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The Bad Beginning is a book about a 30 year old woman who has an absolutely bad beginning of the day but, the end of the day turned out to be the best day of her life!

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Published by Shayli Johnson, 2019-05-08 11:12:46

The Bad Beginning

The Bad Beginning is a book about a 30 year old woman who has an absolutely bad beginning of the day but, the end of the day turned out to be the best day of her life!

The Bad Beginning
By: Shayli Johnson

Everyone has a bad day, right? But has
anyone had the start of the day be horrible and
the ending of the day ending up being the best
day of their lives? This girl named Stephanie had
that very situation happen to her. You better
keep on reading this story because it has a very
unexpected ending!

One morning in early May, a 35-year-old mom
to three kids named Stephanie, with strawberry
blonde hair and bright beautiful blue/green eyes
had a horrible day. It all started out being a
normal day. She put on her casual work clothes.
She started her white Lincoln car, stopped at
Starbucks to get an iced caramel macchiato, and
drove off to work at Wells Fargo.

Stephanie absolutely hates driving, but she
has to drive 57 miles to work every day. She was
on her way to work and everything was going
perfect. She left early, so she could set up and
start working right away. Once she was about 8
miles away from work on a road in the middle of
nowhere, her car started to slow down.

Her car stopped! She tried to start her car,
but unfortunately, it wouldn't start, and if her car
didn’t start she wouldn’t make it work too early
and might end up being late! So she tried starting
her car, but it wouldn’t start. She was all confused
about what happened to her car because she
literally just got it 9 days ago.

So she got out of her car and slowly went to
go check the engine and all of a sudden, she sees
puffs of vapor coming out of her car! Out of
nowhere, it started to downpour and thunder!
She didn’t get a chance to check the engine
because of the thunderstorm that is coming. She
checked her iPhone X to see what time it was, and
she only had thirty minutes left, or she would be
late for work! If she was late, she would get fifty
dollars off of her paycheck!

All of a sudden, she sees a car coming, so she
waves her hands, and the car stops. The guy gets
out of the car with an umbrella, to not get his suit
and tie wet, and she realizes it is her boss.

Her boss is a thirty-year-old man with two
kids and has brown silky hair. His name is Isaac.
He can be mean, but he is nice to the people that
aren’t late for work. Isaac and Stephanie are
really great friends but that might be because she
has never been late to work.

She asked her boss,” Could you give me a ride
to work? My engine broke, and my phone doesn’t
have any signal on my phone because of the

Isaac obviously said, “Yes, I will also call a tow
truck to pick up your car because your phone
service isn't working. They finally headed off to
work. They talked and talked until they arrived at

The rest of the day at work was normal. The
storm finally stopped, and she has 36 minutes of
work left. She realized that she was having a girls
night out tonight! They planned this a week ago
and she had already forgotten. So she asked her
boss if she could leave 10 minutes early because
she had plans tonight, and she had to get ready.

After work, Stephanie always does some
cardio. So right when she returned home, she
instantly did her cardio and took a shower. She
put her party clothes on, straightened her hair,
and did her makeup. Her friend, Tricia, picked her
up to go to the casino.

They got to the casino and ate first because it
was 6:00. They saw some of their other friends
and talked for a while. Then she decided she
wants to play some games. She played her first
game, and she didn't think that she would win
because she never does. She was talking to Tricia
and wasn't really paying attention when someone
screeched out “ SHE WON, SHE WON!” She looked at
the game that she was playing, and she was the
person that won! She screamed, “ I WON 1 MILLION
DOLLARS!” She was so happy that she never even
remembered the bad beginning of her day. She
had the best day/night of her life! The End…..

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