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Mangere College-2019-11-28 v1

Mangere College-2019-11-28 v1


21 The Principals Report 2 UN Youth 39
Staff 3 How much does this cost? 40
48 Haere Mai 5 We’re Aware trip 40
55 Ka kite anō au i a koutou 6
Head Girl’s Report 8 Departments
76 Head Boy’s Report 9
Student Leaders 10 Art 42
Prizegivings 11 Commerce 44
Support Staff 17 English 45
Polyfest 19 Gateway 48
20 Languages 49
Cook Islands Group 21 Mathematics 55
Kapa Haka Roopu 22 Performing Arts 56
Karen Bamboo Dance 23 Physical Education 62
Niuean Group 25 Technology 65
Samoan Group
Tongan Group Sports

School Sports Awards 68
Activities Basketball 72
Netball 73
Library 27 Rugby 75
Daisy Lavea-Timo visits 29 Sports Council 77
Environmental Club 30 Table Tennis 77
Toko Hauora 31 Volleyball 78
Student Council 32
Christian Support Group 33 School Leavers
Media Club 34
Refugee Activities 35 Year 13 Photo 80
Film Academy 37 Year 13 Quotes 81
Outward Bound Experience 38 Ball Photos 84
Spirit of Adventure 38
Form photos 85
Sponsors 96


PLEASE NOTE: All artwork labels are to be read clockwise from top left. Editor
Joanne Latif
Front Cover: Leo Akeripa Sa Back Cover: Kahdel Leilua Proof reading:
Deb Ward, Siosaia Folau,
Inside Front: Abdul Ahmadi, Ioane Ioane, Irene Luafatasaga Margaret Karanga
Design and Printing:
Inside Back: Wisdom Baker, Hermon Mani, Nika Taufa, Leo Akeripa Sa, Julienne Repro Graphics NZ Ltd

Niko Mangere College - 2019 1

The Principal's Report

This is my fourth year is improved when students: As a result of this work we have seen
as Principal of Māngere • Have a strong sense of their own an improvement for our students
College and 2019 was as and this is something we will need
busy a year as any. identity. to continue to focus on in the future.
• Have strong connections to
We continue to place the highest As we reflect on this year we also
priority on academic achievement other people and important look forward to 2020. We only have
and we always aim to do better than places. to look at the development over
the year before with our results. • Feel they are in control of their our fence to see that there will be
We achieve this when our students own learning journey. changes in the school. We don’t
feel safe and ready to learn so we quite know how these changes
also emphasise a safe and inclusive These are some of the reasons will affect us but we know they are
environment around the school and that we emphasise the celebration coming and we know that it will
the wellbeing of our students. of language, culture and identity mean growth in the local area and
and why we place importance on in the school.
We continue to work closely with leadership and student agency.
local schools in our community This year we have created new One of the challenges with this
of learning, the Māngere Kahui positions of Hauora leaders and growth will be how we adapt and
Ako. This year we have renewed these students have taken a leading change what we do to meet the
our vision and values of working role in promoting well-being needs of our students whilst still
together. amongst our students. Our work keeping the strengths that our
with the Toko Collaboration has also school has at it heart. Strengths
Our vision is to be “A kahui ako that included a breakfast hui, a parent like our values of Respect and
works collaboratively to strengthen fono and the annual Toko Peau Responsibility, of living the words in
our learning community” and our event that included ex-students and our motto to “Seek the Heights” and
values of integrity, inclusion and other members of the community strengthening the MC family.
collaboration set out the way we speaking about what well-being
want to work together. means to them. We are already thinking about
these changes and how we can
We see this learning community Another area of focus for us this continue to prepare our students
as key to the work we do: not nine year was the achievement and for a changing world that they will
schools working in isolation but engagement of our Māori students. face after leaving Māngere College.
nine schools collaborating for the We worked on developing our staff Next year we will be going through
benefit of our students so they to have a better understanding a review of our curriculum to
have a seamless education journey of what helps our Māori students
from Year 1 to Year 13 and beyond. learn. We introduced a Mau Rakau ‘Our vison is
To achieve this we are focusing our programme, enhanced our kapa to be “A kahui
work on three aspects: haka group and employed extra ako that works
• Digital Competency: To staff to support our students better. collaboratively
to strengthen
empower students to
participate, create and thrive in our learning
this fast-moving digital world. community”
• Wellbeing: To empower
students to take ownership ensure that it is fit for purpose and
of their own wellbeing and prepare us for the changes that are
contribute to the wellbeing of coming to NCEA. Your voice will be
others. important to us in this process and
• Student Agency: To empower we want to hear the aspirations that
students to own their learning you have as students and whanau.
so they believe they are We are also talking to the Ministry
successful by being active and of Education and planning future
contributing citizens. building development in the school
to cater for growth.
As we work on these areas we
strengthen students’ ownership of - Tom Webb
their learning and control over their Principal
future direction to prepare them for
life beyond school.

Wellbeing was also an important
theme for us here at Māngere
College in 2019 and we saw our work
with the Toko Collaboration grow
and strengthen. Student wellbeing

2 Mangere College - 2019

Māngere College Staff

Mangere College - 2019 3
Back Row: Rosalie Kwan, Neville Padavatan, Kathleen Beaton, Kirita Leniu, Abtesam Salim, Sally Hay, Nalini Singh, Asariah Potini, Raselin Imraan, Laura Williams,
Nicky Haeata-Ruwhiu, Parwati Reddy, Samer Hormes
3rd Row: Amera Franso, Alison Blackwood, Tai Uamaki, Melissa Tualaulelei, Paul Campbell, Laurence Earl, Angela Kuo-Yu Yen, Joanne Latif, Brian Aubrey, Satend
Sharma, Emma McCosh, Pauline Monteiro Kumar, Malae Aloalii
2nd Row: Elizabeth Tupua, Mohammed Zaim, Subrail Naidu, Ken Fale, Kevin Davis, Aisake Tuitupou, John Kingi, Siosaia Folau, Nicholas Chan, Mohammed
Sameem, Alisi Tatafu, To’asavili Telea, Frances McIntosh, Alexandra Ana Marsters, Daniel Wong
Front Row: Savitri Nadan, Ben Euden, Vivian Maskell, Viliami Bloomfield, Helen Faamoe, Deborah Ward, Tom Webb, Melegalenuu Ah Sam, Keir Whipp, Katalina Ma,
Michael Darragh, Henry Fesulua’i, Roshni Singh
Absent: Hanneke Aish, Maryam Akhlaqi, Hermann Arp, Allan Beazley, Kathleen Beazley, Fisiitotoa Bloomfield, John Bower, Mike Christo, Carolyn Cossey, Willie
Estall, Huni Fifita, Arihana Hakiwai, Emily Heeney, Erin Hunt, Lynn Keating, Jules Lafo’ou, Ruth Luketina, Caroline Poto Masoe, Mereana Bobbie McMaster, Maehe
Nuku, Nancy Palelei, Debra Pene, Louise Reade, Erin Sainsbury, Nathan Samu, Yue Shi, Kuldip Singh, Rose Siulangapo, Christina Smith, William Tupou, Alex
Upokokeu-Henry, Rapuani Wade, Milo West, Faye Wong

Staff List F Nuusavili, BA, Dip T
PRINCIPAL M Sameem, PGDip AT, BEd Tech, Dip T
T Webb, BA (Oxon), PGCE, MEdLd (Hons) N Samu, MProfStuds (Ed) (Hons), BA, Dip T
S Sharma, BEd, Dip T
M Ah Sam, PCT, ACTD, Dip T T Telea, MTEL*, BCA
K Whipp, MEdLM (Hons), Dip T, Dip Dr, BA M Tualaulelei, BPE
D Ward, MA (Hons), MProfStuds (Ed) (Hons), Dip T A Tuitupou, BSC, PG Dip T
A Upokokeu-Henry, BDanSt, PG Dip DanSt, Dip T
H Faamoe A Yen, MTEL*, BA
M Zaim, BA, Dip AS, Dip T

Achievement Centre N Haeata-Ruwhiu, B Ed in PE &


Art M Christo, MFA, Dip T Accounts & Payroll

Careers R Luketina, BSc, Dip T (Term 1, 2 & Administrator E Sayasaya (Term 4)

3) M Karanga, BVA, Dip T, PG Careers Administrator L Reade

Arts, MAEdL Caretaker B McMaster

Commerce S Nadan, PGDE, BA, Dip Ed Communications Manager J Latif, BCMS, Dip T, Dip CA

English L Keating Community Liaison Officer K Leniu

E.S.O.L S Hay, BA, Dip T, Counsellor T Elder, BA, Dip T,

PG Dip Language Teaching PGDip Counselling

Languages H Fesulua’i, BA, Dip T, PGDED Data Manager J Lafo’ou

Library A Blackwood, BA, Dip T (Term 1) Groundsman A Beazley

Learning Support R Singh, MEd(Hons), PGDE, Kaimanaako M Nuku

PGD - SNRT, PGCE, BA, GDip Librarian P Kumar

Mathematics K Ma, BSc, Dip T Mandarin Language Assistant Y Shi

Performing Arts B Euden, BMus, PGCE Nurses L Williams

Physical Education & Health E Hunt (Term 1, 2, 3),

M Darragh, BA (Hons) (QTS), H Aish, R Cabilla

PGTC, A Potini, BPhEd Office Administrator K Beazley

Science V Bloomfield, MEdL, BSc, Dip T, Performing Arts Technician E Heeney, LTCL, AIRMT

PGCertAP, D Wong, BSc, Dip T Principal’s PA

Social Sciences J Bower, PG Dip Teaching, BA & School Administrator F Wong

Student Services P Campbell, MC, BSc, Dip T Receptionist A Leonard (Term 1)

Technology V Maskell, TTC, Dip SS Refugee Bilingual Tutor M Akhlaqi

& Liaison Support Worker

DEANS Refugee Support Worker R Kwan
Year 9
M Aloalii, BEd, Dip Ed, Cert TESL Resource Room A Salim
Year 10 E McCosh, BEd, Grad Dip OEd
N Padavatan, BA, HEDip, FDip Ed Science Technician K Singh
Year 11 A Potini BPhEd
A Tatafu, BA, Dip A, PGDT, PGCertAP Student Services’ Administrator K Beaton
Year 12 E Tupua, MA(Hons), Dip TESL, Dip T
H Fesulua’i, BA, Dip T, PGDED Social Worker W Tupou
Year 13 F McIntosh, MSc(Hons), Dip T
D Pene, Grad Dip CD, Dip SS, Dip T Sports’ Coordinator T Uamaki

