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ACG International Student Information and Application Form 2018_Foundation

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ACG International Student Info

ACG International Student Information and Application Form 2018_Foundation

Study in New Zealand

University Foundation Programmes and English School

Information and Application Form 2018 | International students

Programme information ACG Pathways

What is
ACG Pathways?

A pathway to university ACG Pathways’ track record of working with three
and a strong future New Zealand universities means more than 12,000
students from 50 countries have completed our
At ACG Pathways we open the door to an English university foundation courses on their way to fulfilling
language-based university education for our students. their study and career ambitions.

Our difference lies in the way we combine specialised ACG Pathways does more than offer a stepping-stone
university entrance courses and English language to university – we set our students firmly on the path
programmes with personalised care and support for to future success.
students studying away from home. This excellent
foundation helps launch our students into university
studies, as well as other educational opportunities.

ACG Pathways – Apple Distinguished School

Technology plays a key role in learning at ACG Pathways.

ACG Pathways is one of just 400 institutions from 29 countries to be recognised as an Apple Distinguished School.
This invitation-only programme includes schools that demonstrate academic excellence and innovation, and share
Apple’s vision for learning with technology. Our school leaders use iPad and Mac products to inspire creativity,
collaboration and critical thinking in our students.



University Pathways

University Foundation Studies


Application and Information Form 2018 Programme information

English language

Note: All fees are in New Zealand dollars.

Entry dates ACG English School

Every Monday* Intensive English**

Course length 2018 tuition fees

1–48 weeks Intensive English – 24 hours per week

Tuition Weeks 1–30 $475 per week

24 hours per week Bookings of more than 30 weeks $420 for each additional week

Entry requirement Additional fees

Minimum age: 13 Resource and course materials fee^ $175

* Or Tuesday when a New Zealand public holiday falls on a Monday.
** This course is currently registered with NZQA as Intensive General English.
^ This fee covers the cost of all standard learning resources, including textbooks (paper-based and online), exercise books and access to all Blackboard Learning
Management System learning resources (including past examinations and assessments). Microsoft Office 365 and numerous Apple educational apps are
accessible on the iPad provided to students for the duration of their ACG Pathways-approved course, at no cost.
ACG English School is a division of ACG New Zealand International Colleges.


|ACG Pathways Note: All fees are in New Zealand dollars.

The University of Auckland AUT University Victoria University of Wellington
Certificate in Foundation Studies Certificate in Foundation Studies Foundation Studies Programme

Taught by ACG New Zealand International College Taught by ACG New Zealand International College Registered as the ACG Foundation Studies Programme,
taught by ACG New Zealand International College

Tuition fees NZD Tuition fees NZD Tuition fees NZD

Fast-track: 8/9 months (3 terms) $27,000 Fast-track: 6 months (2 terms) $17,750 Fast-track: 6 months (2 terms) $17,250
- IELTS 5.5 - IELTS 6.0* - IELTS 6.0*

Standard: 1 year (4 terms) $27,500 Standard: 8/9 months (3 terms) $20,500 Standard: 8/9 months (3 terms) $19,875
- IELTS 5.0 - IELTS 5.5 - IELTS 5.5

Extended: 18 months (6 terms) $40,250 Standard Plus: 1 year (4 terms) $27,000 Standard Plus: 1 year (4 terms) $26,500
- IELTS 4.5 - IELTS 5.0 - IELTS 5.0

Post Foundation: 6 months $18,500 Academic English for Foundation: $6,900
(2 terms) 3 months (1 term) - IELTS 4.5

2018 starting dates 2018 starting dates 2018 starting dates

(inclusive of orientation) (inclusive of orientation) (inclusive of orientation)

Standard, Extended and Post-foundation Fast-track, Standard, Standard Plus and Fast-track, Standard, Standard Plus
Thursday 25 January, Thursday 19 July Academic English Tuesday 23 January, Wednesday 18 April,
Thursday 25 January, Monday 30 April, Monday 16 July, Monday 8 October
Fast-track Thursday 19 July, Monday 8 October
Monday 30 April, Monday 8 October 2019 starting dates

2019 starting dates 2019 starting dates (inclusive of orientation)

(inclusive of orientation) (inclusive of orientation) Fast-track, Standard, Standard Plus
Tuesday 22 January, Monday 15 April,
Standard, Extended and Post-foundation Fast-track, Standard, Standard Plus and Monday 15 July, Monday 7 October
Thursday 31 January, Thursday 18 July Academic English
Thursday 31 January, Monday 29 April,
Fast-track Thursday 18 July, Monday 7 October
Monday 29 April, Monday 7 October

Additional fees $650 per year Additional fees $650 per year Additional fees $550 per year
$350 $350
Resource and course Resource and course Resource and course
materials fee materials fee materials fee $385
Subject examination fees $730.50**
Subject examination fees $350 Subject examination fees per year
IELTS examination fee
Subject course fees Subject course fees
(approx. costs), optional subjects: (approx. costs), optional subjects: (only for degrees requiring IELTS)

Design $750 Design $350 University Student
Service Levy
IELTS examination fee $385 Drawing $350
$250 for field
(only for degrees requiring IELTS) History trip activities
IELTS examination fee $385
Geography field trips $950 per year ** 2017 fee, updated every year
(only for degrees requiring IELTS)
Photography $300 plus a digital
SLR camera

2018 term dates (exclusive of orientation) 2018 term dates (exclusive of orientation) 2018 term dates (exclusive of orientation)

