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Professional Diving Services Brochure

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Professional Diving Services

Professional Diving Services Brochure

PROProfessional Diving ServicesRVICES

Safe, efficient and professional commercial diving solutions.


Professional Diving Services has the experience, equipment and reputation to provide
the professional and safe commercial diving solution that you require.

Professional Diving Services (PDS) is part of the Professional Divers Group, and has been an
industry leader in the implementation of innovative commercial diving solutions since 1981.

Since then, PDS has established itself as one of the leading onshore commercial diving companies
in Australia and built a strong reputation as a provider of quality services whilst meeting and
exceeding the occupational diving industry’s highest quality and safety standards.

Located in Melbourne, Portland and Sydney, PDS has the capabilities to run up to ten commercial
diving crews and offer ADAS certified occupational dive training throughout Victoria, interstate
and overseas.

Our highly qualified and experienced diving professionals are committed to delivering operational
excellence and able to cater to all facets of the occupational diving industry.

RVICESFESSIONAL DIVING SEProfessional Divers Training Academy (PDTA)
PDTA provides first class occupational diver and supervisor training in accordance with Australian
Standard AS2815 and Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme requirements. PDTA provides its
students with realistic working conditions, actual industry tools and equipment, and a commitment to
teaching excellence that turns students into professional divers.

Smarter Safer Solutions (SSS)

Teaching the future in Workplace Health and Safety, Smarter Safer Solutions is a Registered Training
Organisation that has been at the forefront of delivering OH&S training within various industries for
the last 20 years. Through our Nationally Accredited Courses, we can offer your workplace ongoing
training and education in all levels from Cert III to Advanced Diploma.

Professional Marine Science Services (PMSS)

PMSS is an Aquatic Environmental Consultancy specialising in marine and coastal applications. The
extent of our experience and knowledge of dynamic marine environments as applied ecologists,
provides information for practical environmental management.

Standards and Compliance

PDS operate in accordance with ANZ/ AS2299.1:2015 Australian standard for commercial diving, Victorian Work Safe
requirements and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, together with PDS’s internal operational guidelines and
manuals to ensure safe operations of diving.

Divers are accredited with the Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme (ADAS) to ensure their compliance to internationally
recognised commercial diving qualifications and standards. PDS are routinely audited for operational compliance against
ADAS, Shell, SAI Global, Lloyds of London, Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, and American Bureau of Shipping guidelines.

Key Capabilities

Marine and diving project management
Project compliance and auditing
Underwater maintenance, heavy construction and demolition
Underwater surveys on timber, concrete and steel structures
Salvage experts of both vessels and structures
In water ship survey approved for Lloyd’s of London, American Bureau of
Shipping, Germanischer Lloyd and Bureau Veritas.
Vessel hull and propeller cleaning
Underwater digital video and still photography
Thermal lance (Broco) ultra-thermic cutting
Underwater wet welding to AWS and AS1554.1:2011.sp including weld
procedures and weld testing
Underwater hydraulic tool use
Underwater explosives
Environmental surveys and sampling
Heritage surveys and project management
Ultrasonic thickness testing (UTT), magnetic particle inspection (MPI) and non-
destructive testing (NDT)
Contaminated environment diving
Lock, weir and water storage maintenance
Tank surveys
Diver controlled dredging
Remote Operated Vehicle ROV to 100m
Twin lock and single lock transportable recompression chambers
Vessel hire, PDS have a fleet of working vessels and barges
Nitrox and mixed gas diving
Deep water experience
Remote area dive operations
Gas testing and confined space entry services
Height Safety


Professional Diving Services’ diving personnel are sought from
a range of diverse backgrounds. Our divers have qualifications
and experience in materials, structural and marine engineering,
construction, demolition, salvage, OH&S and auditing, drafting and
surveying, non-destructive testing, maritime archaeology, marine
biology, welding/fabrication and search and rescue. In addition, our
employees also have decades of experience in occupational and
recreational dive training.

