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Published by SEITARO OHHORA, 2019-05-24 15:18:55

Multi-Genre theme project

Multi-Genre theme project

M​ ulti-Genre about ally

Made by Seitaro ohhora
May 23

Dear Reader letter

If you got trouble, you can get everyone’s help.But if you found trouble people, help that people.

1st genre by another author

I choice this photo about ally.


I choice this photo because it shows a lot of frags there and they trying to be one. That action signify 
The biggest reasons for choosing this picture is that it matched to my imagination.

2nd genre by another author

Second I choose this poems.

My heart goes out to those
Who have loved and who have lost
To the ones who did nothing
And yet still paid the cost
The cost for what, their
skin color and pride
Since when was being proud
of who you are something to hide
They reached for their ID
sold CDs on the street
and you think they deserved to die?
America when will you open your eyes
and see that this can only change
if we all rise
Rise together as one
and stop justifying murder
"Because he tried to run
Because he had a gun
Because he stole some cigars
now what's done is done"
But when will this stop?
It goes back to Emmett Till
Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown
We see the violence still
More bodies are on the ground
We shouldn't feel as if we
are a hashtag,
Four killings in one week
That should have been a red flag
A red flag that this needs to end
That we should be there for each other
as an ally, as a friend
My heart goes out to those
who have loved and who have lost
And I will stand with you
no matter what the cost.


I feel “Rise together as one” part shows ally.

3rd genre by another author

Third, I want to show by political cartoon.


I feel Let's talk about protection is very easy to understand of ally. 

1st genre I created

My first gerne I created is black poem


This is page 76. 
This poem is about a men who lost a hope of living.

2nd genre I created

My second genre I created is an Art Work.


My art work which I created showed a people connecting. I think it shows ally. 

Choose 4 best passages from Night related to your
theme topic.

Page 41 Help each other.
Page 76 We tried to raise his spirits.
Page 111 “My son, water . . . I’m burning up . . . My insides . . .”
Page 114 But on our way we met some prisoners who whispered to us.

About the author

I’m from Osaka, Japan. I moved United State in april, 2017. I joined track and field and went to
district meet by 4 by 400. My favorite subject is math.


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