Term 1 Tues 30 January–Fri 13 April Term 1 Tues 30 January–Fri 13 April Term 1 Wed 24 January–Thurs 29 March
Term 2 Tues 1 May–Wed 27 June Term 2 Thurs 19 April–Fri 29 June
Term 2 Mon 30 April–Wed 27 June Term 3 Mon 23 July–Fri 21 September Term 3 Tues 17 July–Fri 21 September
Term 4 Tues 9 October–Tues 11 December Term 4 Tues 9 October–Fri 14 December
Term 3 Mon 23 July–Fri 21 September
2019 term dates (exclusive of orientation) 2019 term dates (exclusive of orientation)
Term 4 Mon 8 October–Tues 11 December
Term 1 Mon 4 February–Fri 12 April Term 1 Wed 23 January–Fri 29 March
2019 term dates (exclusive of orientation) Term 2 Mon 29 April–Wed 26 June Term 2 Tues 16 April–Fri 28 June
Term 3 Mon 22 July–Fri 20 September Term 3 Tues 16 July–Fri 20 September
Term 1 Mon 4 February–Fri 12 April Term 4 Tues 8 October–Fri 13 December Term 4 Tues 8 October–Fri 13 December
Term 2 Mon 29 April–Wed 26 June
Term 3 Mon 22 July–Fri 20 September
Term 4 Mon 7 October–Wed 11 December

4 Attendance at orientation is required for all new Foundation students – please see starting dates. * IELTS 6.0 (with no band lower than 5).

Application and Information Form 2018 Programme information

Summary of terms implied by statute

This summary records the minimum requirements imposed on (student loan interest rebate), Immigration New Zealand (if
the School/College by statute as at the date of publication of this you are not a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident) and
enrolment form. The summary will be deemed to be incorporated agencies who support particular students through scholarships
into each Contract of Enrolment. and prizes, payment of fees or other awards (if you are a recipient
of one of these awards). The information is also used to select
The summary is not intended to be a substitute for the statutory students for qualifications, to manage internal administrative
requirements and in the event of any conflict between the processes, and for internal reporting. Information about
summary and a statute, the terms of the relevant statute will students may be supplied to, and sought from, other educational
prevail. If any relevant statute is amended following the date of organisations for the purpose of verifying academic records.
publication of this summary and such an amendment imposes
more onerous or obligations on the School/College then this In addition, the College may release information to Government
summary and the Contract of Enrolment will be deemed to be agencies such as the New Zealand Police, Department of Justice,
amended accordingly. Ministry of Social Development and the Accident Compensation
Corporation (ACC). In signing the Acknowledgment Section of
Student fee protection the Application Form and the Enrolment Acceptance Form when
you accept an offer to study you authorise such disclosure on the
Section 236A of the Education Act 1989 requires student fees understanding that the College will observe the general conditions
to be placed in an approved trust account to provide security governing the release of information, as set out in the Privacy Act
for the repayment of prepaid fees in the event programmes are 1993 and Section 226A of the Education Act 1989, disclosure of
terminated early. enrolment information by institutions. You may see any information
held about you and amend any errors in that information.
Accordingly, student fees paid in advance are held in the College’s
approved trust account operated by the ACG Student Fees Trust Code of Practice requirements
Board. Fees are drawn down after commencement in stages as The College has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of
the course is completed. Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students published
by the Ministry of Education. A copy of the Code is available at
In the event a programme is terminated and alternative tuition
services are not provided, the student is entitled to a refund DLM6748147.html
of prepaid student fees pro rata for the balance of the course
based upon the number of full weeks required to complete the Immigration
programme. Full details of visa and permit requirements, advice on rights
of employment in New Zealand while studying, and reporting
Privacy Act requirements are available through the New Zealand Immigration
The Privacy Act came into force on 1 July 1993 with the stated aim Service, and can be viewed on their website at: immigration.govt.
of protecting the privacy of natural persons. It requires the College nz
to collect, hold, handle, use and disclose personal information in
accordance with the twelve information privacy principles in the Eligibility for health services
Act. legislation. Most international students are not entitled to publicly funded
html health services while in New Zealand. If you receive medical
treatment during your visit, you may be liable for the full costs of
Personal information collected by the College during the enrolment that treatment. Full details on entitlements to publicly funded
process and during the period in which the student is enrolled at health services are available through the Ministry of Health, and
the College is intended for use in connection with the education can be viewed on their website at:
and well-being of the student and may be used by any of the staff
of the College or consultant to the College in connection with that Accident insurance
purpose. The College must comply with the requirements of the The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) provides accident
Ministry of Education (student statistical returns), New Zealand insurance for all New Zealand citizens, residents and temporary
Qualifications Authority (Record of Learning registration and Unit visitors to New Zealand, but you may be liable for all other medical
Standard outcomes), Tertiary Education Commission (funding and related costs. Further information can be viewed on the ACC
returns), Industry Training Organisations (funding and academic website at:
outcomes), Ministry of Social Development (confirmation of
enrolment and academic outcomes), Inland Revenue Department

ACG Education visa partnership with Immigration New Zealand

ACG Education was invited by Immigration New Zealand to join Participating education providers can offer a range of consecutive
the Pathway Student Visa Pilot project. Only education providers programmes of study both from within their own institution, or in
with a 90 percent student visa approval rate for the 2014/15 conjunction with other selected education providers. A Pathway
financial year were invited to participate. Student Visa can be granted for a maximum of five years,
removing the requirement for students to apply for a new student
ACG schools include: visa as they progress on their education pathway.

