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UCSI International School Springhill Magazine

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Published by mcheung0527, 2019-12-17 09:55:08

UCSI magazine Quarter 2 issue #2

UCSI International School Springhill Magazine


The Leader in Me with

The Journey continues

PrinCiPal's MEssagE P2
PYP uPdatE P3-4
unit of inquirY:sharing sEssion P5
KindErgartEn gaMEs P6
thE lEadEr in ME P7
MYP uPdatEs P8-9
MYP PEEr suPPort grouP P10-11
dP uPdatEs P12-13
diPloMa PrograMME WorKshoPs P14
uCsi liBrarY P15-16
lotE litEraturE & CulturE fEstival P17
BEaCh ClEan uP 2019 P18
sErviCE daY 2019 P19
Extra CurriCular aCtivitiEs @uCsi P20
ECo-sChool P21
sPort uPdatEs P22

Editor & CrEator: MiChEllE ChEung-KistlEr

A message from the

Dear Students, Colleagues and Parents!

It is amazing how fast the end of semester 1 is approaching and
we all are excitedly looking forward to a well-deserved holiday

Quarter 2 was full of events, competitions and of course, very
intensive studies for our students. We used as many as possible
opportunities to support our students' agency and to establish a
respectful and welcoming culture among our learning community
members. Exercising their agency, students were able to take
ownership of their learning and express their ideas on their
development of the learner pro le attributes.

Please, welcome a second issue of the UCSI SH Magazine to share
our learning journey with all of you!

With my warmest regards,
Natalya Krassilnikova-Epp

A learning community that supports agency offers
opportunities for students to develop important
skills and dispositions, such as critical and creative
thinking, perseverance, independence and
confidence. The learning community further offers
students multiple opportunities to experience the
impact of their choices and opinions, which support
their evolving perceptions of their identity. In return,
students with a stronger sense of self-efficacy bring
a stronger sense of agency to the learning
PYP: From Principles to Practices, IBO 2018

@ UCSI International School Bandar Springhill, Port


In Unit 2 Kindergarten explored the
central idea 'Games are unique to place
and time'
In this unit students were able to explore
the different games from all over the
world with the help of our diverse staff.
They also had the opportunity to go on a
field trip to the Lukut Museum and find
out about local games and their history.

The Leader in Me

with PYP 5

What is it ?

The Leader in Me is a behavioural intervention program which
fosters responsibility, developing international mindedness
and student agency which are the core of the IB philosophy.
This is not a curriculum or an instructional method but rather
an educational model which encourages students to set and
track their personal goals and to exemplify leadership qualities
each day.

Vision of ‘Leader in Me’

Leader in Me seeks to:
Develop life-readiness skills
Create a culture of trust and engagement.
Empower students to lead their own lives (self-discipline)
Provide students tools to better achieve goals.
Develop student agency
Develop international mindedness

Who is Leading this program and how?

-The counsellor is working with PYP5 to build leadership
in Me in PYP5.

-Two Workshops are done educating the students on the
Leader in Me program.
-Individual guidance will be given on a weekly basis
through the academic year 2019 - 2020.

Highlights from counsellor’s
DP workshops.

DP1 had a workshop with the counsellor on The personality assessment was based on
Dealing with Emotions (Positive and MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) which
Negative) this workshop aimed to develop is widely used across the world for
student’s emotional intelligence. personality assessment. The assessment
results also gives them a hint on the future
DP 1 had the privilege career pathway and the inclination towards
of going through the certain professions.
VIA (Values in Action) A debrief of their assessment results were
workshop. This given by the counsellor which helps the
workshop aimed to students to be aware of their triggers,
identify student’s top weaknesses and strengths which helps the
three values. students to take initiative to work on
themselves for betterment and their well
Once they have identified their core values being.
they are encouraged to reflect if that has
been the practise or not. If not, they are
encouraged to focus on the values they
held dearly which shapes is unique and is
a boon to the people around them. In case
of values that more attention it enables and
empowers them to rectify and develop
values that appropriate to become an IB

VIA workshop for DP1 students and
Resilience workshop for DP2 students

The DP students were offered with
Personality assessment which helps students
to understand their personality and inturn
helps them to understand people around

Living Literacy...

Lote (Languages. Other. Than. English) Festival &
Book Fair. The library undergoes regular change but in
the past few months we have seen unparalleled
developments in the life of our library.