Staff Support Technician R Siulangapo

Teacher Aides H Arp, C Masoe,

N Palelei, C-M Savaiinaea

Tuckshop Contractor L Jacobs

Volunteer R Parkinson

Volunteer Gardener M Aerenga

B Aubrey, B.Ed, Dip T Drum Tutor E Allen
F Bloomfield, BA, Dip Ed, Dip T Piano/Strings Tutor E Heeney
N Chan, PG Dip CS, Dip AT Vocal/Woodwind Tutor N Loo
C Cossey, BCA, MCW, Dip T Guitar Tutor
K Davis, BSc, Dip T
L Earl, MTEL*, BICT * Qualification will be completed by the end of the year
K Fale, BSR
H Fifita, BA, Dip T
S Folau, BCA, Dip T
A Franso, Dip T
A Hakiwai, MTEL*, BA
S Hormes, BSc, Dip T
R Imraan, PGCE, BSc, Dip T
J Kingi
A Marsters, Dip T, TTC
S Naidu, BA, Dip T

4 Mangere College - 2019

Haere mai to new staff


We welcome John to We are glad to welcome Nicholas is a Teach First Carolyn has returned
MC this year as the new Roman to MC as a new graduate who previously to teaching after a long
Social Science HoD, school Nurse. Roman is studied Computer Science absence, during which
filling in while Ms Smith also a Nurse at Starship at the University of she has been a flight
is away on study leave. Hospital. Roman is finding Auckland. He enjoys Horror attendant, done a bit of
John previously taught at the school atmosphere and Arthouse films and journalism and had gained
McAuley High School as welcoming and warm. In listening to extreme metal. a Masters of Creative
the HoD of Social Sciences. his spare time, he likes He is finding the staff at Writing. She’s enjoying
John has a passion for going to the movies, MC incredibly supportive the good hearts of our MC
theatre and is enjoying watching Netflix and and feels greatly privileged students, and loving being
meeting new staff, and playing rugby with his son. to teach the students. a part of this community.
teaching new students.

Ken is the new Samoan We are blessed to have We welcome John to
Language teacher and a Margaret join us this MC as our Te Reo Māori We welcome Carmel-
Teach First graduate. His year as the new Head of teacher and he is involved Maria as our new Teacher
previous experience is in Careers. Margaret comes in all things Māori. John Aide. She was previously a
youth work at Te Wānanga to us previously from the was previously a full-time therapeutic care worker at
o Aotearoa, Māngere Korowai Manaaki Youth student at AUT studying Stand Children’s Services.
and at Kelston Boys High Justice facility where she a Bachelor in Māori Media Carmel-Maria is enjoying
school. He is really enjoying was the Art Teacher. In her whilst working part-time working with such a
working with Pasifika and spare time, she practises in retail. He has a strong supportive team which
Māori students here at MC. photography. passion for Māori youth. makes her job easier.

Edna is our new Accounts As an experienced RTLB We are excited to have Alex
and Payroll administrator Practice Leader with join us this year as the new
here at MC. She has come over 10 years under her Dance and Drama teacher.
to us from working at the belt in Manawaui and He is really enjoying the
University of Auckland. West Auckland, Roshni positive culture of the
Edna is enjoying her is really enjoying the school.
new role so far but is multiculturalism of the
finding that there is a lot school and we are all Mangere College - 2019 5
to learn. She moved to benefitting from her
New Zealand from the drive and passion for all
Philippines 12 years ago. students.

Ka kite anō au i a koutou


ALISON BLACKWOOD Ms Luketina was students have benefitted
appointed as a Careers from Ms Luketina’s
Ms Blackwood left Ms Blackwood began Teacher in 2003, balanced view and sensible
Māngere College at Deaning in 1997 and her responsibilities career advice. It has always
the end of Term 1 to students have benefited included looking after been an absolute pleasure
move to Nelson with from her clear and caring the Adult Education to see ex-students coming
her family. mentoring. She says and students on back to the Careers Prefab
how much she enjoyed Correspondence. to proudly discuss with
She began here for teaching at MC and has her their successful career
9 weeks, relieving many good memories of In 2008, she was appointed pathway. Ruth has enjoyed
in 1983 and never the school; staying here HOD Careers and gradually her time at Māngere
left. She became so long because of the took on the pastoral role College, always helping,
Teacher with Library many wonderful students of refugee students. Ms and supporting both staff
responsibility in 1988 she taught. Luketina was instrumental and students. Staff and
and very competently Staff and students will in rolling out the Academic students will miss her and
managed that resource. miss her and wish her Counselling through the wish her well for the next
well for the future. school. Over the years chapter of her life.


In 2008 Mrs Christina Smith nee Mose Mrs Ana Malloy her fellow staff and the
started teaching at Māngere College, Marsters or as the Māngere College family.
bringing a refreshing and positive students know her MAMA Marsters will be
energy into the Māngere College best - MAMA Marsters, dearly missed by everyone
started her journey that has come to know
family and in particularly our here at Māngere her beautiful personality
Social Studies department. College in 2009. especially our Languages
Department. We wish
Her colleagues and students She is a well-respected you all the best for your
enjoyed her warm, kind and teacher amongst her retirement.
cultural responsive energy. She students and a loved
continued to work tirelessly with colleague amongst
various extracurricular activities,
throughout her time at MC.
Mrs Smith became the Head of
the Social Studies Department
and injected her warm pastoral
support and passion into
improving the achievement of
all our students. We will miss her
top notch singing during our
Staff Powhiri. Her ability to light

up the room is contagious and no
doubt she will continue to empower
more students in the West side of
Auckland. We will all miss you dox.
God bless you and your family. ‘Ofa
atu mo e lotu’.

6 Mangere College - 2019


They say that time goes fast when Aisake is a valued member of the The commonalities started at day
you are having fun. His arrival at the Physical Education department, 1 for Miss Yen. She attended Roskill
beginning of 2018 heralded a new he has brought fresh ideas and Grammar and so did Miss Ma. The
batch of ‘on the job’ trainee teachers has taken on responsibility for only difference was an 11 year gap.
and with it new opportunities subjects by himself. He is an From singing slow jams in the office
for both Mr Earl and our school. awesome person to be around to having the most patience with
He quickly established himself and is loved by staff and students your lovelies in the classroom.
as part of the 13MA form group, alike. Unfortunately for us he has Wishing you all the best with the
Technology Department and wider been called to focus purely on his next adventure Angela! Your work
MC family. He has been like a weightlifting career after he won 3 ethic and your constant drive to
breath of fresh air, giving new life to gold medals at the Pacific games want the best outcomes for our
Digital Technology by broadening this year. We will miss his dry Dad students has been admirable and
the capability of our students (and jokes and his cheerful face. we will miss your cool calm nature.
staff) and has also given our Student From the Maths department and
Council a louder voice. We will miss the students of Māngere College –
you Mr Earl and we are sorry to see Take care and Ofa atu.
you go. We wish you well as you
head south to begin your new life.


Willie has played a vital part as our Carolyn has been a great asset both
school Social Worker for almost in the English department and
seven years. Students. whanau and as a year 11 form teacher during
staff have appreciated his calm and her short time here. We value her
supportive approach in dealing with commitment and perseverance. We
issues affecting our students. will also miss her enthusiasm and
We wish him all the best for his warmth. We wish her well.
future endeavours and he will be
missed by staff and students alike.

Mangere College - 2019 7

Head Girl’s Report

E muamua lava ona sii proud moment has been seeing our students. These students dedicate
le viiga ma le faafetai i le students show their passion towards their success to you!
atua, ua mafai ai ona tatou the things they love.
potopoto faatasi i lalo o And finally to my fellow colleagues,
lenei fale. Faatalofa atu Well done to all the students who our year 13 Family, our time here
i matua ma uo ua tatou continued to stay on task, came to at Māngere College has come to
faatasi i lenei taeao, ae le school with a positive attitude and an end. Thank you for all the great
gata i lea susuga i faia’oga displayed consistent effort in their times and memories that we have
ma tamaiti aoga. work. made in these five years of being
here at MC. I am truly grateful to
First and foremost, I’d just like As the Head Girl for 2019, I also have met such a fun and outgoing
to give thanks and praise to our want to congratulate our prize bunch.
Heavenly Father for guiding us winners for their hard-working and
throughout the year. outstanding efforts this year. And to I wish you all the best for all your
exams and for the pathway that
What a year 2019 has been. ‘It’s been a year you choose to take next year, and
It’s been a year filled with new filled with new I hope to see you all again in the
challenges, new friendships and future living your best life!
new opportunities. There have been challenges,
tough times, but above everything, new Thank you.
as a year group we have always
persevered when we’ve needed f riendships - Julienne Niko
to and have always found the fun and new
in everything regardless of what
has been thrown our way. We’ve opportunities’
had many ups and downs and
together we have shared many the rest of you, your achievements
memorable moments. In our sports and accomplishments are always
teams this year whether we won or noticed, keep working hard and
lost, we kept our heads held high, work to the best of your abilities.
remained humble and maintained
our sportsmanship. For Polyfest and To the teachers and staff, thank you
other cultural events, our cultural for all the advice and support you
groups displayed their love and have provided for all our students
pride for their cultures with energy and for pushing us to do our best.
and dignity. For our music and And to the parents and caregivers
dance groups, they performed in of these students, thank you for
front of huge crowds for a variety the encouragement, support,
of showcases and competitions dedication and time you give for our
representing our school proudly.One