• ACG New Zealand International College (The University of Examples of ACG study pathways:
Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies, Victoria University of
Wellington Foundation Studies Programme and AUT University • Years 9–13 at one of our schools
Certificate in Foundation Studies) • Four months at ACG English School, followed by the University

• The Campbell Institute of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies, followed by a
• ACG Parnell College three-year named degree at the University of Auckland
• ACG Strathallan • Four months at ACG English School, followed by the AUT
• ACG Sunderland University Certificate in Foundation Studies, followed by a three-
• ACG Tauranga year named degree at the AUT University
• NZ School of Tourism
• Yoobee School of Design
• Animation College
• AMES - The Institute of IT


Programme information ACG Pathways

Other fees | Note: All fees are in New Zealand dollars.

Student Care Plus Accommodation fees (if applicable)

Optional support and supervision service offered by ACG $9,000 per year Accommodation Placement Fee
professional staff for the first accommodation placement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $300
This fee is not charged if ACG has not arranged the student
For more information about Student Care Plus, visit accommodation.

Administration fee (payable once only, non-refundable) $300 ACG Homestay fees
All homestay fees are weekly rates. Additional days are charged at one-
Airport greeting and transfer fee $110 one-way, per person seventh the weekly rate.
Auckland International Airport – transfer Auckland:
between terminals $575 (12 months) for students under 18 years . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $305 per week*#
for students 18 years and over . . . . . . . . . . . . . $290 per week*
Medical and travel insurance
International students are required to have comprehensive medical and for all students . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $290 per week*
travel insurance while in New Zealand. ACG will arrange cover for students
through the Southern Cross International Student travel insurance policy to *Includes accommodation, laundry and meals (breakfast and dinner
cover the duration of the student visa. Monday–Friday; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturdays, Sundays, public
For full details, visit holidays, and school holidays when the student does not return home)

Weekly allowance #I ncludes a $15 per week charge for compliance services performed by the
Students require a weekly allowance to cover transport, personal expenses ACG Student Fees Trust.
and extracurricular activities. A minimum weekly allowance of approximately
$200 should be made for these expenses. ACG Homestay Plus fees
Entitlement to work for students under 18 years . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $345 per week**#
Eligible students who have a work entitlement granted with their visa may for students 18 years and over . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$325 per week**
work up to 20 hours per week during their studies, and up to 40 hours per
week in the New Zealand summer holidays of December and January. **Includes accommodation, laundry and meals (breakfast and dinner
Monday–Friday; breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturdays, Sundays, public
New Zealand Government Export Education Levy holidays, and school holidays when the student does not return home). A
The New Zealand Government has imposed an international student levy bathroom for the student’s exclusive use is also included.
on tuition and course-related fees. The levy is currently set at 0.45 percent of
the compulsory tuition fees. #I ncludes a $15 per week charge for compliance services performed by the
ACG Student Fees Trust.
Goods and services tax (GST)
All fees are quoted in New Zealand dollars and include goods and services Homestay Plus homestay families accommodate no more than two
tax (GST) where applicable (New Zealand government tax payable on the international students of any one nationality at a time.
supply of goods and services).
ACG Homestay Plus is currently only available in Auckland.
Family Settlement Service
A family settlement service is available from contracted partners to provide Other homestay fees
assistance to parents and family members who accompany their children to Under 18 Accommodation Guarantee
New Zealand to study at an ACG school. and Services Fee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $600 per year

The standard settlement service is provided for the first 21 days upon arrival This yearly fee (or $15 per student per week) is charged when a student
in New Zealand and includes: under the age of 18 lives with a homestay provider arranged by the parent/s,
student, or their representative. The fee enables the accommodation to be
• Pre-arrival support (obtaining quotes/responding to email queries) checked once per term, when student and designated caregiver are both
• Airport meet and greet present, to ensure Code of Practice requirements are being met.
• Arrangement of a prepaid SIM card for a New Zealand mobile phone
Change of Homestay Fee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100 per change
• Mobile phone purchase, if required This fee applies only when a student makes a request to change homestay
• Orientation and intercultural briefing (half-day) for reasons deemed unacceptable, and/or for a student who frequently
• Banking information and assistance changes homestays. The fee is charged at the discretion of the Registrar.
• Temporary accommodation arrangements in a motel/hotel
• Rental home research and inspection (two days, up to four home Holiday retainer rate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100 per week

inspections) During term breaks a student may return to his/her country, or travel within
• Assistance with furniture/home appliance purchase or rental New Zealand or to another destination. Homestay hosts may be asked to
• Home contents insurance information and assistance retain the student’s room and look after their belongings.
• School assistance, including interviews at the school, uniform and book
A weekly retainer rate is charged instead of the normal weekly homestay
purchases, campus tour and interpretation rate to hold the room for the student during this time.
• Telephone, power, Sky TV and internet service installation
• Vehicle purchase and insurance information, if required Students should request a Holiday Plan form from ACG accommodation
• Community information and assistance (medical/dental clinics, local staff. The student and their homestay parents must complete the form and
return it prior to the holiday commencing.
shops, banks, post office, library and restaurants)
• Visits at the new home to provide general information and support Student apartments
Single room . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $240–$490 per week
(up to four visits) The rate depends on the room. Minimum booking: 4 weeks.

