literally everything else. Room 15 is obviously the best class!
20 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018

Champions at . . .
The sportiest class
Moaning about homework
Year 8’s tidiest cloak bay
Most likely to score 3 points in trashketball
Winning at debating. Even debating everything with Mrs Ward #Oscar
Best Year 8 VIP Lounge
Oscar Hugo Ashton Tarquin
Maja & Thom in the Year 7/8 Dance Competition 2nd - Jive, 3rd – ChaCha
Most original mufti day - Alice In Wonderland
Hayley Emilie Jorja Ram Ji Yoon
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 21
Maja Daisy Amy Mimi Addi Lulu Hayden Hugh Zoe Evelyn Thom Oskar
Edo Shaylin Morgan Maja Daisy Amy Mimi Addi Lulu Rebecca Mrs Ward

Room 15’s Trophy Cabinet
Hugo and Thom ge ng ready to have their hair shaved for cancer. Legends. (over $1600 raised)
The Jersey Boys - Shaylin, Edo and Oskar. Always Cold (Even when it’s 30°c)
Maja and Daisy, Best known for their hilarious photo shoots in class. Hopefully Mrs Ward doesn’t nd out!
22 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018
Hugh and his beloved bu cushion
The Fortnite King - Ashton Brown (Who missed both of our Fornite events)
Mr Haydz jamming to some sick beats. Best singer in Room 15
The best chefs in the world. (Not) Almost set Selwyn college on re. Hugh, Tarquin and Hayden
The ght for the good Chromebook. Tarquin and Hayden. Who will win?
R.I.P Freddo

A Day In The Life of...
What does it mean to be a Year 8?
2018 has been an incredible year, lled with many wonderful memories and laughs. We have grown to know each other be er, and have opened up to our classmates. There have been many things that are constant recurrences in Room 15, like the hour-long arguments that we have about our agree disagree and math answers - no one in Room 15 is ever wrong.
We can successfully explain our time away, persuade why free me is be er than homework, narrate our way through avoiding a task, and conclude the day with silent ball.
Maths: Why learn Algebra? Finding X is only useful if you’re a pirate.
Most of the stu that goes on Mrs Ward knows about, but there are a few li le things that we Room 15’ers have decided to keep to ourselves. I bet that if Mrs Ward searched through all of our laptops, she would nd a treasure trove of priceless photos. We all like to take a break from our learning and have a quick photo shoot.
There seems to be a theme of crea ng chaos at Tech, sewing is no excep on. It has become a trend to place a needle between your ngers and ask for a stbump from one of your fellow classmates. Normally it doesn’t work, as the needle isn’t properly concealed. However, Maja was not so lucky, and s ll has a scar to this day. Maybe Hugo should apologise.
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 23

Room 19
Room 19 is an awesome class that shows great sportsmanship and made SHS a fun place to be. We are super humble and amazing at Year 8 sports compe ons, especially dodgeball. The class some mes strays o task but we can be relied on to try our best when suppor ng each other and those around the school.
‘Evil eyes’ stare down from the display walls upon the students in Room 19. This is just one of the many remnants le from our study about the e ects of a guilty conscience on the human mind - thank you, Edgar Allan Poe.
These eyes prevented the gamers in the class from running o to play Fortnite. However, their persistent love for the game was too much for the teachers. They caved in to the Tilted Tower enthusiasts by managing to get ALL of Year 8 to “write about Fortnite without men oning Fortnite”.
If you have never seen us in class, that is probably because we are running around the eld (thanks, Mr Nevalagi!). It may also be because we are at Selwyn College studying Technology or at Auckland Museum studying the ght for women’s rights and equality under the banner, “Are We There Yet?”.
Mr Nevalagi – Teacher
Room 19 reached new heights of hilarity when it came to the best
dad jokes. We’re great at telling jokes, although some got slightly dark at mes. Special men on to Kourosh for his great rhyming skills and Eloise for her talented drawings in class. We had some amazing water polo players in our class such as Ivan, Henry, Ivan, Cara and Ivan.
Come into our class and marvel at the masterpieces that are the desktop computer wallpapers. Thank you to Jackson for working so hard to make the photos look so skux. We now shall stand for our Room 19 anthem, “I like cookies, cupcakes and cucumbers”.
Harper Jackson Jania Yiting Cara Karim Ivan Henry
Ines Troy Lachlan Megan Junwei Chris Edward Hayden
Koroush Ethan Cassie Josh Tessa Ryan Dohyun Jessica Cooper Eloise
24 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018