8 Mangere College - 2019

Head Boy’s Report

Firstly, I would like to give incomparable to any other school and supported us in our choices no
praise to the Most High, in South Auckland. Our love for our matter what, and I thank you for
for guiding and blessing culture, sports, music, arts, sciences, your continued support towards our
us throughout the years. and our love for each other, is what education.
As our years of formal continues to be the driving force in
education come to an end, future success. To my brothers and sisters of
it is time we think back to Māngere College, thank you for
the journey we have made To the teachers of Māngere College, making the final years of formal
to get ourselves here. thank you. Thank you for your education memorable. The
reassurance and support to remain friendships forged, the memories
Four years ago, we stood amongst on task. During our 4 years here, you made, the awards won, the
each other as strangers, eager to have been the ones who have made games won, the many games
be moving onto bigger and better schooling worthwhile. Thank you lost, the hours of practice, the
things. Throughout the years, we for your dedication to make us see wagging practice, and the time
have met people at this school who our potential, to see within ourselves spent together. All of these have
have had a significant impact on that we are capable of more than accumulated into what can only
our lives, we made unbreakable be expressed as the greatest class
bonds that will last a lifetime, and ‘...we made of Māngere College this school
reconnected with those we were unbreakable has ever seen. Your happiness and
once close with. Through all of this, continued support for one another
we end 2019 as a family. bonds that is what makes our schools values of
will last a Respect and Responsibility come
Our diverse backgrounds create the lifetime...’ to life, you are the heart and soul of
opportunity for our true potential MC.
to shine, and I can say that all of we believe. Some of you have made
you have potential beyond your a huge impact in our lives, and I I wish all of you success in the
imagination. I want to acknowledge commend you. To Mr. Webb, thank upcoming exams, and nothing but
those who have shown that no you for your service to the school. happiness and prosperity during
matter your background, you can Your words of encouragement to your path to success.
rise to the top and achieve your me have helped guide me towards
goals if you remain consistent and this place as Head Boy, and I thank - Nicholas Ingram
stay focused. Thank you for your you.
dedication, you should all be proud Mangere College - 2019 9
of yourselves. To our parents and caregivers,
thank you for your wisdom and
To the future year 13s, the student guidance to do the right thing for
body and faculty of MC will look to the sake of our success. When we
you for leadership and guidance. were down, you were the ones who
It will take courage. The greatness picked us up. You were there for us
which resides in all of you is

Back Row: Zahra Ibrahim, Zahra Hussaini, Julia Luamanu Kilipati, Sasa Lelenoa
2nd Row: Wayne Magalogo, Aniket Chand, Jason Taufa, Marietta Mailo Slade, Caleb Chan-Ting,
Tom Webb (Principal)
Front Row: Jacob Leleifi, Soana Afu, Nicholas Ingram, Julienne Niko, Abdul Ahmadi, Tumema Soti


The Student Leaders have been a responsible group
of students that have worked as a team throughout
the year.
They are well respected by both staff and students and have
always been available to respond to the needs of the student
body. The student leaders are always a welcoming presence
in Senior Assembly. They are a delightful bunch to work with
and be around.

- Debra Pene

10 Mangere College - 2019

Year 11/12 Prizegiving


Davis-Ratumu, Aldridge Award for Sportsmanship
Year 11 - 100% Attendance for 2019

Taufahema, Nathan Rugby 1st XV – Player of the Year Funaki, Rueben Tanu Talapa, Faith

Taufa, Ilaisaane Rugby Girls – Player of the Year Chri, Hser Moananu, To'o

Beazley, Patricia Tag Football Girls – Player of the Tonga, Mele Panuve, Abigail
Ayak John, Sebit Alofaki, Makeleta

Davis-Ratumu, U19 Boys Basketball Player of the Chan-Ting, Mason Baker, Wisdom
Likaan Year
Isitolo Lui, Adam

Ru Terry Tag Football Senior Boys - Player of Year 12 - 100% Attendance for 2019
the Year
Koiatu, Aaron
Tanu Talapa, Volleyball Boys – Player of the Year
Year 12 Full Attendance for 2 Years

Kaliopasi, 'Etina Panuve, Asena

STUDENT LEADERS FOR 2020 Year 12 Full Attendance for 4 Years

Leleifi, ‘Unaloto

‘Ahomana, ‘Ofa Ahmat Abdallah, Younis Excellent Attendance for 2019 Year 12
Ioane, Sanele Kilipati, Reupena
Kaliopasi, ‘Etina Panuve, Asena Tuilaepa, Benjamin
Leleifi, ‘Unaloto Koiatu, Aaron
Pio, Diana Salu, Herilla Year 11 100% Attendance for 2 Years
Campbell, PJ Taumihau, Olathe
Kiole, ‘Emalata Beazley, Patricia Niutao Tafale, Danielle Mani, Hermon
Leha’uli, Petissa Filimoehala, Ane
Mauu, Jordan Tupou, Anne

Urika Filifilia, Adyhana

Year 11 100% Attendance for 3 years

Ahmadi, Mahdieh Sigglekow, Ethan
Lavea, Elizabeth
Senitofo, Talalelei

Mangere College - 2019 11


Ah Sam, Henry Level 1 Sports Science Andrew, Abigail 12SA
Ah-Lam, Alec Level 1 Accounting Andrew, Abigail Level 2 Mathematics Band 2
Ah-Lam, Alec Level 1 Business Studies Aria, Shakwon 12NA
Ahmadi, Mahdieh Level 1 Mathematics Band 1 Beazley, Patricia Level 2 Dance
Ahmadi, Mahdieh Level 1 Science Physics Beazley, Patricia Level 2 Sports Science
Campbell, Pj 12FI
Alofaki, Makeleta Level 1 Health Campbell, Pj Level 2 English Academic
Chand, Marc Level 2 Digital Studies
Alofaki, Makeleta Level 1 Tongan Fukofuka, Kalavite Level 2 Mechanical
Engineering Technology
Chri, Hser Level 1 Catering Kaliopasi, 'Etina Level 2 Biology
Kaliopasi, 'Etina Level 2 Geography
Chri, Hser Level 1 Mathematics Band 3 Kaliopasi, 'Etina Level 2 Tongan
Karika-Lole, Malachi Level 2 Physics
Fenton, Alexis Level 1 English Kilipati, Reupena Level 2 Building and
Construction and Allied Trade
Fenton, Alexis Level 1 Māori Koiatu, Aaron Skills
Koiatu, Aaron 12IM
Fonise, Afu'alo Level 1 Mathematics Band 4 Level 2 Design and Visual
Koiatu, Aaron Communication Technology
Fuimaono, Vaokaho Level 1 English Literacy Level 2 Mathematics and
Leilua, Kahdel Statistics
Funaki, Rueben 11AU Mafileo, Ramona Level 2 Art
Napaa, Joela Level 2 Music
Lavea, Elizabeth Level 1 History Napaa, Joela Level 2 Economics
Nguyen, Thu Level 2 Sport Leadership
Mani, Hermon 11RE Palenapa, Tiulipe Level 2 Catering
Panuve, Asena Level 2 Art Printmaking
Mani, Hermon Level 1 Art Panuve, Asena 12HA
Panuve, Asena Level 2 Chemistry
Mani, Hermon Level 1 Cook Islands Māori Panuve, Asena Level 2 English
Paw, Chu Moo Level 2 Fashion Focus
Mauu, Jordan 11HS Paw, Chu Moo 12EU
Pio, Diana Level 2 Career Development
Mauu, Jordan Level 1 Health Pouwhare, Brendalee Level 2 Mathematics Band 3
Salam Khel, Madina Level 2 Māori
Mauu, Jordan Level 1 Music Salu, Herilla Multi Level 2 ESOL
Taituave Fuimaono, Level 2 Tourism Studies
Niutao Tafale, 11HI Blessing Level 2 Samoan
Danielle Taumihau, Olathe
Panuve, Abigail Level 1 Building Construction Taumihau, Olathe Level 2 Business Studies
and Allied Trades Tavioni, Apii Level 2 History
Petersen, Bryniah Level 1 Digital Studies Tavita, Toluaiava Level 2 Hospitality
Senitofo, Talalelei 11SI Tiavaasue, Sapela Level 2 Accounting
Senitofo, Talalelei Level 1 Fashion Focus Tonitara, Teava Level 2 Financial Capability
Siulangapo, Dave Level 1 Physical Education Level 2 Cook Islands Māori
Sood, Bobbie Sue Level 1 Geography
Tanu Talapa, Faith Multi Level 1 ESOL
Tevaga, Pesi Level 1 Design and Visual
Communication Technology
Tonga, Mele 11CO
Tonga, Mele Level 1 Mathematics Band 2
Tupou, Anne Level 1 Dance
Tupou, Anne Level 1 Science Biology
Urika Filifilia, Level 1 Samoan
Utaatu, Abraham Level 1 Mechanical Engineering

12 Mangere College - 2019


Paw, Chu Moo Library Prize

James, Aaron Most Improved Student in the
Learning Centre

Urika Filifilia, Adyhana Outstanding Achievement in
the Performing Arts

Beazley, Patricia Puhoro Student of the Year

Koiatu, Aaron Ryders Cup for Achievement
with Distinction in the
'Gateway' Programme

Hafoka, Taitusi The Pedder Cup for Most
Progress in the Achievement

Kilipati, Reupena Thwaites Cup for the Most
Improved Senior Music Student

Fenton, Alexis Year 11 Speech Award

Urika Filifilia, Adyhana Emily Heeney Cup for Best


Senitofo, Tala Year 11 Student of the Year
Panuve, Asena Year 12 Student of the Year


Chri, Hser Year 11 Student of the Year
Kaliopasi, ‘Etina Year 12 Student of the Year


Urika Filifilia, Adyhana Year 11 Top Scholar of the Year

Koiatu, Aaron Year 12 Top Scholar of the Year

Mangere College - 2019 13

Year 13 Prizegiving


100% Attendance for 2 years 'Alofi, Sepiuta Netball Player of the Year
Ahmadi, Abdul Magalogo, Wayne Tag Football Boys - Player of the Year
Luafatasaga, Irene Tilo, Victory Volleyball Girls - Player of the Year
Hussaini, Zahra Lelenoa, Sasa Knight Award for Outstanding
100% Attendance for 4 years Contribution to Sport
Afu, Soana Tohilima, Chynna Hall Award for Sportsmanship
Habibi, Zahra Niko, Julienne Johnson Cup for Outstanding Personal
Sigglekow, Sara-Lee Achievement in Sport
Mailo Slade, Sports Council Award
STUDENT Marietta
OF THE YEAR Magalogo, Wayne Sports Boy of the Year
Tilo, Victory Sports Girl of the Year
Luamanu Kilipati, Julia
14 Mangere College - 2019
Afu, Soana 13DV
Afu, Soana Level 3 History
Ahmadi, Abdul Level 3 Art
Ahmadi, Abdul 13SH
Chand, Aniket Vocational Pathways Mathematics