Standard Family Settlement Service Fee: . . . . . . $6,000 incl GST* Security bond . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . from $400 to 4 weeks’ rent
for the first 21 days upon arrival in Auckland
(depending on apartment complex)
Settlement services beyond 21 days, or advanced settlement services, are
available at additional cost. The security bond is either partially or fully refunded when a student leaves
the accommodation provided it is left in an acceptable condition.
Payment is required before any settlement service can be provided.

The service is currently available to Chinese and Korean speakers; please
contact ACG if the service is required in another language.

*The service is currently only available in Auckland.


Application and Information Form 2018 Programme information

Scholarships English language entry requirements

ACG Pathways programmes welcome scholarship applications from ACG English School and foundation studies
students with a strong academic background and demonstrated leadership Students who successfully complete an ACG English School course at the
in their current school, who are eager to make a positive contribution to their appropriate level and who meet stated academic entry requirements receive
ACG school. Scholarships of up to 40 percent of tuition fees are available, guaranteed entry into ACG schools and programmes.
and students are selected following submission of their application and a
personal letter of support, and an interview. ACG English IELTS 4.5 (minimum of 4.0 in all bands)
IELTS 5.0 (minimum of 4.5 in all bands)
Payment of fees Level 2 IELTS 5.5 (minimum of 5.0 in all bands)
Level 3 IELTS 6.0 (minimum of 5.5 in all bands)
Fees are payable in New Zealand dollars or US dollars to: Level 4
Level 5
Bank account
Account name: ACG Student Fees Trust Students who speak English as a second language and who do not complete
Account no: 01-1839-0119888-00 an ACG English School course must demonstrate their English language
Bank: ANZ NZ Ltd, Cnr Queen & Victoria Sts, Auckland, New Zealand proficiency.
The following minimum equivalent entry standards are a guide only.
Credit card Students must be able to demonstrate an equivalence to the IELTS level
ACG accepts payments by American Express, Visa or Mastercard. indicated.
Please note that payments by credit card attract an additional fee of
2 percent. The University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies
Please contact [email protected] to obtain a credit card
payment form. Post Foundation 5/6 months (2 terms) IELTS 6.0*
(minimum of 5.5 in all bands)

Fast-track 8/9 months (3 terms) IELTS 5.5
(minimum of 5.0 in all bands)

Standard 1 year (4 terms) IELTS 5.0
(minimum of 4.5 in all bands)

Extended 18 months (6 terms) IELTS 4.5

(minimum of 4.0 in all bands)

AUT University Certificate in Foundation Studies

Fast-track 6 months (2 terms) IELTS 6.0*
(minimum of 5.0 in all bands) IELTS 5.5
Standard 8/9 year (3 terms) IELTS 4.5
(minimum of 5.0 in all bands)

Standard Plus 1 year (4 terms)
(minimum of 4.5 in all bands)

Academic English 3 months (1 term)
for Foundation (minimum of 4.0 in all bands)

Victoria University of Wellington Foundation Studies Programme

Fast-track 6 months (2 terms) IELTS 6.0*
(minimum of 5.0 in all bands)

Standard 8/9 year (3 terms) IELTS 5.5
(minimum of 5.0 in all bands)

Standard Plus 1 year (4 terms) IELTS 5.0
(minimum of 4.5 in all bands)

The ACG English Language Test (ACGELT) is available to students who have
not completed an IELTS or TOEFL examination. Contact ACG for details.


Application form 2018 | International students

How to complete the application form

• Read all documentation carefully and complete required fields
• Ensure the Declaration (Acceptance of terms, pg 13) is understood and agreed to by both student and parent(s)
• When form is complete, click Submit form to email to ACG (remember to attach copy of student’s most recent school report, copy

of the student’s passport, plus any other required documentation)

Step 1 Application Step 2 Enrolment Step 3 Completion

Student submit: Student Student
• Application form • Pay all fees (registration, tuition, • Apply for student visa
• Copy of most recent school report, or other • Inform ACG of flight arrival details
accommodation placement,
qualifications accommodation, medical insurance and ACG will:
• Copy of passport airport greeting & transfer fees)* • Arrange accommodation (if required)
• Documentation confirming English language • Send Enrolment Acceptance form • Organise airport greeting and transfer to
• Send subject requests (if applicable)
proficiency accommodation, if requested
ACG will:
ACG will: • Issue receipt and confirmation letter
• Receive application
• Review application • Issue a Code of Practice-compliant
• Email an Offer of Place and Schedule of Fees accommodation confirmation for students
under the age of 18 (for visa application)

*Students from India, China, Vietnam, Russia or Turkey should not pay fees until a Visa Approval in Principle has been obtained from
Immigration New Zealand.

Student information

Student details

Family name Given name/s

Known name Date of birth Gender female male

Religious affiliation First language

Does student have allergies or medical conditions? yes no
Please disclose any condition that requires medication or supervision.