Heliers School Yearbook 2018 25

This year Room 19 has done very well in some par cular sport compe ons, namely swimming sports and athle cs. Even if they didn’t place, all of the members of Room 19 tried their best to represent our classroom. To the le you will see all of the big spor ng events that Room 19 has par cipated and all of the people that placed highly.
SHS Swimming Sports
Ivan Fateev
1st Year 8 Boys 50m Freestyle 1st Year 8 Boys 50m Breaststroke 1st Year 8 Boys 50m Bu er y
1st Year 8 Boys 50m Backstroke
Lachlan Gordon
2nd Year 8 Boys Breaststroke
SHS Athle cs
Jessica Michaels
2nd Year 8 Girls High Jump
Henry Gibson
1st Year 8 Boys High Jump 3rd Year 8 Boys Long Jump
Lachlan Gordon
3rd Year 8 Boys Discus
Karim Efremov
1st Year 8 Boys Discus
2nd Year 8 Boys Shot Put 3rd Year 8 Boys 100m Sprint
2018 AIMS Games
8th Overall, Waterpolo
Ivan Fateev, Henry Gibson, Cara Collin
SHS Cross Country
Henry Gibson
1st Year 8 Boys
Lachlan Gordon
8th Year 8 Boys
Tessa McLaren
4th Year 8 Girls
26 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018
“I’m a map”
Quotes and Inside Jokes
“She is so nice she likes to eat spaghetti bolognese and rice”
“Baby Shark dododododododo” x 1000000
“Achoooo!” = x2 laps of the eld
“If someone calls you ugly have a good come back and say, ‘Excuse me, but I’m not a mirror.”
“Later Bo”
“ . . . Fortnite . . . ”
“Sans Undertale”

Room 19’s class events and learning experiences
This year in Room 19 we have had many Dad Joke competitions. It includes two classmates going head to head trying to make the other laugh. Pretty much none of the jokes were actually funny.
In Room Nineteen this year we started literacy circles. We chose groups in which we read one of the books such as ‘A Monster Calls’, ‘Inside The Game’, ‘Holes’, ‘Virals’ and ‘Phoenix Files’.
Running around the eld has become a class activity that we all know. We have become pros at this class time activity, which allows us to vent our energy and feelings outside.
Room 19 has many talented musicians. Some class acts to look out for in the coming future include rock n hair duo, KaRooper, saxophonists Ethan and Lachlan and pianist Yiting. X-Factor better also better look out for the harmonious voices of our choir members who include Ed, Jackson, Eloise, Jania, Tessa and Jessica. Of course, we cannot forget Junwei’s powerful chant about Chinese history.
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 27

Room 15
The struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow
Conquer from Within
Room 15
Limits like fears, are often just illusions
Room 14
Everything you don’t know is something you can learn
28 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018
Room 15
Amy Cran Addison Young
Aislinn Prest
Ashton Brown
I have only joined this term and it has been brilliant! I have met so many new intelligent friends with bright personalities. I wish I started here earlier.
Volleyball at camp was extremely entertaining, even though I’m sure bystanders would question our lack of skill and sanity.
Going to camp and watching all of our entertaining skits, roasting marshmallows, sliding down mudslides and telling the most ridiculous jokes around a bon re.
My favourite experiences in year 8 were the sports tournaments and waterwise.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The most important thing is to not stop questioning
Room 19
Come on you can do it. Try your hardest
Room 19
Maths makes me excited
Room 19
Room 14
Be happy
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 29
Cara Collins
Chris Lawrence
Cian Fuller Cassandra McElwee
AIMS, School Show and Camp.
At camp, because that was my longest and my rst time being away from mum (for nearly a week). My other one is making new friends in Year 8. I had no friends, until I met Olivia Mager.
The dad joke competitions were the best. From the terrible jokes to staring each other down, it was great.
When I rst joined the school and when I cut my chest on the edge of the playground.