Chand, Aniket Vocational Pathways Ingram, Nicholas Writers' Award
Technology Niko, Julienne
Outstanding Achievement in the Arts -
Habibi, Zahra Level 3 Art Shee, Saviour The Pedder Cup
Printmaking (Digital)
Leuluai, Fa'ailuga Robson Cup for Achievement in
Habibi, Zahra Level 3 Biology Vocational Pathways
Afu, Soana
Habibi, Zahra Level 3 Chemistry The Senior Samoan Oratory Trophy
Chan-Ting, Caleb (sponsored by 5 Star Motors)
Habibi, Zahra Level 3 English
Academic Niko, Julienne Board of Trustees Student
Ingram, Nicholas Representative
Habibi, Zahra Level 3 Physics
Outstanding Contribution as a Student
Ingram, Nicholas 13ND Leader

Leleifi, Jacob Level 3 Technology Principal's Prize for Head Student

Leleifi, Jacob Level 3 Tongan Principal's Prize for Head Student

Lelenoa, Sasa Level 3 Sports Science

Lesa, Mai-Rose Level 3 Dance Soti, Tumema Opeloge Ah Sam Award for Senior Music
Composer of the Year
Leuluai, Fa'ailuga 13MI

Leuluai, Fa'ailuga Level 2 English Leuluai, Fa'ailuga Courtney Award for Commerce
Mailo Slade, Marietta The Sports Council Award

Leuluai, Fa'ailuga Level 3 Business Luamanu Kilipati, Julia Mike Pero's Entrepreneur of the Year
Studies Award 1st

Leuluai, Fa'ailuga Level 3 Samoan Leuluai, Fa'ailuga Mike Pero's Entrepreneur of the Year
Scholarship Award 2nd

Luamanu Kilipati, Level 3 Samoan Ariki, Ina Mike Pero's Entrepreneur of the Year
Julia Award 3rd

Misi Tuitamai, Level 3 ESOL Lavea, Adrienne Mike Pero's Entrepreneur of the Year
Cynthia Award 4th

Moeai'a Toleafoa, Level 3 Career 'Alofi, Sepiuta Mike Pero's Entrepreneur of the Year
Award 5th
Toto Development


Moeroa Akama, Level 3 Mathematics Māngere College Leavers’ Scholarship
Veronica with Statistics Chan-Ting, Caleb Sigglekow, Sara-Lee
Lelenoa, Sasa Nguyen, Tram
Nguyen, Tram Level 3 Accounting Sanelivi Pio, Lealofi

Nguyen, Tram Level 3 Mathematics The University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship for 2019
with Calculus Habibi, Zahra

Pullen-Burry, Todd Level 3 Digital

Rio, Tarepeta Level 3 Dance

Sanelivi Pio, Lealofi 13DA AUT School Leaver Scholarship – New Horizons

Sanelivi Pio, Lealofi Level 3 Geography Habibi, Zahra Ahmadi, Abdul

Sigglekow, Level 3 Economics Otago University Leaders of Tomorrow Entrance Scholarship for
Sara-Lee 2019

Tohilima, Chynna Level 3 English Habibi, Zahra

Tohilima, Chynna Level 3 Mathematics 2019 Manukau Institute of Technology Partnership Scholarship
Viniki, Ritia
Toluono, Level 3 Fashion

Toluono, Level 3 Hospitality and 2019 Manukau Institute of Technology Partnership Scholarship
Amragayle Customer Service William, Urau

Toluono, Level 3 Tourism Glenys Erickson Memorial Cup
Amragayle Studies Luafatasaga, Irene

Veamatahau, John Level 3 Sports For the senior student who has best demonstrated throughout their
Leadership time at Māngere College a high standard of achievement, participation and

William, Urau Level 3 Māori perseverance.

Wilson, Vera Level 3 Music

TOP R2 WINNER OF THE YEAR The Prime Minister’s Vocational Excellence Award
Chand, Aniket
Afu, Soana
Ema Piutau Scholarship
Afu, Soana

Mangere College - 2019 15

SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS Lambie Prize for Leadership
CONT.... Soti, Tumema

For the student who demonstrates leadership qualities and is looked up
to by the student body as a role model.

Elizabeth Ellett Memoral Prize for Bader Award
Meritorious Achievement Shee, Saviour
Leuluai, Fa’ailuga
The recipient will have overcome a significant hurdle in their life to
For the senior student who has achieved to a high level in one or more become a model citizen of the school and make considerable progress in
areas of the school
their education
David Gock Cup for the Spirit of Rotary
Sanelivi Pio, Lealofi Māngere College Scholarship
Leuluai, Fa’ailuga
For the senior student who upholds the Rotary Four Way Test: Of the
things we think, say or do, is it the TRUTH, is it FAIR to all concerned, This Scholarship has been made possible by an anonymous donation
to the school. It covers the fees, up to $6000, for the first year of tertiary
will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS and will it be
BENEFICIAL to all concerned study

THE FOLLOWING AWARDS Elizabeth Ellett Scholarship Recipient 2019 – 2021

OF MĀNGERE COLLEGE: This Scholarship is made possible by a bequest from the estate of
Elizabeth Ellett, a long-time supporter of the College. The Scholarship is

$4000 per year for 3 years of University study

Stan Kepa Prize for Leadership in Cultural Activities TOP ACADEMIC AWARD
Luamanu Kilipati, Julia FOR 2019:

For the student who as shown leadership and role model qualities in one, Senior Scholar
or across a range of cultures Habibi, Zahra

Williams and Cunningham Prize for Courtesy This cup is awarded to the Year 13 student who has achieved the best
Moeai’a Toleafoa, Toto results in NCEA assessments this year.

For the student who is polite, courteous and cheerful; showing respect for Proxime Accessit
others yet retaining their own personal strength Ahmadi, Abdul

Watson Prize for Service to the Community
Ahmadi, Abdul

Benson Award for Service to Others
Moeroa Akama, Veronica

For the student who cheerfully helps staff and other students in a range
of activities without being asked

16 Mangere College - 2019


Mangere College Support events including PST’s and providing coaching/mentoring
staff deliver effective and prizegiving and other school has been a strong area with
efficient support services notable events excellent support by the
for teaching and learning languages support team
and the day-to-day • Support of students through
running of the school. learning support and the • Sporting events and
achievement centre has been coordinating transport support
Their work contributes to education rewarded with good news stories, has been very active for in and
services that support all students on-going student learning out of school activities including
with knowledge, competencies and improvements and success school holidays and support staff
values to be successful citizens. outcomes involvement has enabled much
student participation and school
The preparations from 2018 • Technical and assistive support success
introduced a renewed approach in Science and Technology is
setup involving additional hands quietly achieved in Health & This year Support Staff forums were
on deck by Admin staff and other Safety measures and planning introduced and held each Term. The
support staff to managing the events and executive support in highlights included professional
enrolments process, uniforms and utensils and equipment development, spotlight features on
stationery requirements with much support staff roles, health and safety,
success. • The extended school services collating of ideas and activities to
into the community connecting harness the support staff collegial
Nurse Erin Hunt was farewelled in with families and improving the network.
Term 3 and is away on maternity interface with the school has
leave whilst new support staff were been greatly supported by the Acknowledgements to our
welcomed throughout the year. work of our Community Liaison volunteers throughout the year
and cultural team supporting the sports department,
• Nurses – Hanneke Aish and uniform and stationery shop and
Roman Cabilla • School pride in property and the school garden which has
maintenance and security benefitted the school and staff with
• Learning Support - Carmel continues with excellent the fruits and vegetables.
Savaiinaea responsiveness to ensuring
health and safety is maintained As the year ends, it will end with
• Administration – Edna Sayasaya for students, staff and visitors Admin staff completing the end of
year processes and planning for the
There are various achievements in • Capturing essential data and new year. Thank you to all support
the work that support staff have information, key events and staff for the difference you make in
provided throughout the year special moments is always our school and school leadership in
including: a busy time with planning, recognising the work that support
coordinating and deadlines for staff contribute to.
• The organisation of visiting the Communications and Data
authors and notable guests into Manager Season greetings and a prosperous
the library empowering student New Year.
reading, upskilled knowledge • On-going responsive printing
and aspirational careers services and school stationery Mangere College - 2019 17
resources continue to improve
• The support and transport each year
of students, including early
morning and late afternoon • Recognising cultural and
travel contributions by the
careers and refugee team

• The health care management
of student injuries kept the
nursing team busy. The care
management plan for measles
saw excellent leadership by the
nursing team supported by
student services

• Process improvements
implemented by the Admin
team including Accounts and
Payroll in providing a seamless
and structured service to
reception support, key school


18 Mangere College - 2019

Cook Islands’ Group

Iriiri mai koe iakoe. loved ones on the side supporting
Kia iriiri atu au iaku. and encouraging them.
‘Let your beauty in our cultural traditions and costumes define who Our performance range was in 6
you are and where you come from.’ categories Ute, Imene Tuki, Kapa
Rima, Peu Tupuna, Rangatira and
This year many of us joined Polyfest just gaining the credits but the Ura Pau. Each piece was composed
with the intention of gaining extra concern that we young Polynesians by our team of tutors. The costumes
NCEA credits but after the practices, are losing touch with our cultures. were handcrafted at night by
performance and mentoring, we But Polyfest this year, helped us all another team of tutors and parents,
gained so much more than just the to reconnect with our Cook Islands and the students also got involved
credits. culture. with creating our Rakaes. Our
Many of us had lost the real purpose group was not able to set foot on
of why we participate in the festival. The Cook Islands Group for Māngere the ASB stage due to the upsetting
Being the co-leader alongside Ina College worked from the bottom event in Christchurch but we didn’t
Ariki was an awesome experience to the top. This year we had many stop there, we showcased our
and the thing that really made juniors in the group which meant performance to our family friends
Polyfest important to us was not our previous dancers had to step up and the community. We would not
let the hard work and dedication
and the leaders of our rangatahi and tutors go to
had to set the bar waste. This group would not have
higher. Our tutors been possible without our teacher-
were our biggest in-charge Tai Uamaki. She was the
motivators aside woman that built our group up from
from our parents. the ashes. I want to acknowledge
Each day, our Tai for the extra yards that she puts
parents showed in because she loves our children
up to practice and culture very much. We may not
prepared to see everything she does behind the
teach us about scenes, but she is the one carrying
our heritage, our the group, so thank you Tai.
traditions and
why it’s important What I learnt as a leader this year is
to remember that it is not easy. It was a struggle
those that at times but we managed to push
came before us. through in the end and achieved an
Parents showed awesome result. There were times
up to rehearsals where I’d blow my top off but I was
sometimes from reminded to calm down and pull my
the beginning head in. Tutors did walk out on us
right through and there were students that didn’t
to the end. This listen. But the final result, in the end,
support was was amazing and I wouldn’t trade it
awesome for our for anything else.
kids, to see their
- Tarepeta Rio

