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Graduate Diploma in IT NAPIER 2018 for International Applicants

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EIT - Graduate Diploma in Information Technology 2018

Graduate Diploma in IT NAPIER 2018 for International Applicants

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Information for International applicants Napier and Auckland

The Graduate Diploma in Information Technology is designed
to provide you with advanced IT skills ready for immediate
application in industry.

You’ll gain the necessary technical skills and insight so you
can adapt to technological changes and meet the challenging
demands of the IT world. Your new skill set will enhance your
existing qualification and put you in good stead within your
current or future workplace.

The Graduate Diploma in Information Technology will give you
a range of professional skills including the ability to advise,
develop and implement innovations leading to a more efficient
use of resources within a dynamic IT environment. You’ll also
gain an understanding of the legal, regulatory and ethical
frameworks of the IT sector.

This programme is suitable for students who do not have an
academic background in Information Technology.


There is a scholarship available for this programme. Vaidy Balasubramanian | India
This scholarship provides a small contribution to assist
students realise their goal of studying in New Zealand. All “EIT offers practical experience in IT and research
International students who accept an offer of place for this opportunities in software testing and cloud computing.
programme will receive the scholarship. Please contact us It also provides a great pathway to work and live in New
for more information: [email protected] Zealand.”

CAREER OUTCOMES Qualification Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
Possible job and career opportunities can include:

• Systems Analyst • E-Commerce Advisor

• Web Developer • Project Manager Programme level Level 7

• Business Analyst • Digital Marketer One year

• IT Infrastructure support • Technical Support Advisor Length

Start dates Napier: 19 February, 23 July
Auckland: 26 March, 20 August



$$ IELTS 6.0 (academic) with no band score lower than
requirements 5.5 or equivalent.

$42,339 $54,205 Total credits 120
Class times
Median earnings one year Median earnings two years Classes are scheduled between 8.00am and
after study after study 5.00pm Monday - Friday. Approximately four
classroom hours per course per week
Job opportunities Employment rate two years
after study
POOR GOOD Study hours Approximately two hours for each classroom
Employment rate two years hour
after study Location Napier, Auckland


The GradDipIT programme has been designed to enable graduates to The structure of the diploma is summarised in the following table.
pursue a career in the computing industry. The only compulsory course is ITPM6.310 Project Management.
Please note, pre-requisites will apply to some courses.
In particular, the programme is designed to provide students with:
Level 5-7 7 Total
• A sound knowledge of the information technology environment and
its effective management. Credits 45 75 120

• The ability to analyse the needs of business and make LEVEL COURSE CREDITS
recommendations for IT services and systems.
• The ability to advise on, develop and implement innovations leading
to a more efficient use of resources within a dynamic information ITDB6.200 Database Management Systems 15
technology environment.
ITDC6.210 Data Communications & Networking 2 15
• The ability to relate to and communicate effectively with personnel
and clients who have diverse backgrounds. ITEC6.390 E-commerce 15

• The motivation for continued learning and self-development to cope ITED6.330 Electronic Design Process & Practice 15
effectively with change.
ITHD6.240 Help Desk 15
• An understanding of the legal, regulatory and ethical frameworks of
the IT sector. ITHW6.230 Hardware Technology 15

FACILITIES ITNA6.250 Network Administration & Support 15

In the state-of-the-art Information Technology Complex there are nine ITOS6.600 Operating Systems (Linux) 15
networked computer laboratories with between 24 and 30 student
stations in each. The rooms are environmentally controlled, with data ITPM6.310 Project Management 15
show equipment in each room. There are specific labs for software
development, hardware, multimedia and a room for computer study. The ITPR6.350 User Interface Design 15
facility also has a 50-seat tiered lecture theatre.
ITPR6.500 Advanced Object Oriented Programming 15
ITPR6.510 Enterprise Software Development 15
ITPR6.590 Software Testing 15
Applicants must meet one of the following criteria:
• A bachelor’s degree at a recognised educational institute or ITSD6.340 Systems Analysis & Design 1 30
• Equivalent qualification, and
• Students are required to provide evidence of knowledge and skills in: ITWD6.400 Advanced Internet & Web Page Development 15

- Data storage and data manipulation; and MS Office applications RESM6.01 Research Methods 15

ITDB7.200 Advanced Hardware and Infrastructure 15
Students are required to have attained an acceptable level of English ITHW7.230 E-Business Strategies 15
language fluency. This may be demonstrated in a variety of ways, ITEC7.390 Information Technology Management 15
including successful study in English, approved scores on TOEFL or ITIM7.450 Digital Learning Technologies 15
IELTS (6.0 Academic) with no band score lower than 5.5 or equivalent, or ITEL7.101 Advanced Operating Systems (Linux) 15
completion of an EIT Hawke’s Bay assessment (ELPT). ITOS7.600 Business Application Programming 15
ITPR7.500 Object Oriented Analysis & Design 15
ITSD7.330 Level 7 Special Topic 15
ITST7.400 Information Systems Security 15
ITSY7.660 Web Application Development 15
ITWD7.350 Web Site Hosting & Maintenance 15


Students can focus their study on a specific IT area by selecting certain groups of subjects. See the examples below:

TPM6.310 Project Management ITWD5.230 Internet and Web Development TPM6.310 Project Management
ITNA6.250 Network Administration & Support TPM6.310 Project Management ITWD6.400 Adv Internet & Web Page Development*
ITSY7.660 Information Systems Security ITEC6.390 E-commerce ITED6.330 Electronic Design Process & Practice
ITOS6.600 Operating Systems (Linux) ITEC7.390 E-Business Strategies ITEL7.101 Digital Learning Technologies
ITHW7.230 Adv Hardware and Infrastructure ITEL7.101 Digital Learning Technologies ITEC7.390 E-Business Strategies
ITEL7.101 Digital Learning Technologies ITIM7.450 ITManagement ITWD7.350 Web Application Development
ITOS6.600 Operating Systems (Linux) or plus Markerting Electives ITWM7.380 Web Site Hosting & Maintenance*
ITHW6.230 Hardware Technology ITIM7.450 Information Technology Management
ITWM7.380 Web Site Hosting & Maintenance
* students require a solid technical base for these subjects


[email protected]

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