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personal development Raihana

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Published by Rahman Yaacob, 2019-03-21 10:17:47


personal development Raihana

Keywords: RAIHANA

S.M.A.R.T is a simple tool used to go beyond the realm of fuzzy goal-setting into an
actionable plan for results. I can clarify my ideas, focus on my efforts, use my time and
resources productivity and increase my chances of achieving what I want in life.
SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. This is my
S.M.A.R.T goals setting.

S To become a good leader
M Provide a supportive


A To each employee
R Build stronger relationship

T For the next five years


My goal is to become a good leader. I want to sharpening my leadership skills
because it is important to continuously work and to keep my skill set properly aligned
with constantly changing goals and priorities of environment work force.
Provide a supportive environment by providing resources such as materials, assistance
and information that can motivate the members of a team. To motivate team
members, leaders should include them in the goal-setting process. My goal as a
leader is to motivating and providing.
Become a good leader is not easy. The most important qualities that every leader
must possess is open-mindedness. A good leader must always be open to opinions
and criticisms in order to grow and learn to listen to each employee. Open
communication eliminates any boundaries that may hinder my team from
I want to build a strong relationship between leader and employees. As a leader, I
need to know how to make everyone work as a group. By strengthening this
professional relationship, I can accomplish tasks effectively at a quicker pace and
increases productivity.
My goal is to become a good leader by providing a supportive environment to each
employee and build stronger relationship for the next five years.


Zig Ziglar’s formula is provided to help people to set their goals. There are several
steps that people need to follow.

1. Write down 2. Set a date to 3. Identify the
your goal reach your goal obstacles that
will need to be


4. Identify the 5. Determine 6. Create a plan
people or groups what you need of action
you will need to
to know
work with



My goal based Zig Ziglar’s

My goal is to become a good leader who are creative with various skills for the
next five years. After I graduated, I would like to have more experiences and learn
how to become a good leader by attending seminars, workshops, training and
development session also improve my interpersonal skill and communication. I want
to become a leader that carries a particular aura that screams respect and
confidence. When I speak, people will listen. I want to become a leader when I enter
a room, every employees’ heads are turned. But I need to build a trust instead of
raising a level of fear and intimidation such as through conducting team building
activities. It is because no one can get success without having the trust of people on
their capabilities and without that we cannot be able to gain enough confidence to
take desired actions without the fear of being rejected.

To be a good leader is not easy and simple. It is because I need to overcome
my shyness, lack of confidence and communication. Honestly, I am the person that
difficult to work with many people and I always talk to myself that I like to work as
behind the scene rather than front person. I can be a good leader for the next five
years if I believe in myself and enhance my confidence, communication and
interpersonal skill because a good leader is doing everything confidently and
encourages their confidence in others. The team needs to rely on their leader. The
most important quality that every leader need is trust and honest. Naturally, people
want to trust their leader. A good leader is not afraid to admitting their own mistakes
and analyses when something went wrong and does everything to avoid that mistake
again in the future.

Leadership is not only about personal qualities but also about management
skills. I need to set a proper time management by do not waste my time doing things
that won’t matter in a year. I need to focus on activities that may benefit me and my
team. To become a good leader, I must be able to see the situation as a whole and
to divide it into the subsections at the same time because one day, I need to work
along with various kind of people as team members from every department. It can
be people from research and development department, finance, marketing and
operation. I need to brainstorm and sit with them to come out with a great idea.


As I know, a good leader never stops learning and always to improve their skills.
I should make a list of areas that I would like to improve such as acquiring a specific
skill set or improving my existing abilities because it can help me to become more well-
rounded and valuable leader. By attending industry relevant conferences, it also can
expand my knowledge and increase my job performance. Knowing how to
effectively manage my workload is an important part of being a good leader.
Learning how to delegate tasks out to employees, prioritize, set realistic deadlines,
avoid distractions and say no to unreasonable requests can help to increase my sense
of job satisfaction.

One of my lecturer have told me that an effective leader needs to have good
people skills. The employees must feel comfortable to talk and communicate with, so
that they can tell their leader the problem that they have face and they should not
be intimidated and afraid of their leader’s reaction. A good leader also need taking
the time to ask for opinions and listen carefully to the viewpoint of each employee
because it shows that a leader also respect them. Employees will appreciate the little
things if paying them a compliment for work well done or remembering their name.

Encouraging and inspiring team members to attain their own personal goals
and reach their potential also can help me to become a better leader. By involving
each person in planning team goals for the future makes everyone feel like a valued
member of the group and helps to get them excited for new projects. Team members
need to be challenged to step out of their comfort zone by setting high standards for
individual performance. After that, I must be rewarding my group members for their
hard work and shows them that they are appreciated and makes them feel like an
integral part of the team.


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