Mangere College - 2019 19

Kapa Haka

‘Ka pū te ruha, ka hao te Students were able to develop Whangarei-terenga-paraoa. Our
rangatahi’ and discover a new passion for the school is becoming engaged and
‘As an old net withers, Māori performing arts, the reward there has been so much positive
another is remade.’ being performing on stage. interest in Kapa Haka. The new
growth is welcomed and celebrated
In 2019, we had a huge influx of Since Polyfest, we have by us all.
interest from our students to be continued to have more
a part of Kapa Haka. This interest performances throughout the
helped them to develop and year. The roopu performed for
embrace Kapa Haka in their daily the Māngere College staff during
school lives. Māori Language Week and we
The biggest challenge for them was have extended our opportunities
representing Māngere College in to perform at several events in our
Kapa Haka at the ASB Polyfest. We community. We had the privilege
were fortunate enough to merge to go to Ihūmatao and have an
our roopu with Southern Cross educational experience with the
Campus. Save Our Unique Landscape
This provided us with a new and movement about their purpose
positive dynamic to our Kapa Haka and the importance of their
roopu. occupation of Ihūmato. We have
also welcomed our new Kapa Haka
20 Mangere College - 2019 tutor Jane Paul. She hails from

Niuean Group

The Māngere College represent the ocean and we wore ‘Our theme
Niuean Group was a Sisi (leaves) to represent the land was ‘the
of Niue and it’s part of our cultural living
success. tradition. We are grateful that we
were able to perform and represent essence of
For this year’s Niuean groups our culture, family and school. We the Ocean is
performance at ASB Polyfest, we give our condolences to those who
competed in the Small Groups were affected by the Christchurch in me.’
Competition. We had 20 students tragedy. A big thank you to our
participating. tutors Isaak, Kaleb, Hana and Toma
Patuki, to Dessica Tohilima and Sisi
Our theme was ‘the living essence Sale for making the costumes, to the
of the Ocean is in me’. Our teachers Mr Darragh, Mr Tuitupou
performance showcased dances and Ms Ward, and to all the students
from different villages of Niue and for their hard work and dedication
our songs told stories about the to our culture.
legends of the moon and the ocean.
The costumes we wore were blue to - Jasmarie Tohilima

Mangere College - 2019 21

Samoan Group downs, sharing tears, laughter and
joy in the group. We all coped well
“O Fetafeaiga o au o Vasa students left, due to the difficulty and tried to be positive towards one
malosiaga fa’apea le Tapasa. and folding to the pressure. another. We were one as a family.
E tautaia lau malaga mo lau However, other experienced With weeks passing by, our
folauga o le moana o le ta students always encouraged the teachers Mrs Ah Sam, Mr Fale and
fa’asinomaga” remaining numbers, especially the Mr Fesuluai started extending the
newer members of the Samoan hours of practices after school which
E le fa’aitiitia lava le agaga fa’afetai Group. Messages like “You can do helped to add to our success. With
ile Atua i lona alofa ma lona agalelei it” and “it is worth it in the end” our tutors - long-serving and head
i lana puipuiga ile matou vaega instilled self-belief and perseverance tutor Malaesilia Iulia Ioane with
Samoa lenei tausaga aua ana le into the group. ex-students Numia Toomata, Siata
seanoa o Ia e le fa’ataunu’uina le Ah Chong and Melania Agaimalo
matou fa’amoemoe. Our Samoan group worked - helping us with movements and
hard as a team.
Firstly, praise and glory to We experienced actions, our dances were coming
God for guiding our Samoan many ups into shape. At times, it was
group this year with His love and stressful but we still managed
and guidance, because without to pull through as a group.
Him, our performance would not This only made us stronger
have been a success. The Samoan as we empowered one
Group journey this year has been another to
challenging. Students have been believe that
sacrificing their intervals, lunchtime we can do
breaks and after school just so we it and to
could be ready for ASB Polyfest finish off
2019. The leaders were selected in with a
2018. They had the responsibility of bang.
starting practices. For our rehearsals,
one of the leaders had to open by
leading in prayer. The other, leading
in teaching the songs and the onus
was on us all to ensure everyone in
the group remained on the right

As the hours of practice time
increased, so did the learning.
Eventually, everyone started feeling
the pressure in the Samoan group.
It was at that very moment some

22 Mangere College - 2019

Saturday practices always started Everyone was cheering us on from ‘Backstage,
with activities which the tutors beginning to the end. Backstage, we saw our
prepared to focus on team- we saw our parents coming up to
building. Everyone participating hug us all and greet us with their parents
in these games brought good big smiles. This was one of the main coming up
vibes, laughter, smiles and positive highlights of the day. Regardless of to hug us all
energy to kick start practices. the outcome, our parents showing and greet us
This allowed the group to get to us that they were very proud of us with their big
know one another. It was a good was such a heart-melting moment
experience for everyone to step out for the group. smiles.’
of their comfort zone and to show My advice to our future leaders and
confidence within the group and the students that will be joining the Mangere College - 2019 23
amongst their peers. Samoan group in 2020, is that hard
Our parents had always provided work pays off. Be the best you can
support for the Samoan Group by be. Always be committed, help one
providing food, drinks, advice and another, show some resilience with
giving their honest opinion with the Samoan group and DON’T GIVE
what needs to be improved and UP! Because IT IS worth it in the
developed. This equipped us well for end. To our tutors, fellow teachers
the next phase of our journey. and parents. We would like to thank
After weeks of practising in the you all so much for the support,
hot sun and hours of polishing our encouragement and motivating us
routine, the time to showcase our to do the best of our ability so we are
performance drew near. The weeks able to showcase our performance,
of sacrifices and hours of practising represent our school with pride and
were finally over. The Fiafia night for always lending a hand whenever
was an opportunity for us to perform we needed help. We love and
in front of our families and friends. appreciate you all for that.
It was also valuable listening to
everyone’s response, especially our Magele, lea ua taunu’u ma le
parents’ views. manuia le tatou fa’amoemoe
Now, it was Polyfest Week and we sa tatou finau ma le malosi ma
went through it all again. Repeating taumafai i vaiaso ua uma atu, Viia
and polishing our dances more for le Atua mo mea uma na ia faia mo
perfection, ready to give our all on i matou le fanau. Thanking our
the big day. parents with tears of joy along with
Waking up early at 6:30 am, arriving our teachers and tutors for the
at school before 7 am, gathering strong support. We did it! Malo le
together in the cold morning, tauivi malo le fa’ upu ua
singing songs, dancing and praying le tautama’alii fa’amolemole lafo i
to the Almighty above that He will fogava’a aua e poto lava le tautai ae
guide us on stage with His love. e iai le taimi e sasi ai. Soifua ma ia
Once we were at Polyfest our school manuia
was called to go to the changing
area. At that time, everyone was - Vera Wilson
nervous, scared and happy all at
once. It was a sense of disbelief that
our journey was nearing the end.
I believe our performance went well.

Tongan Group

Malo e lelei, welcome to the and had hyper energy. Our Tongan ‘Fekumi
2019 Māngere College Tongan group had a mixture of Tongan kihe
Polyfest group page. and Samoan students, but during
practices, everyone was considered ma’ulunga
This year Polyfest was an amazing a Tongan. No matter what culture, taha.’
event full of life, hard-working skin colour or blood flowed through
students and tutors and of course our veins, we were all one.
enjoying and celebrating the
beautiful Polynesian cultures. Fakamalo aupito (Thank you
Soana Afu, (Student Leader) and very much) to the Tongan group
Nicholas Ingram (Head Boy) had teachers in charge Mr Viliami
the privilege of being the Māngere Bloomfield (head of the Science
College Tongan group leaders. department) and Ms Fisitotoa
Working well together to help and Bloomfield (Tongan language
support each other to encourage teacher) for attending practices to
and reinforce our Māngere College support the students and punake
values of Respect and Responsibility. (tutors). Fakamalo atu kia Paane
They had the help of their assistants Alofi in charge of (Ma’ulu’ulu) and
Sepi Alofi (13DA) and Jacob Leleifi Vili Paea and his daughter Nisi Paea
(Student Leader). who was in charge of (Soke) as
well as their families who assisted
This year, Māngere College Tongan in drumming. The punake have
group took part in Ma’ulu’ulu developed positive relationships
(combined sitting performance) and with the students and their parents
Soke (combined stick performance). in ensuring the best for the group
Sadly, there were no results this year and we thank them for their time,
due to the last day of Polyfest being patience and commitment.
cancelled because of the mosque
attack in Christchurch. However, we Fekumi kihe ma’ulunga taha
understand that safety had to come (Seek The Heights)
first in this instance.
- Soana Ta’ake Afu
The group had almost 100 students
who were motivated, hard-working,

24 Mangere College - 2019

Karen Bamboo Dance

For the first time ever,
Māngere College entered
a Karen Bamboo Dance
group on the Diversity
Stage at Polyfest 2019.