Professional Diving Services’ main capabilities include, but are not
limited to:

Construction and Demolition

Over the last 40 years, Professional Diving Services has completed over 200 million
dollars’ marine construction works at almost every marine asset in Victoria including
extensive experience working on major and minor inland water infrastructure
facilities. Our experienced project managers, engineers and dive teams work on
projects from initial design through to completion, and we can support any marine
construction project with multiple dive crews to meet all project demands.

Contaminated Environments

Professional Diving Services is an industry leader in contaminated environment
diving, which is widely regarded as the most specialised branch of the commercial
diving industry. Our divers are highly skilled and experienced at conducting
maintenance, damage repair, dredging, inspection and equipment recovery in
contaminated environments including raw sewage, dangerous chemicals, oil, sludge,
and food products.


Professional Diving Services has extensive equipment for welding and cutting
operations and has the qualified personnel to complete works safely and efficiently.
Our divers are certified and highly experienced in wet welding and can provide
weld procedures and testing for all works. Many of our underwater welders
have a fabrication background and are experienced in underwater welding in all

Environmental Surveys

Over the last 38 years, the Professional Divers Group has undertaken a wide range
of marine environmental survey projects. Increased activity in this sector, led to
the establishment of a separate business unit in 2015 named Professional Marine
Science Services (PMSS), an environmental and heritage consultancy specialising
in marine and coastal applications. Environmental projects undertaken by PMSS
include fisheries surveys for the live scallop fishery operating in Port Phillip Bay, the
Martha Cove Ecological Survey and Bathymetry seafloor survey and post-dredging
assessments of Port Phillip Bay.

Ship Survey/Salvage & repairs

Professional Diving Services has the knowledge, skills and expertise to assist in all
in-water ship survey, maintenance and repair works. Our capabilities include in-water
class surveys, propeller polishing and repairs, 24-hour emergency inspection and
general underwater maintenance & repairs. Professional Diving services is accredited
with Lloyds of London, Det Norske Veritas/Germanischer Lloyd, American Bureau of
Shipping and Bureau Veritas for in-water class surveys and ship repairs. Our survey
reports are supplied in digital format and are of the highest standard. PDS has a large
range of underwater cutting, welding and salvage equipment at its disposal to assist in
any ship repair or salvage operation. With diving crews permanently based in the Port
of Melbourne, Port of Geelong, and Port of Portland, PDS has the capability to attend
any port in Australia.

Tank Inspections & Cleaning

Professional Diving Services is able to inspect, clean and repair water storage facilities,
from potable or grey water storage systems to pools, fire and general water storage.
Our confined space qualified divers will conduct a detailed inspection and on review
from our materials engineers, provide a comprehensive condition assessment report
accompanied with digital photographs and video of the inspection. Sediment removal
from tanks and larger storage facilities can be completed while the tanks remain online.
Our divers are also experts at locating leaks and then sealing these leaks without the
need to drain any storage facility. PDS can also provide a ROV (Remote Operated
Underwater Vehicle) to conduct inspections where diving is not required or access for
divers is not available.

Structure Surveys/Condition Assessments

Professional Diving Services conducts underwater inspections, surveys and non-
destructive testing to assess the condition of a vast range of structures in marine,
contaminated and freshwater environments. These include steel, concrete and timber
structures that support wharfs, piers, bridges, jetties, marinas, inlet towers, weirs/
dams, locks, pump stations, treatment tanks and pipelines.

Our experience extends to more than 50,000 piles supporting structures throughout
Australia and the condition reports produced from the survey results are highly
detailed and considered first class.

Pile Protection and Rehabilitation

Professional Diving Services has extensive experience working on pile protection and
rehabilitation projects. Our proven track record includes using pile strengthening and
replacement systems on timber piles at Station Pier, Princes Pier, Geelong Ports and
throughout Port of Melbourne (Appleton Dock, Maribyrnong Dock, Gellibrand Pier,
South Wharf, Victoria Dock). In addition, we have also conducted pile surveys and
reporting on thousands of piles throughout the Port of Melbourne, Port of Geelong,
Port of Hastings, Port of Portland as well as major and minor Ports throughout
Southern Australia.