Room 14
"If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives."
- Lemony Snicket
Try hard, be amazing
Room 15
Learn as much as you can while you are young cause life gets busy later
Room 19
Good things come in small packages
30 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018
Room 14
Daisy Danielle Green Cooper Duff
Cooper Paalvast
Daniel Graham
It was camp. Whilst we did a lot of fun activities, the bit I enjoyed most about camp was the social aspect. I made a lot of new friends and I hope I’ll be friends with them for a long time to come.
Finding out how much I love music.
It’s the friends I’ve made, the things I’ve learned and, most importantly, all the latest gossip that has created our year!
I love camp and AIMS

Don't sit down - stand up for what you believe in
Room 19
Be yourself cause an original is better than a copy
Room 15
Try to go for your licence as soon as you can, trust me it will be easier in the long run
Room 15
"We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” - Joseph Campbell
Room 19
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 31
Edoardo Manni
Emilie Warren
Ethan Liu Edward Littlesmith
Doing the Flying Fox at Camp. It was so fun. There was a wait at the start, where the instructors tried to distract you by asking questions, but what was especially great was the air rushing against your face. It was truly wonderful.
At the hockey tournament we played a team that had never played before, so they ran at us with their sticks in the air and looked like they wanted to kill us. I don’t know why it’s so funny, but it was the best, and I will never forget it.
Talking about harry potter on a wobbly plank at camp and getting prepared to jump.
The Year 8 Camp. It was a great memory because of the people who were really friendly and kind to you. Also, someone looked after you after you were asleep, and helped you when you felt bad.

Room 15
To be happy is a choice we have to make
At the end of the day, I feel life should ask us if we want to save the changes
Room 19
Don't count the days, make the days count
Room 14
Where words fail music speaks
32 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018
Room 15
Harper Bilby Evelyn Anne Paynter
That time at camp when I said hi to a lizard, and the person next to me goes “umm hi?”. I then was left with two choices - say sorry I was talking to A LIZARD, or continue the conversation.
De nitely camp. We did so many fun things at camp. I remember at rst I was really nervous, but then I did all the activities and it was so much fun.
Watching Mr Nevalagi fall in the mud on the con dence course at camp.
Gabriella Leyland
Hayden Bakkerus

A problem is a chance for you to do your best
Room 19
Champions are de ned not by their wins but the way they pick themselves up when they fall
Room 15
Only I can change my future, no one can change it for me
Room 14
My advice is to focus on learning, not getting a funny quote
Room 19
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 33
Hayden Powell
Henry Alen Davis
Henry Gibson Hayley Jonkers
P robably Camp. I had been terri ed of heights and we had to climb the ‘Cargo Net’. I remember Oskar Mann hanging from the top smiling at me. And when I did it, we had the worst high- ve ever!
Playing tag in the rain at camp and cooking marshmallows
It would be when camp rst started and I walked into camp and it felt like everything was worth it and that it was going to be a fun year even though we have a lot of work.
The AIMS Games. I really enjoyed missing a week of school and getting to go on hydro slides and play water polo, and those ve smoothies that one morning were great.

Room 15
“Education is what remains after you have forgotten what you have learnt at school” – Albert Einstein
You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club
Room 19
Take off your holiday hat and put on your learning hat
Room 15
Being cool is being your own self, not doing something that someone else is telling you to do
34 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018
Room 14
Ines Rubio Panico Hugh Nevell
Hugo Madill
Isabella Farnell
AIMS was amazing - most memorable moment probably was scoring 10 points against St Kents, a team with some of my friends in it.
But what really made this year most memorable was all the funny moments that my friends and I had together.
Probably camp, it was a super fun experience with plenty of laughs.
The most memorable moment was the show
Finally being able to run long distance (through training), then becoming sick on cross country day. The one year I would have done well!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which can change the world” – Nelson Mandela
Room 19
Its ok to be a glow stick, sometimes we have to break before we can shine!
Room 19
Always try your hardest
Room 19
Try your best and pursue your dreams
Room 14
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 35
Ivan Fateev
Jania Cawson
Jayda Good Jackson Heighton Brown
My most memorable moment in Year 8 was camp.
Year 8 camp
It was probably camp because we had so much fun and overcame our fears. I loved it!
At camp when we went down the mudslide; it was SO FUN!