During the Festival students and teachers were encouraged to
buy books for the library. This has resulted in another fifty
titles being added to the reading titles, teaching resources
and phonics kits ordered over the holidays to build up our
Malay and Mandarin LOTE sections. All students of LOTE can
now borrow bilingual titles in their chosen language of study
to aid in their language development.

Survey Library Blog

During August and September a survey was Over the last few months our librarian Mr
conducted about the library and the services Steve has been working hard to populate our
offered. The results showed we are doing a library blog and you see it here.
lot of good things and responders were able
to indicate where they felt we could offer
more. You can see the results here. Please see the recent Book reviews
prepared by MYP students to share their reading and responses to the titles they
2019/09/Library-Survey-Results.pdf have been reading from the library and class

Activity Stations

The PYP Library located on the 4th Floor has been
transformed by activity stations where teachers and
students can choose to work where they will be most
productive and comfortable. Examples are Student
Publishing, Game Centre, Role Play corner and Stage
Space. For PYP the library is a hub of activity and sharing.
Each morning students and teachers gather for their daily
programme. Mindset Monday.Teamwork Tuesday, Wisdom
Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday and Fearless Friday.The
library provides them with the space and environment they
need to explore all the possibilities and conduct lots of
large and small group activities.

The 5th Floor has also had dome additions with an IT
station, games centre and Magazine display facility added

for the benefit of MYP and DP students.

LOTE Literature &
Culture Festival
2019- 2020

Welcome to the first bi-annual LOTE (Languages Other Than
English) Literature & Culture Festival, an event organised by
the teachers of UCSI Springhill. International Mindedness and
literacy are two of the main values at the core of UCSI
Springhill, and the LOTE Literature & Culture Festival aims to
help us live those values as a community of learners while
enjoying ourselves and further developing our intercultural
understanding. For the event, students were divided into groups
each representing a different continent, ensuring that students
are not grouped according to where they are originally from.
This ensures maximum cultural learning and sharing.

Beach Clean Up

In conjunction with International Coastal Clean-Up
Day and UN International Day of Peace 2019, UCSI
College, UCSI International School Springhill and
Reef Check Malaysia organised a beach clean-up
event. Climate Action for Peace starts with saving the



After school activities will be offered from Monday- Thursday,
including academic support classes, sports, and intercultural
activities. PYP, MYP and DP students must attend after school
activities. For DP students ,the extracurricular program functions
as the key meant to support CAS. Ideally, students should
propose, organize and lead these programs with the support of an
interested and experienced supervisor. ECA learning occurs in
environments that promote collaboration and a shared sense of
purpose and belonging. Students also de ne their identity in
learning environments by being active members of the learning
community and making choices about ECA clubs opportunities
to make sense of the world under the concept of holistically
developed learners. Engaging ECA opportunities inspire the
imagination and creativity of our learners, and encourage the
process of inquiry, action and re ection beyond the classrooms.
Students may take their learning in new and unexpected
directions, developing and demonstrating the attributes of the IB
Learner Pro le.


High 5 to UCSI Springhill community! Eco-School has
successfully collected 21 kg of water bottles thanks to the
proactive contribution from the whole school community and
it has been sold to the recycling center. The money obtained
will be used for the future Eco-School activities. To motivate
the students, the house team that contributes the most
amount of plastic waste will be awarded points to their house.
Eco-School has also expanded the collection to cardboard egg
cartons for seed germination and seed contributions. The
creative use of recycling plastic waste has also been observed
in classrooms and Service Day event such as designing
birdhouse feeders, using plastic bottles for Science
experiments and also Art projects. Hope this initiative will be
the first step in creating consciousness in our community to
reduce the use of plastic waste.

Flashback to our exciting Football event that took place last
A lot of contributive approaches and moments of team spirit
for our learning community.
Take a moment to check through some of these special
moments in our gallery of House Competition. More to come!
@ UCSI International School Bandar Springhill, Port Dickson

Our basketball team hosted a friendly game
against Matrix International School. UCSI
International School won this match at the
last minute!

Every year Matrix International School host an International Football
Tournament. This year the girls' team won 3rd place and boys won the 4th
place. The UCSI football team is getting stronger and stronger each year. We
are looking forward to achieving higher results next academic year!
Our girls won the 3rd place and the boys were fighting till the last minute!

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