Year 12 student Chu Moo Paw The performance at Polyfest
choreographed the traditional Karen went well with the group, being
Dance with help from community enthusiastically welcomed for its
members outside the school. uniqueness and authenticity. The
Originally, the group started students even had the chance to
as a performance within the meet and have their photo taken
school. However, the enthusiasm, with Prime Minister Jacinda Arden.
dedication of the students and the
persistence of supporters such as The Karen Bamboo dance is a
Mrs Rosalie Kwan, meant that when unique dance which illustrates the
there was a space open at Polyfest, story of how, with commitment
the group was ready to jump on and and loyalty, those who support one
perform. another can triumph over adversity
and succeed. It requires the dancers
to move gracefully between moving
bamboo sticks without getting their
legs crushed.
Our performance consisted of 8
dancers and 12 hitters who were
required to keep the bamboo
moving with a coordinated beat.

Mangere College - 2019 25


26 Mangere College - 2019

Library that Māngere College has for before and after school. The Scholars
our school language weeks. The Club programme runs every
One thing that will always librarians gather every Friday at Tuesday and Thursday after school.
remain with us librarians form time for sectioning. This is It is where students can enjoy a
is our time spent as a where Mrs Kumar can address us all nice quiet space to finish off work or
librarian. The library is and together in one place. The librarians meet with their teachers to receive
always will be, ‘The Heart tidy and put books back into their extra advice and guidance about
of The School’. appropriate shelves as well as their work.
desensitise and return books. At the
Our school library is definitely a end of every sectioning, Mrs Kumar The librarians were saddened to
‘vibe’, am I right? Walk in there always makes sure to give us sweets say goodbye to one of the school’s
at lunchtimes and there is just a as a thank you for helping. teachers and the library’s oldest and
whole other atmosphere. This year dearest friend, Ms Blackwood. We
the lunchtime library sessions have This year, the library had the wish her nothing but peace, love
been a ‘buzz’. From the scholars pleasure of hosting primary and happiness. We hope she has
finishing off work, to the “Tank school students from all around everything wonderful that life has to
Trouble” computer players, there Māngere for the orientation week. offer in her new place.
is a whole range of activities in our The primary students took much
school library. The library has several interest in the library and its The school library has equipped
board games and card packs to librarians as they saw that it was fun not only me but also many of
borrow at lunch times as well as a to be a librarian. Both Mrs Kumar our year 13 students with lifelong
huge selection of books, so don’t and the librarians have helped raise learning skills. It has developed our
worry we definitely have something over $300 for the Cancer Society imaginations and has helped us
that will be of interest to you. by selling daffodils before school, to grow into young mature adults.
during interval and lunchtimes. The It was a pleasure to be part of the
The librarians try our best to help library continues to hold Parent, library family. We have made a lot of
Mrs Kumar in any way we can, Student and Teacher meetings, friends and memories over the years
if it isn’t with helping out with showcase student’s artwork on that we will treasure forever.
the lunchtime activities that display and it is an impressive place
she’s planned, it’s dressing up to show off the varied talents of the It has been a great year and I’m sure
mannequins to showcase different students. the library team has many more
fashions of the variety of cultures great things planned for our library
The library continues to provide in the new year.
students with comfort and a
wonderful environment to work in - Sara-Lee Sigglekow
not only during the day, but also
Mangere College - 2019 27


Sitting on the floor: Nargis Hussaini, Fetalaiga Mauu, Hser Chri, Roanna Wah, Fatima Hussaini, Hserku Hser, Katherina
Pio, Eh Htaw Kue Wah, and Chu Moo Paw
Sitting on the chairs: Zahra Hussaini, Zahra Ibrahim, Nicholas Ingram, Mrs Kumar, Ms Blackwood, Soana Afu, Abdul
Ahmadi and Lealofi Sanelivi Pio.
Standing: Mele Tonga, Abigail Panuve, Asena Panuve, Josiah Ah-Lam, Reupena Kilipati, Sara-Lee Sigglekow, Tala
Senitofo, Mahdieh Ahmadi, Irene Luafatasaga, Jordan Mauu, Ethan Sigglekow, and Oumaima Ahmat Abdallah.
Standing on chairs: Ali Ibrahim, Kwae Reh, Olathe Taumihau, Etina Kaliopasi, Adyhana Urika Filifilia, Lua Omoregie,
Krizzia Mae Quinones, Saleha Sameem and Madina Salam Khel.
Absent: George Akaiti, Frederick Kata, Alosina Moeai’a Toleafoa, Makarios Siuoalii Lelemia, Alec Ah Lam, Wisdom
Baker, O-Shay Murphy, Me Reh, Abraham Utaatu, Abdirizak Abdulmanan Ahmed, Younis Ahmat Abdallah, Rosemary
Felauai, Poe Myar, Blessing Taituave Fuimaono, Aniket Chand, Grace Mataafa, Thu Nguyen, Katarina Singh and
Saviour Shee.

28 Mangere College - 2019

Daisy Lavea-Timo
inspires students

In term 4, Daisy Lavea- poem ‘More than dirt’. Alec had More than dirt
Timo was invited to speak written his poem ‘More than
to students in the school dirt’ with the support of Pauline From the top of my head to the
library. Kumar and Ms Tupua. The soles of my feet I am brown.
reading of the poem was quite a
Daisy is a New Zealand born special moment, which brought My skin refers to society’s most
Sāmoan poet whose work is deeply some of the listeners to tears. unsatisfying element. Dirt.
rooted in her ancestry and her role
as a tulafale (orator chief). She was ‘The That is how you think of me. But I
visiting the school as part of the reading of tell you this, I am more than dirt. I
Writers in Schools programme run the poem am dirt that has life with a purpose
by Read NZ. ... brought to fulfill and from that dirt stems a
some of the plant.
“Daisy Lavea-Timo is an excellent, listeners to
passionate and moving speaker.” Laughter and mockery come from
Librarian Pauline Kumar tells Read tears.’ the mouths of the tall, big trees.
NZ. “Daisy captured her audience; But as soon as time comes and
they were in awe of her.” goes, the plant grows and mockery
from the tall, big trees fade.
“Thank you very much for this
opportunity. Having Daisy at our Unlike any other tree it brings forth
school library was the best we could f ruit.
ever ask for. Staff and students
present cannot stop talking about Fruit of inspiration, motivation and
her.” kindness.

During her presentation, Daisy Now listener, you may ask me
encouraged Māngere College “Who is that tree?”
student, Alec Ah-Lam, to recite his
That is me. The one who was the

-Alec Ah-Lam, 11HI

Mangere College - 2019 29

Environmental Club

Despite only starting halfway through the year, the
Environmental Club has begun to make many changes
at Māngere College.

We started with a school rubbish audit with the help of ME Family Services
and Para Kore Ki Tamaki. This occasion helped us discover issues with our
garbage. One day of rubbish sorting included over 70kgs of paper going into
general waste bins, not recycling. To counter this problem, we have set up a
roster for students to pick up recycling bins when they’re full.
Attending the Green Jam Sustainability Event has allowed us to interact with
various schools and share ideas during the workshops. This motivated us to
partner up with the Technology Department and the staff room in doing a
composting method called Bokashi. We also made a visit to Visy Recycling,
where we learned how to recycle appropriately. We applied what we learned
from the trip by running an environmental stand at Parent, Student and
Teacher interviews and Māngere Town Centre concentrating on educating all
age groups about Bokashi, Reducing, Reusing and Recycling waste.

- Krizzia Mae Quinones

30 Mangere College - 2019


The Toko Hauora Programme
continued to strengthen
relationships this year with
year 9 and year 11 form classes
working together to present
their Hauora projects in

A parents’ Fono was held at the Holiday Inn
to gauge their understanding of Hauora.
It was well attended by families including
a former staff member: Tuiataga Fa’afua
Le’avasa-Tautolo. Some of the topics covered
at the Hauora workshops on Wednesdays
involved Kahoot study skills, managing
stress, 5 ways to well-being, emotional
regulation, and cyberbullying. The Toko
Peau Hauora event on 20 September was a
celebration of life and MC connections.

Mangere College - 2019 31

Student Council:

Year in review

This year’s Student idea that allowed us to give back
Council has been great. to our community. The boxes were
Including a large group made up of non-perishable items,
of people who had never household equipment and clothing.
been involved in the
Student Council. All in all, we’ve enjoyed our time as a
Student Council and thank everyone
Our projects for the year were the who came and was a part of it at
40 Hour Famine and Family Boxes. any time this year. We welcome
The 40 Hour Famine project was a anyone to join us next year, for more
handball tournament that ran for projects and more fun. Thank you
a week, where people had to ‘pay to Mr Earl and Ms Ward who were
to play’. It was a fun event, and we the teachers helping us this year.
raised hundreds of dollars for those Also to Soana, Marietta and Krizzia
in need. Mae who were our senior and junior
representatives for the year.
The Family Boxes project was an
- Olathe Taumihau 12IM

32 Mangere College - 2019


On the 11th of June, our
Health Council students
attended the Māngere
Health Council Fono day.

We were one of 6 schools who

A day spent networking, eating,
workshops on student wellbeing
and improving leadership within
health councils.

Christian We are a new student-led group, based around
Support encouraging and supporting the Christian faith
of our peers.
The group started as a way to have accountability in school but has
quickly become a lot more than that. Our hope for next year is to
expand and develop some project ideas that we can implement
throughout school, but for now, we have a prayer box that is located
in the Stationery Shop that is open for all to use. So if you have any
prayer needs or requests, drop them in the box and we’ll be praying
for you!

- Olathe Taumihau 12IM

Mangere College - 2019 33

New Media
Club launches

This year we launched a MC Media has been a hive of activity confidence
new media club here at this year. We have been on a wide in a range of media arts – writing,
MC. range of trips, including travelling to videography, and photography and
Rotorua to attend the launch of the we hope to develop this further.
The aim of the group has been to Child and Youth Wellbeing report
learn to create quality media on and meet Prime Minister Jacinda We will be carrying on with
a variety of platforms to give our Arden. Through a grant we acquired MC Media in 2020 so if you are
students the opportunity to share some new camera gear which interested – please come and check
their stories from their own lens. the students got to choose and it out!
Students at Māngere College have test. And we also got new t-shirts/
so many different voices to listen hoodies so we can look professional MC Media would like to
to and options when it comes to when filming. We have documented acknowledge Māngere Markets
how they consume information. numerous school events, including Trust for the grant we received
The stories that they generally ASB Polyfest and the Performing for camera equipment. We would
hear about themselves tend to Arts Showcase. For the showcase, like to thank former MC student
be told from an outsider and are MC Media students created videos Ernestina Bonsu Maru for her
often framed negatively. This is which were included as part of the support during the year and we
why students at Māngere College show. We’ve started a student-run would also like to thank Faye Wong
must be the ones to share views Facebook page, Instagram account for being a huge support also.
and opinions from their lens, to and Youtube channel. Also during
change the narrative and to share term 2 we recruited new Sports Facebook: @mcmediaclub
the positive stories that they want Correspondents – who were able to Instagram: @Māngerecollege.
to share. The stories about them, photograph and report on various media
about their school and about their sporting events on social media. Youtube: Māngere College Media
community of Māngere. Students have started to build their
- Ms Latif

34 Mangere College - 2019

Refugee Activities

Our students attended the
University of Auckland Open
Day this year and travelled
there on a free bus from
Māngere College.