Room 19
Times had gone fast this year, but that means you enjoyed your school work
Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best
Room 14
If you do good, good will be done for you
Room 15
Dif cult circumstances serve as a text book for people
36 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018
Room 14
Jiyuan Cui Jessica Michaels
It was at camp, especially the mudslide, which was so much fun because everyone was enjoying themselves.
It was when I was at camp. Many people would have thought the same thing because it was the time we could be with all our friends in the same room.
Camp, it is a memory that I will never forget. It showed friendship, unity, and teamwork. I have learnt lots of things from camp and many are useful in life.
Camp was the best.
Ji Yoon Lee
Jordan Donald Heron

“Be yourself; everyone else is taken” -Oscar Wilde
Room 14
There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure
Room 15
When you can't nd the sunshine, be the sunshine.
Room 19
Don't be afraid of things that you don't know
Room 19
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 37
Jorja Kane
Joshua McHugh
Junwei Liu
Joshua Maclean
The show. It was amazing to be up on the stage performing for everyone to enjoy. The blinding lights, crowds, faces and everything else (that I wouldn’t be able to cover in fty words) made it so awesome.
Earning the distinction award in year 2
Everything that happened this year and even being a senior in the school. This whole year has been an enjoyable and amazing experience with all the activities and events that took place
SHS school show and the ballroom dancing competition.

Room 19
Never give up and you will always succeed
The world as we have created it is a process
of thinking - it cannot be changed without changing our thinking
Room 14
Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become when you believe.
Room 14
The best and most beatiful things cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt through the heart
38 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018
Room 19
Kessia Veal Karim Efremov
Me and my friend were slapping each other on our backs. My back is still red.
I loved camp and the show, “Arts take ight”. I also loved when Miss Cappel brought in her baby. The most memorable was the camp skit performance and the dance comp.
AIMS, camp and the show.
Running laps for sneezing.
Kaya Toyoda
Kourosh Rahimi Aliabady

Logic will get you from A to Z but imagination will get you everywhere
Room 15
Life has rules, be kind. Thats a rule
Room 19
You can accomplish anything in life if you try hard enough
Room 15
Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I seek, only as much as I dream can I be
Room 19
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 39
Lachlan Gordon
Maja Rose Alexander
Marie Louise Pentz
Lulu Connolly
It was camp. All the activities were great, and the people who ran the camp always encouraged you to give everything a go. To any younger kids reading this, don’t be scared as it will be one of your highlights at St Heliers School.
I’ve really enjoyed all of year 8, I especially enjoyed the show and ballroom dance. I have had a great time this year.
Camp! It was a wonderful experience! Woohoo!
I can’t really pin-point a most memorble time, but I guess the Year 8 camp really sticks out as a fun time I can remember.

Room 14
Always be proud of who you are
Always try your hardest
Room 15
When life is hard, take a drink of water and keep trying
Room 19
Primary School - you learn how to read, make friends, add 1+1, but most importantly, you learn how to roast marshmallows and run around in the dark playing spotlight
40 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018
Room 14
Mimi Dunbar Matthew Evans
When we went to St Thomas school to play a friendly football match. Another memorable moment would be the football tournament, when we were making funny jokes about Fortnite.
Year 8 camp. It was amazing and fun.
Camp. When we all jumped off ridiculously high poles, into a bunch of mud, and attempted to play volleyball.
Camp was super fun.
Megan hall
Anusha Liyanage

It seems impossible until its done.
Room 15
“The difference between school and life is that in school you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life you're given a test that teaches a lesson.” -Tom Bodett
Room 14
I’ll always be there to catch you when you fall
Room 15
Be righteous in everything you do
Room 15
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 41
Morgan Guard
Oscar Pryor
Oskar Mann
Olivia Mager
When my group made up an act at school camp, but 2 hours before the show we decided to change it and won it. I still can’t believe we won it to this day.
Being at camp, completely covered in mud, going down the mudslide with my shirt tied on like a cape, losing it in the water, and nding someone else’s shirt as well as mine.
When Hayden Bakkerus started singing in the middle of a Maths test. (He didn’t even know how loud he was.)

Room 15
What you do has a far greater impact than what you say
Dream big, dream wild
Room 19
Keep your eye on the prize
Room 15
42 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018
Don't give up on your dreams
Room 14
Shaylin Dahya Rebecca McLaren
Ryan Mehrabi Moghadam
Sofia Roberts
At camp. Many memories were made there and my favorite is hard to choose. However, it was pretty awesome playing hide and seek around the camp re and conquering the obstacle courses and activities.
When the arts took ight in term 3.
Going to camp and playing games really late at night.
I enjoyed every part of Year 8. I have made so many great memories and had some great fun with my friends. This is literally (sorry Zenith) the most cliched and cringy quote ever, but that’s ok.