As approved Denso, Petro Coating Systems and Hychem agents we are continuously
working with our partners to trial and develop new systems. This research has given us
a wealth of knowledge into pile condition and rehabilitation works enabling us to offer
extensive experience and a proven track record in this field.

Projects and Experience

Wharf Rehabilitation and Construction

Professional Diving Services has recently successfully completed a vast range of
marine construction projects with a large focus on pile and wharf rehabilitation.
With a combined value of several millions of dollars, these projects included:

Port Of Melbourne Port Of Portland Other marine assets
• Appleton Dock • SL Patterson • Central Pier
• South Wharf • Berth 5 • Beacon Cove
• Navigational Aids • Western Slipway Jetty • Collins Wharf
• Victoria Dock Slipway • North Wharf
• Station Pier • Princes Pier

Mining Industry Dam Maintenance and Repairs

A recent project took PDS’ divers to one of Australia’s largest copper and gold mines
in Coober Pedy, SA to undertake dam maintenance and repairs. PDS has recently
also undertaken major projects at other mining facilities on dredge plant near
Broken Hill and on the outskirts of Melbourne.

ROV Works

PDS has increased its ROV capability and have completed works on a range of
inspection projects. Works have included ROV inspections on Hydroelectric power
stations, water treatment facilities, waste water outfalls, dams and reservoirs, and
water tanks.

Marine and Freshwater Structure Condition Assessments

Professional Diving Services has conducted underwater inspection and reporting on
a vast range of marine and freshwater structures. Projects have extended across the
state from Lakes Entrance in the east to Portland in the west, and to Mildura.
PDS divers have also recently completed condition assessments at Cardinia and
Greenvale Reservoirs as well as Lake Eppalock, Lake Nagambie and Lake Buffalo.
Diving inspections focused on dam walls and outlet structures, with PDS’ divers
utilising hot water suits and other specialised equipment to operate in Victoria’s
cold winter waters with diving depths to 50m.
Key industry needs addressed on projects included:
• Wharf Structure Condition Assessment Manual (WSCAM) use – wharves, piers,

• Accelerated low water corrosion (ALWC) assessment – steel assets
• Marine borer identification and timber species sampling – timber piles
• Upgrade feasibility survey – reservoir tower, penstocks
• Compliance assessment – fresh water tankshot water suits and other specialised

equipment to operate in Victoria’s cold winter waters with diving depths to 50m.

Vessel Survey, Repair and Salvage

Professional Diving Services has the knowledge, skills and expertise to assist in all in-water ship survey,
maintenance and repair works. Our capabilities include in-water class surveys, propeller polishing and repairs,
24-hour emergency inspection and general underwater maintenance & repairs. We are accredited with Lloyds
of London, Det Norske Veritas/Germanischer Lloyd, American Bureau of Shipping and Bureau Veritas for in-
water class surveys and ship repairs.
Professional Diving Services has a large number of 10-ton, 5-ton, 3-ton, 2-ton and 1-ton lift bags and salvage
equipment at its disposal to assist in any salvage operation. Vessel salvages have included the 40,000-ton
bulk carrier Devprayag on the Victorian coast, underwater demolition and removal of the ex-Sydney ferry Lady
Chelmsford, the Yarra River ferry Maheno and a countless number of smaller vessels and barges throughout
Victorian inland and coastal waterways. Other salvage projects have included the recovery of cars, forklifts,
cranes, trucks, tractors and machinery.

Professional Diving Services

PDS Melbourne PDS Portland Sydney 02 9666 1891
2 Sonia Street 14 Townsend Street
Carrum Downs VIC 3201 Portland VIC 3305 [email protected]
Phone: 03 9775 0998 Phone: 03 5523 6392
Fax: 03 9775 1758
[email protected]
[email protected]

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