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Cryptic Management Information Pack

Cryptic Management Information Pack

The Future Of Investing

About Cryptic Management 8
Our Services 10
Cryptic Management - Returns 12
What Is Cryptocurrency 14
Past Performance Of The Market 15
Third Party Press
FAQ’s - Your Questions Answered

About Cryptic Management

Cryptic Management is a new emerging innovative fund management company. What
cryptic management have done, is moved away from the traditional ideology of
investing (Equities, ISA’s and Bonds etc) and taken a step in the to the future.
As a company we have proven to make investors very high returns in a safe and
secure way, which we are now happy to offer to the public.
Cryptic Management have been actively analysing the market now for over 3 years
and have diversified some of the most effective investment strategies for their
Cryptic Management is built up of a team of qualified analysts and highly
experienced brokers who work tirelessly to find the most effective strategy suited to
each of our valued clients. This then enables us to build strong, trustworthy and long
lasting relationships with all of our clients.


Our Services

We aim to provide a professional and tailored service to each of our valued clients.
We will have an in depth discussion to identify the best strategy to approach the
market and move you closer to achieving your financial goals.

• Cryptic Management works off a fixed 9% return over a quarterly basis.

• Cryptic Management takes an initial 5% management fee for trading costs to enter
client funds into the market this is the only fee you will incur whilst on board with the

• Cryptic Management pay 9% of the investors oringnal sum after management fee is
deducted this is then paid as a fixed amount quarterly.

• Cryptic Management uses the highest form of online wallet security to safeguard all
investors capital.

• You will receive a free portfolio valuation on request through your assigned broker.

• When it is time to sell out of the market, we guarantee sale out of the market with a
0% brokerage fee, unlike many other firms that commonly charge between 10%-20%,
which we would consider a huge benefit.


Cryptic Managements - Returns

Cryptic Management works off a fixed 9% return paid per quarter. Clients
returns are always put before company profits. Client returns are fixed
therefore they will never receive less than 9%.

Amount Fixed Amount Paid Per Return Return After Return
Invested Quarter (After Fee After 1
Reduction) Year 2 Years After 5


£1,000 £85.50 £342.00 £684.00 £1710.00

£5,000 £427.50 £1710.00 £3420.00 £8550.00

£10,000 £855.00 £3420.00 £6844.00 £17,110.00

£20,000 £1711.00 £6840.00 £13,688.00 £34,220.00


What Is Cryptocurrency?

cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon known to
most people. Many people believe that cryptocurrencies are
the hottest investment opportunity currently available. There
are many stories of people becoming millionaires through their
Bitcoin investments. Bitcoin is the most recognizable digital
currency to date, and just last year one BTC was valued at
$800. In November 2017, the price of one Bitcoin exceeded

What Is A Bitcoin?

A simple explanation of bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital and global
money system (currency). It allows people to send or receive
money across the internet.

The value of a bitcoin is tied purely to the laws of supply and
demand. In other words, the price is determined only by what
the market is willing to pay. If more people want to buy bitcoins,
then the price will increase.


Past Performance Of Cryptocurrency

Ripple’s big gains—it rose an
astonishing 36,000%—came largely at
the tail end of the year. Here’s how
its 2017 looked compared to bitcoin:

Bitcoin makes it to eighth place in
this ranking, beaten by its
competitors Ethereum and


Third Party Press

“For millennials, cryptocurrency could be the investment opportunity of a

Jules Schroeder – Forbes – 09/01/2018
“$100 Invested In Ripple Would Have Made You $35K, What About The Rest?”

Naeem Aslam – Forbes – 02/01/2018
“Someone who put in £1,000 at the start of 2017 would have around £14,000

Laura Suter – Telegraph – 30/12/2017
“Cryptocurrency markets are defiantly not mindless speculation, they have
promising real world applications.”
Bloomberg – Leonid Bershidsky – 28/11/2017


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should I Invest?
The minimum investment amount is £2,000. However what we
commonly see as a first time trade can be anywhere from £2,000 to
£10,000. Always start with a sum you’re comfortable with.

How Is My Investment Safe?
Cryptic Management have the highest form of wallet security to
protect all investors capital.

Does My Investment Fluctuate?
No, investors are paid a fixed return of 9% per quarter.

Is There Insurance On My Investment?
Although unlikely if the company doesn’t reach its quarterly quota
the investment is backed by company's personal profits, the company
can still afford to pay investors out of their own crypto-assets.

What Fees Do Cryptic Management Charge?
Cryptic Management charge an initial 5% fee from the investor this
accounts for transfer fees to enter the market.


How Do I Sell Out Of The Investment?
Upon instruction at the end of a quarterly period we will sell you out
of the market at a 0% fee.
Our experienced brokers however will also offer advice on when the
most suitable time may be to leave the market.

Why Should I Not Just Invest Solely?
The reason you should use Cryptic Management is so you have a team
of specialist behind you that can constantly watch the market and
minimalize risk on the investment. Only the most qualified
experienced people can predict what way the markets will move
therefore its not advisable to enter the market solely.

Why Are the Returns So Big Compared To Traditional Investments?
Cryptocurrency has the best performing investment for the last 5
years easily achieving over 10,000% per annum. Therefore because of
this fact, 9% fixed was decided as a confident figure for the business.


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