SHS we are the best
Room 15
Room 14
I'd rather be with friends in the dark than alone in the light
You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore
Room 19
The amazing thing about music is that it connects people
Room 15
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 43
Tarquin Mortland
Tessa McLaren
Thom Boynton
Tayla Frederickson
I have had many memorable moments throughout the past year, particularly at camp and spending time with friends in school and out.
There were so many amazing memories but my favourite was probably lming the show video with my class. It was just a really fun experience.
The Year 8 football tournament. The day was crack up. When your coach tells you, “Well you’ve lost, now go and have some fun,” it makes it a million times better. Thanks for the amazing time boys.

Room 19
Do well and try hard at school
Always do your best, not someone else's
Room 14
No matter how much you think you hate school, you'll miss it when you’re gone
Room 14
There is no elevator to success, so you will have to take the stairs
44 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018
Room 19
Will James Schwartfeger Troy Somerville
Tyler Gilmer
Yiting Chu
Coming back to SHS.
AIMS and sporting events.
When we went on camp and slid down the mud slide.
The Athletics Day

Smile and laugh as much as possible, it's contagious
Room 14
If you can't nd the sun, be the sun
Room 14
Stars can't shine without darkness
Room 15
Don't worry about faliures, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try
Room 14
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 45
Zenith Harduar
Zoe Hodder
Zoe Paterson
Zifan Chen
I’ve enjoyed every moment of being in Year 8. It has been fun.
The time we had at camp, the weather wasn’t that amazing, but we still had a good time.
At camp when Kessia came down from the pamper pole and we all did a group hug
I don’t have a favourite moment of this year because it has all been so amazing. I have enjoyed every moment, especially making lots of new friends. It has been my favourite year at St Heliers School.

Room 14
Life is a big canvas, throw all the paint you can at it.
“I have not failed. I have merely found ten-thousand ways that do not work.” -Thomas Edison
Room 14
What does not kill you makes you stronger
Room 15
46 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018
Cate Shearer
Ram Hershco Colden Lee Sapir
I had an awesome time at camp and did all of the activities. I was worried about camp at rst but once I was there I had the time of my life! I loved acting out the skits and we came SECOND!
Following a term of preparations, the debating team travelled to St Thomas’s School for our debate. It was a thrilling experience, and I found it very enjoyable
At Year 8 Camp, one of the attractions was that you had to climb to the top of a ledge, jump out and hit a ball hanging from a taller tree.

Teachers Words of Wisdom
St Heliers School Yearbook 2018 47
Work hard to be the best version of you that you can be! Make the most of every opportunity at High School and always remember to believe in your ‘sel e!’
Lisa Ward,
2018 Year 8 Teacher and current Team Leader
Congratulations, Year 8 2018!
It has been an absolute pleasure learning alongside you this year, and I wish you every
success as you walk through this next journey of your lives. Take every opportunity given to you, and
always strive to achieve your ultimate best. Drop in occasionally to let us know how you’re doing. We love catching up with past students.
Haere taka mua, taka muri, koe a e whai - Be a leader, not a follower
Tracy Cappel,
Year 7&8 Team Leader
Jonathan Nevalagi, Kerry Herbert,
Year 8 Teacher 2018 Year 8 Teacher
What an awesome bunch of students you all are! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you. Remember at college to get involved in everything you can, because the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of your time there. Be kind to each other and always use your manners!
Respect all, fear none. Respect the learning process, understand the journey never truly ends and that there is always more to learn. When you succeed, encourage those around you to succeed as well.

As the great Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson says, “Be humble, be hungry and always be the hardest worker in room”. All the best, go get it!
48 St Heliers School Yearbook 2018
The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.
It has been fantastic getting to know you all. Good luck for the future and go chase your dreams whatever they may be. Just remember to stay true to yourself!!
Robbie Evans,
2017 Year 7 Teacher
Kelly Daji Sarah-Jane Darke, (nee Sanford),
2018 Year 7 Teacher 2017 Year 7 Teacher and current Team Leader
Elaine Blake
(nee Chancellor), 2017 Year 7 Teacher
Oliver Barlow,
2018 Year 7 Teacher
“There is only one way to succeed in anything and that is to give it everything”. Vince Lombardi Love everything you do and enjoy the adventures you will go on.
Work hard, play hard, be kind to people.

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