Student home address

Street number/street name

Suburb City

Postcode Home phone Student mobile

Student email

Father/Guardian Mr Other

Family name Given name

Address Same as student: Profession


Application form 2018 | International students

Mother/Guardian Mrs Miss Ms Other

Family name Given name

Address Same as student:

Employer Profession
Mobile Email

Friend/Family in New Zealand

Relationship to student

Family name Given name

Address Same as student:

Mobile Email
Official representative
ACG agent code (if known)

Student’s education

Student's current school/college/polytechnic/university

Student's current class/course Student’s last year of secondary school

Student’s highest secondary school qualification (attach a copy)

Evidence of English language proficiency

Student’s most recent IELTS (academic) score, or alternative (attach proof)

If student speaks English as a second language, describe proficiency in the following:

Conversation Fluent Intermediate Beginner

Reading Fluent Intermediate Beginner

Writing Fluent Intermediate Beginner

Will student study English at another school before commencing at ACG? yes no
Intended English school Length of study

Citizenship and family (applicant)

Country of birth Country of citizenship

Is student is a New Zealand Permanent Resident or New Zealand citizen? (Attach evidence) yes no

Current country of residence Number of years student has lived in current country of residence

How did you hear about ACG?

Education agent ACG website Internet search Education fair
Open Day advertising Other (please specify)
Students at ACG Facebook/social media Advertising

Family/friends Embassy/Education New Zealand


Application form 2018 | International students

Student passport and visa information yes no
yes no
Passport number (Attach copy of student’s passport)
Has student recently visited or studied in New Zealand? (If yes, attach a copy of the most recent Student or Visitor Visa)
If student has studied in New Zealand, has visa or place of study ever been terminated/cancelled?
If yes, provide reason(s) for termination/cancellation:

Has student ever been refused a New Zealand visa? yes no
If yes, provide reason(s) for refusal:

Has student been refused or had a visa cancelled by any other country? yes no
If yes, provide reason(s) for refusal:

Funding of student’s study in NZ

How will student fund studies? Privately funded Parent/student Family/friend Education loan (own country)

Student is applying for a scholarship Provide details:

Student has been awarded a scholarship Attach scholarship letter and provide details:

ACG reserves the right to request additional information and/or evidence supporting financial details in order to provide a Visa Support Letter.

ACG programme selection

English language

Students may apply for one or more programmes, for example, Intensive English and the University of Auckland Certificate in
Foundation Studies, or one of our diploma or bachelor degree programmes.

ACG English School

Entry every Monday* DD MM YY
Start date DD MM YY
End date

No. of weeks

University Pathways

The University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies

Post Foundation (6 months) Proposed starting date: 2019
– IELTS 6.0* 2018
31 January (Standard, Extended, Post-foundation)
Fast-track (8/9 months) 25 January (Standard, Extended, Post-foundation) 29 April (Fast-track)
– IELTS 5.5 18 July (Standard, Extended, Post-foundation)
30 April (Fast-track) 7 October (Fast-track)
Standard (1 year) – IELTS 5.0
19 July (Standard, Extended, Post-foundation)
Extended (18 months)
– IELTS 4.5 8 October (Fast-track)

At the time of application I intend to study the following degree at the University of Auckland:

10 * IELTS 6.0, with a minumum of 5.5 in all bands

Application form 2018 | International students

AUT University Certificate in Foundation Studies

Fast-track (6 months) – IELTS 6.0** Proposed starting date: 2019 31 January There are four Fast-track, Standard,
Standard (8/9 months) – IELTS 5.5 2018 25 January 29 April Standard Plus and Academic English
Standard Plus (1 year) – IELTS 5.0 18 July for Foundation course option
Academic English for Foundation: 30 April 7 October starting dates per year.
1 term – IELTS 4.5 19 July
8 October

At the time of application I intend to study the following degree at AUT University:

Victoria University of Wellington Foundation Studies Programme

The programme is currently registered as the ACG Foundation Studies Programme (Level 3).

Proposed starting date:

Fast-track (6 months) – IELTS 6.0** 2018 23 January 2019 22 January There are four Fast-track, Standard
and Standard Plus course option
Standard (8/9 months) – IELTS 5.5 18 April 15 April starting dates per year.

Standard Plus (1 year) – IELTS 5.0 16 July 15 July

8 October 7 October

Victoria University of Wellington Student Service Levy $730.50
(This levy provides students with a Victoria University of Wellington student card with access to most university support services at no additional cost.)

At the time of application I intend to study the following degree at Victoria University of Wellington:

* Tuesday when a New Zealand public holiday falls on a Monday. Return airport transfer at end of course – $110 (one way, optional)
** IELTS 6.0 with bands of 5 and above. (usually for students under 18 years of age)

Other fees (all programmes) - see pages 6–7 Auckland International Airport – $80 transfer between terminals

Medical and travel insurance – $575 per year
Airport greet and transfer on arrival – $110
(one way, optional)


Accommodation form 2018 | International students

If accommodation is not required, please leave this page blank.

Student details Given name/s Gender female male
Date of birth
Family name
(as it appears in student’s passport)
Known name

ACG student number (if previously enrolled at ACG) Religious affiliation

Does student’s religion require special consideration? yes no

If yes, please describe.

Student’s interests and hobbies

Any other accommodation requirements?

Study location (For campus locations, visit Flight details

Student will study at: Student will study in: (Note: ACG requires student’s confirmed flight details at least two weeks
prior to travel)
I will study at: ACG English School
University Foundation Studies Date of arrival:

I will study in: Auckland Wellington Time of arrival:

Flight number:

City of arrival:


Airport transfer On arrival From (airport name):

Airport Transfer requested:

On departure To (airport name):

Auckland Airport only – Transfer between domestic and international terminals requested

Other accommodation arrangements

Student will live with parents while enrolled at ACG (ACG will provide a form to be completed and signed by the student’s parent/s once an
Offer of Place is received. ACG must approve the accommodation. The U18 Accommodation Guarantee and Services Fee will apply.)