Our bus volunteer ambassador was
a former MC student, Aisha Oziullah.
Aisha is in her second year of studies
at the University of Auckland, so it
was inspiring for our students to see
someone succeeding in University who
has come from a similar background.
It was an awesome and inspiring day
discovering the learning opportunities
that are right for our students.

‘I checked out the lectures and explored THE UNIVERSITY OF
new interests in Drama, Health Studies, AUCKLAND OPEN DAY
Film and Television. It was interesting
to hear lecturers talk about jobs and
industries that students can work in.’ -
Oumaima Ahmat Abdallah

Ruth Luketina is farewelled by refugee students in term 3.


Refugee Mentoring was ‘I set goals every day and I knew how ‘Stick to a timetable.’
held weekly for 4 weeks to achieve them.’ ‘Learn how to be committed to your
this year by former To-Do list.’
Māngere College student ‘Time management. Use it wisely, ‘Never give up as English is our
Eh Doh Soe. use time effectively to meet my second language, so this will push
goals.’ me to my goal.’
Here are some comment from the
students: ‘There are 84,600 seconds in a day.’ Mangere College - 2019 35

‘Always ask questions,’

‘Take notes, write new words, find
their meanings.’

Red Cross Group

Red Cross is an amazing organisation helping people in

One of the ways we supported Red sell sandwiches for a few weeks. learnt customer service, money
Cross this year is by our Red Cross The ingredients on the sandwiches handling skills and there was a
team participating in Red Cross were butter, mayonnaise, tomato beautiful community spirit. It
Journeys. Students were given a and grated cheese. At lunchtime, was so awesome seeing all those
pedometer by Red Cross to record they sold the sandwiches, along sandwiches sold in record time! This
their steps. They then had to walk with muffins, apples and water to year we managed to fundraise $365
10,000 steps a day to raise funds our senior and junior students. All which was donated to Red Cross.
with the help of some generous the vegetables that were put in the
sponsors. The money raised was sandwiches are from our school It was fun because we all worked
donated to Red Cross. garden. very hard to help people in need,
and we also worked well together as
Our schools Red Cross members Students bought the $1 sandwiches a team.
also held regular Sandwich Days. for their friends, and even the
teachers were buying them. The
On Thursdays, a group of students students enjoyed the teamwork,
met at the hot spot to make and

36 Mangere College - 2019

Walking in the which included former Māngere
College head boy, Mosese Veaila,
‘Wingspan of who made his screen debut and
those toes’ first major acting role on TV3’s
biopic – JONAH; the life and career
MC FILM ACADEMY of the late NZ Rugby great Jonah
Stars from New Zealand’s The MC Film Academy Year 9 and
2019 blockbuster comedy, 10 students have been working on ‘It was good to have Mosese come
Take Home Pay, left their several original short film scripts. back to talk to us. If you think about
unmistakeable footprints Their mission is to write, film and it, he was just like us. He did Drama
on the minds and hearts produce their short films in time for Club when he was here, and he
of Māngere College’s first a big premiere during Wider Living followed that dream all the way to
wave of Film Academy Week in Term 4. the NZ Drama School in Wellington.
students. We’re doing the same thing in our
From August to October, the film Film Academy. Soon, we’ll be out
King of comedy, Tofiga Fepuleai academy students hosted several there doing great things in Film,’
(Laughing Samoans) and Ronnie NZ film, television and stage said 10BM student Sallyrita Anthony.
“Longi” Taulafo (WHAT Now) were performers in their Wednesday after
joined by Director and Producers, school ‘Wider Talanoa Sessions’, The kaupapa for the Academy
Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa and his is to create opportunities for our
sister Abba-Rose, in an afternoon of students to tell their stories.
laughter and inspiration.
- Hermann Arp
‘They encouraged us to tell our
stories because that’s what is
needed’ said 10ZA student Manoa

Mangere College - 2019 37

Outward Bound

Going to Outward Bound
has been the best thing that
has ever happened in my

Outward Bound was an exciting
expedition that was not only physically
and mentally challenging, but you
also had to learn about others and the
outdoor environment. It helped me to
learn that you are stronger and more
valuable than you could ever imagine.
Outward Bound taught me to push
myself beyond all my limitations and
to also step out of my comfort zone.
Through Outward Bound I have been
able to accomplish so much not only
in my course but in my life too. I credit
part of who I am today to Outward
Bound. It was truly life-changing.

- Sylvia Faingaanuku

Spirit of

When I was offered the sailing past remote islands and
opportunity to spend I was able to befriend people
ten days on the Spirit of from all over New Zealand.
Adventure Trip, my answer This voyage transformed me in
was a simple YAS. ways I cannot begin to explain.

One of my highlights was when - Marietta-Ann Mailo Slade
the third mate burst through the
doors to tell us there was a group
of dolphins on the port side. The
ocean was so beautiful, and it was
mesmerising to watch dolphins.
I ignored my deadly fear of dying
at the fins of a shark and dove
into the water. I then found myself
swimming amongst the dolphins. I
never thought I would ever tick that
item off my bucket list.

We also got to see whales, had
bonfires on various beaches, went

38 Mangere College - 2019


This year was our school’s first time
being a part of the United Nations
Youth group.

I was one of about 60 students in the Auckland
and Waitakere regions to take up the role as a High
School Ambassador. In this role I had to hold a Model
United Nations event, and I did so alongside the
HSAs of Auckland Girls Grammar School, Aorere
College and Wesley College. Our event was held at
Aorere College and was a day full of fun, food and
debates. It was a great way to make connections
and enjoy the company of other indigenous young
people, because often in UN Youth spaces, there isn’t
much of that. I look forward to holding another event
next year.

- Olathe Taumihau 12IM

Young, Free and Pasifika

The Young, Free and schools around Auckland, exploring powerlifter and recent police
Pasifika Conference their identity, embracing their graduate, Grace Kara, Silver Fern
began their National value and being empowered to be and Laidlaw College graduate and
Launch and Pacific Fono whatever they want to be. Nita Faleasiu, Performing Arts HOD
organised by Affirming McAuley High and GenX Founder.
Works on Tuesday 21st The event was opened in prayer
May at the Māngere Arts by Dr Siautu Alefaio, Educational The girls participated in Music,
Centre. Psychologist, before the address Dance and Spoken Word workshops
from MP Hon Aupito William Sio producing a performance at the
The theme was ‘We are more than followed by Ann-Helen Nuualiitia, end of the event reflecting what
CEO Affirming Works. Keynote it means to be Pacific. The young,
you see’ with its focus on young speakers were Siuea Cocker, free, Pacific women from Māngere
College left the conference in high
Pacific women from different high spirits, having made friends and
feeling inspired by the speakers.

Mangere ColleMgean-g2e0r1e9 College - 2019 3399

How Much Does This Cost?

Previous Māngere College student Vinesh Kumaran held an exhibition at the Māngere Arts Centre in
term 2 and invited some Year 12 Art students to come along to view it and have a conversation with the
artist himself.

The exhibition, ‘How Much Does This a new perspective to the way they
Cost’, is a documentary portrait of viewed the Māngere Town Centre
business owners in Māngere Town businesses.
Centre. The images show the owners
inside or in front of their stores and We are grateful to Vinesh for
brings much more depth to these speaking to our students about
stores that people in this community his exhibition and his journey as
walk past every day. The students an artist. The students were blown
enjoyed looking at the life-sized away to hear how successful you can
photographs and listening to the be as an artist and it all started right
stories behind them. They felt quite here in the Māngere College Art
connected to the art as they know Department.
the stores well and it gave everyone

We’re Aware

A group of students went to Māngere East
Primary School in term 3 with the STRIVE
community trust to help young students
learn about how to recycle, what to do if you
break an arm and how to fit you have to be to
become a police officer.

The overall experience on this day was fun and
cool seeing what they experience in real-life

- Fetalaiga Mauu

40 Mangere College - 2019


Mangere College - 2019 41


Year 12 and 13 Art students visited the Waiheke Island Sculpture walk on March 21, going by bus and
ferry, then walking on the coastal trail.

The purpose of this trip was to view large scale outdoor artworks in context, as well as experience the panoramic
ocean distance city views along the Matiatia coastal walkway. All of the students thoroughly enjoyed the journey as
much as the destination. Many of the sculptures were interactive, so students had fun touching, walking through and
even standing on some of the artworks. The ferry ride was equally enjoyable, with perfect weather and a refreshing
sea breeze the gulf harbour never looked so good. It was a great trip.

- Mike Christo

Art Department


Our Head Girl, Julienne Niko, was awarded a Pat Hanly
Creativity Awards 2019 on August 24th at an evening
presentation ceremony at the Auckland Art Gallery.

Nominations for this award were offered to all high schools
in the Auckland region for Year 13 students who have
demonstrated outstanding creativity, imagination and
commitment to the visual arts. All selected recipients were
asked to submit an artist’s statement and an image of their
work to complete the entry.

42 Mangere College - 2019


During term 2, the refurbishment of the D Block art rooms was completed and we had a blessing of the rooms on
Friday 24th of May from Matua Maehe. Mr Christo, Ms Wade and the Art students are enjoying the new working


This term we’ve been blessed to have Jay Mason visiting us as a
student teacher in the Art Department. Jay was a former student at
MC from 1982-1986 and here he is pictured next to Te Pou Whakairo
- named ‘Te Korowai o te Matauranga’ (the cloak of knowledge)
that he carved for the school in October 2008. The Pou Whakairo is
located outside the Auditorium and is a special icon of mana for our


Nga Hau Māngere Birthing Centre opened in Māngere
in March this year. The building features artwork in the
foyer by some of our Māngere College students. The art
was created in Wider Living Week last year by Year 9 and
10 students.

