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Conversation between Otus and Grandad

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Otahuhu Primary School Story Book

Conversation between Otus and Grandad

Keywords: Otahuhu Primary School

Otahuhu Primary School 160th Birthday 1858 – 2018
How Old?
By Miss Belinda Turner & Year 5/6 Otahuhu Primary Students 2017


How Old?

Authors in Schools Programme 2017
Thanks to Vasanti Unka for working with our year 5 & 6 students and teaching them valuable story writing skills.
The skills they learnt helped them produce this book for our 160th Birthday Celebrations in 2018.

Authors (from left to right)
Olivia Pepa, Jayda Chapman, Shakiba Paiwandi, Nikeola Havea, Hailey Hubbard, Dylan Grif ths and Ulalei Enari

Yes Otus, Otahuhu Primary will be 160 years old on the 9th of August 2018.
That's really old, Grandad, bit like you aye, laughs Otus.
You're very funny, Otus. Did you know that I was the Otahuhu Primary Mascot when I was a little heart?
Whoa! Really!

That's so cool, Grandad.
Yes, I loved teaching all the students about our HEART Values, just like you do now.
Well, Otus seeing as Otahuhu Primary is so old, let me show you the things that are still there from when I was the
OPS HEART mascot.

The School Gates Otus, these gates were
installed after World War One.

There are two stone pillars and they each have a bronze plaque.
The plaque commemorates the Otahuhu Primary School ex-pupils who gave their lives during the 1914 – 1918 World War.
Those brave children deserve to be remembered on our gates, Grandad. They showed
‘A’ for Attitude!

The School Well
When I was the mascot of Otahuhu Primary, our headmaster used to live in the school. Near the headmaster's house there was a well.

The headmaster's wife, Mrs Ivy Murdoch had a lucky escape one night. She fell in the 40 feet deep well but luckily managed to hold on until somebody rescued her.
The headmaster decided to cover the well with a concrete slab to make sure no children fell in it.
Now down by the two-
story block, there is a stone monument that marks the site of the well that was near the headmaster's home.
Gee Grandad, I never knew that we had a well in the school or the principal used to live in the school.

The Entrance Way Trees

What about the trees at the front of the school, Grandad?
Well Otus, did you know that these trees used to be palm trees but between 1951 and 1954, the principal decided to replace them with native trees. The trees are pohutukawa and known as the Kiwi Christmas tree.
So Grandad, that makes our trees
64-67 years old!
Yes, so we need to look after them.

The Information Centre
- Room 1, Library, ICT Suite

Is this building old, Grandad?
This is a very old building. In the 1900's, it was the Infant Department where we taught all the juniors.
Can you believe it some students had their Great, Great Grandparents taught in here!

The Technology Centre
Otus, this building was built in the early 1900's. Many, many students have learnt cooking, sewing, and woodwork skills in here.

They still are, Grandad. I love it when the children give me some of their baking.
cheese scones yum!

The Pavilion

Grandad, this is our lunchtime PE shop, but it looks old.
You are right Otus it is.
The Pavilion wasn't always in this spot. The Dental Clinic is now where the Pavilion used to be.
It's so great that the school keeps its old buildings and that we still use them today.

The Murder House (The Breakout Room)
What did you say Grandad!
Murder House ha ha! I thought I'd give you a fright Otus. This building used to be the school Dental Clinic and the children used to tease each other and call it that.
Thank goodness we have new technology at our new dental clinic!


Milk in Schools

Otahuhu Primary has always looked after its students by providing health nurses, milk in schools and fresh fruit.


School Flag Pole Every day we y the New Zealand Flag at our school.
Have we always, Grandad?
Yes, we have Otus. We even used to have Anzac Day services in the school. Did you know that next year, it will be 100 years since the end of World War One.
Our school is so old, Grandad
I just love the history!

See Otus, when I was the Mascot, I taught the HEART values.

Check out this ex-Otahuhu pupil Itagia, using the value of Honesty in the local community.
Go Itagia!

Wow Grandad
I can't believe there is so much history at Otahuhu Primary.
Yes Otus, this school is one of the oldest schools in New Zealand.

It's really cool that we have such a great mix of old and new at Otahuhu Primary.
Indeed Otus!
Otahuhu Primary is a meeting place for
children of the world.

Map of our school


Otahuhu Primary School
Outstanding Performance & Service
Honesty Excellence Attitude Respect Tolerance
In all we do, all we say, all we are
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