Student will live with family friend/relative (The family friend/relative must be known to the student. A Designated Caregiver form must be
signed by parent/s and the designated caregiver. ACG must approve the accommodation. The U18 Accommodation Guarantee and Services
Fee will apply.)

Independent accommodation arrangements (For students aged 18 years and older. Parental consent is required for students under 20.)

Student apartment (for students 18 years and over; self-catering)

Student requests homestay accommodation

ACG Homestay ACG Homestay Plus (Auckland only)

Accommodation type Yes No Is there any food(s) student cannot eat? Yes No
Yes No If yes, provide details. Yes No
Would student like a homestay family: Yes No
with cat/s? Yes No Does student require any special food?
with dog/s? If yes, provide details.
with young children?
Is student allergic to animals?

If yes, provide details.

Complete section below if student wishes to stay in homestay

Does student have any food allergies? Yes No

If yes, provide details.


By ticking this box, I confirm this information is correct.

Student Parent/ legal guardian Date

Homestay accommodation and holidays: Students under 18 are expected to return home to their parents/legal guardians over the school holidays in December/
January, and/or for periods greater than a week between the end of their English study and the commencement of their next programme in an ACG school or college.

Application form 2018 | International students

Health information yes no

Does student live with the effects of significant injury, long-term illness, mental health issues, learning disorders
or disability? (Information provided is strictly confidential)
If yes, describe student’s condition.

In an emergency, would student require assistance evacuating a building? yes no
yes no
Is student taking medication?

If yes, list medication student will bring to New Zealand.
(Students are advised to carry a medical certificate listing prescribed medications brought with them to New Zealand.)

Is there any other information relevant to the student’s study in New Zealand that ACG should be aware of? yes no
If yes, provide details.

Acceptance of terms

The application form must be accepted or signed by a parent or guardian when the student is under 18 years of age.

Declaration: I/We declare that the information in my circumstances that are relevant to my well-being.
provided in this enrolment application is true and application or to my student visa application or I/We understand that the final decision on
correct. to my ability to support myself. whether ACG will provide INZ visa nomination
I/We agree to abide by the Contract of I/We agree that the student concerned will will be made by ACG based on my application
Enrolment. board with one of the School/College’s approved and information on this form.
I/We note and accept that the School/College* homestay families or live in accommodation that I/We understand the “Acceptance of Terms”,
has arranged to protect student fees by entering is approved by the School/College while enrolled the relevant Contract of Enrolment (on page 14)
into an agreement with the School’s/College’s at the School/College (applies to students aged and the “Enrolment and Acceptance Form” will
nominated Trust Account. under 18 years). collectively advise ACG that when signed by me
I/We wish that the student fees be held in Trust I/We agree to advise the School/College (and my parents/guardians if I am under 18 or
with the nominated Trust Account to protect the immediately should the student’s Disciplinary if my parents/guardians are responsible for the
student fees. Record change to the extent that the payment of fees) that I agree to ACG’s terms
I/We agree that I/we will sign the request for information provided upon application or in an and conditions.
payment schedule for the draw-down of funds interview (either at the college or by telephone/ I/We acknowledge that ACG can archive,
from the nominated Trust Account and any Skype) would now be different. display, or utilise any artistic material generated
subsequent payment schedules as the case may I/We agree to the use (including disclosure) of by the student during the programme of study
be. student information by the Staff of the School/ for use in ACG publications, advertising, publicity
I/We agree that the School/College may College and the parent/student appointed and promotions.
contact the student’s current/previous school in representative for any purpose related to I/We consent that the ACG Registrar act as
order to obtain or verify information relating to the education or well-being of the student guardian for the student if the need arises when
this enrolment. concerned both before and after the student’s the student has medical or mental health issues
I/We have disclosed to the School/College admission. and to act in the best interests of the student
all information related to past disciplinary I/We hereby authorise the School/College to and parents.
measures (including any suspension or expulsion) release, or make available through electronic or I/We authorise the ACG Registrar to discuss
and/or any special learning or behavioural needs. other means, to the student and the parents my student visa application for the programme
I/We are aware that I must immediately advise and/or guardians of the student any information offered with Immigration New Zealand; to
the School/College if any information provided about the student which it creates, or receives obtain information regarding the processing
is incorrect or changes or there are changes in the course of the student’s enrolment with of the visa application and the decision on the
the School/College, including course results and application.
personal information relating to the student’s


As of the date you are reading this paragraph, you represent to ACG that your hardware and software meet the requirements for access to, receiving of, and
retention of electronic records and email. You may receive a paper copy of these terms by calling +64-9-307 5399. You may withdraw consent to have these
terms delivered electronically by calling +64-9-307 5399. By clicking on the “I/we accept” or similar button applicable to these terms and conditions, you agree
to the terms and electronic contracting/signature relating to your enrolment.

I/we accept I/we do not accept Date

I/We agree that any images or videos taken of the student throughout the period of enrolment may be used by the school/college for
promotional purposes.

Consultant declaration

By ticking this box, I declare that I have personally conducted the interview process with the above student and I have sighted and
confirmed the accuracy of all attached documentation.