Mangere College - 2019 43

Commerce Department

It was an exciting year for Accounting, Economics and Business students.

We started the year with the educational experience. It was a very encouraging and motivating
‘Business is Awesome’ workshop very successful trip as students towards our students. We also
with other schools where students learnt so many things from visited the Reserve Bank Museum
created products, marketed them running debates in parliament, and attended a presentation there.
and sold them within the day. It was about money, how it works and Finally, our visit to Museum of New
a real-life entrepreneurial experience also how banks operate. We had a Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa was an
for our students which in turn tour of Parliament and met with eye-opener for our students. They
yielded positive results. The winning Honourable Aupito William Sio, our saw the war memorial display and
team had one of our Māngere local Māngere MP. We also got the were quite overwhelmed by what
College students - Herilla Salu. opportunity to meet the speaker they saw. For some students, it was
of the house - Honourable Trevor the first time travelling in a plane
In March, the Commerce students Mallard. He took us to his chamber and first time staying in a hotel.
went to Wellington for an and showed us around and was

44 Mangere College - 2019

English: Creative Writing


This activity required students to implement a variety of the skills below in 10 sentences describing a superhero and/or
supervillain without telling who the character is. This is called ‘Show not Tell’.
Students learned about sentence construction;
• simple sentences
• compound sentences
• complex sentences
• conjunctions
• descriptive language; nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, synonyms, similes and metaphors.

I didn’t ask to be the way I am, My power is beyond any mortals measure. My
but now I have the capabilities to dark soul isn’t written from fate nor destiny.
destroy an entire city in one fit of There’s a fury that ignites inside me. My
anger. I hate the fury that now runs birthplace contains an entity of heavenly
through my veins with no cure, power. I am anything but normal, but that’s
but one sees me for myself. They what I want to be. I have a demonic form
only see the mutant beast that that takes over my body so I hide it with a
causes nothing but destruction.
They recognize me because I glow cloak. My father is a soldier of destruction
a radiant colour. I try not to let the and I am a titan of light and justice. I have
anger take hold of me, but it’s out recently trapped my father inside a crystal
of control. I bleed a profuse green and I wear the crystal around my head. I
colour and that’s all they see. I want consider my allies to be my family and will
to be normal, but it’s too hard for me. do anything to protect them. If I let my
Who am I? emotions take over I can destroy the whole
By Lily-Ann Hauraki 9EA
world. Who am I?
By Kasey Wehi 9EA

I am a creature of the night and I can be very My power is worth more
sneaky at times. You may never find out my than a thousand souls on
true identity as I hide behind a black mask earth. The monstrosity
and a skin-tight black suit. I’m well known inside is fighting to break
for my love-hate relationship with Batman. I free - if so then let me be. I
am a villain to some, but from other people’s
points of view, I am considered a hero. Some try my best to control it, but
people don’t understand me for many reasons. it feels like I’m strangling
In my opinion, I think people are just in the myself. People are my
way and also just a waste of time. Be careful, priority, my power is my
I could easily fool you as one of my specialities life. Who am I?
is trickery. I am swift and very cautious of my
surroundings, which is why you may never see By Mairangi Gilbert
me at times. The weapon I carry is a whip. I’ve
crossed and recrossed the villain and antiheroine Mangere College - 2019 45
line. Who am I?
By Jaedyn Farrell


The atmosphere was and a couple of doctors. was afraid. Alicia placed of this institute for a long
thick with emotion, the His body was an empty her hand upon the glass time and seen many a
air sterile and piercing carcass, I saw no soul or in outreach to him. I’m not situation like this. A loved
my nose as I waited for emotion within him. He sure if it was for sympathy, one kissed by the devil,
the procedure to begin. walked to the end of the or for the guilt of putting tormented every single
hospital bed before the her husband through day with no end. And a
As Alicia and I stood by nurses helped him with this. Either way, it was lover, caught between the
the observation window, his robe and prepared him not going to stop the disorder they have, and
the door to the room for insulin shock therapy. procedure from going on. the unconditional love
below swung open and in I proposed a question to they have for their spouse.
stepped John, as pale as Alicia, one which put the The nurse administered This is easy money for me.
the asylum clothes he wore ordeal of schizophrenia the insulin, and the They’ll believe anything I
and devoid of any emotion. into perspective. She has effects of it were almost say, as long as they have
He was followed by nurses no idea what John is going immediate. It was their spouse returned
through. She thinks this moving through his without the disorder they
will help him with his bloodstream, decreasing had when they were given
delusions and she can his blood sugar levels and to me. Caring for the
have her husband back. causing hypoglycemia. patient and making sure
The man that she fell in Falling out of the grip of they are comfortable is all a
love with. How Naive. John consciousness, he looked show. They have no use to
looked up to meet her up at Alicia for one last me other than the money
gaze and pleaded to her plea for help, but she no that their family keep
without saying a word. longer had control over handing to me in order to
He had no need to. His anything. She retracted make them normal.
eyes told the story of pain her arm from the window
and torment he had been where it had been John is an extraordinary
comforting John, before man with superior
through. He didn’t know he fell unconscious. The intelligence. I’m quite
what was going nurses then connected a impressed by him, it’s
to happen to breathing tube through simply a shame that he
him, and you his nostrils, and placed won’t retain his brains after
could see he sticks into his mouth to the therapy. This does not
prevent him from biting cure him, but puts him
down and destroying his into a vegetative state
teeth. After some time, he dependant on me for a
began his first seizure. The constant supply of drugs
convulsions were quite to keep him that way. Alicia
won’t think twice about
severe and buying them, she’s fallen
violent, too deeply in love with
so much John to realise the horror
so that Alicia of my work. But I’m not
could not look. I suppose complaining. As long as
no one would enjoy the she is buying my drugs, I
view of a loved one going am a happy man.
through such motions,
but nevertheless, it did - Nicholas Ingram
not bother me. She asked
how long his treatment
would last, I told her 5
times a week for 10 weeks.
She winced. The thought
of more seizures did not
entertain her mind. It
didn’t affect me the way
it did her. I’ve been head

46 Mangere College - 2019

ESOL Department


These accounts of the trip to the Māngere Bridge Library are written by students from the ESOL
Department. ESOL stands for English as a Second Language and is also known as EAL (English as an
Additional Language). These students are on a journey with their English - beginning from little or no
English at all.

On Monday 27th May 2019, the Year 9 and 10
ESOL class students went to the Māngere
Bridge Library for a trip. We had to meet
Mack at 11:30am. Mack introduced himself
and another man named Shane.

Shane showed us what types of books there
were. There was non fiction, fiction, teen
reading and children books. The trip was fun.
It was good to meet Mack and Shane.
After everything we all ate in the library. We
ate sandwiches and muffins.

- Tani Edwin

Dear Mack and Shane,
Thank you for the opportunity and how you helped
each one of us on Monday. I know you tried to teach
us how to use the computer and find some books to
read to help our English.
I really liked looking for some books and looking
around the library.
My name is Jonathan Iosefa.
I’m from Samoa.
I like playing sports like rugby and basketball.
Once again I hope to come and meet you some time.
Yours sincerely,

Mangere College - 2019 47


On Wednesday 31st July a group of
senior students from our ESOL classes
took public transport into Eden Park to
see the Nelson Mandela exhibition.
Armed with 21 AT Hop cards, we made
our way on the 309 bus then caught an
outer-link to Dominion Road/Valley road
intersection and walked to Eden Park.
We had lunch outside Eden Park then we
were shown around the exhibition. There
was a lot to learn about this great man’s life
and his achievements. There were photos
from his childhood and his time in prison as
well as the time after he was released.
It was a busy day but it was a great chance
to see the exhibition and how we could get
around easily using public transport.


Here are some photos of the
daffodils which were planted
last year by the Year 9 ESOL
class. This class learnt about
plants as a topic during the
“I learnt how to prepare the pots
ready to sow the seeds, prepare
the ground to plant the seedlings,
weed correctly - making sure I pull
out the root, and also to water the
plants with a fine spray.
Growing your own vegetables is
both satisfying and beneficial as
they taste fresher.
Gardening is a fun physical
Harvesting and being able to
take vegetables home helps our

- Fatima Hussaini, Abigail
Panuve, Mele Tonga and Latai


48 Mangere College - 2019



This year I had an interesting shelves and hanging up the shoes. with. This has been a valuable
work experience at the Airport I also learnt great customer service experience for me as it will allow me
Warehouse. skills, and I had the added bonus to gain part-time work in the future.
of getting to know the other
This was a great opportunity as staff members. I started my work - Miraclerena Misa
I gained experience in serving experience on Wednesday 14th of
customers, sorting clothes on August 2019, and I worked every
Wednesday during the school term.

The assessments are based on skills
and experience that we learnt from
working in the Warehouse doing
customer service.

It was sad to say goodbye to all the
members that we were working


In early March I started This experience has created many ‘I very quickly
work experience in Civil possibilities for me in my future learned that
Engineering with a company pathway. I enjoyed my time and you must be
named Kerry Dines Ltd. gained experience. I recommend
doing a gateway placement, not just a problem-
I gained a lot of knowledge, as well for the credits but for the journey solver and
as a stronger understanding of that’s ahead.
this career path. This experience alert...’
has introduced me to a lot of - Aaron Koiatu
hardworking people that were
mentoring me and encouraging
me to do well.

In the beginning, my job was to
observe what the workers were
doing so I would get a better
understanding of the job. I quickly
learned that you must be a
problem-solver and remain alert.
For example, double-checking the
blueprints to see if they’re correct
before using machinery to do the
earthworks. Some of the tasks that
I helped with was taking down
the fences, getting the equipment
ready, spotting – looking out
when people are digging in case a
pipeline was damaged. I observed
and helped with the installation
of cesspit and stormwater drains.
I learned how necessary it is to
calculate and be accurate when
installing a cesspit so there is
no interference with the other
underground services.

Mangere College - 2019 49


Cook Islands Language Week

Language Week

50 Mangere College - 2019

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