Date Submit form


Contract of Enrolment

ACG English School, ACG New Zealand International College (University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies, Victoria University of Wellington

Foundation Studies Programme and AUT University Certificate in Foundation Studies)

Enrolment is subject to availability of the visa not being granted. by the ACG Registrar. This is usually within provide an independent assessment of
places within the School/College. If the • a notice of withdrawal due to exceptional 10 working days of an application for a the complaint. Raising a complaint with
School/College reserves a place for a circumstances may, at the sole discretion refund being received and the correct bank NZQA will not adversely affect a student’s
student and offers enrolment, then of the ACG Registrar, be accepted as account information being provided. immigration status.
subject to payment, this Contract of grounds for a refund of tuition fees. The Students can download the complaint form
Enrolment is binding as a contract on ACG Registrar may require documentary Miscellaneous from:
the School/College and the student This
Contract of Enrolment will incorporate evidence in support of the application Intellectual property Providers-and-partners/Code-of-Practice/
the statutory terms summarized on for the refund, and a refund may not be • All intellectual property created by the formal-complaint-form.pdf.
page 4 (Statutory Terms). This Contract made if the written notice of withdrawal Completed complaint forms, along with
of Enrolment shall be governed by and is unreasonably delayed. Exceptional student while attending the School/College any supporting evidence, can be sent to:
construed in accordance with the laws of circumstances may include: inability will be owned exclusively by and for the The Complaints Officer
New Zealand. benefit of the School/ College.
Payment of fees
• All fees must be paid in full prior to course to obtain a student visa; serious illness Infringement of Rules or Laws New Zealand Qualifications Authority
commencement. or disability of the student; death of a • An Offer of Place may be withdrawn if a PO Box 160
• Places are not guaranteed until the tuition student or close family member (parent, Wellington 6140
fees have been paid in full. sibling, spouse or child); and, political, civil student obtains entry through supplying or
• No student shall continue to be enrolled or natural event that prevents arrival of incorrect / fraudulent documentation. If a email or scan the completed form along
unless the appropriate tuition fees have the student. In the event of a withdrawal student does not comply with the School/ with scans of any supporting evidence to:
been paid. from a course/s 10 or more working days College and Accommodation Rules (as [email protected].
• Up to 25% of tuition fees relate to pre- after course commencement, the School/ amended from time to time), the School/ For more information on the complaint
arrival services such as interpreting and College will deduct any fees which have College reserves the right to suspend or process, students can contact NZQA on
translation, assistance with formalities been paid or incurred by the School/ expel the student. 0800 697 296 or refer to the Student
relating to immigration procedures, travel
to, and accommodation in New Zealand College or other representatives (including Student accommodation Handbook.
and marketing recruitment costs. These the student’s representative/agent fees). • International students under the age of
fees will be retained by the School/ The cost of any additional services that Medical and travel insurance
College. were completed prior to withdrawal will 18 are required to board with homestay International Students must have current
• All Funds received will be held in trust to also be retained. families registered and approved by the medical and travel insurance which meets
protect student fees as more particularly • if a notice of cancellation/withdrawal is School/College for the duration of their ACG’s approved requirements while
described in the Statutory Terms. made in writing to the ACG Registrar. The study. Exceptions are only made for studying in New Zealand.
• Payments may be made in New Zealand percentage of fees payable as a refund students who are staying with close family Obligation by the School/College
Dollars, US Dollars or Euros to the bank will be calculated in accordance with the relatives year round. Any such arrangement The School/College undertakes to provide
account, or by cash/ bank cheque. Bank following table: must meet with the approval of the ACG
drafts and telegraphic transfers or
cheques should be to the credit of the tuition as set down from time to time in
ACG Student Fees Trust Account. The the prospectus.
student’s name and identification number School/College to School/College to The School/College may decline to offer a
must be entered on the document and
quoted by the remitting bank. Programme retain 20% of tuition retain 30% of tuition No refund subject if there are insufficient students
• When payments are made by telegraphic and course related and course related wishing to study it or there is no staff
transfer, the bank charges are debited to
the student fees paid fees paid member available to teach the course. At
• On receipt of a payment in US Dollars or
Euros, the student will be credited with times, it may also be necessary to close the
the NZ Dollars equivalent amount based roll in a subject if it is deemed to be full by
on the prevailing Westpac Telegraphic For Programmes, Notice received by Notice received by Notice received by the School / College Board.
Transfer exchange rate, less any bank one term, three the School/College the School/College the School/College Liability
charges. Any deficit arising from a months or longer between 2 and 5 between 1 and 2 less than 1 month To the fullest extent permitted by the Fair
fluctuation in exchange rates must be in length months prior to course months prior to prior to course Trading Act 1986, Consumer Guarantees
met by students upon their arrival. Any commencement course commence- commencement Act 1993 or otherwise at law or in equity,
surplus shall be held on behalf of the ment
student as a credit towards future tuition
and other fees. the College’s liability, whether arising as
• Payments by ACG approved credit cards a result of any breach of this Contract of
will attract an additional fee of 2.0 Enrolment or on any other ground or basis
percent. Payments must be arranged Notes:
using the ACG Credit Card Payment • Commencement of the course is inclusive of orientation days, at which attendance is (including liability as a result of negligence),
Form. required. will be limited to the fees actually paid by
• A request to pay the course fees in • For Schools/Colleges and Programmes other than ACG English School, the published the student or applicant(s) or any other
instalments may be approved by the ACG course fee is used when determining the cancellation fee to be imposed. person (in respect of the student’s or the
Registrar (in his or her sole discretion). applicant(s)’ tuition) to the College. Except
This will attract an additional payment for any liability arising from the Fair Trading
equivalent to 6 percent of the course Act 1986 or Consumer Guarantees Act 1993,
fee. Applicants should be aware this may International students who obtain Registrar. under no circumstance will the College be
impact on the length of the student visa Permanent Resident Status • Students who are under 18 and who liable for indirect or consequential loss or
granted by Immigration New Zealand. • International students in School damage of any kind (including loss of profits).
Programmes, who have deposited live with a parent are required to have Amendments
Refund policies their accommodation arrangements • As at October 2017, every attempt was
approved by the School/College. The U18 made to present accurate information
Tuition fees an annual tuition fee in advance and Accommodation Guarantee and Service (including the fees) in this application form.
Up to 25% of tuition fees may relate to subsequently obtain permanent residency Fee will apply. • ACG reserves the right to change the
costs incurred through pre-arrival services and provide evidence of their new status programmes it offers and the fees,
such as interpreting and translation, to the Registrar prior to the Ministry of • The minimum length of student terms and conditions applicable to those
assistance with formalities relating to Education 1st March return, may apply accommodation normally provided by programmes. ACG will give students
immigration procedures, travel to, and the School/College is 8 weeks. Transport reasonable notice prior to making such a
accommodation in New Zealand. Where for a refund of the difference in fees. The to and from the School/College is not change. Where such a change has a material
stated, these fees will be retained by the refund will be calculated for Terms 2 to included. Please note that a minimum adverse effect on the student, the student
School/College. 4 in cases where permanent residency is advance payment of 24 weeks student may terminate this Contract of Enrolment by
Subject to the terms of the Education Act obtained after course commencement and accommodation is normally required for giving notice to the College within two weeks’
1989, a full or partial refund of Fees may before the end of February. long term students. Advance payments notice of being informed of the change.
be payable by ACG (on application by the • For students of ACG English School the of up to 40 weeks may be applicable to Where the student terminates this Contract
Student) in the following circumstances: permanent resident tuition fee is the same students from certain countries, as per of Enrolment, the student will be entitled
• The repayment of excess prepaid fees, as the international student fee. visa regulations issued by Immigration New to receive a refund of any funds paid which
either: relate to the period after the termination
- at the end of their final course; or Other fees Zealand. Such fees will be held in support date.
- before the end of the course, if the Accommodation fee refunds will be of any guarantee ACG has been required to • For the avoidance of doubt, the fees and
student is in his or her final programme, made after a student ceases Homestay give to Immigration New Zealand. material terms and conditions which apply
all tuition fees have been paid, the accommodation following deduction of • Fees for Homestay or other at the time that the student is offered and
student is over 18 and all School/College any fees or expenses owing in respect accommodation paid to ACG will be held
guaranteed accommodation has been of accommodation and on release of by ACG Student Fees Trust for the student
prepaid. ACG from any guarantee it has given to and released as required for payment of
• If the School/College withdraws an Offer Immigration New Zealand. accommodation expenses.
of Place, or is unable to provide the course
(including if the School/College ceases to Living expenses held when a student Living expenses accepts enrolment to a School/College will
be a signatory or provider (as those terms leaves ACG may be refunded following a Money paid to ACG for student living apply throughout that enrolment.
are defined in the Education Act 1989), all full reconciliation of that student’s living expenses will be held by ACG Student Fees • For the most up to date fees and course
tuition fees are fully refundable. expenses. Trust and released to students at a rate of
• If a Conditional Offer of Place is made No refunds $1250.00 per month or on such other basis information, please refer to our website:
and the academic condition is not met, The School/College will not refund the as may be agreed between ACG and the
tuition fees are refundable less any costs tuition fees of any student whose Offer student’s guardian (or the student, if the
incurred by the School/College prior to the of Place is withdrawn through the student is over 18).
School/College becoming aware of the
academic condition not being met. supplying of incorrect and/or fraudulent Conditional Acceptance
• Where an Offer of Place was made and documentation. In the student’s interview (where
the visa application declined by INZ, • The School/College will not refund the applicable), there were a series of questions
tuition fees are refundable less any costs under the heading of: “Disciplinary Record”.
incurred by the School/ College prior to tuition fees of any student who is removed This Contract of Enrolment is conditional
the School/College becoming aware of from the School/College roll through upon the answers given being true and,
non-attendance and/or is expelled by the further, upon there being no change to
School/College Board. those answers up until the student’s first
• Any excess fees or other funds that remain day at the School/College.
unclaimed for a period of one year or
more from the end of a student’s final
programme will be forfeited.
Complaints procedure
The School/College has a set procedure
Payment of refunds to resolve complaints. If the complaint is
• Refunds will be made by bank draft / unable to be resolved satisfactorily within
the School/College it can be taken to the
telegraphic transfer in New Zealand Campus Principal or sent in writing to the
Dollars or foreign currency equivalent at ACG Registrar. If it is still not resolved then
the time of the refund. the complaint can be taken to the NZQA,
• The bank draft / telegraphic transfer will who will process the complaint. NZQA is
be made out to the student and sent to a government organisation and they can
the student’s home country address, unless
other arrangements have been approved

All enquiries and applications to:
ACG Education

Walk-in: International Centre
ACG Pathways Campus
345 Queen St

Post: PO Box 6199, Wellesley St, Auckland 1141, New Zealand
Tel: +64-9-307 5399

Email: [email protected]

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